1. Bieluvr

    รัก-Ruk-Updated: End :)

    I know I have other ff to write, but this will just be a short story in between because I was inspired by a song, haha.   Part 1:   The feelings of love vary between people. Though I may have not experienced it before, but I have my own little idea of what it may feel like. When that person...
  2. S

    Looksao Mafia (the Mafia's Daughters) - CHAPTER TWO

    FanFiction Looksao Mafia (The Mafia’s Daughter) Genre Action, Comedy, Romance Cast Yaya Urassaya as Urassaya Nadech Kugimiya as Officer Nadech Sara Legge as Sara Art Pasut as Officer Pasut Willy McIntosh as Jao Por Reungrit Au Thanakorn as Officer Thanakorn Oh Pakjira as P'Oh Num...
  3. M

    ปฐพีเล่ห์รัก::::Pathapee Leh Ruk

    Hello everyone, so this is my second Fanfic... I am still writing Our 1 Year Marriage, so don't worry ka. I heard many people didn't really like the chemistry between Mark and Mint's first drama Pathapee Leh Ruk, so i am going to write my version of it. Idk but i was just watching Thara Himalaya...
  4. Kiachue1

    The Marriage "Ch29" 10.09.13 ENDING

      The Marriage     Four different people, four different story, two couples, four hearts, two marriages and our lives intertwine.     A heart of ours different from one another, one's cold, another's sweet, others determined and lastly strong hearted. A love at the crying sea, a love stuck in...
  5. S

    Heaven Destined (Sawan Likit) TWO SHOTS

    [TWO SHOTS] Sawan Likit (Heaven Destined) Cast Taew Nattaporn Nadech Kugimiya Mint Natwara Pope Thanawat Air Punthila Got Jirayu Summary Heartbroken and saddened after his girlfriend of two years left him without a goodbye, Nadech takes a break from work and travels to Paris, France to...
  6. Miss Bouakham

    Sapphire Heart (ch.04 . 09.26.12)

    8.28.14: Check out my blog for future updates at     ***All places, persons, and events are fictional. No offense is intended towards the celebrities. Except for borrowed images and names, all characters are not intentionally created to portray real people, past or...
  7. S

    In the Shadow of Love (Nai Ngao Rak)- CH.10, PART II

    With all the hype of the upcoming lakorn "Rang Pradtana", I just had to urge to write this fanfiction. I know I've got two that I need to tend to but I really can't help it with this one as it is my FIRST R rated story. Hope you guys will like it!
  8. S

    Poo Dee Gammalor *COMPLETED*

    Poo Dee Gammalor (Fake Poo Dee) [POSTER CREDIT TO PHONE0_5] Cast Yaya Urassaya as Airin, the stubborn and feisty tomboy who is Airada's younger sister Barry Nadech as Wiwit, the charming playboy who is Wanrop's younger cousin Kim Kimberly as Airada, the sweet and mature older sister of...
  9. Kiachue1

    Angel's Mask, Devils Charms (Ch 55) Completed!!!!!!

    Living in the dark and surrounded by fear: she's afraid to love again, afraid of the past, and mostly for her life. A past of bitterness, Yaya, was able to love again by falling in love with Mr. Charms or as you can say, the Devil with Charms, but he was not what she suspected. He left her...
  10. lakornkiki

    [R] 50 Shades (New MV and Ch.21: Let's Play!)

    LINKS TO CHAPTERS: CH 1: The Interview [part I] [part II] CH 2: We Meet Again CH 3: I am not the man for you CH 4: The Rescue CH 5: Can't Stay Away CH 6: Toothbrush & Elevators CH 7: Laters Baby CH 8: Another First CH 9: NDA & Debasement CH 10: The Discovery CH 11: Body2Body CH 12: Several...
  11. parisnayang

    Secret Destiny

    It's a secret, SHHHHH!....everybody told me that, later that day, my days got worser and worser....not up until now, i finally meet my destiny....but how come fate is so cruel, it makes me meet that person again..will i reveal the secret and be worser, or will I just feel hurts forvever?..... 2...
  12. Kiachue1


    It's been a while since I started writing again, this is my second story. It's really two different story's put together, about a past and sinful life going wrong. The first part of it is starring Mark, Pope, Mint C, and Kimberly. But Kimberly is to the last part it doesn't really talk about her...
  13. T

    True Love?

    True Love? Preview: Enlarge this image Mint: What is true love? I don't know and don't believe in it. Once I did and I was wrong about it. I sure have never believed that there a such thing as true love. Mark: I believe that when it come to the one you love no matter how hard it is you'll...
  14. K

    Broken Liaisons

    Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters and they don't represent real-life events. Copyright reserved for this story. Title: Broken Liaisons 1st Chapter - 2nd Chapter - 3rd Chapter - 4th Chapter - 5th Chapter Summary Yaya and Nickhun have braved each and every hurdle of their...