FanFiction - Likit Rak:The Crown Princess (My Delusions)


To tell frankly... I LOVE HER
NY are my daily inspiration, encouragement and happiness to life and for sure my daily dose of laughter and smiles. It has been a long journey admiring them and now that they have publicly accepted their relationship it makes me the most happiest :icon12:

I wanted to write a fanfic for so long, making up a plot, writing up a bit and then losing the interest; this would happen all the time. But this time I made up my mind and heart too for writing one and completing too as sugar levels are probably higher these days cause of too much sweetness given by NY.

I’ll be writing one shots of different scenes of LR because my imagination for them with this storyline goes beyond the scripts so I'll be writing with adding and/or changing some dialogues/scenes.

SCENE 1: The Ending Beach Scene

Davin after coming back from Hyrsos heartbroken wanted a little vacation from his life as he wasn’t able to concentrate anywhere and just kept thinking about Alice. He went to the beach where he met Alice for the first time to release his feeling into the calmness and beauty of nature, his heart remembering the happy days they spent together.

He was deep down into Alice’s thoughts and flashbacked the crazy met up they had. He smiled when the first sight of Alice came to his mind saving and lifting up her from the water, like just he saw an angel. Just then he heard up some noises coming far away from where he was sitting and took a binocular to see where the sound came from.

Davin: (whispering to himself in doubt)Princess

Stunned on what he saw and not believing, he saw it two to three times again and coming back to his senses that it was reality and not a dream he ran towards her, it was none other than Alice. All their moments happy and sad flashed through his mind as he was running towards her. Alice came down from the speedboat and walked to him.

Davin: (Bowing his head to her) Princess why are you here?

Alice: (Shutting his mouth with her fingers) Shhhh no questions, just answer me do you love me or not?

Davin: (suppressing his emotions, removing her finger of his mouth and ignoring her question, in a smooth voice) Princess you shouldn’t be here, I’ll take you back.

Alice: (Aggressively speaking and a tear dropping down her cheek) Do you love me or not, (soothing her tone) just tell me, please. I know you do but please I want to hear it from you.

Davin: It’s no use of telling even I do, it’s impossible. (Speaking with chocking his voice suppressing his tears)People say it all wrongly that love has no boundaries but what about us; the problem is the boundary itself.

Alice: (Tearing up slightly, hugging him) Ohh Davin, I already talked to grandfather about us and he asked Alan to be the next heir, so that sums up that I am no longer a princess (releasing him from the hug and looking in his eyes) so now can you say you love me?

Davin at last after hearing that letting his feelings take over and pulling her towards him cupped her face with both his hands, kissed her on the lips. The moment lasted about 10 seconds, when he gave Alice a little peck before parting the lips. She looked at him teary eyed with happiness. He kissed her nose and her forehead slowly and looked into her eyes touching both foreheads.

Davin: (Asking with a smile)Did you realize how much I love you! And longed for you all this time.

Alice: (Smiling in disagreement) I didn’t get it precisely.

Davin gave a big smile and kissed her deeply, both their tongues tasting each other and submersing into their own little world.

Alice: (Parting lips) Yes now I know.

Both of them hugged each other tightly showing how much they longed and missed each other.

Davin: (Releasing from the hug) Princess…

Alice: (Making pouty face) I’m no longer a princess, just call me Alice, you don’t even know how much I wanted you to call me by my name all this time.

Davin: Okay jaaa…Alice

Alice: (smiling like a little baby) Thank you na kha Davin…. My Baby

Davin: (surprised and excited to hear baby) ohooo baby good choice….. My Alice teerak

Alice: (Continuing the cheeziness) My Darling

Davin: My Honey

Alice: My Teddy bear

Davin: My babe

Alice: My boo

Both were having fun in this cute name game when suddenly…

Davin: (in the most tender voice) My wife…

Alice’s eyes teared up listening to this as she got a flashback of all the moments shared when they were married, the church, house, the times they ate together, him helping her out, having fun and all sweet moments together at the beach, the hospital and the most memorable the vows they took.

She got surprised when Davin took out the ring that she gave him back due to misunderstandings when they the wet to the church before her return to Hyrsos. He sat on his knees to propose her.

Davin: Today, at this moment, the place where we met for the first time, I Davin Samuthyakorn would like to tell you this guy is in deeply love with you and promise to be by your side and protect you till the last breath of mine, in every circumstances, in happiness and sadness, in the ups and downs and will always love you unconditionally. I’m happy to find you and be able to love you. (Tearing up) So, not Naree but Alice will you like to accompany me in the rest of my journey of life being my other half as Alice Samuthyakorn…………….Will you marry me?

Alice: (Sobbing) Yes yes yes….A thousand times yesss husband.

Alice puts her hand in Davin’s hand, and Davin puts on the ring and then kisses it. Alice keels down to and hugs Davin.

Davin: (touching foreheads) I love you:icon12:

Alice: I love you too:icon12:

Authors note: And boom:)….Sorry for this short little part. I'll surely update the whole beach scene and a bit of their afterlife. Comments are appreciable for advises and recommendations as I’m writing for the first time. Sorry if any spelling errors or wrong grammar.
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I really like the idea of this fanfictions. The reimagination of the beach scene was cute and sweet. I enjoyed reading it. Please keep writing more of these. :thumbup::thumbup:


Can't wait to read more of your Fanfic and what you come up with for different LR scenes!:icon12::icon12:

If you were to write about their wedding day during Eps 2-3 or when Davin and Alice were living together, what would be your new take on it? :)

Thank you for releasing this Fanfic & updating it. :cheer::clap::cheer: @Kiaraloveny