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    A/N: Hey guys! New NY fanfic in the works. So I've been thinking of the plot where it would fit the theme that I wanted (Don't get too excited but it was the one with the friends with benefits). :celebrate16::risas3:

    The original plot was for someone like Ms. Gee (my ultimate girl crush) to pretend to be in a relationship with a set crew member (Director / Writer. I want RYU's characteristics here if possible) when they were caught by the media in a compromising position. Thought it would be fun since it would be like a spin-off of korean drama 'Full House'

    Imagine my surprise when I saw the trailer for the new lakorn 'Love at First Hate'?

    Somehow, it was earily familiar that I had to change some things to make it more 'original'?

    I guess I had to post this now before something else similar comes along, coz I've honestly run out of ideas how to make that theme work in a conservative society. So if you guys ready to check on my new fanfic enitled "The Other Side", just click on the link below:

    P.S. OMG I can't stop spazzing lately over NY (Recently finished doing a marathon of TNKK and RS that's why I'm hiatus) and the new movie Nakee 2 is looking good that I've been constantly checking my phone for updates, talk about slaying it. :cheer::aaaaa:

    You guys know how I work with mature theme so feel free to ignore my new fanfic if you are a minor or just conservative? You have been warned. :risas3::risas3::risas3:
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    She is the sweetheart of the thai industry. The nang ek whom everyone loves and adored. In the perfection that she is, she would always ask herself...

    Why does she not have a boyfriend?! Or at least someone decent enough attempting to court her?! Seeing her friends either happily married or inlove with their partners make her feel the reality and loneliness of being single...

    In her search for love, everything went downhill when she somehow find herself underneath the sheets with the least likely person. Her enemy in reality and her co-star for her latest project... But how can it be when he was supposed to be gay right?!

    He is the ever so uptight and snob CEO of an airline company respected by his peers and admired by ladies. Number 1 search in hottest man in suit and included in the 'Top Ten sexiest CEO Alive'.

    Focused on his work that he was never seen with a gf, media's always question his sexuality which he paid no heed as he do not want to associate himself with the industry for he think it was all fake. Until he was forced to partake in a mini series for his airline company...

    Between their teasing, he could not deny the attraction and the next thing he knew, he had her underneath him writhing with pleasure.

    Once turn into twice until they lost count anymore. The next thing they know, their secret rendezvous become a regular thing as they agreed on a 'no strings attached relationship' until they find their the one.

    They say there is no shortcuts in love, but how come sparks fly whenever they touch? Would they dare cross the fine line between lust and love?


    cr: rightful owner
    Yaya Urassaya - 26 year old

    cr: rightful owner
    Nadech Kugimiya - 30 year old


    Edt: Thank you @Alichgo for the pics
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    Btw, what size are you guys using for photos? I'm currently editing the cover soooooo
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    Oh for those two I adjust according to width 7inch x height 9inch. But you can go smaller and I didn't mean for the size I suggested to be the size you should use. It's up to you but that first one was HUGE. lol.
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    I rest my case... How about the cover? Is it too large still? Excuse my noobness (if that was even a word) I still haven't got the hang of uploading in AFN
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    :thumbup: can't wait!
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    Can't wait.. can't wait.. :aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa:
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    OMG:love::aaaaa: I'm loving the plot/summary already.Thanks @annmott.:thumbup:
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    @annmott I know this will be another great NY fanfic from you. :cheer:Please update soon. Hehehhe Cant wait:aaaaa::icon12:
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  11. The summary is sooooo good.. I love it.. :aaaaa: can't wait to read the first chapter:angel10:
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    A/N: A glimpse so you guys know what you're getting yourself into :risas3::risas3::risas3:

    Prologue (3rd point POV)

    cr: rightful owner

    "We shouldn't be doing this" Yaya muttered, her voice wavering at the feeling of Nadech nibbling and sucking on the sensitive spot on her neck as she entangle her hands on his hair.

    It was a miracle she could still muster the strength to speak when her thoughts were blurred and consumed with strong desire she never felt before.

    "I know I'm sorr-" Nadech resurfaced from his latch on her neck, his eyes unfocused while staring at her tempting lips. It was obvious that he was trying to control himself quite unsuccesfully, his arousal evidently poking on her stomach.

    "Why did you stop?!" she almost growled at him and pulled on his hair to prompt him back to her neck as he stuttered before eagerly going back on giving her pleasure with an appreciative moan.

    Honestly, she wasn't sure what's wrong with her but this was the first time she felt this kind of ache, her body was humming with need and want.

    Briefly, she wondered if she's drunk but no, that couldn't be possible when she only practically took a sip of her drink.

    Lifting her up, he wrapped her legs around him and made his way towards his room. After all the teasing she did, he wanted her so bad now that all rational thought left his mind.

    "You do realize there's no way I could stop now?" He whispered back, getting on top of her after dropping her to his bed. She only answered by pulling him in a searing kiss.

    Damn, he is sure he wasn't drunk and yet he did not know what's wrong because there was something quite different inside him, he couldn't stop even if she asked him to. It was like a new kind of hunger in him awaken he could only satisfy himself by having his way with her.

    Throwing all the caution on the wind, he lavished her with kisses as they succumb on their desire...


    A/N: How was that start? :naughty2::risas3:
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    Omg.. more.. we want more.. we want more.. :aaaaa::cheer::cheer: please update more today @annmott please :worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2:
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  14. @annmott this is so good.. Please continue :thumbup::thumbup:
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    Wooo, I am loving this so far!! NY fan here :love:
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    OMG:thumbup::clap:next part please:aaaaa:. Thanks @annmott for giving us another fanfic. You surely are inspired. Keep on spazzing:pancarta:
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    What event is this picture of Na here, he looked so handsome. Love it:love:
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    Chapter 1 - How it all began

    His Side

    "How many times do I have to tell you that I wont participate in that drama?!"

    Nadech Kugimiya bellowed, his brows furrowing while they were doing his early morning inspection at his airline making the employees he had made an eye contact with cower in fear.

    "But sir you cannot cancel, the order came directly from the president himself"

    Taishi, his ever reliable secretary bravely told him never minding his anger.

    Honestly, he didn't know if the guy was fearless or just plain dumb if he did not notice his mood.

    "Well tell your president to get a different pra'ek because no one can force me."

    "He said it was the perks of being in the top t-"

    "Stop!-" He immediately halted, turning to shoot glares at the poor guy who only smiled at him in return. "-Not a single word"

    Seriously, if he weren't good in his job he would have fired that man a long time ago.

    He knew what was coming, of course he was going to talk about that damn article making rounds in the internet naming him as one of the "Sexiest CEO Alive" yet at the same time, a footnote indicated that he might prefer guys over gals questioning his sexuality for he was never linked romantically with a girl.

    "Oh I forgot you "hate" the entertainment industry" Taishi continued quoting with his fingers the word hate.

    Clearing his throat, he turn away and continued with his work. Taishi was with him most of the time that he must have know him well by now.

    Although personally, he wouldn't use that strong word but he sure dont like that industry. For the life of him, he don't get why people idolize those bunch of pretentious people.

    "Erm- Boss, are you really sure you dont want to do the miniseries?" Taishi asked him concernedly with a mischievous glint in his eyes that made him wonder what's up.


    "You do know it was Miss Yaya Urassaya you are costarring with?"


    His interest piqued at the sound of her name and he cleared his throat. Before he could ask, someone bump on him almost sending them toppling on the floor if not for his quick reflexes as he hold her in his arms.

    The lady gasped and took one look at her back before hurrying away without even a backward glance.

    It was just a second but he instantly recognize her pretty face for she was none other than the infamous Sweetheart of Thailand.

    "Isn't that...?" He stuttered staring at the direction she went by.

    "For someone who do not follow the entertainment, you do recognize her quickly?" Taishi began to laugh at him but quickly caught himself.

    Shaking his head, he throw another look of disdain on his friend.

    "I've seen her a couple of times before you know. She was the friend of my friend" He defended himself. "She was the one who did not recognize me"

    They weren't exactly friends but he saw her from time to time in parties and events.

    Taishi look at him unbelievingly that he continued speaking,

    "You see that? She must have think of herself as high and mighty she did not even apologize to me. The very reason why I hate celebrities"

    "Well as I was saying, should I call the president again to cancel-" Taishi began until a bright idea went on his head, he interrupted him mid sentence.

    "Now who told you to do that?! Not me for sure" His attitude turn 360 degrees upon knowing his Nang'Ek as he smiled like he won the lottery. "Where are they again?"

    Maybe it is high time he introduce himself to her not just as an acquaintance and finally show her who's the boss? After all, the lady had commited too many offense on him that she deserves a punishment.

    "Come on hurry up or we'll be late"

    "Erm- We're already like 30 minutes late." Taishi protested, " Wait for me"


    Her Side

    "I'm here"

    Yaya immediately speak upon her entrance after hearing her name. Wiping her sweat, she automatically smiled at the crew as she sat down at her previous sit while taking a sip on the water they provided.

    She had gone to the bathroom outside for a minute and thank God she spotted that ill mannered reporter from miles away that she was able to escape on time, granted that she bumped and almost fall flat in her face if not for some kind hearted man who steadied her. And she fogot to even thank the man for time was the essence. She remember how answering or not makes no difference once she've got cornered by that rude reporter as he would always twist her words or actions into something scandalous.

    "You're late"

    A man's voice reverberated around the small lounge effectively making her sputter and almost choke on her drink.

    "W-who? me?!" Yaya asked, pointing a finger to herself while turning to look at the man before her who dared.

    Oh. She almost lost her power of speech upon the sight of his face if not for her great acting skills. How can someone be that attractive? In her line of work, she had been surrounded by handsome men but there was something about him that differs him from those beautiful flower boys.

    Maybe it was his beautiful eyes and long lashes? His sharp jaw? Or his five o clock shadowed beard? Not that she was checking him out..

    She knew him of course, that one friend in her circle who always ignored her like she was the wind. Too bad according to their friends, they supported the idea that he was gay when she asked. She had always wonder why he avoided her like the plague but now she understood everything. There was no other explanation than him being insecure with her beauty.

    "Excuse me but I got here first even before you" Clearing her throat, she retorted back at him."I am professional unlike some people here who made others wait for almost thirty minutes before gracing us with their presence. Should I bow down your highness?"

    She expected him to be angry and was surprised by the smile that form on his lips instead. He just had to flash those set of dimples to add to his already highly attractive features.

    "Calm down babe. You are being extra" To her surprise, he leaned down closer to whisper on her ears, "Careful or your sweet and innocent facade might be damage"

    Babe? Facade? Damage? What the hell is wrong with this man?

    Before she could ask, he already signalled the director to start the meeting. Rolling her eyes, she glanced down at the script on her hand as a naughty idea came to her mind remembering the plot of the miniseries.

    Is it too late to back down from the project? No. She is professional and besides, this one had a soft spot on her heart for the earning would go to the orphanage, the very reason why she agreed.


    "Do you hear my heart?" She started speaking after placing his hand on her chest where her heart is and deliberately stepping closer to him.

    cr: queenc

    Nadech gulped down and she could see his jaw muscles tightening.


    What best to insult this pretentious man in front of her than to drape herself all over him. Yes, she had been doing all the touching since they started and all her efforts were paid off upon seeing him bothered that she had to hide her smirk and continue with her acting. She knew it.

    He couldn't really hide his discomfort on being this close with a woman like her.

    She wasn't supposed to be acting this realistic since they were only practicing but damn she wanted to get back at him for insulting her.

    Don't get her wrong, she wasn't usually like this because there is a reason why she is the sweetheart of Thailand and that was thanks to her calm and sweet nature but that gay man seem to ruin her composure.

    She has nothing against LGBT community but this man is seriously getting on her nerves.

    "You're the only one, who will be the owner of my heart"

    As if that's not enough, she decided to go in for the kill and press a chaste kiss on his lips earning a gasps from everyone in the room.

    "That wasn't in the script" The director said, his jaw dropping.

    That seemed to wake her up as she immediately stepped away from her stunned costar. Her brows furrowed upon realizing she got a little carried away.

    Before she could think any further, she notice the quietness when she turn to look at everyone in the room. Feigning ignorance and surprise, she gasped, "I'm sorry I was so into my character that I-"

    "That was so good! Why don't we add it on the script?"

    Thankfully, it seemed like she no need to explain herself for the director and producer seem to have a world of their own as they excitedly talk about how good this project would be if their chemistry were any indication.

    Everything was going according to her plan as Nadech seemed more cautious than ever that he wouldn't even go near her and seemed attach on his phone.

    Her attempt on sneaking on his private business only made him hide it more from her like his life depended on it that her suspicion increased. It must have been his lover whom he was talking to!

    The opportunity to check on his phone came as the meeting came to an end and the people rushed out of the room including the high and mighty CEO.

    His phone was lying innocently on the table and after looking left and right assuring that no one was around, she quickly made a grab and placed it in her pocket. All the while asking for forgiveness from heavens above.

    The first thing she did when she got home is to open his phone only to be greeted by a silhouette of a shadow and a password protection.

    cr: anagen12.ag22

    Now how is she supposed to guess who this shadow is? Damn, that guy must be an expert in secrecy and in hiding things to not be caught out and about with his lover.

    The picture seemed familiar though, No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't figure out who that person is that she finally gave up. What was the point anyway?

    His phone suddenly rang startling her that she almost drop it to the floor. She contemplated for a few seconds if she would answer but before she could do so, the call ended and a message pop up instead saying it was his investor requesting an urgent meeting.

    Her conscience eat her up that she decided to give it back to the owner.

    So here she is standing in front of his door in her athlete disguise, pressing his doorbell in a quick succession and pulling down on her hat. It wouldn't do good for her reputation if she was caught in his pad at this hour.

    "Why are you here?" Nadech quickly pulled her inside while struggling to wrap himself in his towel. She would like to ask herself the same question as she too wonder why his secretary eagerly told her his boss address when she was only asking for his home phone number that left her no choice.

    "It's you. You left this earlier" she told him handing his phone.

    Her internal battle got interrupted and her eyes went wide as her brows furrow upon finally realizing and taking in his get up for he uses the towel the same way a woman does solidifying the gay rumor in her head.

    For a moment, she struggle to hold her laughter but there is no way she could hold it in anymore for she soon was laughing it all in the stillness of his pad.
    Nadech only shook his head at her and leave her alone.

    "Are you done with your laughter?" He asked her with a little smile on his face after he came back all dress up.

    "Yep" she teased him resisting the urge to laugh again, "Where are you going?"

    "Erm- Didn't Margie and Pok invited you in their wedding anniversary celebration? I thought you two were friends"


    She totally forgot about it! Blame it on the man in front of her because this man took too much space on her mind.


    "Girl why did you came with our controversial resident sexiest CEO alive?"
    Kim excitedly asked her hooking one arm on her and the other one was held firmly by Margie effectively trapping her.

    They never really wasted their time on inquiring her seeing as she only entered the room for what like two seconds ago and she had only greeted the couple before they ushered her to the corner.

    The guy insisted on taking her home from his pad for it wouldn't do good for HIS reputation if she was not careful and seen by the press. As if he would be the one scorned by people if ever the news leaked out. To get back at him, she made him agree to wait for her to get dressed and drive her all the way to Margie & Pok's residence against his will.

    "He was my costar on my latest project." she answered them safely when she knew there was no way out. Remembering something, she turn to the two. "Hold on a sec. You guys told me that this man was a snob and uptight but you didnt tell me he was a bully"

    "No way! Nadech is real nice when you get to know him." Kim defended him, looking at her with surprise.

    "He maybe snob but only to girls that worship the path he walked and uptight on work" Margie added.

    "Are we talking about the same person here?" she asked the duo, "Well I dont know, maybe he is just insecure because you know, he wanted to be a woman too?"

    At the corner of her eyes, she watched Nadech conversed with his friends that she missed the look that passed between Margie and Kim at her statement.

    "Who wants to be a woman?" Pok asked them coming beside Margie and draping an arm on his wife's shoulder.

    "No one." Margie immediately answered before she could answer and drag her husband away from them without another word.

    As if on cue, Mark also came and took Kim away from her and she pouted at seeing couples everywhere after looking around. Tor and Ice, her friends who had recently engage just a week ago waved at her and she had to force a smile back as she was once again reminded of her misfortune in the romantic aspect on her life . Damn, even the High and mighty CEO seems to be enjoying himself surrounded by guys. Lucky him.

    Sighing, she took the sit next to the bar counter and contemplated on her misery. Honestly, she's beautiful, nice, sweet and all that yet no one dared to court her.

    What is wrong with her? Or more importantly, what's up with those men anyway who occassionally kissed her palms and gave her flowers but in the end would tell her that she is too good for them that they chose other people to date instead?

    They said that if you are lucky on your career, you are not lucky in love. She never used to believe that saying because many guys were courting her before, when she was just starting in her career but because she was focus on her dream, she set it aside first thinking it could wait.

    Now she asked herself where had they all gone when she's ready?

    She must have done a lot of merit on temples for the love of her life to finally show up but it seems like her prayer had gone unnoticed.

    "Hey" A deep and soothing voice told her as she felt someone took a sit beside her.

    Or maybe not? Is this it? Has the heavens above finally took pity on her and gave her the one?

    Clasping her hair at the back of her ear, she turn sideways to find one of the most gentle and handsome face she had ever laid her eyes on.


    "Yes?" She asked the guy batting her eyelashes.

    "Hi my name is James" He smiled at her boyishly, not her type as she's not particularly into cute boys but then again, who is she to be choosy when there is practically no one attempting to get close to her?

    Suddenly, she was reminded of a dimpled smile from an annoying person she had seen all through out her morning that she couldn't help but compare. Wait a second, why is she thinking about him?!

    Shaking her head, she cleared her mind and smile at him when he suddenly get close to her face.

    "You had such a perfect flawless skin" he told her, touching her face lightly earning a blush on her cheeks. "I like it. I bet you do not need a blush on"

    "Thanks" She answered shyly, strangely comfortable with his close proximity for she never used to like being this close to a guy she just met. Scratch that, she isnt used on getting this close to any man at all aside from when she's acting.

    "By the way your lipstick looks good. What brand are you using?"

    His question caught her off guard that he must have seen her surprise for he immediately backtracked.

    "I was thinking of buying a gift for my mother." He told her, scratching the back of his head.

    "Aw you are so cute!" She told him pinching his cheeks totally comfortable now for the guy honestly seems harmless to her. In fact, he doesnt even give an ounce of malicious vibe "I was using the one I'm endorsing, you know the Super stay Matte Ink Un-Nude Collec-"

    The next thing she knew, she was telling him all about her secrets in make up and some tips for him to tell his mother of course.

    "Hey can I talk to you for a second?"

    She resisted the urge to roll her eyes upon seeing who interrupted them. She was having a good time until he just had to come and ruin her chances on finally having a lovelife.

    "But-" she tried to get away but James, the gentleman that he is only smiled and politely excused himself after kissing her cheek.

    "What do you want?" she asked Nadech who seem displeased with her as he suddenly hold her hand and brought her in a clearing outside but not before he took the bottle and shot glass from the passing waiter, ignoring the poor guys protest saying it was especially for the celebrant.

    "What do I want? I'm sorry if I step in but it hurt my eyes and I just couldn't bear seeing you pathetically flirting with that guy" he told her, "Consider it that I was saving him from your wrath"

    "Hey! You made it sound so wrong" she protested, plopping down on the wooden bench while he sat down on the table, placing the bottle beside him and filling his shot glass with it.

    "But it is" He insisted, drinking a shot and offering one with her, "We both know that the guy is a queer"

    That shut her up. She knew it! There was a nagging feeling at the back of her mind that he just is too good to be true! Almost like a soul sister. She should have seen the obvious signs. After all, when did she ever talk about make up with a straight man?

    Embarassed, she took the glass and drink it in one gulp before dragging him to the parking lot.

    "Where are we going?!" he asked her, opening the door for her before getting in the driver's seat.

    "I wanna go home. You're my driver remember?" she answered fanning herself suddenly feeling very hot. "Is your aircon malfunctioning or something?"

    "I think so" She expected him to argue that his agreement made her turn to look at him wiping his face.

    Thank God it was already past midnight that he can drive fast without traffic for she don't know what's wrong but she couldn't control herself right now as heat pool on her stomach, straight to her core as she followed the path his sweat went from his face down to his adams apple and to his abs? Gulping she turn away trying to shake her head from her thoughts, she's afraid she might rip his clothes off him just to see if she thought it right.

    "How did you know he was gay anyway?" she decided to ask just to let her mind think of something else that doesn't include pleasure. "Does the saying 'Birds of the same feather flock together ring the bell?"

    Nadech seemed to tighten his grip on the steering wheel as he looked at her seriously making her nervous while halting in the intersection waiting for the green light. Unknowingly, she bit her lowerlip. An old habit she did not outgrown whenever she's nervous.

    "Don't smile at me like that" He whispered, his knuckles turning white.

    "Dont bite your lip.Or better yet don't look at me."

    "W-why?" She asked back, almost breathing her words out for it's softness, she swore she could feel goosebumps at the tension she's feeling right now.

    Unconsiously, she did it again and the next she knew, he had leaped on his seat and almost attacked her lips in a deep kiss which she answered with equal vigor.

    They wouldn't have stop if it weren't for the horn of the other cars at their back, she had thank her lucky stars his car was heavily tinted.

    "M-my place?" he breathed out in an almost pained voice.

    Swallowing down her nervousness, she slowly nodded her head giving him her own green light as his eyes shined bright.

    God forgive her but she's only a woman who had just discover a different kind of need.


    A/N: Just to clarify. James is not a queer. :risas3: Only for my fanfic. And I like Taishi on RS that's why he is here:aaaaa:

    @enaevardo I know right, he look so good in that photo. It was taken from the sis clinic event at Chiang Mai.

    Please comment your thoughts. Really appreciate feedbacks.
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    Wowowow..:clap::clap::clap: its great @annmott please continue ASAP.. i love taishi too:thumbup::thumbup:and nadech yaya is so damn good, i love their character..:aaaaa::aaaaa:
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  20. The first chapter is so good. I love it:thumbup::thumbup:.. Please continue.. I want to know what happen next :naughty2::aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa:
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