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Credit to Pantip, Thai ET Forum.
Congratulations to CH3, Anne T, and Samee Tee Tra for winning the Special Foreign Drama Awards in Japan.    Anne, Ploy, and Pe Aew the director will travel to Japan in October to receive this honor.     This will be the fifth year in a row that CH3 have received this type of awards, starting with Wanida (AFF and Pa Jaew went to Japan), Roy Mai, Khune Seuk, Thong Neur Kao, and latest Samee Tee Tra.
Khune Pin, the producer of TV Scene, has put in a request for Nadech's queue in the new drama One Star, One Sky.    However, the channel didn't give her Nadech's queue and many people were very disappointed.   Many who have read the novel said Nadech is perfect for this role because he is mixed and is a very good actor.   
Some even commented that how come the big productions like TV Scene, Broadcast, Anne T, and Nok Chatchai can't even get Nadech's or Yaya's queues.     It seemed like only No Problem, Lakorn Thai, and Makers Group productions got their queues.      Recently, Khune Somrakn, the general manager of CH3, turned down Gun, Nok Chatchai' son request for Nadech and Yaya in action pack Turn the Sky.    He said whoever wanted Nadech's and Yaya's queue will have to wait another 4 or 5 years, and if they could not wait then they will have to find another actor/actress.


Mrs James Ma
Idk why people are saying NY's queue is packed for 4-5 years. Cos they are not working like other actors. How Nadech is busy?? :shrug: He does not attend many events, he is not shooting for lakorns also. Whenever I see, NY are going on either rock climbing date, painting date or Yaya cooking at Nadech's house :wink: and they are mostly travelling with their families now. So why are they talking about queue? Nadech is not working as much as they are saying  :scratchhead2:


sarNie Hatchling
Thanks for the news Khun vimalee. I was really looking forward to seeing Yaya in plik fah! And also wanted Nadech to work with TV scene esp my bias Matt ( since Matt is tv scenes favourite at the moment)
Maybe Nadech's schedule hasn't been released that why it seems like he's not doing much at the moment.


Live Love Laugh
byebye said:
Maybe their schedules are pack due to commercials and events...photo shoots and stuff. They might not have a lot of lakorns but they are booked from other stuff
I think you might be right.     Also, Nadech and Yaya will be starting their graduate schools soon so they may not want to accept many lakorns.
Here's Nadech promoting CH3.    I like his new hair cut, probably getting ready to play a police officer in the Switching Bodies opening next month.
Wow, CH3 has so many channels:  3, 3HD, 3SD, and 3 FAMILY.    Other channel only has one.
CH3 has so many newbies, I read somewhere that they are going to make more lakorns to feed these channels mainly 3HD and 3SD.


Keep On Smiling
Thanks Vimalee for sharing na ka.
Samee TeeTra receives the popular drama of the Year for the Tokyo Drama Awards 2015 which will take place at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 21.
A Big congratulations to ch3, Anne Thongprasom, cast and crew na ka.

Wow....Nadech-Yaya sure are pretty busy with their golden queue.  Also, according to daradaily, the producers have to wait 2-3 years for their queue to be available. 


sarNie Hatchling
Why would so many producers want to work with yadech...if it's just because of their popularity than, they are making a mistake. Yadech is missing a really big chance of working with other production. But from what I know, Lakornthai is a really good production. Lakornthai with Pee da made numerous big hit ch3 lakorns such as, Sawan biang, Wanida(Went international and was the first thailand lakorn to get an award in Tokyo,Swap all the awards for best actor, lakorn of the year and etc) There also Oum ruk, Sood Sanaeha, Keaw Tah Pee. There are many more. Yadech is lucky enough to work with lakornthai. But I'm surprise that Broadcast which is the best production beside Lakornthai and they haven't yet have a chance to work with Yadech, but if I was broadcast I wouldn't care because there are many more talented actor and actress out there.


Keep On Smiling
Top 5 actors with the highest event fee (for each event).......

1.  Nadech = 350,000 THB
2.  James Ji = 300,000 THB
3.  Mario = 300,000 THB
4.  Boy = 200,000 THB
5.  Weir = 150,000 THB
Top 5 actresses with the highest event fee (for each event).......

cr:as tagged
Sure miss Aff.


sarNie Oldmaid
Ms.Zoe said:
The actresses got lower event fees than the actors? Hmmm...interesting.
Makes sense though because majority of the fans that would follow and attend the events are girls and gays so they'll be running after the guys more.


sarNie Adult
So Na JJ and Mario all have higher event fees than AumP? Is that possible?

Both naya usu accepts 1-2 lakorns (max) at a time, i like that they divide their time nicely between work, studies and for the family. It's better to accept less and put full commitment into what u do better than spreading ur legs onto too many boats at once, there's a high chance of sinking :) Also i find that these producers book their actors so long in advance, yet they dont have the scripts etc all prepared. Shouldnt they have a set plan before they submit their projects to the channel for the approval?

And na is usu so tight lipped abt his upcoming projects, which is good, less chance for ppl to anti this and that.


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Lately, GMM Grammy and EXact actors have been playing with CH3:  Tur in Poo Kong Yod Ruk, Pong will be in Plerng Boon with Janie and Bella, Tor from Hormone series and Ice P from the Movie I Fine, Thank You will be in Switching Bodies with Nadech & Yaya, Push and Son with Khune Kai production and many others.    Toey Jarinporn had signed contact with CH3 now and has two upcoming lakorns as Nang Ek.
Some said GMM and EXact are very smart to have their actors acting with CH3 because CH3 can mold their acting skills and expand their fans base since CH3 have more viewers.     Many CH3 fans are not happy because these actors/actresses have taking roles away from their favorites.
What do you think?


sarNie Adult
I just wish Toey and James Ji have a comeback project together. They were so adorable in Timeline. Honestly, I don't know much about the ET industry in Thailand outside of Ch3 and I guess that already shows how good or at least how popular it is that people from outside thailand can know about stars in Ch3. I don't know about other channels, perhaps I am wrong. But it's good that actors can move around channels so there is variety and more chances for stars pairing up and collaborating and stuff
Not sure if ONEHD and CH5 XACT are the same but I'm so proud of them! The improvement they made was tremendous from my perspective. As for Toey, I'm so happy for her getting nangek roles, I'm looking foward to them!  :heart:


eikcivx said:
Not sure if ONEHD and CH5 XACT are the same but I'm so proud of them! The improvement they made was tremendous from my perspective.
Exact and GMM Grammy is now all of OneHD. They slowly transitioned over late last year through to early 2015. Khun Boy has created an empire and a permanent home for all of his actors and artists. I'd say they've really got the upper hand especially since they house tremendously well known artists which are requested in other networks' OSTs, not to mention Acts Studios--again, with other channels coming in to use their facilities. And if you've ever watched a OneHD lakorn, the quality (production, script, and aesthetics) are just superb. Their innovative and modern platform is first of its kind and I hope it will (in time) advance all of Thailand's entertainment scene. Very forward thinking!


Mrs James Ma
 Ch3 has asked Kai Worayuth, a producer at Ch3 to get DJ Push to act in his lakorn. Chances are high.
LOL at ch3, they want him now as Push is becoming very famous  :dance1:


sarNie Oldmaid
I am not sure about molding acting skill (think ch5 is still best at it) but ch3 has a far bigger fanbase sure. My problem with ch3 is nowadays -in the last 5 years their policy have been more quantity than quality because they only pick actors not necessarily for his/her acting skills nor adequacy to the role but for the fanbase. Ch5 can do it also for example with Push (giving every roles instead of taking it slow step by step) or Sean and Esther but on the Biggest part of their policy they hone the acting of their actors by giving them different genre of drama and type and challenging roles. It starts to pay. Ch7 on the otherside starts to push on the front actresses who were good but stuck in second. Look at Sammy now. They made the risk to promote her as N'ek knowing that her fanbase was nonexistent because of her talent. The actress is starting to build herself a solid fanbase and Ch7 dramas with her have delivered on quality and some on quantity. I don't think ch3 can do something like that. And I don't count Ploy cause she had a big fanbase from her movies and intense rai days and as a Nek she still has not delivered to me.
And now I read ch3 wants Push because of his big fanbase. A boy whose onehd has worked the popularity from his "nobody" days till now. I don't know anout you but it turn me off more concerning ch3
Last but not the least ch3 have not impressed me lately. Ka Badin was good this but that's about it. There is a disconnection between me and a lot of ch3 newbies or even too stagnant veterans (mafia luerd mongkorn series). Majority of productions feel empty lacking. Ch3 expressly needs to stop the newbies spree for a moment and focuse on really studying its actors strengh/flaws and start challenging them.


Mrs James Ma
Ch3 is about koo jins and popularity. They dont mind giving dramas to them continuously instead of allowing them to work with others and gain experience.