Why do you love Yadech


I love Yadech because they are one of the fantasy couple I love and adore. I fell in love with them in Daung Jai Akkanee because of there bickering scenes. Hehehe.


sarNie Oldmaid
Fantastic, I love yadech sooo much ! they have this excellent excellent chemistry tats like telepathy ! theres never a dull moment when they r together, all their lakorns are proof enough, in grgr saichon and nang fah, so much love !!! they r a hot, gorgeous and perfect couple match made in heaven !!! yadechs humbleness, down-to-earth and kind qualities just make us love them more !!! to me yadech will always be #1, wishing them 2 b together forever  ~♥♥♥~


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Simple Answer. I just do.
LOL I like Yadech because when they're together, there's a spark. They have great chemistry and they're compatible. :)


sarNie Adult
i love yadech because they are special in their own ways like no other. 
on-screen, they are like the ideal couple i have always dreamed of. 
off screen, they are like a pillar of support towards each other. 
however, its their sincere personalities that made me love them even more.  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:


- Marina ♥
I love Yadech because their characters go so well with one another. They look fantastic together and they're such a squeal-worthy couple :)


sarNie Oldmaid
Hi guys i 1 2 like wat u hv written on yadechs love but my like quoto is used up so can only thank all of u! so v happy theres so many yadech shippers !!!


sarNie Oldmaid
Yadech have natural chemistry whether its onscreen or offscreen, they make you feel like they're not just doing their job but they put their heart and mind into it. The way they look into eachother eyes makes you feel like they're in their own world. In DJA they look like those high school sweethearts who is still young and innocent but love each other with no reason. I like them offscreen as well, they seem likeable.

Theirs so many more reason why I love them but I can't even explain them all, all I know is watching them makes my heart beat fast and I get butterfly in my stomach... Especially those love scenes like GRGR for example, when Charles was watching Fah sleep... the way he look at Fah makes you feel if he could he would keep her lock into his heart all to himself...faint! Lol.


sarNie Adult
I would would be here all day if i have to explain, the love i have for yadech is very unexplainable but def irreplaceable.

Im probably a minority here, but yadech's chemistry plays a very minor role in why i love them (the word chemistry and kookwan are so overused these days that it lost it's specialness and significance) but it's yadech's genuity, generosity, sincerity and hard work (sometimes i forget these 2 are only 20&21, working their butts off everyday) and individual personalities that has captured me like no other. I will always try to tame the little shipper in me, and support them individually, because only when we can love them indivually that is when the love will be longer lasting, arggh why is it always easier said and done naw?

Essay much, told everyone i would be here all day hehe


sarNie Adult
Love everything everyone mentioned. I feel exactly the same. It's indescribable!! They are beautiful, generous, intelligent, love their family & definitely hard workers. All in all they are just 2 beautiful ppl inside & out. <3


Keep On Smiling
All of the Above please.  I  agree with all the comments.
They're  two beautiful, down-to-earth, humble, hard working, kind, helpful, generous, and responsible persons.


sarNie Adult
Wow, love everyone comment here about Yadech! I totally agree with you all :)
Like everyone, there's no word to describe how I feel about Yadech. Their just a perfect fit, match made in heaven. They are born to be together.