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THE BATTLE OF LOVE ( Will post the ending in 2 days)
Nadech, Yaya are our pra-nang of this story. The story basically starts with Nadech and Yaya already in a relationship enjoying their time together and working hard to achieve their goals in their career.

So let’s know about our main characters.

Nadech Nadech, the owner of 'Kugimiya constructions' had completed his studies in architecture. He is presently in a relationship with his personal secretary Urassaya Sperbund. He built his company from the ground up without the help of anyone in spite of his family being rich. He is brilliant, hard worker, romantic at heart, godly handsome, kind and a gentleman.
Yaya also known as Urassaya Sperbund had also completed her studies in architecture. She is extremely brilliant, talented, hard worker, soft at heart, kind, a very beautiful young girl. She had to struggle for most part of her life. She was separated from her parents when she was 5 years old during floods in Thailand. Her parents are dead. She stayed at a temple for a week and later was taken in by a woman (Yaya calls her Mae Pla) who took care of her. Mae Pla had no one so Yaya was no burden to her. But as time passed by, she fell ill and couldn't go to work. From the time Yaya was taken in by Mae Pla, she would receive 10,000 Baht to her account every month by an unknown lady and this money helped them get by easily. But since Mae Pla fell ill and stopped working, the 10,000 was all that they had to get by a month and even had to afford all of the medicines with it. Yaya took great care of Mae Pla.  But by the time Yaya reached college, Mae Pla had passed away. So Yaya had to take care of herself but she was a fighter. She had fought through her way in life. Happiness finally found Yaya when she got a job in Nadech’s company.

Sudarat Kugimiya/ Mae Keaw - Nadech’s beloved mother. A true Buddhist in religion and at heart, a loving and caring mother who had brought up our Nadech with a lot of good values. “Children reflect their parents” and Nadech was a pure reflection of his mother. She is the reason Nadech was a hard worker and a man with good values. In spite of being rich Nadech wasn’t given the silver spoon, he was made to earn it which thought him a lot about life, made him responsible and that is one of the reason why he was so down to earth.
Yoshio Kugimiya Nadech’s strict dad. He is a retired army officer. Strict on the outside but loves his son and family a lot on the inside but doesn’t express it much. (Since our real life daddy Kugimiya seems to be too silent, I thought I will give him a slightly villainous character. Imaginations right! We can make them do anything Hehe.)

Let’s go…

Part -1

Nadech called Yaya

Yaya looked at the time and then at the name of the caller and received the call.

Yaya: (sleepy yet smiling) Hello.
Nadech: Yaya were u sleeping?

Yaya: (smiling) Its 1.30 in the night P’Nadech, isn’t it obvious?

Nadech glanced at his bedside clock...

Nadech: Oh! I'm so sorry Yaya I dint mean to disturb you.
Yaya: (wide awake, worried) What happened? Is everything alright? You sound worried.

Nadech: I'm fine Yaya. I was just thinking about the project presentation.

Yaya: What about the presentation? Is there a problem?

Nadech: What if we won’t be able to finish it on time? Or what is they don’t like it? Or what if …

Yaya: (interrupting) P’Nadech ka….Do you believe in me?

Nadech: You know I do Yaya. With all my heart. You shouldn't even be asking this question.

Yaya: Same way, even I believe in you. I believe that if you are capable of building this company from the ground up and successfully run it for 4 years then you would work twice as hard for your dream project and they will have no choice but to like it because it will be that good. No matter what I'm always with you. We will fight till the end.

Nadech instantly calms down. Yaya always knew what to say and when to say it.

Nadech: (smiling) You're my strength Yaya.

Yaya: (smiling) and your mine.

Nadech: (changing mood) So………….. What are you wearing?

Yaya: Ewe… (making funny face, surprised) What’s up with you pervert?

Nadech: (teasing) You seem to have answers to all my questions so I thought I might pitch in another one.

Yaya: (warning) Oye Nadech will you stop teasing me or shall I come home and teach you a lesson?

Suddenly Nadech’s atmosphere turned romantic.

Nadech: Ok boss I will stop…. But …. On second thought it’s not such a bad idea you know, you coming home, to teach me a lesson. YOU ME all alone in this house. (Nadech on cloud9)

Nadech’s family had left for Japan for a short trip to meet their dad side relatives.

Yaya: Oh! P’Nadech I trust you more than myself to know that I’m safe with you.

A smile instantly plastered on Nadech’s face.

Nadech: (teasing) I know you trust me Yaya but I don’t trust you in this matter. I don’t think you can control yourself around me.

Yaya: (blushing) Maybe……. Maybe not.

Nadech: (smiling) OK Yaya it’s getting late. See you tomorrow in the office.

Yaya: Ok. Good night, sweet dreams.
Nadech: Same to you sweetheart.


Next day Nadech was early to the office waiting for Yaya. And there she was walking towards him in a formal dress looking so sophisticated yet so pretty. Nadech looked at her and she gave her signature smile and every time she did this, his heart just skips a beat and all his worries fades away. Both of theirs eyes locked, she walking toward him with 2 cups of coffee. When she came near him and noticed that he still couldn't take his eyes off her, she slightly placed the hot coffee cup on his hand for just a second. Nadech flinched and noticed her smiling and he also couldn't help himself and broke into laughter. 

Yaya: (smiling) Good morning ….

Nadech: Good morning tee rak.
Yaya: (Teasing) “tee rak” ??? P’Nadech don’t you know this is office hours?

Nadech: No it isn't. We still have 1 minute 43 seconds for it to be 10 am..(pausing) “tee rak”.

Yaya: Is that so?

Wanting to tease him Yaya slowly put her hands over his shoulder and gave him a big kiss on his cheek. Nadech was totally surprised yet he kept grinning. Yaya usually never displayed her affection in public especially the OFFICE.

Nadech: (happily wondering) What good deed did I do to deserve this madam?

Yaya blushed and smiled at him.

Nadech: (teasing) See I told you, you cannot control yourself around me….

Yaya remembered yesterday’s conversation and giggled.  They both went inside their respective cabins.


Next day during lunch time…..

Nadech: Yaya please have lunch with me today.

Yaya: No P’Nadech you know it would be inappropriate during office hours.

Nadech: (sulking) I'm just asking you to have lunch with me not kiss me. Please Yaya. Anyway others will think that we are working on our presentation.

Yaya: (pointing) Ok fine. But only for today.

Nadech: (teasing) Ok for what? Lunch or for kissing? (raising his brows and grinning)

Yaya: P’Nadech…… (Whining)

Nadech: (straightening himself) Yes boss. Lunch it is.

Yaya went to serve the lunch but Nadech made her sit and instead he served it. They peacefully enjoyed each other’s company having lunch.

After finishing….

Yaya: (Smiling) I really enjoyed having lunch with you P’Nadech. I will leave now.

Yaya got up to leave..

Nadech: Is lunch time over already???? Oh no! (Pausing) (Sulking like a baby put his head down) OK fine.

Yaya couldn't control herself in front of his cuteness. She simply tiptoed near him, caught his collar with
one hand and his chin in the other, pulled him to her and whispered into his ear “we still have 3 minutes left so...” and gave a full on kiss on his lips. No favorite food of his could compete with this moment. 


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Part -2

Nadech was shocked and surprised. Tasting the sweetness of her lips put his mind in a frenzy. He was floored. The kiss lasted for 3 seconds but for him it felt a whole lot longer.
Before he could react she stepped back, turned around and was about to run towards the door, but Nadech swiftly held her hand and pulled her towards him and she came crashing into his arms. Yaya, who was totally blushing, couldn't face him so she turned her back to him. Nadech put his hands around her waist, held her tightly and placed his head on her shoulder.
Nadech: So Miss "inappropriate" why is it that you’re torturing me like this?
Yaya: (blushing) P’Nadech please let me go.
Nadech: No way.(Pausing) I am warning you, If you keep testing my manhood this way (referring to the surprise kiss) I might have to take serious action against you.
Yaya: (turning towards him, smiling) Oh! Is that so? ….. Ok then, I won’t repeat this again.
Nadech: I don’t think you get to decide what to do. I'm your boss. You should listen to me.
Yaya: Ok “Boss” I'm listening….
Nadech: You have to marry me as fast as you can so that you could be my 'Boss' all the time.
Yaya: (Smiling) So will you let me boss you around my dear ‘husband’?
Nadech: (Smiling) Anything you want my dear wife.
Nadech pulled her closer and kissed her with so much passion that she just let go off herself.
Their kiss was interrupted by a knock on the door. Yaya fixed Nadech’s hair using her fingers, adjusted his collar and sat at his computer pretending to type an email.
Nadech, looking at Yaya’s actions and trying too hard to not laugh said “Come in”.
Mint, Yaya’s best friend and also her colleague entered and said “Sir can I get your signature on these documents"?
As Nadech was going through the papers, Mint signaled Yaya, teasing her. Yaya shyly smiled. Mint was the only one in the office, who knew about Nadech and Yaya dating.
Nadech signed the papers.
Nadech: (to Mint, polite) If there is anything else please contact my secretary.
Mint: (acting innocent) Actually Sir I wanted to send these files through your secretary but nowadays she seems to be busy with you … a a a about the presentation.
Mint was trying to hard to hold in her laughter as Yaya giggled silently. Nadech unfortunately couldn't understand what the ladies were smiling about.
Mint: (taking the files) Thank you sir I will leave now.
As Mint turned to go out, Yaya also got up swiftly and said “I have finished typing your email Sir”  and went behind Mint because she knew that if now she was left alone with him she might have to continue where they had left off. Nadech whispered “Yaya don’t go yet”. Yaya couldn’t help but giggle at his overloaded cuteness. It was like watching a baby asking for candy. Nadech whinnied “YaYa…….”. And she left with smile.
Nadech sulked and his eyes caught his desktop screen where Yaya had typed “I love you” and that restored his smile.
It was the day of the presentation. Nadech and Yaya were at the office by 8am and were fully prepared for it. In fact, Yaya was awake for most of the night double checking everything as she knew this was Nadech’s dream project.
The meeting was at 11. The company Nadech was to present for was a multi-million dollar company named “Macrovitz Architects”. If Nadech would get this project then he would be set for life and all he had to do was think was about his future with Yaya.
Mr. Michael Macrovitz was the newly appointed owner of the company as a worthy successor of his father.

The project Nadech had to do was to build a huge 'common wealth games' stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. So a beautiful model of the stadium and the presentation was prepared.
The meeting began and Nadech started the presentation. Mr. Michael looked very impressed by him. When Nadech finished half of his presentation he asked Yaya to present the rest. Even though it was his dream project he wanted Yaya to be a part of it as they had put in equal efforts and he knew she could handle it as she was brilliant and had so much potential.
When Yaya started the presentation Michael was instantly attracted to her. He couldn’t take his eyes of her. She was an extremely beautiful, confident, sophisticated woman who was doing an amazing job at the presentation. Michael kept ogling her but unfortunately Nadech didn't notice this as he himself couldn't take his eyes of her. She was one hell of a business woman and he was feeling extremely proud of her.
The meeting ended ……
Michael: Khun Nadech that was an amazing presentation. I and the board members had a discussion and the contract is officially yours!
Nadech: (happy) Thank you so much Mr. Michael.
Nadech was extremely happy and all he could think of was for these people to leave and for him to hug Yaya and celebrate.
Michael: (He turned to Yaya) Khun Urassaya half of the credit belongs to you. You were amazing. Sunday, I have arranged a party at the Grand Meridian hotel for the celebration of this project, and obviously you and Khun Nadech are a must at the party.
Yaya: (smiling) Thank you so much Sir. The pleasure is ours.
Nadech and Yaya bid Michael good bye. There was celebrations all over the office over getting the biggest project. As soon as workers left for the day Nadech called Yaya to his chamber. Yaya entered happily smiling and as soon as Nadech saw her he lifted her in his arms and twirled around being extremely happy.
Yaya: (happy, smiling) You did it P’Nadech. I am soooooo proud of you.
Nadech put her down gently and held her face in his hands and said
Nadech: Yaya "WE DID IT" not I. Without you it wouldn't have been possible. You are my strength. I am not complete without you.
Those were the perfect words uttered at the perfect time and there was nothing that was going to stop the atmosphere from turning romantic.
Nadech: Yaya, can you help me with one more thing because I cannot do this alone.
Yaya: (Wondering) Definitely P’Nadech what is it?
Nadech pulled her into his arms and said “this”. He smooched her and she instantly placed her hands
around his neck and reacted accordingly. While smooching Nadech placed one hand on her waist, he bent and placed his other hand behind her legs and swiftly lifted her in his hands without letting go off her lips. He then carried her to the couch and sat on it, placing her on his laps. Emotions were rising and there was nothing to stop them, no phone call, no knock on the door, nothing. Yaya slowly turned herself and saddled up on him still not letting go of his lips. They had never been in this must physical contact before and yet there was no stopping this time. Nadech wanted to let his hands roam freely feeling every curve of her body but he knew if he did that then he wouldn't be able to stop himself. So he kept them firmly on her waist. On the other hand, Yaya wasn't hesitant at all. The longer she felt his lips the more her guard was coming down. She started to unbutton his shirt, Nadech loving every bit of it.
While smooching and trying to speak at the same time…
Nadech: Yaya….. You must …….stop.
Yaya: Why dont……… you stop.
Nadech: I’m your boss……. I’m ordering you ……. To stop.
Yaya: Office hour are over….. Now you’re just my….. boyfriend.
She slowly leaned back on the other side of the couch holding his collar pulling him on top of her still not parting their lips. Her hands traveled inside of his unbuttoned shirt feeling the strong muscles on his back. He had almost brought her guard down and on the other hand she was totally destroying the control of his senses. Nadech wanted to devour her. But he knew it wouldn't be right before marriage, at least for the sake of Yaya’s reputation.
Nadech: Yaya…….. Not like this…. Must stop.
Even though Nadech had almost given into her, he gathered every bit of strength he had left and pulled himself up, both gasping for breath and fanning themselves, then looked at each other, blushed awkwardly and smiled. They both got up and adjusted themselves. They collected their stuff and headed out of the office.
It was the day of the party. Nadech called Yaya on his cell phone.
Yaya: Hello...
Nadech: Yaya be ready by 11, I'm coming to pick you. We are going shopping for the party tonight.
Yaya: Ok, but on 1 condition. You shouldn't buy anything for me. I will come to help you shop. Ok?
Nadech: No I will not listen to you today. This is our biggest success and I want to get something special for you.
Yaya: No P’Nadech. Your love has been the biggest gift of my life I don’t need anything else.
Every word from her plastered a smile on his face and filled his heart with happiness. But he felt bad that she was refusing. But he was not about to give up that easily.


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Part -3

Nadech: (annoyed) what is the point of me earning so much when my wife refuses to spend on herself.
Yaya: (giggling at his annoyance, whispered sweetly) Im not your wife yet.
Nadech: (teasing) Pretty soon you will be so why don’t you start practicing from now itself. That’s it by 11 I'll be in front of your house if you’re not ready by 11 then I will come in and kidnap you. Bye love you.
Nadech cut the call before she could reply. Yaya was helpless as she dint want to crush his spirits. On second thought she was simply happy that she would get to spend the whole day with him so she went and got dressed.
It was 11. Nadech honked his car. Yaya came happily sprinting. It was their real holiday after 3 full months as they were very busy with project preparations.
Yaya didn’t expect Nadech to take her to the most expensive store in the mall. Yaya hesitated seeing such an expensive store as she wasn't even dressed appropriate to it. She had worn small denim shorts, white top and a  sleeveless denim jacket, casual flip flops and hair tied into a messy bun. Nadech never had a problem with the way she dressed as he knew that she simply looked good in anything.
Nadech sat on the couch and asked Yaya to pick anything she liked and try it on. Yaya kept glancing here and there. She found a simple plain strapless, knee length green dress and immediately took a liking for it, as it was her favorite color and it wasn't even too pricey. She happily tried it on, came out and showed it to Nadech. Nadech looked at her quietly and said it’s too simple Yaya try something else. Her smile lessened but she immediately smiled and said "ok P’Nadech I will try something else" (as she wanted him to be happy and she had accepted the she will listen to him the whole day). Now Yaya started checking out other dresses and picked everything according to the price tag as she did not want to spend a lot of his money.
Nadech realised this, so he got up, went around the store and got a few dresses. She tried everything one by one and showed it to him. She looked great in everything but nothing excited him. He wanted it to be as special as her. As he kept looking around he noticed that one of the mannequin had a beautiful one shoulder, thigh high slit, full length golden gown. He thought “Perfect”.
He went and handed it to her. Yaya tried it on and showed him. She looked absolutely sexy. But Nadech dint want to compliment her just yet. He decided to wait until evening.
Nadech: Yaya the “dress” is great. Let’s take it.
Yaya checked the price tag.
Yaya: P’Nadech are you crazy? This dress costs twice my salary.
Nadech: Yaya why are you worrying about the price. I loved it so you’re taking it.
Yaya: No way. I will not let you buy me something this expensive.
Nadech knew she wouldn't let him buy her such an expensive dress. He immediately came up with a plan.
Nadech: Yaya you promised you will listen to me.
Yaya: Yes I did but this is way too expensive.
Nadech: (teasing) Are you scarred that the dress might look better than you or are you worried that you can’t handle its hotness and can’t pull it off.
Yaya: (smirking) Challenge accepted! But only this one time I’ll let you spend so much.
Nadech asked to pick accessories and heels so she went around and within 2 minutes she had got everything as she knew exactly what she wanted.

Nadech: Ok it’s my turn now. Yaya help me pick a few good tuxedos so that I can choose one.
Yaya: P’Nadech wait here I will get it for you.
Yaya went and just got 1 tuxedo, a black tie and 1 pair of shoes.
Nadech: one? Yaya select a few more na. What if the fitting is not proper or it might not even look good on me. It’s better to have options.
Yaya: (confidently) Trust me it will look great on you, besides this one goes well with my gown (winking her eye). Now go try it on.
Nadech always loved when she was this confident and bossy. He went in smiling and tried the tux. Then he came out. He looked even better than what she had imagined.
Yaya: You look extremely handsome. See I told you so.
Nadech indeed look very hot.
Nadech: Oh yes that’s right (Teasing and smirking) I will definitely look hotter than you at the event.
Yaya: Oh it’s ON. (She went close to his face pointing her nose at him) Let’s see tonight who looks better than whom (and flipped her hair on his face)?
Nadech (happily) paid the bill and asked then to send the items to his car while he took Yaya to have lunch at the nearby restaurant. Later Nadech dropped her off near her place.
Nadech: Yaya see you tonight ok. I’ll send the limo to your place itself. Don’t be late sweetheart. Oh and by the way I will meet you directly at the venue. I have some work.
Yaya: But P’Nadech you don’t have anything scheduled?
Nadech: It’s a FAMILY thing, you don’t worry Yaya. I’ll meet you there. Oh and don't forget the bet. You’re going down (smiling and drove away).
The party was a black tie event and it was going to start at 8 pm. It was 8.10 Nadech had arrived at the venue as his home was near to the venue and was waiting for her so that he could enter with her.
The limo arrived. Yaya kept her bear right leg out as it was seen through the slit and then placed the other leg out and got out gracefully. Nadech immediately noticed her. There she was the girl of his dreams in a one shoulder, thigh high slit beautiful golden gown. She wore a red lip which suited the dress perfectly, curled her hair, swept it on one side of her shoulders. The dress had a little cleavage showing a bit of her bosoms make her look elegant and sexy at the same time. The dress fit her so well that it looked like the dress was stitched on her. Nadech was stunned and his eyes were sweeping every inch of her and this sent chills down her spine.  
She approached him and noticed him still looking at her. She blushed and called him out loud “P’Nadech”. He snapped and wanted to cover his emotions but Yaya could read his mind by looking into his eyes.
Yaya: (blushing) Do I look that beautiful?
Nadech: (trying not to show his emotion) You’re …you’re alright.
Yaya: If so then why are you not able to take your eyes of me????(Teasing) And look your ears are turning red.
Nadech: (blushing) It’s getting hot around here.
Yaya gave a look. Nadech had nowhere to hide; besides he was dying to complement her.
Nadech: Fine I accept defeat. Yaya you look extremely beautiful. And might I add your getting sexier day by day. (moving closer)I’m not sure if I can control myself around you anymore.
Yaya: (satisfied and happy) Mission Accomplished. Whose the hot one now?
By the way P’Nadech (fixing his tie) you are handsome as always.
Nadech: (extending his left elbow to her) Shall we, my lady.
Yaya placed her right hand inside his left and entered the party. As soon as they entered the reporters surrounded him asking various questions about the project and etc. They asked about Yaya also.
Reporter 1: First of all congratulations for getting this project Khun Nadech.
Nadech: Thank you. Thank you so much.
Reporter 1: Who is this young lady by your side?
Nadech: (smiling) She is Khun Urassaya Sperbund my personal secretary and this project partner.
Reporter 2: Are you two dating?
Nadech: No we are not.
Reporter 3: But this is the first time you have had a girl with you at a party.
Nadech: ohhhhh she is my partner on this project as she had put in equal effort so she has a right to be here.
Reporter 2: (turning to Yaya) Miss you look beautiful.
Yaya: (smiling) Thank you so much.
Reporter 2: So miss what are you’re feelings about your boss getting this multi-million dollar project.
Yaya: (smiling) He truly deserves it. He was just trying to be modest by giving me half the credit. This has been a dream project of his from past three years and he is a hard worker. I am … We are all(she and all the staff) are very proud of him. We are lucky to have him as our boss. (Nadech happily kept starring at her the whole time as she interacting with the press).
Reporter 4: So you two are not an item?

Yaya: (shyly) No we are not ka.
Nadech: (polite) That's it for now. Thank you gentlemen.
Nadech led her inside.


sarNie Adult
Part - 4

Michael saw Nadech and Yaya. He was stunned when he looked at her. She was drop dead gorgeous. A woman is at her sexiest when she handles her sexiness with great load of confidence and Yaya was in her zone tonight. Michael hadn't even realized they had walked in hand in hand, not that it would affect his feelings. Even Yaya had not realized that she was turning many heads towards herself.
Michael went over to them.
Michael: Khun Nadech, Khun Urassaya welcome.
Nadech: Thank you Khun Michael. The party looks amazing.
Michael: Not as much as your date Khun Nadech, (turning towards Yaya) Khun Urassaya you look absolutely stunning.
Nadech didn’t mind the compliment as she deserved it, nor was he in anyway threatened since he was confident in his love, more so ever confident in Yaya and the fact the she could handle herself.
Yaya: (politely) Thank you so much Mr. Michael. By the way you can call me “Yaya”.
Michael: Alright Khun Yaya (smiling), if you don’t mind may I have you and Khun Nadech on stage so we could begin.
Nadech/ Yaya: Yes, of course.
All three of them came up on stage, Michael spoke a few things about his company and the reason why they had decided to hand over the project to “Kugimiya Constructions”. Nadech spoke a few words on how honored he and his company were to be a part of this big project and that it was his dream come true and how he would give anything in this life to be a part of this project.
Finally all the speeches were over.
Michael: (announced) Now let’s get this party started.
The DJ started playing and the crowd cheered and got along dancing. Nadech and Yaya headed back to their table. After 20 minutes when Michael finished speaking with a few officials, he headed over to Nadech’s table.
Michael: (extending his hand) Khun Yaya would give me the opportunity to have a dance with you.
Yaya glanced at Nadech for half of a second and he smiled and nodded 'yes'. Oh yeah, they understood each other’s  so well that just a glance was enough to know what was on the each other’s mind. Yet, to the rest of the world their form of communication wasn't easily visible. It’s not that she needed his permission nor did he expected her to ask him, it’s just that when someone care about you so much it’s nice to know their opinion and value their feelings.
Yaya: (accepting his hand, smiling) It would be my pleasure.
Michael: Khun Nadech I hope you don’t mind that I’m stealing your date.
Nadech: (smiling) No problem Krup.
A slow song was going on, for which Yaya and Michael were waltzing around. Yaya maintained her distance.
Actually 5 minutes before Michael had paid 500 baht to the Dj and had asked him make the next song something sexy. The current song ended and the new song began immediately, so Yaya dint get a chance to leave. This was a fast song.
Michael pulled her close to dance and was trying to brush his hands all over her but in a NOT so obvious way. But somehow Yaya could sense something to be weird and was just not feeling very comfortable but she did not show it on her face and danced anyway as to not offend him. Nadech didn’t notice Michael’s “moves” on her as he couldn't take his eyes of her but luckily however he could sense her not being too comfortable.
He wanted to do something so as to dance with her yet not offend Michael. Meanwhile Mint comes over to Nadech’s table.
Mint: (smiling) Want some help boss???
Nadech: What do you mean Khun Mint?
Mint: Seriously?... I know about the two of you.
Nadech: (surprised) you do?
Mint: Don’t worry only I know since I’m her best friend and I will not tell anyone. You want to dance with her right? Besides I think Khun Michael is taking a little advantage of her (not in a serious way). By the way who could resist her, she looks like a million bucks tonight.
Nadech: (Looking at Yaya) She does, doesn't she? (A little shy, smiling) How did you know that I wanted to dance with her?
Mint: Isn’t it obvious, besides when will you both put your dance classes into use. Now is the chance.
Nadech and Yaya met every Sunday for 2 hours for dance classes. Yaya always wanted to learn dance but could never afford after Mae Pla fell sick and she had never complained about it since she understood her situations well. But from the time she had got the job in Nadech’s company she was well to do. Yaya always wanted to learn salsa so when Nadech found about her interests he instantly admitted both of them to classes as he wanted to spend time with her. And it turned out that he was a pretty good dancer and Yaya was a natural herself.
Nadech: So you know everything about us. That’s great (smiling). Yaya never wanted anyone to know about us since we work in the same office, though I don’t care about others opinion. But it’s great that she told you at least.
Mint: (smiling) She is a GIRL, I’m her best friend it was bound to happen. Anyway do you have a plan Boss?
Nadech:  I have a plan but I think I might need your help.
Nadech whispered something to Mint, got up and went to the Dj, paid him 1000 baht and asked him to play the song which Yaya and Nadech had often danced to in their class and beside it was one of Yaya’s favourite songs. He asked him to play the song exactly after 2 minutes and also told him to announce that they had to switch their partners.
Nadech and Mint went up to the dance floor and started dancing next to Yaya and Michael. 2 minutes was up, the song changed. Yaya immediately recognised the song but sulked that she couldn't dance with her “P’Nadech”. Then the Dj announced “Ladies and gentleman it is time to switch your partners”. Nadech let go of Mint with his left hand and immediately held Yaya’s left hand with his right and pulled her in and she came in twirling into his arms. Without letting go he placed her left hand around his neck and then held her right hand with his left, and slid his right hand and held her waist. By the time Yaya was in his hands Mint had joined Michael as to distract him. While dancing...
Yaya: Real smooth (shyly)…..Missed me?
Nadech: (smiling) No. Not even a bit.
Yaya: Your 'moves' say otherwise.
The atmosphere started heating up as they were dancing together.
Nadech: (smiling) Are you ready?
Yaya: (smiling) Oh! Yeah.
Yaya took 5 steps back and went running at him and he instantly lifted her up in the air, then she came down swirling around his body, went through his legs and neatly slided onto the floor and raised her hands. Nadech held her hands and pulled her off the ground straight into his arms. While they were dancing, everyone around them had stopped and were busy admiring them.
Salsa is also known as “sex on dance floor” and that’s exactly what was happening when Nadech and Yaya were dancing. They were completely unaware of the people around them, just looking into each other’s eyes, bodies touching with so much passion and love, the time was slowing down. It looked like the water and fire were interacting to create hot steam in the form of dance.
They were just sizzling on the dance floor. Michael also noticed this and now he was sure something was definitely between them. Its… it’s something about the way they looked at each other. It was almost the end of the song. Nadech took a step back and pulled her in, she came twirling and then he held her and dipped her….BAAM the spotlight hit them and it was the end. They were breathing heavily not able to take their eyes of each other soooo wanting to kiss but as people clapped they snapped and gracefully took a bow. He led her straight to their table for dinner. Mint came sprinting to their table.
Mint: You guys were amazing. (laughing) So this is what was happening all these Sunday’s ha???(Smirking) You two are not as innocent as you look.
Yaya shyly smiled.
Nadech: (playfully) NO Mint this was just the 'trailer'. You have no idea about “Behind the scene action”.
Yaya smacked his hand lightly and whined “P’Nadech……”
All three burst into laughter. Mint bid then goodbye as she had to leave early.
Out of nowhere Michael had come into sight with a young lady next to him. Michael turned to Yaya.
Michael: That was an amazing dance by you……both (looks at Nadech)
Yaya: (politely) Thank you.
Nadech: (politely) Thank you Khun Michael.



sarNie Oldmaid
Congratulations Chai, very happy to see your creative work here. You know I love your detailed and informative style, besides story line. Thanks for your time, efforts and sharing with us, with appreciation, key♥


sarNie Adult
Part - 5

Michael: By the way this is Matt, my younger sister and she just returned from USA finishing her acting course. (Turning to Matt) This is Khun Nadech Kugimiya owner of “Kugimiya Constructions” whom we just sanctioned our company’s project and this is Khun Urassaya Sperbund, his personal secretary who was also an equal contributor.

Nadech: Hello Khun Matt. It’s a pleasure meeting you.

Yaya nodded as Nadech spoke.
Matt: The pleasure is mine Khun Nadech and Khun Urassaya.
Yaya: Khun Matt please feel free to call me Yaya. Why don’t you guys join us for dinner at our table?
Nadech: (smiling) Yes, of course please do join us.
Michael: (happily) Oh sure.
Matt took an instant liking to Nadech and why wouldn’t she, he was extremely handsome yet simple, polite, and well mannered. She chatted with him the entire time during dinner. Michael on the other hand was enjoying the site of Yaya and he also managed to notice that Matt had started to like Nadech, which put a smile on his face and a plan in his brain. Dinner was over and after a while Nadech and Yaya bid them goodbye and left.
Nadech was driving the car towards Yaya’s house to drop her. It was almost midnight and guess what it was Nadech’s birthday.
Yaya: P’Nadech can you please stop the car for a second I want to tell you something.
Nadech stopped the car and they both got out. Yaya went and held his hands and was about to sing “Hap….” He placed his finger on her lips and silenced her.
Nadech: Yaya if you love me don’t speak a word till I say so.
Yaya looked at him in confusion.
Nadech: Yaya if I ask you to do something, will you do it without asking any questions, that is if you trust me.
Yaya smiled and nodded ‘Yes’.
Nadech: Ok then get in the car.
Yaya got into the car. Nadech drove her to her home. When they reached, he asked her to go in and pack 1 dress for work and come with him wherever he was going to take her. Yaya trusted him a lot; in fact she trusted him more than anyone so without any hesitation she went in, packed and came out within 5 minutes and got into the car. Nadech took a piece of cloth and blindfolded her. She dint mind, although her mind was in search of every possible exciting thing that she could expect. He drove away.

Nadech drove for around 30 minutes and all Yaya could do was guess what was about to happen. The car finally stopped. Nadech ran over to her side and carefully got her out.
Holding her hands he led her and walked 20 steps ahead. He carefully positioned her and finally removed her blindfold. Yaya opened her eyes and all she could see was a lawn and a pathway. She looked at Nadech in confusion. Nadech held her hands in his palms.
Nadech: Not a word till I ask you to speak.
Yaya nodded ‘yes’.
Nadech: Yaya remember how you don’t like to celebrate your birthday?
Yaya nodded ‘yes’ in confusion.
Yaya never celebrated her birthday since she had lost her parents on that very day.
Nadech: But Yaya I want you to celebrate your birthday because if you wouldn’t have been born I would have never got the opportunity to have such an angel in my life and that’s a day worth celebrating. I know you don’t like to remember 18th March so let’s just leave that date for your certificates. I want you to celebrate your birthday with mine. What’s yours is mine and What’s mine is yours.
Yaya wanted to speak but she couldn’t as Nadech had still not permitted her.
Nadech: I know what you’re going to say. “P’Nadech it’s your special day and it should be centred on you blah blah blah”.
Yaya was exactly going to say this. This was the extent to which they could understand each other.
Nadech: Yaya it is my special day but the most special thing in my life is standing right in front of me. You are the center of my world. I want to share my whole life with you so why not my birthday.
Nadech waited for her reaction and Yaya dint even flinch but inside she could feel his immense love from every word he uttered.
Nadech: Yaya you can speak now.
Now Yaya had nothing to say, she stood still. Nadech felt that maybe he might have forced his decision on her so he was getting a little worried. The next minute, Yaya just had a huge smile on her face and she just put her arms around his neck and kissed him.
Yaya: Happy birthday “P’Nadech”.
Nadech: (happy, smiling) so was that a ‘yes’.
Yaya: (happy, smiling) Yes.
Nadech: Happy birthday “Yaya”.
Nadech: Since it’s your birthday, are you ready for your Birthday present sweetheart?
Yaya: (teasing) Oh I thought you were my present.
Nadech: (teasing) If you’re ready to unwrap me then I’m all yours.
Yaya shyly nodded and giggled ‘no’.
Nadech: So Yaya are you excited for your present?
Yaya: (smiling) Yes.
Nadech: Are you sure?
Yaya: (excited) Yes.
Nadech: Are you ready?
Yaya clapped in excitement. It was like watching a little girl waiting for her birthday gift. In a way he was restoring her childhood.
Yaya: (excited and yelled) Yes.
Nadech turned her around, took out a remote from a jacket and pressed a button and said “Ta Da”. The lights turned on and there it was a magnificent house/mansion right in front of them. Nadech put his arms around her waist and hugged her from behind.
Nadech: Baby this is “our home”. Do you like it?
Yaya was completely surprised and amazed at the same time. There were no words to explain how she felt.
Nadech: Yaya please say something…. Do you like it?
Yaya: (amazed) It’s … It's beautiful. P’Nadech I don’t know what to say. I love it. It’s … it’s amazing and perfect.
Nadech: I’m so glad you dint reject the house and say you don’t want it, it’s so expensive n all.
That was the first time Yaya had not complained about the money spent on her.
Yaya: (smiling) P’Nadech the minute you called it “our home” I had nothing to say against it.
Nadech smiled inside and out. The feeling you get when you plan something special for someone and the plan executing to the fullest was amazing but what was even better was looking at Yaya’s happiness which was way more than what Nadech had expected it to be.
There they were standing in a golden dress and a black tux, starring at their dream house which was not a dream anymore but a beautiful reality.
Nadech quickly made a call. Sak open the door we are here.
Sak and nakri came and opened the door. They brought rose petals and poured it all over the steps (stairs). Nadech, Yaya removed their footwear and walked up the 5 big steps to the entrance of the door. Yaya was about to step in but Nadech asked her to wait.
Nadech: Sak go get it.
Sak quickly brought a rectangular tray. The tray contained half set cement mould. Sak placed it in the entrance.
Nadech: Yaya I want to remember the day when we both entered our home together for the first time so we will enter by placing both our right legs into this.
Yaya simply smiled. She had nothing to say as she was enjoying every minute of it.
They held each other’s hand, put their right legs forward, place it in the cement and walked in. They had imprinted on the cement and it was just perfect. Sak clicked many photos. He took away the cement tray and placed it aside so that it could dry and later they could hang it.
Yaya was astounded. The house was a perfection. It was completely furnished. He took her straight to the temple room. It was small and cute. There was a Buddha idol in it. They sat down offered flowers and lighted incense sticks and prayed.
Nadech: Dear god thank you so much for giving Yaya to me. She is the love of my life. Please give all my happiness to her and all her difficulties and worries to me. I hope I can take good care of her for the rest of my life. Please bless us and keep us together forever.
Yaya: Dear god thank you so much for everything. P’Nadech has been the biggest gift of my life and I don’t need anything more. Please bless him with healthy body and mind, help him in his difficult times and help him in succeeding in his career. Please give all his worries to me and give me the chance to live with him so that I can take care of him to my best. Please bless us and keep us together forever.


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keylargo said:
Congratulations Chai, very happy to see your creative work here. You know I love your detailed and informative style, besides story line. Thanks for your time, efforts and sharing with us, with appreciation, key♥
HI key,
Finally decided to post the ff here.... I still have to write the ending so I thought Why not read and post at the same time so i can inspire myself to write the ending. Once I do I will let you guys know. I cannot thank u guys (u and whole of RFTD gang) enough for reading the whole ff and sending so many many many many appreciations and encouragement. SO I finally decided to post it here. Just hope the readers here like it as much as you guys.
Im waiting for ur ff. :) hope to see it soon. :)


sarNie Adult
Part - 6

He took her for the tour of the house. Yaya loves to cook so there it was - state of the art kitchen, Yaya was in ultimate heaven. She would prefer a state of the art kitchen over a diamond any day and Nadech obviously knew this fact.
Yaya: P’Nadech I could kiss you a thousand times but that wouldn’t even come close to the amount of love you’re giving me in every form.
Nadech was truly moved by her words.
From every room to the dining area was amazingly set. The house consisted of 1 huge kitchen, dining area, the TV room, sitting room. Common closet, 5 bedrooms, 1 master bedroom, 9 bathrooms, swimming pool, etc.
Nadech finally brought her to the master bedroom which was going to be “their room”. He opened the door, it was empty, no furniture nothing just plain white painted walls and long windows.
Yaya: P’Nadech why is this room empty?
Nadech: Yaya this is our room, so I want you to decorate and furnish it the way you want.
Yaya simply loved the idea. Nadech swooped down and lifted her in his arms.
Nadech: Now this is how I want to take my wife into our bedroom for the first time.
He carried her and entered completely lost  in each other’s eyes. And when they were about to kiss Sak and Nakree came and knocked on the door. He put her down gently.
Nadech: Yaya this is Sak and Nakree , husband and wife. They will be the care takers of this house.
Sak: Khun Yaya you look even prettier that what Khun Nadech had described to us.
Yaya: (smiling)Thank you Sak.
Nakree: If you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask us Khun Yaya.
Yaya: Thank you Nakree I definitely won’t hesitate. Thank you very much.
Sak and Nakree kept Yadech's bag and few other items inside the room.
Sak: Will you need anything else Khun Nadech?
Nadech: No Sak , you and Nakree can retire for the night. Thank you so much.
Sak and Nakree went to the servant quarter which was attached next to main house.
Nadech: (closing door and turning to Yaya) So where were we?
Yaya: (coming closer) I believe we were about to kiss.
Nadech: Let’s hold that thought for 10 more minutes. I want to show you something else.
Yaya: (teasing) Oh that’s right the bathroom is still left out na.
Nadech pinched her cheeks.
Nadech: (teasing and giggling) You know me so well.
Yaya opened and it was state of the art bathroom and completely white. She never thought she would be standing in a bathroom which looked like heaven. What was going to come next was even better. There was another door in the room, Yaya quickly opened it and rushed in and there it was every girl’s dream closet and this one was huge. Left side of the closet was for Yaya and the right for Nadech. One part of the wall was completely fitted with huge mirror. She had a personalised makeup table, shoe rack, moving hangers, etc. There was a door inside the closet which let straight into bathroom. When Nadech entered she ran into his arms and hugged him.
Yaya: If I had to picture an amazing house then this is 10 times better.
From the time she saw the house to the present room, he just watched her reactions and was filled with satisfaction, content, peace and happiness.
Nadech: Yaya check this out.
The closet was empty and on the side there were few buttons. Nadech pressed a button. The hangers of her side started moving and then there it was the green dress from the store. Yaya was in absolute shock. A good kind of shock that is.
Nadech put his hands around her waist and hugged her whispering “just a small gift”.
Yaya: (amazed) P’Nadech are you trying to give me a heart attack?
Nadech: How could I not know of your likes and dislikes Yaya?
Yaya: But how did you know that I liked it so much.
Nadech: First of all green is your favorite color and when you tried that dress you liked it so much that it made you really happy. And you know when you’re really happy you’re EYES SMILE TOO. So I purposefully told you ‘not to get it’ and when you were trying the other dresses I ask them to pack it and send it to my car.
Ok now this deserved a kiss. And before she could kiss, Nadech asked her to freshen up and put on the dress. She sent him out and locked the closet door, she just stood there starring at her closet and trying to sink in everything that had happened in the past hour. In spite of being a very good architect, Yaya could never think of having such a house as she never thought she could ever afford it. She was completely overwhelmed. After 10 minutes, she went into the bathroom washed her face and freshened up, changed and simply made a messy braid. But she looked perfect.
When she came out she saw that the empty room was not so empty anymore. While she was in the bathroom Nadech quickly went into the room next to theirs and freshened up, changed into something casual. He then came back to their room put a white fluffy carpet, placed a small table with two chairs, dimmed the lights, and placed a cake on the table, two glasses and a champagne bottle. Nadech was standing beside the table with a bunch of red roses.
Nadech: (smiling) For you my lady. You look beautiful.

Yaya: (overwhelmed)(taking the flowers) P’Nadech what on earth did I do to deserve all this?
Nadech: For all the birthday’s you have missed you deserve much more than this because you’re the meaning to my life Yaya.
Yaya: P’Nadech…… (Yaya could just smile)
Nadech comfortably made her sit and he took his seat. He placed the candles in the cake and lit them.
Nadech: Yaya 1 last small surprise. I promise this is the last for TODAY.
Yaya: (teasing) Will someone magically appear and blow the candles for us(laughing).
Nadech: (smiling) ssshh… Wait for it.
Nadech took the remote out of his pocket and clicked another button.

Half of the roof slid into the other half and bright moon light shining on them surrounded by countless stars. He was an talented architect for god sake and a lover boy, this was bound to happen. He planned the whole house and built it to perfection just for her. He had sneak around for one year so that Yaya wouldn't find out a thing.
Yaya: (astounded) The view is breath-taking isn't it?
Nadech: (looking at her) This view definitely is.
All Yaya could do was smile and smile away.
Nadech: Make a wish baby.
Nadech and Yaya held each other’s hands, closed their eyes and made a wish.
Nadech: (in mind) I wish that we never separate no matter what.
Yaya: (in mind) If I have to trade everything in my life right now and get only 1 thing in this world I wish that it would be Nadech.
Their eyes opened and they looked at each other. 3….2…..1…and they both blew the candles. They feed each other cake, celebrate with some champagne.
Nadech: (teasing) By the way I forgot, where is my gift?
Yaya: (mocking, smiling) Gift? What gift?
Nadech: (shocked) You dint get a gift? It’s my birthday also. You must be punished. Your punishment is that you should give me 10000 kisses.
Yaya just giggled. She opened her bag and brought a small package. Yaya wanted to give the gift when Nadech would drop her at her house after the party, but Nadech had other plans so she had put it in her bag when she went to pack. Yaya handed the gift to him.
Yaya: Here. But P’Nadech its 'nothing' compared to what you have given me.
Nadech: (unwrapping the gift) Stop comparing Yaya.
He opened the box. It was a vintage Rolex watch. Nadech had always wanted it but since he had invested all his savings for the house he thought he would get it some other time. Yaya spent her whole savings and 1 month’s full salary to buy it. Yaya would never spend so much on anything, even that golden dress. But Nadech was her whole world and she believed he deserved more than this. They were truly made for each other.
Nadech: (very happy) I always wanted it. I absolutely love it. (worried) But Yaya it must have cost you a lot. It was not necessary you know, I was just kidding about the gift.
Yaya: I know P’Nadech. You just give and never expect anything in return. But see you always wanted it so…
Nadech: (happily wondering) How did you know I wanted this so badly?
Yaya: (smiling) I know you very well and besides you had googled it around 30 times and also bookmarked it( giggling).
Nadech: (teasing) So my future wife is a beautiful spy.
Yaya: (boasting) Its one of the qualities a wife should have. (pointing her finger) You better be careful.
Nadech: (concerned) But Yaya you shouldn’t have spent all your money on the watch.
Yaya: You spent all your saving and hard earned money for our home then why shouldn't I do this small thing for you.
She could guess now why his personal account suddenly had so less balance from past  1 year.
Nadech: But..
Yaya hugged him.
Yaya: No buts. I Love you (smiling).
Nadech: I love you too (smiling).
Nadech removed the table and placed in a corner. He placed a pillow on the carpet and lay down and extended his right hand. Yaya put her head on his arm and lay next to him, both starring into the naked sky.
Nadech: Yaya this is the reason I dint pick you up by myself for the party. I had to make these arrangements and make sure everything for perfect.
Yaya: But you said it’s a FAMILY THING.
Nadech came above her, face to face.
Nadech: IT is a FAMILY THING (and hinted towards her with his eyes).
Yaya: (placing her hand behind his neck) P’Nadech even if I give everything I have and give myself completely to you today, even that will be less compared to all the happiness you have given me in my life. Thank you, thank you so much. I don’t know what else to say. I'm not able to express all of that I'm feeling right now.
Nadech: (teasing) hmm what a tempting offer, but for now how about that kiss.
They kissed each other passionately.

They spoke for a long time reminiscing the time they had together.
Yaya: P’Nadech do you feel that there is something missing in our relationship?
Nadech: (teasing) fights.
Yaya: what?
Nadech: I have noticed that we have never fought. Hmm… Maybe that’s why this relationship is too boring.
Yaya: (shocked) Boring. Ok fine if you want it so badly then I will give it to you (slapped his shoulder lightly).
Nadech: Just kidding sweetheart. By the way do you remember the first time we met, YOU wished my legs would break.
Yaya: (smiling) How could I forget that day? That day my life changed.
They smiled and he kissed her forehead and  eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.


sarNie Adult
Part - 7

It was around 7.30 on a Monday morning. Nadech slowly woke up find Yaya missing from his room only to notice a post-it stuck on his hand. Surprised, Nadech read it “Good Morning Baby, Come join me in the bathroom.”

Nadech couldn’t believe his eyes, he thought it must one of those good dreams people get in the morning so rubbed his eyes and looked at it again. Realizing it wasn’t a dream Nadech quickly got up and sprinted towards bathroom and before he could even reach the door there were hundreds of things going on in his mind like “She really wants me to join her in the bathroom?”, “Why does she want me to join her?”, “I mean I know why she wants me to join”, “Is it what I think it is”, “What if it’s not?”, etc.
While his mind was excited yet confused, his body on the other hand had managed to reach the door and had sprung the door wide open, his eyes scanning the whole bathroom only to find it empty. Oh poor Nadech just sulked. However he noticed another post-it on the mirror inside the bathroom. It said…
Nadech just giggled in shame, ruffling his hair. He wondered “I knew it was too good to be true”.
He read further...
“I have kept all the necessities in the cabinet and placed your clothes in the closet so quickly take a shower, get dressed and come down”.
Nadech had already got a 1 set of clothes in his bag as he knew he would be spending the night with her. That’s why he had asked her to get hers too.
Nadech quickly showered, got dressed and rushed down in excitement. His steps slowed down and his smile widened when he laid his eyes on her. There she was twirling around the kitchen preparing breakfast. Nadech couldn't take his eyes of her. She was completely dressed for the office but with a beautiful apron on top of her clothes, preparing breakfast. Nakree who was also in the kitchen just in case if Yaya would need any help noticed Nadech. Nadech hinted her to be silent and he stood there watching her do her thing. He took out his phone and started recording.
Yaya was busy plating food.
Yaya: (completely concentrated in plating) Nakree I don’t think Khun Nadech is awake yet so can you go and knock on his door, and if you don’t get any response let me know I will take the breakfast upstairs.
Nakree dint respond instead she was silently giggling.
Yaya: Nakree did you hear me?
Nakree still hadn’t responded. Yaya looked up at her only to find her giggling at another direction. She confusingly followed her gaze only to find Nadech starring and smiling at her. Yaya was startled, embarrassed and shy at the same time.
Yaya: (smiling, whining) P’Nadech…..
Nadech stopped recording and looked at her smiling.
Yaya: Why dint you say anything?
Nadech: And what? miss this scene. No way.
Nadech named the video and while typing the name he said it out loud “Missus Kugimiya- The modern wife”.
Yaya blushed and Nakree burst out laughing only to realise both Nadech and Yaya were wondering at her.
Nakree: (blushing) I think I will come back later Khun Yaya.
Yaya: Nakree, I have prepared breakfast for you and Sak too. Why don’t you both join us.
Yaya was always this kind hearted and down to earth just like her P’Nadech.
Nadech: Nakree go call Sak for breakfast.
Nakree: (shyly) Khun Yaya, thank you so much for being so considerate of us, but Sak will be busy in cleaning the lawn so I will have breakfast with him after a while.
Before any of them could say anything Nakree just took the breakfast and happily sprinted out. Yaya wondered at her and then she took both the plates of food and went and placed it on the table. Nadech was about to sit when...
Yaya: (alarmed) P’Nadech you forgot to pray.
Nadech never forgets to pray. Nadech was scared of ghosts most of his childhood so Mae Keaw made sure that he would pray every day before heading out to school and every night before going to sleep. This had become a habit. Nadech quickly went and prayed to god. While he was praying he couldn't help but feel happy that he was lucky to get a girl as Yaya in whom he could see the glimpses of his mother. He felt like 'at home'. What more a guy could want? Nadech prayed that all his mornings would be this sweet and hoped his parents would arrive safely from Japan later that day. After all, It was their son’s birthday, they had to be here.
They enjoyed breakfast together and were almost about to leave for office.
Yaya: P’Nadech hold on your tie is messy.
As she corrects his tie, he puts his hands on her waist and pulls her closer. When she was done he just leaned in and gave a big kiss on her cheek.
Yaya: (surprised) You look too happy. (Teasing) Is this because of the surprise you got in the bathroom?
Nadech: (remembering the incident and embarrassed) Don’t get too excited. I’m just happy that I invested in the right person.
Yaya: (Touched) What do you mean?
Nadech: (mocking) You see I invested so much for this house and in return I got a beautiful wife, a chef, a maid, caretaker, car cleaner, etc for a lifetime. (proudly wondering) I’m brilliant.
Yaya instantly pouted and was about to turn away from him when he caught hold of her in his arms.
Yaya: (ordered) Let me go.
Nadech: (romantically, hushing) No.
He tightens his grip and pulls her even more closer. Yaya instantly melts.
Yaya: (softening) let me go.
Nadech: (staring into her eyes) NO
Yaya: (shy) P’Nadech….
His lips were just and inch way from hers. Yaya’s cheeks had turned pink. He had this sexy look in his gaze and she dint know where to hide herself. Yaya’s sight suddenly shifted and she noticed something beyond Nadech. Yaya suddenly flinched.
Yaya: Hey Sak.
Nadech flinched, let go of her and turned around only to find no one. Yaya quickly grabbed his car keys and ran towards the door. She turned back for a sec.
Yaya: Haha fooled you.
Nadech ran behind her smiling. Yaya opened the door, sat on the driver’s seat and locked all the doors.
Nadech: (demanding) You owe me a kiss sweetheart. Open the door.
Yaya: (flaring her nose at him) No
Nadech: (pleading) Yaya please open the door baby.
Yaya: No. (Burst out laughing)
Nadech: (surrendering) Alright madam what do you want me to do?
Yaya: Apologise for what you said earlier.
Nadech: (whining) But I was just kidding.
Yaya: (ordered) Do it.
Nadech: Khun Yaya I apologise for being an ass back there. (making puppy eyes) Will you please forgive me?
Yaya: (nodding her head and wondering) Apology accepted. But you need some sort of punishment. Ok you have to keep your hands of me for the whole day.
Nadech: (whining) Alright, as you say madam.
Yaya: (placing her hand on the car window) Promise?
Nadech: (placing his hand on the outside on the car window, right near hers) Promise.
Yaya finally let him in and she shifted to her seat. Nadech drove toward the office pouting without saying a word. Yaya kept smiling the whole way especially when he was trying not to look at her.
There was lots of work to be done at the office. They still had to prepare their side of official contract so that it could be signed. So Nadech had to hurry up as they were already 45 minutes late.



sarNie Adult
Part - 8

Finally getting past all the traffic they made it to the entrance of their building. Nadech stopped the car and asked Yaya to get down.
Nadech: Yaya you go ahead I will park the car in the basement and come.
Yaya: Ok P’Nadech.
As she turned around and took a step, Nadech held his eye and started screaming (slowly).
Nadech: Aow…… my eye.
Yaya: (turning around and concerned) What happened P’Nadech.
Nadech: I think dust got into my eyes.
Yaya: Here let me blow it for you.
As Yaya was about to lean in, Nadech quickly put his head out of the window went straight for her lips and landed a kiss.
Nadech:  Haha I win…..(waving his hands)  and see no hands involved. (Pausing) Baby Birthday breakfast was amazing. I love you.
Nadech quickly drove away before she could even react. Yaya was completely flustered and embarrassed and dint know how to react. It was right in front of her office for god sake. She felt that people were starring at her, not that she lift her head to notice it or not even that there many people. She just shyly sprinted inside the office.
Oh anyone noticed or dint notice was not the issue. Mostly, the one person who shouldn't have noticed, had witnessed the whole thing right from the time Yaya stepped out of the car till she went inside the building. Who else could it be other than Michael Macrovitz.
Michael thought of dropping by Nadech’s office to know the progress of the contract and of course as a reason to see Yaya. He dint want to take an appointment as he wanted to see what was going on between the two. So he dropped by around 11.15 am assuming they would be in office by 10 am as usual. He had just gotten down from his car and noticed them. He was in shock. He had not expected.The minute Yaya went inside the building he went ballistic and threw his phone to the ground. On the other hand, Nadech and Yaya were too busy to notice anything or anyone around them.
Michael: So this is what's going on. (He picked up his phone and got back into his car) Driver take me back to my office this instant. (In mind) Nadech you are in some deep trouble.
Meanwhile, Yaya quickly got into the elevator and let out a breath and just smiled and smiled and smiled away. When the elevator doors opened, she sprinted to her cabin and drank some water. Mint came up behind Yaya.
Mint: (wondering) What’s the matter you look too happy.
Yaya: (flinching) Oh Mint! Sorry I dint see you there. No matter… nothing…(mumbling) why would you think that there should be some reason to be happy. I’m….. I’m just happy. No reason whatsoever.
Mint: Alright I get it. (She turns towards Yaya’s cabin door which was made of transparent glass and looked around) Where is he?
Yaya: (trying to act all innocent) Who?
Mint: The reason for your happiness.
At the same time Nadech comes through the elevator doors and just looks toward Yaya’s cabin only to see Mint staring right at him. He shabbily diverts his eyes and goes straight to his cabin.
Mint: (turns toward Yaya) I knew it. Come on spill the beans.
Yaya just giggled.
Mint: (ordering) Come on do it.
Yaya: (smiling) Alright. Alright. After you left from the party…..(she tells about everything  that happened right after she left the party to …..birthday……. the house….. Nadech….. breakfast….. the kiss)……. he kissed right in front on the office entrance.
Mint: (completely in awe) awwwwwweeeeeee ………………….Yayaaaaaaaa…
Yaya: Yes Mint…
Mint: Where can I get one of these “P’Nadech’s”.
Yaya: Sorry babe there is no other guy in the world like him. (Smiling and wondering about him) He’s one of a kind.
Mint: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo (whining). And both the ladies just looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Suddenly Yaya became completely silent.
Mint: (concerned) What happened Yaya?
Yaya: (worried) Mint I feel I don’t deserve him. He is too good to be true. I’m nothing compared to him. I feel like, someday I might have to wake up from this dream. From childhood my bad luck has made me loose everyone…. My mother, my father, Mae Pla…. He is the only person left in my life. Sometimes I’m too scarred to be close to him. What if my bad luck affects him somehow and he might get harmed. I can’t let anything happen to him Mint I just can’t. But I can’t even live without him. He has become the reason for my existence. I can’t even imagine my life without him. Am I really lucky enough to ever have that wonderful man for my whole life?
Mint just hugged her.
Mint: Yaya, I accept that you are very very very lucky to have him in your life. He is one of the good ones, the best even. But I also know for a fact that he can never get anyone better than you. I think he knows this too. That boy adores you like your that last piece of candy on the face of this planet or the colors of the rainbow without which his life would be to dull or the angel of his life. He loves you a lot and cares for you and so do you. So stop worrying about what might or might not happen and just think about the good stuffs.
Yaya nods and calms down. To make her smile…
Mint: Any way both of you love each other so much that sometimes… sometimes you inspire us but other times you guys choke us with so much sweetness. I mean, if any diabetic person would hear your guys talking, they would just die instantly of overdose of sweetness. And a normal person would instantly become diabetic. Even ice cream tastes bland around you guys. OH god!  It’s intolerble.
Yaya already had a smile on her face seeing which Mint couldn’t help but smile.
Yaya: Mint……
Mint: Yes…
Yaya: (went and hugged her) You’re the best.
Mint: I know (smiling).
Later both the girls carried on with their work for the day. After a while Nadech called Yaya into his cabin.
Nadech: Yaya my parents have landed early. I have to go pick them up immediately. Would you please take care around here?
Yaya: Don’t worry P’Nadech. You carry on.
Nadech: And Yaya please go through my mail.
Yaya: Ok P’Nadech.
Nadech: (hugged her) Bye.
Yaya: Drive safe.
Yaya sat down near his computer and Nadech headed out. Before he left the room he turned back...
Nadech: By the way Yaya tonight we are going to have dinner with my parents at my home. I want to officially introduce you to them. So I’ll be back at the office around 5, then we will go to your home get you changed and I’ll take you to my place. No buts…. He said ‘bye’ and went away.
Yaya was worried. It was a big thing, meeting the parents. Yaya was extremely nervous. She mumbled "How can he just drop a bomb like this?".



sarNie Adult
Part - 9

At the airport, Nadech waved to his parents to get their attention. “Here”. They walked towards him.
Nadech: Swadee Krup Mom, Dad.
His mum just smiled, hugged him and wished him for his birthday while his dad just patted his shoulder and wished him. Nadech nodded and thanked him. He took his mother's bag and his dad’s trolley and walked with his mum, while his dad just strutted ahead of them.
Nadech: (whispering) What’s up with dad? He looks a bit grumpy.
Mae Keaw: (whispering back) Oh the air hostess accidently spilled some water on his pants and he was screaming at them and giving them the eye.
Nadech: (laughing, whispering) Oh not the eye.
Mae Keaw: Oh yeah.
They both were giggling behind his back. Suddenly he turns back and both of them just straighten themselves.
Nadech: (diverting them) I have parked my car over there, let’s go.
Nadech was not close to his dad. He respected him a lot, but he couldn't just go up and talk to him about anything. Some where he was scarred of him. Mae Keaw was not only his mum but also like his best friend. He could talk to her about anything and everything.

Nadech’s dad Yoshio was away from home most of the time since he was in the military. Mae Keaw and Nadech were on their own pretty much all the time so they had a very strong bond. Mae Keaw had explained to Nadech that his dad his worked very hard to provide for his family so he has to be out of town most of the time. They were not poo,r they a little property and Nadech’s dad Yoshio being an army officer earned well.

Nadech knew that his dad loved them very much but every time he made an attempt to make a bond, his dad would act the opposite. Like one time when he was 6 years old, his dad had arrived home for a few days. When Nadech saw him, he ran up to him...
Nadech: “dad your home, your home”.
Nadech ran to him and was about hold his left leg to ask him to lift him up. Nadech didn’t know that his dad had sprained his ankle so in reflex his dad shoved him aside. He was a military man so he was very strong, he dint realized that he might have just pushed him a little too hard. Nadech fell to the floor and started crying. Yoshio wanted to pick him up but he just couldn't bend. Mae Keaw came running, lifted him and took him to her room.
Mae Keaw: (wiping his tears) Don’t cry my dear baby. You’re my good boy right, please don’t cry.
Nadech stopped crying but still sobbed a bit.
Mae Keaw: Come one, who’s my strong boy. Who is it?
Nadech: (sobbing) me.
Mae Keaw: Come on I can’t hear you?
Nadech: meeeeeeeeee.
Mae Keaw: (wiping his tears) Very good. You are strong just like your dad.
Nadech: Mom, does dad hate me?
Yoshio had witnessed this. He had slowly walked to the room in spite of having a sore leg. He was worried about Nadech. He listened to their conversation. Oh! every dad’s worst nightmare.
Mae Keaw: No baby he loves you a lot.
Nadech: Then why is he not like you. (Touching her face) You’re so sweet, you feed me, you read me stories, you take me to the market, and you always play with me.
Mae Keaw: Your dad has to work very hard so that we can be happy.
Nadech: How is that?
Mae Keaw: If he doesn't work, we won’t have any money and if we don't have any money then my Nadech can’t buy any toys.
Nadech: (wondering) So dad works because he wants to buy me toys.
Mae Keaw: (smiling at his cute face and his innocence) Yes.
Nadech: (raising his arms) Then he is the best dad in the world.
Mae Keaw tickled him and they both were playfully laughing. Yoshio was also very happy, not that he would show any reaction on his face. He entered the room.
Nadech stared at his dad batting his cute eyes at him. Yoshio had brought Nadech’s favourite chocolate.
Yoshio: (strictly, as though his 6 year old kid would catch him smiling) This is for you.
Nadech: (excited) For me?
Mae Keaw lifted him and took him to his dad. Nadech took the chocolate.
Mae Keaw: (to Nadech) See I told you so.
Nadech: (happily) Mom you were right.
Mae Keaw: Come on give daddy a kiss.
She leaned him towards Yoshio. Nadech put his baby hands on his face and kissed his cheek.

His dad was so overwhelmed.
Nadech: Thank you dad.
Mae Keaw: Nadech go to your room and have your chocolate. I will give daddy lunch and come and make you study.
Nadech: (sprinting) Ok mom.
Nadech happily sprinted to his room.
There were many incidents like this. Nadech was always a very good student, but once when his dad went with him to collect his report card and saw that he got average grades, he yelled at him in front of all his friends. Nadech was too scared to even say anything. He dint even know that his son had been sick during exams, until later when Mae Keaw informed him. She dint wanted to worry him especially when he was away from home so she thought she might tell him went he came home.

As Nadech got older the distance between him and his  father grew larger. His dad would miss most of the important days like birthdays, his first football match, and graduation, etc. Nadech had gotten adjusted to the life where only he and his mum stayed together. He never complained about his father’s absence but somewhere in his heart all of that was all getting collected.
Yoshio wanted to come for Nadech’s graduation desperately, but something very important came up in the last minute and was forced to stay for another day. Yoshio saw the video of his son getting graduated which Mae Keaw had sent him. He was all grown up and handsome. Yoshio decided that he needs to spend time with his family and decided to quit. So he took voluntary retirement. completed all the paper works in 2 weeks and headed home. Nadech was always unaware as to why his dad had quit and he never asked.

Maybe it was too little too late. It was difficult for Yoshio to adjust to being at home all the time not doing much. Nadech on the other hand was busy in planning his future. He wanted to build a small start-up company so he was busy sketching a lot a plans and selling it to others companies for the next 6 months. When he had enough capital, he started his own company called “Kugimiya constructions”. He built the company from ground up. His father was very proud of him but however wasn’t able to express it much as usual.
Mae Keaw was always the one to clean up the mess or communicate between them. She knew her husband well. He might not be the one to mingle or socialize, but she knew he loved her and Nadech more than anything in this world. Yoshio was also thankful that he has such a good wife and who was an amazing mother.
Yoshio was Japanese and Mae Keaw was Thai. How did they marry each other? Well that’s another story to tell, so let’s skip it. (Think of it as “Koo Kum” reloaded or whatever  hehe).
Nadech was their only child and was born almost 6 years after their marriage. 6 years in their time was like a huge gap, so Mae Keaw has prayed a lot for a baby and finally Nadech had arrived. So he was dearest to both his mum and dad.


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Part - 10

The present…
They arrived home and freshened up. Nadech went up to his mum.
Nadech: Mum I have invited Yaya for dinner. I hope you don’t mind. I want to introduce her to the both of you.
Nadech and Yaya had met 2 and half years ago and were in a relationship from past 2 years. Nadech wanted to bring her home to his mum the minute they had confessed their love to each other (as he shares everything with his mum). But he feared how his dad might react as he still wasn't settled and just had a small company. His dad might think of her as a distraction to Nadech. So he decided that he would develop his company further, get his dream project and when he would be settled enough to provide a home for Yaya he would bring her home to his parents. His luck had smiled upon him and with his dedication and Yaya’s support he was able to achieve all of it in 2 years. Once Nadech could get his parents approval he thought of proposing her and asking her hand for marriage.
Mae Keaw: (excited) Finally………That’s great I would love to meet her in person. I’m tired of looking at my daughter in law in photos and listening to your stories about her all the time. It’s high time we meet her and get to know her. (excited) By the way did you show her the house?
Nadech excited, told her about Yaya’s every reaction and what and all happened. (Ok maybe not EVERY thing, but you get it). He told from birthday to breakfast and how tasty it was.
Mae Keaw: Does she cook that well? Even better than me???
Nadech: (stuck) a.......a……. I mean whatever she makes tastes delicious and of course whatever you make is also delicious, soooooo how can I ever compare. (Teasing)Maybe after marriage I might have to host a contest and decide.
Mae Keaw: hmm Nice save. Aren’t you brilliant???But seriously, you shouldn't tease her so much you know (referring to his comment of Yaya being a lifelong maid). How dare you say that she will be your maid?

Nadech: (laughing) Oh mum! You know I was just kidding. You haven’t even met her and your already choosing sides, and that too her side instead of your own son whom you have often referred to as “the apple of your eye”.
Mae Keaw: (teasing) I always wanted a daughter after you were born and finally I’m getting one, obviously I’ll take her side. (Warning)You better take care of her very well.
Nadech just smiled away.
Mae Keaw: (Happily) I’m so happy for the both of you. (Hugging him)My boy is all grown up.
Nadech: (smiling) He sure is.
Mae Keaw: Did you inform your dad?
Nadech: (worried) I want to. But I don’t know how to say it or what to say to him. I pretty sure he doesn't even know that I’m in love.
Mae Keaw: Well how would he know, you have never told him?
Nadech: Well mum…. You know how it is right. (Pleading) Will you please talk to him? Please.
Mae Keaw: Alright alright.
Nadech: (hugging her) You’re the best.
Mae Keaw: (pinching his nose) Don’t flatter too much. By the way tell Yaya that I have personally invited her and that she need not get anything. And if she is too nervous let me know I will talk to her on phone and convince her myself. Be here by 8.
Nadech: Hey mom, you don’t cook or do anything. You must be tired from your flight. You take rest and let the maids handle everything.
Mae Keaw: No way. It’s my son and daughter’s birthdays and Yaya is coming home for the first time I want to cook myself. Don’t worry I’ll let the maid handle all the cleaning.
Nadech: Alright but first take some rest mom and don’t forget to inform dad. Bye
Mae Keaw: Ok drive safe.
Meanwhile, Yaya was completely nervous about meeting them. She dint even have any elder person in her life that she could take along with her or ask what to do, or what to take as a gift. Nadech arrived.
Nadech: Yaya are you ready to leave.
Yaya: You need to sign these papers P'Nadech.

Nadech sat in his seat and signed a few documents.
Nadech: (closing the files and stood up) All done. Let’s go.
He went towards the door assuming that she followed. Then he turned back and saw that she was still standing there frozen.
Nadech: What’s the matter Yaya? (Remembering) Oh you forgot you purse. I’ll get it for you.
Nadech quickly ran to her cabin, shut down her system, took her purse and came out. All of his staff were curiously observing him and seeing him with her bag had sent a little shock. When he noticed them staring at him, they just acted like they were busy doing their work. Nadech giggled in his mind. He dint care if they would find out because he was taking her to meet his parents, it was high time they know. Nadech went to his cabin door.
Nadech: Yaya come let’s go.
Yaya:  Can you come in for a second.
Nadech: (seeing that she was nervous) What’s the matter Yaya?
Yaya: (pleading) P’Nadech can you postpone the meeting. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I’m too nervous. I don’t know what to say or what to wear or what to get for them.
Nadech:  A ha! My mum was right about you. She told me, if you were too nervous I should make her talk to you. Hold on.
He took out his phone to call his mum; Yaya immediately snatched it from his hands.
Yaya: (panicking) Are you crazy? Do you want me to get a heart attack? I’m nervous about meeting her and your calling her itself.
Nadech: (he puts his hands on her shoulders) Breath. Relax. OK I'll help you. How about I choose a dress for you.
Yaya: (relaxing, nodding) Ok. Alright.
Nadech: By the way, mum asked you not to get anything.
Yaya: She is being too kind P’Nadech but I will not come empty handed.
Nadech: No need for all these formalities Yaya.
Yaya: Ok then I will not come at all.
Nadech: (teasing) Ok fine in that case get a book for my mum and as for my dad probably a gun.
Yaya: (slaps his hand lightly, whining) This is not the time to joke.
Nadech: Ok Ok… How about some fruits? It’s a safe option.
Yaya: (nodding) Alright.
Nadech: Ok then let’s go.
Nadech held her hand and walked towards the door. She pulled  him back.
Yaya: What if they don’t like me.
Nadech: (placing his hands on her cheek) Yaya, my mum already adores you like a daughter, I swear that’s what she told me today. And as for my dad he has never interfered in my life so he will not be a problem. Anyways I will be right next to you, so please don’t worry. We are getting late shall we go baby.
Yaya calms down and nods “ok”. In her mind, she felt very happy that she was referred to as “daughter”. Nadech grabs her right hand with his left and pulls her along and walks out of his cabin. As they walked towards the elevator the whole of his staff were staring at them. Yaya was completely shy and she could even take her hand back, he was holding her tightly in his left hand and holding her purse in the right. Yaya looked at Mint in awkwardness who was giggling at the scene happening. She waved her 'good luck' as Yaya had told her about the  fact that she was meeting with his parents tonight. Yaya nods. They make it to the elevator and leave the building.
In the office:
Worker 1 James: (to Thongthai) A ha! I win the bet. They are definitely an item. Pass me 100 baht.
Worker 2 Thongthai: (to James) Oh man! How did I not get to know that before? Here (gives the money)
James: That’s because you’re stupid. Dint you observe when she first joined here, boss would constantly act all flustered around her. He keeps staring at her as though he would eat her up. She, on the other hand is always smiling and acting all shy around him.
Thongthai: She is girl, obviously she would be shy. (Smiling)Beside she is so cute when she smiles.
James: Does she act shy around you?
Thongthai: No
James: Or smile at you without any reason?
Thongthai: (wondering) No.
James: (smacking his head) That’s because she likes him. That’s why she always shy only around him.
Thongthai: Oh shit! I should have asked her out way before. Boss is so lucky.
James: Asked her out? How about talking to her without mumbling first. Too late Thongthai, too late.
And NOW the actual drama begins....


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Thank you so much Vimalee. If it wasnt for you guys I would have never posted it in here. Thanks a lot. :)


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Part - 11

Yaya got a big fruit basket from the market on their way home in spite on Nadech insisting that the small one was more than enough. It was 6.30pm and finally they had reached her place. Seeing that he had been running around all day,Yaya quickly ran in prepared a cup of coffee and gave it Nadech. She then went in and freshened up. She wore a cute knee length casual dress and came out and showed it to him.
Yaya: (wondering) How is this?
Nadech: (smiling)Perfect. You look beautiful.
Yaya: Are you sure? I think..... maybe I should try another one just in case it’s better.
She quickly ran in, changed and came out.
Yaya: What about this one?
Nadech: (Smiling) This is also good.
Yaya: No....  It feels too short. I’ll change.
This continued for a while. She tried on her 9th dress.

Yaya: (happy) How about this? It feels great. Cute, simple, not too short, not too long, casual and decent.
Nadech: (rolling his eyes at her) This is the first dress that you tried on.
Yaya: (wondering) Is it? Shall I change?
Nadech: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo . (He goes to her and holds her waist) Trust me, the dress is perfect. You look perfect. I know you’re nervous but you’re seriously making a big deal out of it.

Yaya: (mocking) You’re lucky that I don’t have any parents that you need to please or make an impression. Then you would know what I’m going through.
Nadech: (placing his right hand on her cheek) You don’t need to make an impression, just be yourself baby.

He always knew what to say.
Yaya: (calming down) Awe you’re like my 'relief person'. You always know what to say and when to say it. Ok now let me go so I can get dressed.
Nadech: (smiling) Ok alright.
Yaya went in and came back for a sec, pecked his cheek and ran back in. She put on cute jacket over the dress. She had straight hairs so she just made a small braid, collecting a little hair in the front and pinned it back and left the rest of the hair open. She put a light eye makeup and lip balm and patted a little powder on her face and she was good to go. They somehow managed to arrive on time to Nadech’s house. It was 8. Since the fruit basket was heavy Nadech carried it. 
Nadech rang the doorbell.
Nadech: (turned and whispered to Yaya) You look great. Just smile.
Yaya smiled at him but her heart was pounding inside of her. Mae Keaw herself opened the door.
Mae Keaw: (smiling wide) Welcome dear, welcome. Please come in.
They both stepped in. Yaya kneeled to the ground and bowed and got up said “Swadee kha aunt”. The minute Yaya bowed down, Mae Keaw hinted to Nadech that she is absolutely perfect. Nadech was happy.
Mae Keaw: (hugging her) It’s so great to finally meet you dear. You can call me “mum” or “Mae Keaw” like Nadech. (Kissing her forehead) Happy birthday Yaya. May god bless you and give you all the happiness in the world.
Yaya had never expected this. The warm embrace from his mother made her feel much at home. Her heart calmed down. She had never thought she would receive so much love.
Yaya: (smiling, grateful) Thank you so much mum. By the way I'm so sorry, I dint know what to get, so I got this fruit basket.
She took it from Nadech's hand but since it was too heavy she struggled a bit, so Nadech took it back and placed it on a table.
Mae Keaw: Yaya it wasn’t necessary. (Turning to Nadech) Nadech dint you tell her.
Nadech: I did tell her but she never listens to me. (Turning to Yaya) See because of you my mum is scolding me? If you both didn't forget it’s my birthday too.
Both ladies just laughed out. Nadech joined them.
Yaya: (holding Mae Keaw's hand) It’s the least I could do mum. Thank you so much. At first I was too nervous about  coming here, but now I feel much better.
Mae Keaw: Oh don’t worry about a thing sweetheart; this is your home too. (Turning to Nadech) Nadech dint I ask you to call me if she was nervous. You're so irresponsible.
Nadech: (whining) I did …. But…… Yayaaaa.....
They ladies looked at each other and then at him and burst out laughing.
Nadech: (whining) You both are too much. Do whatever you guys want. I’m going upstairs to freshen up.
They dint respond so he just rolled his eyes, turned his face and went top.
Mae Keaw: (whispering to Yaya) He is such a drama queen sometimes.
Yaya: (laughing and whispering) Sometimes.
Nadech: (yelling from top) I can still hear you guys.
Nadech had never been happier. Everything was going as he had thought.
Mae Keaw: Yaya, Nadech’s dad has gone out for some work. He will be back any minute so why don’t you be seated, I will just finish my work in the kitchen and be back.
Yaya: If you don’t mind can I join you and help you mum.
Mae Keaw: But you here for the first time dear and it’s your birthday. It’s all being made for you and Nadech. How can I let you help me?
Yaya: You think of me as your daughter so I’m helping you mum, that’s it.
Mae Keaw: (Smiling) Alright dear, come with me to the kitchen.
Yaya followed her into the kitchen. They both start cooking and helping each other out. For some strange reason both of them seemed to have instantly formed a bond between them.
Mae Keaw: (emotional) Yaya I’m really happy that your part of our lives. Nadech has the been the happiest from the time he has met you.
Yaya: Honestly mum, P’Nadech is the reason I even smile. I have been the happiest since I have met him.
Mae Keaw: (stirring the soup) He has told me everything about you Yaya, I’m really sorry you had to go through all of that.
Yaya: (smiling) Me too mum, but I guess even god felt bad that he took my parents and Mae Pla away from me. So in return he gave me P’Nadech , you, and dad.
Mae Keaw: (touched) Yaya I hope you come into our family soon.
Yaya gave a sweet smile and shyly nodded.
Mae Keaw: (feeding a spoon of soup) Yaya, try this soup. Tell me how it is?
Yaya: Aroy mak. It’s so tasty.
While this was happening, Nadech was secretly watching all of this from the kitchen entrance. The view of them talking and his mum feeding her soup, everything just looked perfect.
Mae Keaw: By what I have heard from Nadech you must cook really well.
Yaya: (smiling) He tells the same thing about you mum.
Mae Keaw: (warning) Don’t fall for his words Yaya. The boy just likes to eat all the time. He will appreciate anyone who gives him food, no matter how its tastes.
Yaya and Mae Keaw started laughing.
Nadech cleared his throat loudly . Both of them instantly straightened themselves.
Mae Keaw: (trying to act all innocent) Was the salt less in the soup Yaya.
Yaya: (trying to act all innocent) No mum its perfect.
Nadech: Don’t try to fool me I heard everything. (boasting) As a matter of fact I am the best cook out of all of us.
Both ladies looked at each other and were silently giggling.
Mae Keaw: (teasing) Yes baby you are.
Yaya: (teasing) Yes baby you definitely are.
They both burst out laughing. Nadech simple went and hugged both of them together.
Mae Keaw: Nadech can you go ask the maid to set the table?
Yaya: Mum if you don’t mind, can I set the table today?
Mae Keaw: Sure Yaya.
Yaya just looks at Nadech, smiles at him and walks out of kitchen.
Nadech: So what do you think mum?
Mae Keaw: She is beautiful, kind, caring, respecting, decent, and such a good hearted person, just like you. What more could a mum want for her son?
Nadech: (smiling) She is isn’t she? Mum are you happy?
Mae Keaw: Very happy. You two are perfect together.
Nadech: (happy) Thank you mum. (pausing) So did you tell dad? By the way where is he?
Mae Keaw: I don’t know Nadech. When you left, I took a nap and when I got up he was not there. I dint get a chance to talk to him.The maid said he got some phone call so he left. He might come home any minute.
Nadech: Ok, so mum do you need any help?
Mae Keaw: (smiling) Don’t act so smart. It's ok, you can go help her, I’ll survive.
Nadech: Thank you. (Pecked her cheek) I love you.


sarNie Adult
Part - 12

While Yaya was setting the table, Nadech came up from behind and hugged her.

Yaya: (startled, whispered) P’Nadech what are you doing? Let me go.

Nadech: Can’t I hug my wife in my own home?

Yaya: P’Nadech someone might see us.

Nadech: Alright. (pausing) So Yaya are you still nervous?

Yaya: (smiling) No. I think the minute she hugged me I felt "at home".

Nadech: (smiling) Yaya? Are you happy?
Yaya: (nodding) Very Very much. I don’t even know how to express it P’Nadech. If my mum would be alive, I think she would be just like her.
Nadech just hugged her. I’m also very happy Yaya. Now I’m just dying to be with you forever.

Yaya: Me too.
Both of them very setting the table and Yaya was just endlessly smiling as she was so happy. She looked very cute when she smiled. Nadech couldn’t resist, so he tiptoed to her and gave a kiss on her cheek. Before she could react, their eyes caught a man standing at the entrance of dining hall. It was Nadech’s dad and he was staring at them. Nadech had never felt more awkward in his life. He couldn't even imagine it. Yaya was definitely worried. Nadech didn’t know what to do. He called out to his mum “Mum, dad is here”. Mae Keaw came.

Mae Keaw: Yoshio, this is Yaya.
Yaya bowed down to him but was too stunned to say anything so she just said “Swadee kha”.
Yoshio nodded.
Mae Keaw: Why don’t you change and come for dinner.
Yoshio nodded and went in.
Yaya: (eyeing Nadech, whispering) See I told you someone might see. You never listen to me.

Nadech: Like I knew my dad would come.
Yaya: Ok, now I understand why you say your dad is strict.
Yoshio came down after 15 minutes.
Mae Keaw: Why don’t you all sit and I’ll get the food.
Yoshio: (ordered) I want to talk to Nadech… in private.

All of them were a bit shocked. It was not what he said; it was the way he said it. It just sounded like Nadech was in big trouble. Yoshio walked into his room. Nadech just followed. A thousand things were going on in Nadech’s mind. He was worried; he couldn't remember a day, almost in the last 10 to 15 years where his dad had ever wanted to talk to him privately.

Yaya worriedly looked at Mae Keaw.
Mae Keaw: Yaya why don’t you sit, I’m sure they will come out soon.

Yaya just nodded.
Yoshio went in and sat on his chair. Nadech went and stood in front of him at a little distance.
Yoshio: Nadech, you can sit.

Nadech: It’s ok dad I don’t mind standing.

Nadech never dared to sit in front of his father. Only when Mae Keaw would be around he would behave freely.
Yoshio: (staring) So who is that girl?

Nadech: (not making eye contact, just looking down) Her name is Yaya .. I … mean Urassaya Sperbund.

Yoshio: (strictly) I know her name; your mum just mentioned it just 15 minutes before. I’m not interested in her name. I meant, what she is doing here in our house, with you.
Nadech dint like the way he framed that question.
Nadech: (gathering his confidence) I brought her here, so that I could introduce her to you and mum.
Yoshio: Introduce her for what reason may I ask?
Nadech: (blurts it out) I am in love with her so I thought I would introduce her to you both.

Yoshio: (strictly) How long?
Nadech: I have known her from past 2 ½ years and I have in been in love with her for almost 2 years now. We work in the same office. She is my personal secretary.

Yoshio: (stiffening his voice) I meant how long will you be in love with her?
Nadech was shocked. Who would ask such a question? He had no idea why he asked that way.
Nadech: (worried, confused) I don’t understand. What do you mean dad?

Yoshio: Obviously it’s just an office fling. I’m asking you, how much time would you need to end this affair.
Nadech had no words to say. He dint even know what to think.

Nadech: (looking straight at his dad, stiffening his words and makes a statement) It’s is not a fling or a passing affair. I love her and I will eventually marry her.
Yoshio: (shocked) Have you gone crazy? How can you even think of marrying her? She is not up to our standards. I’m sure she and her parents might think of you a great catch so they must have put her up to this.

Nadech’s was shocked inside and out. For a person who doesn't speak much, Yoshio was sure speaking a lot, and a lot that he shouldn't be saying.
Nadech: (raising his voice a bit but trying to be respectful) Her parents died when she was 5, she doesn’t have anyone. As a matter of fact, it was I who had expressed my feelings toward her first. So DAD no one had put her up to anything.
Yoshio: An Orphan! You want to marry an Orphan. What is wrong with you? “Girls like her” will try to attract rich men like you and you are falling straight into her trap.
Yoshio had crossed the line.
Nadech: (yelled) Dad…..
Mae Keaw and Yaya heard this. Mae Keaw was already worried the minute Yoshio mentioned he wanted to talk to Nadech in private, but she kept calm as Yaya was there. Mae Keaw and Yaya came in running.
The atmosphere had already heated up and the argument proceeded.

Nadech: (yelled) Dad….. How dare you talk about her like that?
Yoshio: (yelled back) Lower your voice. I spoke the truth. (Pointing at Yaya and looking at Nadech) Girls like her will try to use rich men like you. Nadech you deserve someone much better than her.

Yaya just froze. Mae Keaw was shocked and din’t know what to say.

Nadech: (raising his voice higher) You better stop talking like that about her. She is the love of my life and I demand respect.
Yoshio: (yelling) How dare you raise you voice at me. If you really had loved her, you would have introduced her to us a long time before. I am your dad and I just found about “the love of your life” just a few minutes before. I know what kind of relationship you have with her I just witnessed it when I entered. (referring to the kiss, meaning they only have a physical relationship).

Yoshio had crossed Nadech’s patience.
Nadech: (moving closer to him, pointing finger) You don’t even know what kind of relationship you have with your son. How dare you judge our relationship? Your my father, you can talk about me whatever you want, but you have no rights to talk about her or judge her character.

Yoshio: (turning to Mae Keaw) Did you see the way he talks to his own dad?
Mae Keaw: (holding Nadech’s hand, worried) Nadech this is not the way you should talk to your dad. Step back.

Mae Keaw knew whatever Yoshio was doing was wrong, but like Nadech she had never expected any of this from him, besides the 2 men were in the middle of a heated argument so she couldn't just interfere.
Nadech: (To Mae Keaw, calmly) Mum I request you to please stay out of this. There is nothing you could say to right now that would justify dad’s behaviour.
Mae Keaw backed down.
Yoshio: Did you see that? Did you see how much he has changed because of that girl? He has the guts to talk back to his own parents.
Yaya just stood there looking at them.
Nadech: (yelling) I will talk back to anyone who dares to speak about her this way.

Yoshio: You dint answer my question. If you had really loved her from 2 years, why dint you tell me about her before?
Nadech: (roaring) Tell you what… Tell you what exactly dad? You have never shown any interest in my life until now.

All of Nadech’s childhood feelings were resurfacing and impacting the argument, adding fuel to the fire.

Yoshio: (yelling) Why don’t you just accept the fact that she is using you for money and you are using her for….
Before Yoshio could even complete his sentence.
Nadech: (roared) Enough…..
Yoshio: (stunned) Is that orphan so important to you than your own dad?
Nadech went and held Yaya’s hand and brought her in front of his dad.

Nadech: (completely calm) First of all she is not an orphan because she has me as family. Second, yes she is very important.  But your important too, that’s why I let you speak so much. If anyone else was in your place and had said that about her then I would have…..
Yoshio: (yelling) You would have what?................... You would have done what?

Nadech stood silent. He dint want to say something that would he couldn't take back later.
Yoshio: (losing patience) Have you forgotten your discipline? Has she messed with your head so much that you have forgotten your discipline.
Nadech: (face to face with Yoshio, calmly) You know for a person who preached the word “discipline” his entire life, you sure are lacking it today.

Yoshio gave one tight slap, right across his face. Everything and everyone became still. Yaya was feeling worse for Nadech than herself. She had known what kind of relationship existed between Nadech and his dad.

Nadech took Yaya’s hand.
Nadech: Let me tell you one last thing DAD. (declaring) She is the love of my life. I will marry her with or without your approval.
(Turning to Yaya) Yaya I am extremely sorry that you had to endure all this. I shouldn't have brought you here. Yaya, lets go from here. I will drop you to your house.
He held her hand tightly and walked out of the house.


sarNie Adult
Part - 13

Mae Keaw: (questioning) Yoshio what have you done? It’s his birthday. What kind of father slaps his own son on his birthday?
Yoshio: (turning away from her) The kind of father who will not let his son spoil his life because of some girl.
Mae Keaw: Don’t you get it he truly loves her. (yelling) Can‘t you see any of it.
Yoshio: I would like to be left alone for the night, I don’t want dinner. Close the door on your way out.
Mae Keaw: (Mae Keaw in tears) Is that so? Ok fine. But let me tell you one last thing; whatever you did or said about the both of them was extremely wrong, especially about Yaya. (worried) They didn't even have dinner. This is all your fault.
She slams the door and walks out. Meanwhile, Nadech puts Yaya in the car and gets in. He drives away just before Mae Keaw came running to the door. She dint even get the chance to talk to them or apologise to Yaya. She knew it wasn't the right time to call them.  So getting frustrated that she didn’t speak or defend both the kids, Mae Keaw just goes into the kitchen and dumps all the food into the waste bin.
Nadech and Yaya had not said a single word to each other. All of Yoshio’s words were echoing in her mind. Neither Nadech nor Yaya had ever thought they would be receiving such a reaction from his father. Nadech blamed himself. Nadech didn’t even have the guts to look at Yaya. He thought, it was all because of him, he is the reason that Yaya had to endure all of that. He was the one that repeatedly assured her everything would be fine. But everything had gone downhill.
Nadech just drove for an hour without even realizing where he was going. He then stopped the car on an empty road, got out and just screamed and let his anger out. He was completely frustrated. Since his childhood feelings had resurfaced, he wasn't able to control his anger. Yaya still hadn’t moved. She wanted him to get it all out of his system. He screamed once more and kicked his car’s tire 2-3 times and looked at the ground and took deep breaths. Something flashed in his mind.

This is the conversation between Yadech when Yaya was telling about her past to him for the first time.
She had told about her parents, Mae Pla, about her school and about the mystery woman who keeps sending her 10000 baht every month. She then told about Mae Pla’s death.
Yaya: (depressed) She was sick for quite some time. Mae Pla died in her own bed. You know what was the last thing that she told me before she died?
Nadech just looks at her and holds her hands.
Yaya: (remembering that day) She said …………

MaePla: Yaya my dear girl… I’m extremely sorry for what I have put you through. I’m the one, who should taking care you. But from past 3 years you’re doing all of it.
Yaya: (in tears) Please don’t take like that mum. I’m your daughter it’s my duty. Beside you took me into your home and gave me a second chance at life. I am eternally grateful. Please don’t talk like your leaving me.
Mae Pla: Yaya I don’t think I can hold on any longer.

Yaya: (alarmed) I will call an ambulance right now.
As she was about to get up Mae Pla held her hand tightly.
Mae Pla: Yaya please don’t. I have to say something very important to you.

Yaya: As soon as I call the ambulance you can tell me whatever you want.

Mae Pla: (holding her hand) Please …. Please listen to me. Yaya I want you to be strong. I want you to be strong, baby. I know I will not make it this time. But I don’t want you to blame yourself for anything. You have done everything you could. You are the reason that I was alive till now.

Yaya: (falling on her knees beside’s Mae Pla bed, crying) Noooooooo mum you can’t leave me. I forbid you from leaving me.

Mae Pla: (In tears, touching Yaya’s face) Trust me baby if I had a choice then I would never leave my sweet angel.

Yaya: I can’t live without you. I just can’t.

Mae Pla coughs up blood. Yaya alarmed gets up wipes her mouth and take out her phone to make the call to the ambulance.

Mae Pla: Yaya swear on me please listen to me. Please…. I don’t have much time.

Yaya stood there helpless.

Mae Pla: Yaya, you have earned a seat in the best university because of your dedication and hard work. I want you to continue working harder so that you can stand on your feet. I want you to be strong. Promise me you will always follow your heart.

Yaya nods ‘yes’ crying.

Mae Pla: Yaya, open my cupboard. On the bottom shelf you will find a black box. Get it to me. (Feeling out of breath) Hurry!

Yaya quickly does what she says.

Mae Pla: Open it.

Yaya opens and finds a bunch of letters.

Mae Pla: Yaya listen carefully. These letters are all from my best friend. She is the one that brought you to me. And she is the one sending 10000 baht every month. She doesn’t know that I have been sick. I will give you her number. Contact her and tell her everything that happened. She will take care of you from here on. Please don’t hesitate. You have to call her. I can’t leave my daughter alone; you have to call her no matter what.

Mae Pla was starting to feel unconscious.

Mae Pla: Yaya hurry, go get a pen and a paper.

Yaya ran to her room. She couldn’t find a pen. She quickly opened her bag and poured everything down. She finally find one so she ran back to her mother.

Yaya: (holding the pen and paper ready to write) Yes mum.

No response.

Yaya: (touching Mae Pla) Mum?

Mae Pla was motionless.

Yaya just realised what had happened. She hugged her mother and cried her eyes out.
Yaya: (to Nadech, depressed) So, after I cried as much as I could, I made a promise to myself that I will never cry again in my life. I will never weaken myself.
Nadech just sat next to her, put his left arm around her and pulled her close to him.
Nadech: (emotional) I feel extremely sorry for you Yaya. But ME being sorry will not even heal a fraction of what you have been through. I don’t know the feeling of losing a parent, let alone trying to imagine what you must have gone through. I really don’t know what to say.
Yaya: (sighed pulling herself to present and smiled back at him) You here right now, that is more than enough for me.
He hugs her for a while.
Nadech: So …………….. You haven’t cried from 8- 9 years? (pausing) What did the letters say? (pausing) What about that mystery woman.
Yaya: (sighing) No. I never felt the need to cry. (pausing) The letters were from a lady named ‘Rathana’ and there wasn’t any return address on it. I will show the letters to you some other time, just not today please. As for the woman, I don’t think I will ever try to find her.
Nadech: But why? I will help you Yaya. You need to find her.
Yaya: No P’Nadech, please don’t force me in this matter. I have lost enough parents. I don’t want to get to know her and lose her too. If I’m really destined to meet her, it will happen on its own. Please don’t ask about her.
Nadech nodded. Nadech decide that once he marries her, he will find that woman no matter what it takes.
Nadech: (changing subject) ok ……Not that I want you to cry, but Yaya that’s not normal.  You need not hold it together all the time. At least not now, you have me with you.
Yaya: That’s sweet of you P’Nadech, but even if I wanted to, I don’t think I can cry anymore. The tears just don’t come. Trust me I have tried once or twice.
Seeing that she was getting lost in thoughts again, Nadech thought it’s was best to postpone this topic for now.
Nadech: In that case I better make sure that I don’t let anything hurt you or give you a reason to cry.
They just hugged each other. Yaya always felt safe in his arms.


sarNie Adult
Part - 14

The present …
He screamed once more and kicked his car’s tire 2-3 times and looked at the ground and took deep breaths. Something flashed in his mind.
“I better make sure that I don’t let anything or anyone hurt you or give you a reason to cry”.
That’s what he had said to her and for the first time he felt like he had completely let her down. The minute this flashed inside his brain, he realized that he is supposed to be thinking about her feelings right now, not about what happened between him and his dad. He turns around and finds her standing right next to him.
Yaya: (holding his hands in hers, worried) P’Nadech are you alright?
Nadech: (worried) I should be asking that to you, Yaya.
Yaya: Don’t worry about me. (Gently placing her right hand on his left check) does it hurt too much?
Nadech: Not even close to how much I have hurt you.
Yaya: (placing both her hands on either side of his cheeks) P’Nadech, none of this is your fault. Neither is your dad’s. He was just being concerned about you. Besides, you know me well, he on the other hand found out about me a few minutes before. It was obvious that he might react.
Nadech: (held her hands and put them on his chest) Don’t try to put on a brave face.
That’s exactly what she was doing. She was deeply hurt but she knew it wasn't his fault and she also knew that he was feeling worse than her.
Yaya: I’m not. Ok I accept that I felt bad but I felt worse seeing you get slapped because of me. Don’t worry we will get through this.
Nadech: (overwhelmed, hugging her) I don’t deserve you Yaya. I truly don’t. I’m extremely sorry for what happened today.
Yaya: (in his arms, looking at him) you don’t have to be sorry about a thing P’Nadech.
Nadech: (serious) Yaya come let’s just run away?
Yaya: (smiling, trying to cheer him) This is our first hurdle. Our relationship just got more real. Don’t you wanna know what happens?
Nadech: (smiling) OK but if there ever comes a point where we won’t have any other option other than running away…
Yaya: (before he could even complete, smiling) In that case I will come with you where ever you want.
Nadech: (hugged her, kissing her forehead) You know I will marry you no matter what right?
Yaya: (nodding ‘yes’) I love you.
Nadech: I love you too.  (Pausing)  you didn’t even eat anything. Come lets go and eat somewhere and then I’ll drop you to home.
Yaya was in no mood to eat anything, but she knew if she refuses then even Nadech might not eat anything for the rest of the night. So she simple agreed.
They both went to a restaurant and had a light dinner. Both of them were in no mood for eating, but were simply doing to for the sake of the other. Nadech dropped her to her house. He wanted to go in but felt it might be inappropriate given the time.
Nadech: Yaya are you sure you are alright?
Yaya: (smiling) Absolutely. You don’t worry about a thing. See you in office tomorrow.
Nadech just nodded with a faint smile. When Yaya saw his car go around the corner, she felt heavy hearted. All of that had happened in the evening was sinking into her even more. She silently went and lay in her bed without even changing her clothes. She felt too depressed but still no tears. The more she remembered what Yoshio’s said, the more she tried to bury it in her heart. Yaya somehow felt scared that this could be the beginning of the “end of their relationship”. She eventually fell asleep around 2 am.

Nadech on the other hand went straight to his room and locked his door. Mae Keaw heard him slam his door but it still wasn't the right time to bring out the topic again so she dint bother him. Nadech’s head was hurting knowing that fact that he is sleeping under the same roof as his father who had just spoken all of that. He took half of a sleeping pill and slept.

Next day at the office.
Nadech was early to the office. He wanted to complete the contract which was supposed to be sent to Macrovitz’s office by noon. Plus it would serve as an easy distraction then being at home till the office starts. Nadech had come to the office at 8 am. For some odd reason even Yaya showed up at the office around 8.45.
Nadech: Hi …. How come you’re so early to the office Yaya?
Yaya: Why dint you have your breakfast?
Nadech: I did.
Yaya: (pointing) Don’t lie to me.
Nadech: Alright I didn't, but how did you know?
Yaya: Mum had called me. She told me that you refused to have breakfast and also sneaked out of the house. She also apologized to me about yesterday, though I told her it wasn't even necessary.
Nadech: Oh mum! She must have thought that I was mad at her; in fact I’m mad only at my dad. Don’t worry ill talk to her when I go home and also apologize to her.
Yaya: She also told me that you might have a headache, as she found half of a sleeping pill on your table. I told her not to worry about you and that I will give you breakfast myself.

P’Nadech I think you should forget about what happened yesterday, at least for her sake. She is worried you know.
(pausing) Ok why don’t we just concentrate on the getting these contracts signed for now and after that we will find a solution for our situation.
Nadech nodded in confirmation.
Yaya: Here have some breakfast and I’ll go get some coffee for your headache.
Nadech: Yaya, did you have breakfast?
Yaya: (smiling) Yes I did have. Go on have yours now.
As Yaya went out of his cabin to get some coffee from the coffee room, Nadech thought to himself that how lucky he must be that he has 2 angels in his life.
They were busy in preparing the contract. Mint had questioned Yaya about the dinner, but she told her that she can't talk about it now as she and Nadech were busy with the contract and told her she will speak to her later.

It was 11.30.
Nadech: Yaya are all the papers ready?
Yaya: Yes, P’Nadech. We can leave now.
Before they could head out, they heard a knock on the door.
Michael: May I come in?
Nadech: (surprised) Mr. Michael what a pleasant surprise. We were just about to leave. Please do come in
and have you seat.
Michael: I’m sorry, something just came up at the last minute so I had to come.
Nadech: No issues Mr. Michael.
Michael: Hello Khun Yaya.
Yaya: (nodding) Hello Mr. Michael. Would you like some coffee, or juice.
Michael: Nothing for now Khun Yaya. So if the contract ready?
Nadech: Yes Mr. Michael. Here (handing the contract). Our side of the lawyers have approved them so here the originals so you can go through it too.

Michael: Thank you Khun Nadech. By the way there is some sort of emergency.
Nadech: What is it Khun Michael?
Michael: I received a call from our American raw materials supplier. He said if someone would go and see through all of the raw materials then he can process our order and ship the first set of raw materials within a week. But the thing is it has to be done by tomorrow. They dealer told that if we can’t confirm the order by tomorrow then they might have to accept another companies offer and might not be able to supply to us.

Nadech: But all of a sudden……
Michael: I know it’s an inconvenience but they are the best suppliers and if they agree to some other company then our project might get delayed.
Nadech: (worried) No issues Mr. Michael I and Khun Yaya will get the job done. We will fly tonight.
Michael: But Khun Nadech I need a representative from your office to come with me tomorrow to visit the site. I will not be free for a week so I can visit the site only tomorrow. Since Khun Yaya is aware of all the details of the project I thought I could perhaps take her with me.

Nadech: That is true. I can’t leave this job to anyone apart from Khun Yaya. Ok in that case I will fly to America by myself.
Michael: Khun Yaya are you ok with this?
Both men looked at her.
Yaya: (hesitating a bit) No problem Mr. Michael.
Michael: Khun Nadech you can fly by my private jet at 10 pm tonight. Is that ok?
Nadech: that was not required Khun Michael I would have managed myself.
Michael: It’s not a problem Khun Nadech. Besides it was in such short notice so I insist. My driver will pick up by 9 from your place.
Nadech: Ok Khun Michael.
Michael: I should be leaving now.
Yaya: Khun Michael, why don’t you join us for lunch?
Michael: I will Khun Yaya but not today. (Shaking both their hands) Thank you so much. Khun Yaya I will pick you tomorrow at 11 am from your office.
Yaya: Ok Mr. Michael.
Nadech and Yaya bid him good bye.
Nadech: Oh I wish I could take you with me.
Yaya: It’s alright P’Nadech; it’s a business trip anyways. So when will I be expecting you back.
Nadech: (wondering) I will reach LA by tomorrow and I need 1 full day to go through all the work and wait for the dealer’s confirmation. So I will be here within 3 days from tomorrow.
Yaya: (hugging) I’ll miss you.
Nadech: I’ll miss you too.


sarNie Adult
Part - 15

It was 6 in the evening Nadech had to leave so that he could pack.
Nadech: (kissing her cheek) Take care of yourself. I’ll be back soon.
Yaya: (kissed him back) Eat your food on time. Please be safe. Don’t forget to call me.

Nadech turned to leave; she pulled him around and smooched him.
Nadech: (feeling happy) I love you. (Gave a gentle kiss on her lips)
Yaya: I love you too.
Nadech went home. His dad was not at home.
Nadech: Mum I have some urgent work. I need to leave to America by tonight.
Mae Keaw: America? So urgently?
Nadech: Something came up in the last minute so I have leave tonight, alone.
Mae Keaw: Even Yaya is not coming with you?
Nadech: No mum, she has to stay here and take care of the office. Khun Michael personally requested her to stay here so that they can proceed with the project.
Mae Keaw: hmm….. Alright so when will you be back?
Nadech: In 3 days.
Mae Keaw: (worried) Nadech… what happened yesterday…….
Nadech: (stopped packing and went up to her and held her shoulder) Mum don’t worry about me. I’m fine. Whatever happened yesterday is the past so you don’t take any tension. Lets talk about this when I come back. And I’m sorry if I spoke rudely to you. Please smile and have your food on time.
Mae Keaw: (happily) No baby you were right in your place so don’t apologize for being right.
Nadech hugged his mother.
Mae Keaw: Ok finish packing and come down, I will go prepare dinner for you.
Nadech nodded.
By the time Nadech packed and finished his dinner it was 9. Yoshio had come into the house. And even the car had arrived.
Yoshio: (Mae Keaw) Where is he going to?
Mae Keaw: He has some urgent work in America so he is leaving now.
Nadech didn't even bother to look at him. He kissed his mum goodbye and left.
Nadech makes it to the jet on time. An air-hostess welcomes him. He makes himself comfortable and calls Yaya.
Nadech: Hello, Yaya.
Yaya: Yes P’ Nadech. Did you reach the airport?
Nadech: Yes baby. I just came in and sat down. They will be taking off any minute so I thought I will call once, before I turn off my phone.
Yaya: Ok, Please be safe and take care of yourself.  I will miss you a lot. I love you.
Nadech: You also please take care of yourself. I love you too sweetheart. BBye.
Yaya: Bye.
Nadech cut the call and turned off his phone. The jet had to take off at 10pm and it was already 10.15.
Nadech: (to air-hostess) Is there a problem?
Air-hostess: Nothing sir, we are just waiting for another passenger.
Nadech: Another passenger?  Sorry I wasn't aware that someone might be joining us.
Air-hostess: Khun Matt Macrovitz will be accompanying you Sir. Ah…. Here she comes.
Matt walks into the jet. Nadech was shocked and surprised.