Bplook Dauk Rak (Blossoming Love)- CH.1, 11/4/2014

I've been contemplating and even iffy on sharing this one for a while. It's based on a true story...will tell you guys later who's story it is. For the time being, I would like to share the cast I came up with. The title, "Bplook Dauk Rak" actually means 'growing' love or 'planting' love but for the sake of it sounding great to English transliteration, I thought "Blossoming Love" sounds pretty legit and close to the actual meaning intended.
Here goes...
“Bplook Dauk Rak”
(“Blossoming Love”)
Patricia Good (20) as Alin (Lin)
Mint Natwara (26) as Srisuda (Sri)
Nadech Kugimiya (30) as Juntarakarn (Jun)
Tanya Tanyares (36) as Danarin (Da)
Au Thanakorn (36) as Charnchon (Chon)
Noey Chotika (22) as Jane
Bank Preeti (23) as Joe
Ploy Tanida (17) as Aymie
CD Guntee (18) as Mick
Tae Theera (18) as Tawan
Yorch Yongsin (9) as Danny
Mac Napat (6) as James
Melik Efe Aygun (3) as Natthew
Wanmai Chatborirak (4) as Naree
"Bplook Dauk Rak (Blossoming Love)" tells the story of two people who are destined to meet but parted by fate. Read how the characters rapidly develop throughout the story, the reason why fate catches up to them and what each character learn from each other as their personal feelings and inexplicable thoughts began to take a toll on themselves and the people around them. Why is the title "Blossoming Love" if fate parts the leads you may ask? Well, because love may blossom slow or fast just like a flower. It depends on the amount of attention you shower it with, how often you water it, and exposition to sunlight. If you don't pay attention to it then how will it grow? But then again, blossoming flowers also die sooner or later...


I've been MIA from here for a while now & every time I come back, you alway have something new that catches my eyes. LOL. Though, Im still have lots to catch up on your other stories I left behind on...Im looking forward to this one, cant wait, its not often that I see stories based on real life posted on here, so Im excited!
~Noy~ said:
I've been MIA from here for a while now & every time I come back, you alway have something new that catches my eyes. LOL. Though, Im still have lots to catch up on your other stories I left behind on...Im looking forward to this one, cant wait, its not often that I see stories based on real life posted on here, so Im excited!
Yay! Glad you're excited because I am too. I am always excited to write and share with people my stories. Lol.
I've MANY ffs I've yet to complete but I have one that is almost there. Don't know if you've been keeping up with "Rachatayard (The Heir)" but I'm making that one short and simple.
This story, "Bplook Dauk Rak (Blossoming Love)" is based on several true life stories put together. Hope that makes it sound more exciting. Lol.
Chapter One
The Rose That Never Bloomed
[1994, JAPAN]
14-year old, Juntarakarn, watched as his mother walked out of the door, rolling her black luggage behind her with her right hand. He expected her to turn around and at least wave goodbye to him but she didn’t. She was forever gone.
“Come on, son, go wash up for dinner,” Jun’s father said to him, patting him gently on his right shoulder.
But Jun didn’t want dinner. He didn’t have an appetite for anything.
“Aunt Nit is waiting for us,” his father added.
And that was the last person Jun wanted to see for it was this very woman that brought upon destruction to his happy family. Actually, Jun should be blaming his own father because his family was never happy. His mother was never happy.
“You’re too young right now,” Jun remembered his mother telling him when he asked her why she was crying.
He asked her that often and she would always give him the same response.
“Wait until you’re a bit older,” said his mother. “I will tell you everything.”
Jun initially found it odd that his mother decided to tell him everything last night, everything that she had endured for the past many years and everything that she did was for Jun’s own good. He finally understood why she chose last night to confide in him what she had been keeping a secret for so many years. It was because she was leaving him, leaving him and his father and this mansion to pursue a new life that didn’t involve misery, pain, and torture.
“You must stay here and be a good kid,” says his mother as she pulls him into a hug. “No matter what happens, listen to your father because he can provide you with the best.”
Juntarakarn looked up at his father at the dinner table. He and Aunt Nit were both staring at him suspiciously for he did not know how long. Jun was lost in his thoughts, thoughts about his mother that no one would understand but Jun himself. He gripped his knife and fork tightly in his hands and stared at the shameless couple before him.
“Jun, are you okay, sweetheart?” Aunt Nit asked him.
“I’m fine,” Jun coolly replied.
He had to keep his calm and save his energy for when he really needed it.
“If you’re done then go upstairs and study,” said Jun’s father.
Jun did as he was told and walked slowly upstairs to his room.
He only just made it to the top of the stairs when Aunt Nit ascended after him. Jun turned around and looked up at her.
“Don’t blame me that your mother left,” said Aunt Nit. “She was a weak woman and weak will never win.”
That did it. Jun gritted his teeth, stomped into the room, and shut the door behind him with a loud bang. He locked himself in his bedroom while he rambled through his closet for his luggage and clothes, hastily packing in less than ten minutes. There was no way in hell he would be living with this horrid, so-called stepmother. After zipping the luggage, Jun paused and stared at it. Was he making the right decision?
“Jun! Open the door!”
His father’s roaring voice made him jump and Jun quickly hid his luggage under the bed and opened the door.
“But I…
Juntarakarn smiled and turned away from his father.
“LOOK AT ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU!” his father nearly snapped Jun’s head off.
His father’s tight grip made Jun feel as if his chin were bruised. He could not cry now. Instead, Jun bit his lip and looked his father in the eyes, waiting for the moment to be over.
“GO TO BED!” his father shoved him onto the bed and Jun fell so hard on his back that bounced up on the mattress.
Indeed Jun had made the right decision. Now, he must simply wait until midnight when everyone in the house was asleep so he could escape to his freedom. He would go find his mother and began a new life.
The cold outside matched perfectly with his heated anger that was boiling inside of him. Jun walked slowly down the deserted street and listened to his stomach growl. He should’ve ate that last dinner at home before his father and stepmother turned into the Hulk on him. However, Jun did not blame himself for his rash decision. He knew he had the right thing because if he waited any longer, he probably would’ve been in jail right now on charges for disorderly conduct and violence to parents. Ironically, his father happens to be the top lawyer in the city and it was this very thing that Jun was afraid of. Not only was his father, Taiyo, the best lawyer but he was also the most influential and most respected of all lawyers. It made things that much difficult for Jun to escape because it would be very easy for his father to find him. Suddenly realizing the possibility that he could be found very soon, Jun decided to find a place to stay before thinking of any more plans. He needed to get out of this cold anyways and perhaps, he could find a somewhat secretive place to hide, a place where no one knew him or his father.
Jun stood frozen on the spot and slowly turned around to see an older boy staring at him a few feet away.
“You got anything to eat?” the boy asked as he approached Jun.
Jun shook his head. The boy was about a foot taller than him but skinnier.
“Why do you have a luggage?” the boy asked, staring at it.
“Because I ran away from home,” Jun replied, not knowing how to lie at the moment. He hoped that this boy, who Jun presumed to be a homeless beggar, wouldn’t rob him of his belongings.
“Why did you run away?” the boy asked.
“Because…because I have no one,” Jun replied. “My Dad is a drunk…
“Where’s your Mom?”
“She’s dead.”
The boy stared at Jun for a moment and stepped in closer to him.
“You’re lying,” said the boy. “I know you’re lying because you go to the top school in the city.”
He pointed at the school crest on Jun’s white button up shirt and Jun realized immediately that he had forgotten to change after dinner.
“You got any money?” the boy asked.
Jun gulped and prepared to fight this boy. Other than this boy being taller than him and possibly a better fighter, there was no reason Jun should even be scared of him because not only Jun knew tae kwon do, he was also a black belt.
“Yeah, I do,” Jun replied, putting his hands in to his pocket.
The boy smiled and said, “you’re a smart kid; you give me your money and there will be no problems.”
Jun put his luggage to the side and instead of pulling out some money to give to the boy, Jun swung at him with his left hand. He watched as the boy fell backwards onto the stone ground, massaging his face where Jun had punched him.
“You’re really daring!” the boy exclaimed.
Jun backed a few steps and blocked his face from the boy’s punches. Realizing that the boy wasn’t blocking his lower half, Jun kicked him full force in the stomach and the boy fell back again.
“Forgot to tell you that I am a black belt,” Jun told him coolly as he watched the boy rolled back and forth on the ground. “And my father is also the top lawyer, Taiyo.”
Jun smiled but immediately realized that he shouldn’t have mentioned his father. He had to get out of there quick before anyone came to the scene. If he got caught in trouble now, it would definitely be the end of him.
“That’s him!”
Before he could cross the next intersection, the boy that Jun had beat up earlier in that alley caught up with him and brought with him several boys, most of them were taller than Jun some being even more built than he was. Jun’s heart began to pound. This was going to be the end of him.
“You’re that lawyer’s kid, huh?” said a boy, who was about the same size as the one that Jun beat up. His voice was stern but Jun was too focused on the javelin like pole the boy was holding to want to notice anything else.
“Nut says you’re a pretty good fighter,” said the boy.
So Nut is the boy that Jun beat up earlier. Jun’s eyes were still the boy holding the pole and just about any second now he was tempting to toss his luggage at them and take off running. He would go as far as his sturdy legs could take him and as long as he could breathe without choking on the cool night air.
“He’s a black belt,” Nut emphasized. “Strong kid that is well built for his age, but that’s because he’s a rich kid.”
“I already told you I don’t have any food or money,” said Jun.
“We don’t need any of that,” said Nut. “P’Kong thinks you could be useful in our gang.”
“Gang?” asked Jun, puzzled.
“Ever heard of the North Street boys?” asked Kong, the boy holding the pole.
Jun shook his head. He had never heard of such a name but it sounded pretty legit.
“Come with us and you don’t have to wander the streets,” said Kong.
“But he might go tell his lawyer father about us,” another boy added.
Nut smirked and assured that that was the very person Jun was running from.
“So let me get this straight,” Kong began. “You live in a huge mansion, have everything most of us can only wish for, and even go to the top school in the city but you’re running away from home?”
“I’m not happy,” said Jun. “And I don’t want to talk about it either. So, if you guys don’t want food or money, leave me alone because I don’t need anyone to talk to if that’s what you’re here for.”
The boys burst with laughter and the one named Kong stepped up to Jun. Like Nut, Kong was also about a foot taller than Jun.
“How old are you?” he asked.
Jun replied that he was 14 and Kong told them that he was 16 and the rest of the boys were either 15 or 16 as if Jun wanted to know. He could care less about anything right now because besides finding his mother, nothing was worth his time.
“Come with us,” said Nut. “You will do great out here.”
“Chai,” the other boys agreed.
“And don’t worry about any dangerous initiations,” said Kong. “There will be none of that because you will only…fight and steal.”
Jun’s heart sank. He didn’t want to do anything but find his mother. If his father knew of this, he would be in so much trouble, but then, what did his father care anyway? He didn’t even care about his own family. Before Juntarakarn could make up his mind, he was being escorted to the other boys of North Street for another proper introduction.
The following week, Jun committed his first crimes. He fought other gang members, stole from various rich and middle class people and even other gangsters, and it wasn’t long before he realized that these guys weren’t as bad as he initially thought.
Jun turned 15 several months later and even got his first job at a motorcycle shop. A few of the North Street boys worked there too so Jun was hired on the spot no questions asked. When he realized that his father probably didn’t care for him anymore, Jun made up his mind to keep moving forward and never forgot about finding his mother. Instead, she found him.
***NOTE: The title of this chapter "The Rose that Never Bloomed" refers to Jun's mother, who is much comparable to a flower that has been planted but never had sunlight (Taiyo, the name of Jun's father means 'sun' in Japanese) to grow. Her married life is all rain and no sunshine so her life never 'blossomed' because both water and sunlight are needed for plants to grow. In this case, Jun's mother is the rose that never bloomed.
I also picked Japan as Jun's hometown because I chose Nadech as the pra'ek. Lol. Nadech's adopted father is Japanese and I couldn't think of anyone else to cast for my story. So, hope you all like it.***