*COMPLETED* Fah Likit Ruk (Heaven Destined Love)- END [6/25/14]

I know I have two other FFs that I haven't completed but I have to write this one while I'm in the mood. This one is gonna be a time-travel FF. Hope you guys enjoy this one! My first MTEAM FF!
 Heaven Destined Love
(Fah Likit Ruk)
Mint Chalida as Princess Minthida
Mark Prin
Urassaya Sperbund
Nadech Kugimiya
Boy Pakorn
Toey Jarinporn
Ken Phupoom
Mint Natwara
Mario Maurer
*Still deciding on the cast, will add (or change/delete) more later*
An archaeological expedition of a scientific breakthrough discovery goes wrong when the determined Prin ignores his friends' warnings during a dangerous storm. The next time he opens his eyes, Prin finds himself on Princess Minthida's bed hundreds of years back into the ancient Emerald Kingdom. A misunderstanding by Phra Jao Sompohb, the ruler of the Emerald Kingdom, almost gets Prin killed but luckily, Princess Minthida saves his life. With his extensive knowledge of history regarding the Emerald Kingdom, Prin proves to be useful for King Sompohb and his future military conquests which later leads to fate of the kingdom. While living in the past, Prin learns a lot of things that he had never knew before and soon finds himself falling in love with Princess Minthida.


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
Wow... I'm impressed with the storyline. Seems so interesting and cool and romantic! xD And it's Mteam! :wub: Nadech, Ken, and Boy are Prin's friends in the present time? I'm excited to see how you will write out the story! :dance1:
Chapter One
He opened his eyes to an unfamiliar place, a brightly lit room that was quiet and had a strong floral scent. After squinting a few times, his sight was clear and it was then that he realized he was lying in a four poster bed with red drapes tied up on both sides. He tried to get up but instantly collapsed back on the bed due to a sudden, painful headache. When he pressed his hands against his temples, he felt a cloth wrapped around his head.
He breathed heavily in pain, his hands still pressed against the sides of his head.
"Are you alright?" asked a sweet, female voice.
The woman that had just entered his room grabbed his arm and helped him sit upright on the bed. He looked up and saw the most beautiful pair of eyes. His heart nearly skipped a beat. He had never seen any woman so beautiful in a traditional Thai costume. The sight of her put a slight smile on his face.
"Don't try to move," she said to him. "You're still in pain."
"Who are you?" he asked her.
"My name is Minthida," she replied. "How about you?"
"My name is Prin," he told her.
He scanned her from head to toe.
"What are you looking at?" she asked him, letting go of his arm.
She scooted back a few inches away from him.
"Why are you dressed like that?" he asked her. "Are you an actress?"
"What?" she asked, puzzled. "I am the one who should ask you why you are dressed like that."
"Aow," he said. "How else should I be dressed then?"
"Jao ying jao ka."
Another woman entered the room and kneeled before Prin and Minthida.
"Who are you?" Prin asked automatically as she too was dressed...like an ancient Thai servant! "Why are you all dressed like that? And, why are you kneeling?"
The woman looked from Prin to Minthida. Both women seemed confused.
"Uh jao ying ka...
"Jao ying," repeated Prin, turning to Minthida.
She ignored Prin and stood up from the bed.
"What is it, Nang Noi?" asked Minthida.
"The doctor is here now," replied Nang Noi.
"Let him in," said Minthida.
The doctor came in and like Nang Noi, he kneeled before Minthida.
"Please rise," Minthida said to the doctor.
"Khor rub," said the doctor, politely.
He stood up and walked towards Prin.
"What are you doing?" Prin asked him.
"Don't worry sir," said the doctor. " I am here to check on you. How are you feeling?"
Prin moved away from the doctor and looked up at Minthida. His heart was racing. Apparently, these people weren't shooting a lakorn. Besides, even if they were, he would know beforehand. Everyone and everything seemed absolutely natural and real.
"What is this place?" Prin asked in a frightened tone.
"This is the Kingdom of Morakot," replied Minthida.
"The Kingdom of Morakot," repeated Prin.
He shook his head slowly and kept saying "no." It was impossible that he traveled hundreds of years back to the ancient Emerald Kingdom. This was probably just all a dream. He closed his eyes and when he opened it back up, he would be at home in his own bed.
"Khun krub," said the doctor.
Prin opened his eyes and felt his heart beat even faster. He was sweating out of fear. It wasn't a dream after all.
"Arai na?! Aie Prin is missing?!"
Pakorn paced up and down nervously.
"Did you guys search everywhere?" he asked Nadech and Phupoom.
"We searched everywhere already," replied Nadech. "He disappeared during the storm."
"We told him not to go any further into the forest but he wouldn't listen," Phupoom explained.
"Is everyone else back at the camp?" asked Pakorn.
"Everyone is back at the campgrounds safe and sound," replied Nadech. "All but Aie Prin."
"We must inform Ajarn Krerk," said Pakorn.
"Inform Ajarn Krerk what?"
"Nat," said Pakorn, Phupoom and Nadech, simultaneously.
"Why are you guys making that face is if you've seen a ghost?" asked Natwara. "And where's P'Prin?"
The three guys looked at each other and gulped.
"Well, where is he?" asked Natwara, putting her hands onher hips. "We've all been back at the campgrounds for awhile now and no one has seen him yet. That's why I came to ask you three since you guys are P'Prin's closest friends."
"Nat," began Pakorn. "You must promise not to panic."
"Why?" asked Natwara.
"Aie Prin is missing," said Nadech, finally.
"Mai jing," said Natwara, shaking her head in disbelief. "You guys are joking, right?"
"This isn't a joke," said Phupoom. "We've searched everywhere but Aie Prin is nowhere to be found."
"We need to go inform Ajarn Krerk right now," said Pakorn.
The three guys walked past Natwara towards the direction of the campsite while Natwara stood there with tears flowing down her face.
"P'Prin," she said in a sentimental tone.
Prin could not believe his luck. Just when he thought that he had found the tunnel that led to the buried Emerald Kingdom, his world had completely turned upside down. There he was now standing in Princess Minthida's room looking out the window at a world that was supposedly lost hundreds of years ago. It was that storm, that freak storm that brought him back to the very much alive Kingdom of Morakot.
"Are you alright?" asked Princess Minthida, walking up behind him. "We've prepared a room for you."
"I'm not staying here," said Prin, turning around to face her. "I must go home. I am in the middle of a scientific breakthrough discovery. I am graduating in a few months and am halfway to my dream career. I am going to be married to my fiancee at the end of the year. I have friends and family waiting for me."
"I understand," said Princess Minthida. "All of this is quite unbelievable. I am very sorry that I can't help you any more than this."
Suddenly, it hit Prin. If they had found him in the forest, they can lead him back to that spot where they had found him. A surge of excitement rushed through Prin. He turned around, grabbed Princess Minthida's arms and shook her.
"I've got it!" he said excitedly. "I need your help! I need you to lead me back to that spot in the forest where you had found me! There must be a way I can get back from that spot!"
Frightened, Princess Minthida pushed him away.
"Oh, sorry," said Prin. "I didn't mean to come in physical contact with like that. Sorry if I scared you. You must take me there, okay?"
"They didn't find you in a forest," said Princess Minthida. "They found you unconscious outside the marketplace."
"What?" asked Prin. "That can't be ri...
Of course! That forest didn't exist until the Emerald Kingdom vanished.
"I'm sorry," said Princess Minthida.
"That's alright," said Prin. "If that's so, you must take me to that marketplace."
Princess Minthida was silent. Instead, she just stared at him with an uneasy look on her face.
"What's wrong?" asked Prin. "Well, what do you say? Will you take me there?"
"Before you go out anywhere, you must change first," she said.
"Why?" he asked.
Prin looked down at his black explorer boots, dark green cargo pants and his white long sleeve tee.
"If you don't change into normal clothes, you will attract a lot of attention and people will suspect you," said Princess Minthida.
"Fine," said Prin.
Princess Minthida smiled.
"I'll have the servants bring in some new clothes for you," she said.
Moments later, Nang Noi brought in some neatly folded clothes. Without notice, Prin immediately took off his white longsleeve tee. Princess Minthida squealed and closed her eyes.
"What are you doing?" she asked him, facing the opposite way with her hands covering her face.
"I thought you wanted me to change," said Prin.
"But this is my room!" exclaimed Princess Minthida.
"Khun ka," said Nang Noi. "I've brought in these clothes for you so you can go change in your own room that we have set up for you."
"Oh," said Prin. "Why didn't you say so in the first place?"
"What are you doing?"
At that moment, a middle aged man steppe dinto Princess Minthida's room. Nang Noi kneeled instantly. The middle aged man looked from Nang Noi to Princess Minthida to the bare chest Prin.
"What is this?!" he barked at Prin. "Who are you?! What are you doing in Princess Minthida's room?!"
"Tun Por!" exclaimed Princess Minthida.
"Tun Por," repeated Prin.
Princess Minthida tugged onto Prin's arm for him to kneel.
"Oh," said Prin, kneeling down.
According to his knowledge of history, Prin guessed that the man was none other than Jao Sompohb, the current ruler of the Emerald Kingdom.
"Who are you?!" Jao Sompohb roared again.
He turned to his daughter, Princess Minthida.
"He is the guy that the guards came across in the marketplace," replied Princess Minthida. "Due to his injuries and unconsciousness, I ordered those guards to bring him into the palace to be treated for his injuries and head trauma. He's just a pitiful guy that lost his memories so I...
"So you decided to bring him into your bedroom and take care of him?" asked Jao Sompohb before Princess Minthida could finish her sentence. "Why did you do that? What would you think the palace people would say if they knew you brought a random guy into your bedroom?"
Prin glanced quickly at Princess Minthida. Why did she lie about him having memory loss? Prin was now shaking all over. He knew that Jao Sompohb's preferred punishments were severe beatings and if the offense was worse, then the ultimate punishment was a beheading.
"I don't think twice in a serious matter," replied Princess Minthida. "I just know that one's life is very valuable so I had to take care of his injuries and health first."
"Then why is he half naked in your room?!" exclaimed Jao Sompohb, pointing at Prin's bare upper body.
"It's not what you think," replied Princess Minthida. "He was about to change clothes and before I could direct him to the room that the servants had prepared for him...
"It's my fault krub, er...khor rub," said Prin. "I didn't know that there was a room already prepared for me."
"There's no need for that room now!" bellowed Jao Sompohb.

"Tun Por!" squealed Princess Minthida.
"Guards!" Jao Sompohb called out. "Come drag this man out and behead him!"
"TUN POR!" cried Princess Minthida, loudly. "You cannot do this! He is innocent!"
Two muscular guards rushed in and grabbed Prin's arms.
"Let go!" yelled Prin.
"You have no right to command my people!" said Jao Sompohb angrily at Prin.
"But I didn't do anything to Princess Minthida!" exclaimed Prin.
"Even though you didn't touch her, you have disgraced her princess title," siad Jao Sompohb. "Guards, drag him out and behead him!"
The guards tried to drag Prin out but he fought back. He punched one guy in the jaw and kicked the other hard against the neck. That didn't stop them. They got back up and tried to seize Prin's arms.
"Stop it!" yelled Princess Minthida.
She turned to her father.
"If you behead him, you must behead me too!" said Princess Minthida.
Jao Sompohb was taken aback with surprise and anger.
"My daughter!" he exclaimed. "You are a princess! How could you entangle your own life with this scum's?!"
"Because he is innocent," replied Princess Minthida. "I will give up my own life to show that we are both innocent."
"Gaw dai!" roared Jao Sompohb. "This time, I will excuse him with the death penalty but he must be punished nevertheless! Guards, drag him out and give him 20 lashes!"
This time, Princess Minthida knew that she could not stop her father. He was as serious and fierce as a ruler should be. 20 lashes were 20 lashes. At least, Prin didn't have to be beheaded.
Maiko^_^ said:
Wow... I'm impressed with the storyline. Seems so interesting and cool and romantic! xD And it's Mteam! :wub: Nadech, Ken, and Boy are Prin's friends in the present time? I'm excited to see how you will write out the story! :dance1:
I'm thinking along as I'm writing this. Usually, I brainstorm before I write so I don't know how this one will turn out either. Thanks for tuning in!
*I'm gonna be using the terms "Kingdom of Morakot" and "Emerald Kingdom" interchangeably throughout the course of this FF.*
*I coined Princess Minthida's name from "Mint Chalida". Lol.*
*Mario will appear later in the story and he will be Prince Natthawut (Mario's Thai name in real life)*


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
thatsouthernasianchick said:
I'm thinking along as I'm writing this. Usually, I brainstorm before I write so I don't know how this one will turn out either. Thanks for tuning in!
Holy moly, already the first chapter! :yahoo: But...I'll have to read it later. Now's not the time, sadly... I'm sure there has been lakorns similar to your storyline already, but I really wish this is a real lakorn with Mteam! xD Gosh dang, I'm already going crazy fantasizing about Prin and Chalida in this story! I'll definitely keep tuning in. ^_^
Maiko^_^ said:
Holy moly, already the first chapter! :yahoo: But...I'll have to read it later. Now's not the time, sadly... I'm sure there has been lakorns similar to your storyline already, but I really wish this is a real lakorn with Mteam! xD Gosh dang, I'm already going crazy fantasizing about Prin and Chalida in this story! I'll definitely keep tuning in. ^_^
I really don't have a definite storyline in mind right now. Just thinking along as I'm writing so there's probably gonna be a lot of the "unexpected". Lol.


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
thatsouthernasianchick said:
I really don't have a definite storyline in mind right now. Just thinking along as I'm writing so there's probably gonna be a lot of the "unexpected". Lol.
Hey, that's perfectly fine with me. Sometimes the "unexpected" is better than the typical storyline. :D I'm waiting patiently to read whatever comes into your mind for Mteam. :spin:


sarNie Hatchling
Loving this!!!!!!! I love your story line, it's so classic!
Chapter Two
The search for Prin was like searching for a needle in the ocean. Surely the forest wasn't as big as oceans but nevertheless, the possibility of finding Prin seemed to be getting slimmer by the hours. Before they knew it, nightfall had came and soon, everyone had returned to the campsite. They were all tired and worn out from the expedition and the search. The storm seemed to have made everything much worse because the forest was now damp and humid.
"I think we should call it a night," suggested Ajarn Krerk. "We've all done the best we can tonight. It's getting really dark and I know everyone is tired and worried but we shall continue this search tomorrow morning. If we do not reunite with Prin by tomorrow, we must notify the police. Also, no one is allowed to leave the camp tonight. It is very dangerous and dark out there. We don't need another incident. Good night everyone."
The students stood there at looked at each other as Ajarn Krerk passed them to go into his tent. Natwara began to tear up but did not say a word.
"It's so weird," said Jarinporn, Prin's younger sister. "Where could P'Prin have possibly gone? How come he hasn't set off the emergency signal?"
"We should all keep a positive mind," said Pakorn. "We haven't found him yet which means he could be anywhere in that forest."
"Chai," agreed Phupoom. "Maybe he has found shelter somewhere."
"I feel this presage like something isn't right," said Natwara. "Could anything possibly happen to P'Prin?"
There was a hint of fear in her voice. She stood there and stared on into the deep, dark forest ahead of them as if expecting Prin to walk out.
"Of course not," replied Nadech. "Aie Prin is a clever guy. If he knows what he's getting into, he'll think before he acts."
"P'Nat ka," said Jarinporn. "I think you shouldn't worry too much. I'm sure we'll find him tomorrow."
"How can I not worry?" asked Natwara. "He is my fiance."
"Aow la," said Pakorn. "Let's just all go get some rest so we can have the energy to look for Aie Prin tomorrow. Like Jarinporn said, I'm sure we'll find him tomorrow."
"He might even show up tonight," said Nadech.
"Hopefully," said Natwara.
"Come on," said Jarinporn, grabbing Natwara's left arm. "Let's go to sleep because we have to wake up early in the morning."
Natwara nodded and followed Jarinporn into their tent.
"Come on, we've gotta go get some rest too," Pakorn said to Nadech and Phupoom.
"I hope we find him tomorrow," said Nadech.
"I hope so too," added Phupoom. "To be honest, I don't feel right about this either but I didn't want to say anything like that in front of Khun Nat."
Nadech looked up into the sky.
"Aie Prin is very clever," he said. "He must be okay."
Together, the three of them stood there and gazed up at the stars, all hoping that their buddy was safe.
Prin breathed heavily and took each step slowly. He looked around him and tried to figure out where he was but all he saw were clouds. He was walking on them. Natwara was approaching him from ahead. Prin picked up his pace and ran up to her.
"Nat!" he exclaimed.
Prin threw his arms around her and they hugged tightly.
"Nat! I've uncovered the Emerald Kingdom!" he told her excitedly.
"I'm happy for you," said Natwara. "This is what you've always wanted and now you have achieved it. Yin dee duay na ka."
Prin smiled and caressed her face.
"Nat, wait for me, okay?" he told her. "You must wait for me. Once I'm done with my work, I'll return to you."
"My heart is in distress," said Natwara, tearfully. "I've been waiting for your return but I cannot get my hopes up because I'm afraid I'll lose you."
"Mai na," said Prin, holding onto her hands.
However, she was slipping away.
"Mai na, Nat," he said. "You must wait for me."
Natwara was disappearing further and further away before his eyes and as much as he wanted to run after her, he couldn't because his legs were frozen on the spot. He could only call out after her and watch in tears when he saw the last of her.
"Nat! NAT!"
"Let me go!"
"Nat! You must wait for me! NAT!"
Prin opened his eyes and saw Princess Minthida peering over him.
"Let go of me," she said to him.
He was holding on to her hands the whole time.
"Nat," said Prin, letting go of Princess Minthida's hands.
He tried to sit upright but his whole body ached so bad. It felt like several knives had stabbed him.
"Oy!" Prin yelped in pain.
"Don't move," said Princess Minthida. "Your wounds haven't healed yet."
Finally, Prin remembered what had happened to him. He recalled being dragged out by two guards, tied to a wooden pole followed by twenty extremely painful lashes on his bare, upper body.
"You were unconscious for the past two days," said Princess Minthida. "And you also had a high fever."
"What are you doing here?" Prin asked her. "If your father knows...
"Don't worry," said Princess Minthida, interrupting him. "I won't let that happen to you again."
"I wasn't going to say anything about that," said Prin. "Your father is the king. His orders must be followed by everyone. No matter how much one begs him, his order must be carried out."
"You must blame me," said Princess Minthida, sadly.
"I don't blame you," said Prin. "It's not your fault that this happened. It was my fault because I didn't know any better. I was going to say that you shouldn't come near me because I could disgrace your princess title."
"We didn't do anything wrong," said Princess Minthida. "We didn't violate the law, rules, or any regulations. I simply wanted to save your life. Therefore, we shouldn't worry about what others think."
"And I thank you for that," said Prin. "But anyway, I still must go to that marketplace where your guards had found me. You must not go with me but as long as you have someone lead me there, I'd appreciate it very much."

"You're still not better yet," said Princess Minthida. "That marketplace isn't going anywhere. We'll discuss this again later when you're better. Now, you must take care of yourself."
Prin nodded. She was right. He didn't even have the strength to sit up properly without back support from pillows.
"Jao ying jao ka!"
Nang Noi suddenly burst into the room without warning.
"What is it, Nang Noi?" asked Princess Minthida. "Why do you look so worried?"
"The King is on the way here!" exclaimed Nang Noi.
"Arai na?!" said Princess Minthida, horrendously. "What shall I do?"
"Quick, we must go down that window!" gasped Nang Noi. "I'll go first and I'll support you when you jump down."
"What do you think you're doing?"
Too late. Jao Sompohb had walked in as Princess Minthida was just about to jump out.
"Tun por," said Princess Minthida.
"What're you doing here?!" he roared. "Was I not clear when I told you that you are not to see this man?!"
"I just wanted to see how he was doing," said Princess Minthida.
"Jing jing jao ka," said Nang Noi, who was kneeled on the floor. "Her Highness has only been in here less than five minutes."
"Shut it, Nang Noi!" exclaimed Jao Sompohb. "Your duty is to keep the princess away from this man."
"Tun por jao ka," began Princess Minthida. "I would like to assure again that this man has done no harm to me. If visiting a sick patient is a crime, then you may punish me."
"How dare you speak to me like that?" asked Jao Sompohb.
He inhaled and exhaled loudly.
"Aow la," said Jao Sompohb. "I have no time for this nonsense talk with you again. I came here to fetch you as I have something important I must discuss with you. I went to your chamber but you were not there so I suspected you'd be here."
Princess Minthida seemed quizzical. Prin was equally curious as he sat there on the bed and watched on.
"What is it father?" asked Princess Minthida.
"The Kingdom of Wasuthep has sent a formal request for my presence to discuss political matters," said Jao Sompohb. "For the sake of our kingdom, I cannot provide further details."
His eyes rolled onto Prin.
If history was accurate, Jao Sompohb would experience a surprise assassination on his way to the Kingdom of Wasuthep, Prin thought to himself. Should he warn Jao Sompohb? If he did, he could alter the course of history. That was a bad thing. However, he couldn't just sit there and watch Jao Sompohb suffer an attack.
"And while I'm gone, you are to stay away from this man," Jao Sompohb said to Princess Minthida. "If I find out that you are seeing him, I will have him beheaded!"
"Mai dai!" Prin called out to Jao Sompohb.
The King, Princess Minthida, and Nang Noi shot a bewildered look at him.
"You must not go," said Prin.
Jao Sompohb stormed towards him.
"How dare you tell me what to do?!" he barked at Prin.
"If you go, there will be danger," said Prin, staring at the King dead in the eyes.
"Are you jinxing me?" Jao Sompohb asked through gritted teeth.
"If you don't believe me, that's fine," said Prin. "But I put my life on this. A kingdom without a king is like a person without a brain. Morakot needs you."
"You dare put your life on this?" asked Jao Sompohb. "You must not know any better. Do you want to die?"
"No one wants to die," replied Prin. "I am warning you out of my concern for the Kingdom of Morakot. My life is nothing compared to yours."
Without saying another word, Jao Sompohb stomped out of the room. Nang Noi was still on the floor, speechless.
"How dare you speak to my father like that?" Princess Minthida asked Prin. "Is 20 lashes not enough for you? I am trying to save your life but it seems like you don't...
"Trust me," said Prin. "I won't put my life on this for nothing. I know that there will be danger waiting for your father."
"How do you know that?" asked Princess Minthida.
"I can't tell you anything right now," said Prin. "Even if I did tell you, you probably won't believe me anyway."
Princess Minthida eyed him suspiciously. She didn't know if she should believe him or not. It was very convincing that he was honest and concerned but how could a regular human foretell the future?
Morning came extremely fast and the whole crew got up early to get ready for the search for Prin.
"We must break up into pairs," said Ajarn Krerk. "That way, it is safer and there is a better chance of finding him. Everyone must take precautions and notify the rest of the group immediately if something is to happen. We must be back here by 7 pm."
He then turned to his daughter, Natwara.
"Yae Nat, you come with me," he said.
"Ka por," replied Natwara.
The pairs set off in different directions.
"Let's start where we last saw him yesterday," Nadech suggested to Pakorn.
"Gaw dee," said Pakorn. "I'll follow you."
Nadech and Phupoom were the last ones to see Prin. He remembered yelling at Prin not to go into the tunnel. At least that's what Prin thought he saw, a tunnel. Nadech and Phupoom on the other hand, didn't see anything but huge raindrops. However, he couldn't be sure because it was dark, windy and confusing. Maybe there really was a tunnel...