You make me smile

Ami rohrbach

sarNie Egg
Hi !!!!
This is my second topic the first one it's been canceled .So now I start the second one called You make me smile .We have Yaya Nadech -Kim mark - Mint is Yaya and Kim best friend .And the last Noey she is a very wicked woman . So I will post more soon .
Bye !

Ami rohrbach

sarNie Egg
Yaya as  Ying arisara
Kimberley as Meryl
Noey as Pream
Mark as Matthew
Nadech as Marc
Mint as Brooke
I am gonna write more soon.

Ami rohrbach

sarNie Egg
Yaya as Ying ariasra a very cute charming girl . She have a very simple life . Ying work in a columnist . She write the column for the fasion Magazine And she stay with her best friend in an apartment in New York .

Kimberley as Meryl . Merely is a girl who shared the apartment with Ying. Meryl work in a coffee shop . Meryl is a very serious girl .

Noey as Pream. Pream is Matthew ex-girlfriend .She is a very wicked girl . One time Matthew go have a coffee with a girl and Pream found out Pream go straight to they girl she bring a fish assume with her then she open the bottle and poured it in to that girl hair trust me you don't want to smell it. Uh....

Mint as Brooke . Brooke is a very complicate girl she is Matthew Marc Ying and Meryl best friend . She always help them . Brooke fall in love with Marc.

Mark as Matthew . Matthew is a super charming boy . Matthew fall in love with Ying when they were in Miami with the tour group but Ying doesn't like him at all.

Nadech as Marc . A very funny cute man. Marc is a very popular as same as Matthew they were like best friend forever they always help each other . Marc also fall in love with Ying . Now who gonna get Ying!!! Wait and see.


sarNie Oldmaid
Thank you ami for the prologue i cant wait to read and hoping its ying and marc. with appreciation and thanks so much ami, key