Forever and Always (NY Fanfic)

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    We all know the story of Nangfah and Saichon. How they fall in love in the island and broke each other because of misunderstandings and yet still end up in each others arms.

    BUT what if things were reversed?

    What if...

    It was Saichon who got washed out on the island with no memory of his past?

    What if...

    Nangfah was the one who was left behind when he regains his memory?

    What if...
    There was a kid involve in the process? (There was a kid on the original novel)

    How different would it be?

    This is my take on the what ifs that keeps on boggling my mind eversince I've watched GRGR.


    This fanfic is the product of my self preservation after writing The Other Side.



    Nangfah, a young lady from the island of Min accidentally saved a man who had no memories of his past...

    Forced and left with no choice, she take care of the guy and took him in, treating him as family.

    Little did she know then that she will find a friend and love so strong, it will eventually lead into marriage.

    But what would happen if the past finally caught up?

    When remembering the past means forgetting her and everything they shared?

    They say the heart remember what the mind forgets but what if the person she knew was just a fragment of him...

    Would she still fight and hold on to 'their' love even if he is not HER Saichon anymore?

    Or should she just let him go when he, himself had already given up on his memories?

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    Can’t wait for your new fan fic. Please include the baby too. I wish there’ll be a scene when Saichon is shock to meet his son who looks just like him. I love the way NY and their son interact with each other in Episode of the Other Side.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!
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    Yay! Looking forward to reading it. I'm excited for your new take on GRGR. Soo many questions needing answers. :confused12::confused12:

    Thank you for your perseverance and dedication on writing NY Fanfics. :cheer::clap::cheer:

    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. :icon12:
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    Whenever I think about GRGR, I think of the song Talay See Dum. Such a catchy and lovely song especially when Nadech sings it. :):icon12:

    I agree with @fresh please include the scenes when Na meets his child for the first time. Its such a sweet scene. Thank you. ;) @annmott

    P.S Love the trailer of Forever & Always. :icon12::icon12:
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    Noted @NY2018 and @fresh. Feel free to add more suggestions, story will start soon as I find time :aaaaa:
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    Waiting for this one. Hahahahhaa. Hi ate @annmott !!! I’m here again. Abangers hihi
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    Im wondering. If Saichon regained his memory and forget his memory of Min island like Nangfah, I feel like including scenes being brought together multiple times due to unforseen circumstances (events to which Ya nor Na has control of, unlike when Charles used his power ti get close to NangFa) would be thrilling. Like them being entangled together and Saichon feeling this weird connection that draws him to Nangfah and because of that he doesnt like her but still cant help meddle with her business. In his new life, he tried not to like her but still cant help it.

    And I also wonder if Nangfa would be rich too like saichon in the original GRGr? Like would she be seeking revenge too?

    Cant wait hahaha
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