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It's been only a week in S.Korea & I low-key want to go back home. Sucks when it's for work & not for vacay lol
Even for work you get to enjoy the food. Ummm...never mind, when we went to Italy we didn't quite like the spaghetti there. It was different because we were used to Italian food in the states.
Haha I don't mind the food but I can't deny that I do miss home food too. I'll be here until the end of the year so I'm not trying to go too out on the food yet LOLOL Real Italian food def is an acquired taste so I don't blame you haha
Wow! S. Korea for a whole year?! Hope it gets better for you Rose. Going to a whole new different country takes time to adapt but eventually it gets better and then you don't want to come back. Haha. Enjoy your time out there and be safe. :D