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It's been a while since I started writing again, this is my second story. It's really two different story's put together, about a past and sinful life going wrong.
The first part of it is starring Mark, Pope, Mint C, and Kimberly. But Kimberly is to the last part it doesn't really talk about her so yea........ Hope you guys like it!!


Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Period, Slap and Kiss
Introduction: Tears Of Regrets

Lovers turn to enemies, hatred overwhelms the heart. Love disappears and ends a sad love story. Where there is no turning back but darkness. Blood will be spill and tears will fall. Vengeance and Hate turn into monsters and live their lives with regrets. Until it's too late to turn back, time has already been given and gone. Regrets will live onward till the days of one's owns confession. The Last Breath to take leave this unforgettable past behind to remind other don't repeat the same mistakes or you'll regret it. Shatter Glasses will spill, one may get out and never be able to stand again with humanity. Three Birds only one to kill, one shot, in a blank of a eye, for a brief second, a life is torn away and is haunted by a dream of selfishness. Let this be known by a life of lies and a end with his tears of regret.
Fate, Destiny, and Evil Spirits who wonders around trying to find their host to live in and to control, to destroy and ruin emotions with lives. Darkness was her name, she who controlled and help balance out fate and Destiny. Her power was to controlled evil and punish sinful sins. When a life is living with sins that even living on earth to repay them isn't even enough Darkness will come make you regret till your hearts stops. With this life of sins, everyone involve will suffer for one's cause. By one's fault, life is not to give to who has not redeem their past sinful lives.



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So chapter one is more like an introduction? It's pretty interesting. Mint C and Pope...is such an adorable pair.


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Sounds really good ,cannot wait to read it !...
Just one question , why do you also have posters of Nadech and Yaya ???


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The introduction sounds very interesting! Is Yadech's going to be the main characters? Jw.. Hehe, anyways please update soon na. I can't wait. Hehe :)


FF Writer!! Love it!
Sounds really good ,cannot wait to read it !...
Just one question , why do you also have posters of Nadech and Yaya ???
Its bast on two different stories!
2 different generations.........M ark, Pope,, Mint C., and Kimberly: and the other story is Nadech and Yaya


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love it cant wait to read it... :dance1: :dance1: :dance1: :dance1: :dance2: :dance3:


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Mark Prin as Won
Pope Thanawaht as Ton
Mint Chalida as Meen
Kimberley Ann as Lawan

Chapter 1: Friend Or Lover

Two lovers turn into a triangle love story. Two guys fight for the women they love but only one has her heart
and soul. Meen who loves Ton very much but also loves Won. She who picks Won over Ton, was a major
unexpected situation. She grew up with Ton and them both fell in love, later on the years they where quite
happy but a twisted fate came in between separating them, like cupid had came and shot a arrow right
through her heart and fell for Won. She wanted to denied it but couldn't, her desired for Won was wrong but
she couldn't help but like him. Her soul wanted him and soon enough there came crashing down lighting into
the air of their lives. There was no peace and Ton didn't let her go easily either. Everyday was a storm, Ton
tried getting her back but was not lucky. Meen had told him, she wanted to go on as friends only and not
lovers, but how could he do that when he was already so in love with her.They grew up together and were cute
and loving together how could she chose a stranger and not him.Can two best friends really become
the root
for hate. Just like what they say your best friends are your enemy that's why you keep them close​
Or Am I Wrong??
"Meen!" Ton said running up to her.
"What is it, Ton" smiling widely, turning towards his direction.
"This!" handling her an envelope.
"What is this?
"You got into it! Look what I said, I told you, you would make it to this school."
"Because of your help only, thanks na!"
"It's alright, where friends right?" Meen said, as Ton looked away sadly.
"Yea.......friends.....but can't we be more than that?"
Meen faked a giggled, "What are you talking about? Of course we can only be friends!" Ton sat down on the table beside her. "You know what i
mean it!" with a serious tone, he looked at her. Meen felt a guilt inside of her and just brushed it off. "Ton...." she said, sadly looking away, "I rather have us being friends than......than lovers. You know already, how i feel about this."
"Don't pretend anymore! Please don't!" he stood up and faced her and put both his hands on the sides of her
face. "You feel the same way I do, you love me like I love you. So don't denied it anymore." Meen was
speechless she didn't know what to say or do. They've been friends sense kids. She knew what he said was
right but the thought of it was impossible. She never thought they would get together nor could she picture
them together either, it was all to hard for her to take at one time. I mean there was school, she had a life, a
successful job her parents left behind for her when she was young, and many other more stuff for her to do.
Getting into a relationship would be hard for them to handle with everything that was already happening.
"Ton" she pushed his hands away, standing up; her tone suddenly changed into a serous tone of emotions.
"We can be friends only not lovers. I just never thought of us being a couple. Yes, you are right I do love you
but only as a friend. So please try to understand me na." she lied and walked away. Ton was disappointed to
hear her words and it made his ached and he yelled. "Give me a chance to show you. Give me a chance because I love you!!" Ton watched her walk away like the wind blowing and disappeared.

Later that night Meen was home, boring like always touching her computer or either walking back and forth
she started to hear a guitar playing outside her stairs balcony. Meen slowly walked out and saw Ton standing
there and started to sing.

I'm no superman
I can't take your hands
and fly you anywhere
you wanna go, yeah........

Meen looked sad and slowly turned around. Ton stood there and finally said, "I love you." Meen turned around
again. "Ton, Go Home and Don't Come Back Here!" closing the doors. He stood there dumbfully and slowly
walked away. Meen looked out her window watching him leave, all of a sudden tears welled up in her eyes and
she couldn't controlled herself. She felt guilty but there was nothing left of them. She didn't love him like she
use too. Meen step away from the balcony door and quickly opening the door and walking out. Face to Face
again Ton never left but walked up to her balcony and stood in front of her. Coming out and facing her Ton
grabbed her into a kiss. She didn't refuse but kissed him back. Their lips moved in patterns, their bodies grew
near each other but one thing was missing. This moment happening right now, imagining this whole image
frozen in time. Was this guy really Ton?Going back in time again from the very beginning this guy was not Ton
but his whole imagination. Thinking to himself, lying to himself that it was him who was really with her. When
the truth was he saw everything from afar and the only part that was true was him singing to her and Meen
coming out her balcony because of of Won only. Everything that happened, Won confessed his love to Meen.
Won was the guy who came to her with the envelope and the person she kissed and decided to love.
Everything made up in his head, when he woke back up to the present time again. Ton stood afar in the
darkness snapping back to reality, his heart ached at the site of them going to her room and closing the doors.
Wishing he had treated her better, wishing he hadn't misunderstood her so much, wishing he had never broke up
with her and if he hadn't they would still be together.

Hope you gals like it I know the first part was really fast but i'm also rushing to get to Nadech and Yaya's story line also. Haha the story can be confusing also sorry but please bare with me.


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Love it can't wait for more... Can't wait yadech part.. Lol


“Promise me...that you will live well.” XiaoFeng
Haha thanks, his part in here is going to be really mean though!!
so he will be mean to yaya right? lol jk... i love mean nadech or should i said i want to see mean nadech... :drools: but will he end up loving her or fall 4 her? will she change him? any way i cant wait 4 more update....love love it...


FF Writer!! Love it!

A Friend I Use to Know

Why everything was so complicated for Meen to get into a relationship, it was because she was scared of losing a friends. I know friends can become lovers but sometime they don't necessarily work out the way you want them too. She was afraid of losing a friend not just that but her and Ton didn't work out either what makes it any different to get in a relationship with Won. But he was truly different, a gentile man he was, who can ever find those kind of men out there right! He was sweet and careful with what he did and truly cared about her. Won showed her that he loved her more than his own life and although they just got done with high school Meen and Won became lovers.

Ton walked home angrily and sat next to his bed looking over to the side seeing her photo and grabbed it with no hesitations and thought about how the ended their relationship as a couple.


Ton held both her arm tight and looked at her with disgust, "You like him that much don't you? He means that much to you? Answer me, don't just stand there and look at me dumbly! Why won't you answer me are you deaf?!!"

"Because your going crazy Ton!" Meen said shoving him away. "What's got into you? You've never acted like this before. We've been friends sense kids and your going way overboard. If you can't control yourself than don't talk to me. I have deal with you enough about this crazy topic of yours."
Meen said as she tried to leave, but her grip her wrist tightly not letting go of her hand.

"You think to leave me because of Won only aren't you?"

"Will you stop asking me that I'm with you aren't I! I chose you didn't I! and I'm still here with you aren't I! So why can't you this let this go. Me and Won are just friends."

"Right! That's why you where holding his hands earlier."

"You've misunderstood! I was putting the stuff up for the party tonight."

"That's what you want me to believe. Do you think i'm that stupid?"

​"Seriously Ton! Stop looking down on me. I'm not in the mood to argue with you understand"

"So what it's the truth isn't it!"

Meen looked at him with disbelief. "I never thought I would be saying this but don't talk to me and I will not be going with you to the party tonight so find someone else. I'm going to go with my friends instead of you."

"No your not! Your going to be going with me!"

"You can't force me! because i'm not your thing."

"but you are my women!" Ton said smirking as Won and his friends where talking from afar as he seemed to be bother by Ton and Meen's appearance. He looked at them and kept on looking at them.

"We haven't even been dating that long and we haven't even done anything so therefore I'm not your women and I am not someone your can force or control, UNDERSTAND!" Meen said as she was about to leave him as he tightly shoved her over to him as she started to shove and struggle her way out of his hands. Won couldn't help but butte in and punch Ton in the face."

"I've seen enough, Ton! When a lady says she doesn't want you to take over her life than stop. You have abuse her enough, I thought i wasn't going to say anything but you've done too much this time. It's not likely to be a guy and insulting a women in daylight like this in front of everyone." Won said, as he gently push Meen behind him. "Just stay behind me and I'll deal with him."

Ton wiped away the side of his lips and laugh at him. "What rights do you have? I'm not done talking with Meen just yet so leave!"

"Ton, If I were to be you, I would get some help because right now you seem to be insanely hot tempered. Oh! and not to say also you don't deserve her, she's too good for you. Meen I don't get it why your with this jerk he does nothing for you and yet you endured his his movements. I'm am telling you Ton I won't let you see Meen, not until you get your acts straight and apologies to her."

"That will never happen, I'm not changing myself neither am I going to apologies because everything I said was the truth."

"Then don't ever appear in front of her again because I won't let her be hurt because of you only....... C'mon Meen lets go!" Won said as he grabbed her hands smoothly and walked away from Ton. Ton wasn't willing to lose just like that and went to grab her other arm, making them stop.

"Let her go, Ton"

"You let her go!"

As Meen looked at him sadly and pushed his hands away. Ton looked at her with disbelief as he grabbed her hand again.

"If you let go of this hand again and go with this lifeless jerk where through. Understand!" as flames raised up inside him. She pushed his hand away and walked away with Won, never looking back again she walked away with her pride and wasn't willingly let her best friend or use to be best friends to crush her down.

Back to reality, Ton stood up madly and threw the picture down, making the glass shatter everywhere; then falling back down helplessly regretting his past mistakes.As time fast forward to 3 years later.

Meen and Ton sat in front of each other, with awkward meeting again Meen smiled at him and got out a card and moved it upwards towards him.

"Ton I know it's been a long time and the way I left you was hard but I still consider us being friends na."

"and so.."

"and so I'm here to tell you I'm getting married. I wish you can be there for me and when you get married i'll be there for you. After all we are friends right." She finished her sentence as time seem to freeze. This scene stayed the same as every movement froze, nothing moved as a blurry image seemed to appear. A smoky kind of air came out and surrounded them. A women appeared as white flames surrounded her. She looked down at Ton and laughed at him, she then carefully touching the side of his face.

"So here you are Ton! I've been looking for you everywhere. Your not to pose to be living as a human your sins aren't yet repaid. So tell me why your living? Do you know how hard it was for me to find you." Fate said madly claiming down herself. She circled him and again began talking, "So who is this pretty lady? Ah! right, Meen!" As another figured seem to appear. "Destiny!"

"Sister!" Destiny said as blue flames surrounded her. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing Destiny! Just finding Ton or shall I say Chai. He and I have some unfinished business to clear up."

"Fate, let him be"

"He's not to pose to be living!" Fate said angrily. "He's going to ruined the future, everything I've plan ruined! Do you understand?!"

"Let him pay his wrongness by living."

"If I do that someone will have to be sacrifice"

"Then be it!"


"Fate, we are sister's but trust in me this one time."

"Everything will be ruined, do you understand that? The lives of the future will be uncontrollable. Ton has done many wrongness just by living and in his past life. The people around him will suffer and with those suffering people others with suffer because of him. This women Meen will lose the person she loves most and many other more. Why her parents died because of him living, don't you understand. You are Destiny you could tell the future and help me fix them but sense I have both sense in seeing the future and fixing them I was chosen for this place not you."

"I ask of you this one time, na"

"Alright, but if the future messes up in anykind of way I blame you and Ton. So fix them!" Fate says disappearing as Destiny follows her as time began where it started again and Meen looked up at Ton.

"Yea! friends!"

"Thanks na, then would you meet up with Won." Meen says as Ton looked away and thought for a moment, although her hated him so so much. But somehow a chill came crawling up behind him, a dark cloud of shadow over came him, slowly blending itself inside of him. Ton suddenly changed and started to smile evilly, his eyes widen like a crazy manic killer and his voice suddenly changed into a cold, icy voice of darkness. He looked at her with the devils eyes and stared straight at her.

"I'll be sure to be there and don't worry I'll make sure everything is going to be just fine!!"

"Thanks na, Ton then please meet him at me and Won's house. Everything is on the card so i don't need to explain so much."

"But why are you two getting married so fast?"

​"I'm pregnant, that's why! Well bye I have to go Won is waiting for me." Meen said leaving as Ton sat there.

"Just wait and see, What i'll do to him. I'll get back at you two, you two can never be together." evilly staring at her walking away.

Hope you guys like it! Sorry for the grammar problems, sometimes i can't spell worth anything. haha


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GREAT UPDATE!!! Ahh can't wait to see what's next... by the way can you clarify between Mark and Pope who is playing Ton and who's Won? I'm confused sorry... well love triangle never ends well I see.. thanks for writing :D


FF Writer!! Love it!
GREAT UPDATE!!! Ahh can't wait to see what's next... by the way can you clarify between Mark and Pope who is playing Ton and who's Won? I'm confused sorry... well love triangle never ends well I see.. thanks for writing :D
. Oh sorry if u didn't see it at the top Mark is playing Won and Pope is playing Ton.


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Love it thanks u for updating. Can't wait for more.. Mint is pregnant right so I think her child must be either nadech or yaya... Omg can't wait for more..


FF Writer!! Love it!

Chapter 3: The Evil Lurks

Ton came upon Meen and Won's new house, ringing on the door bell as he waited for a answer.

"Ton, your here earlier then I thought. Come in, I'm vary glad to see you."

"It's alright, but where is Won?"
"In the other room." Meen said happily as she showed him the way. "Honey, Ton is here." As Won got off the couch and greeted Ton.

"It's been a long time sense I've you. How have you been?"


"Well you boy's play nice, I'm going to go hang out with some of my girls and come back home. Is that okay with you guys?" giving them the look, don't do anything stupid or you'll get hurt.

"Alright you go on ahead. I'll be here for you when you come back and don't worry nothings going to happen." Won said teasing her.

"Alright I trust in you two. Don't do anything to make me mad na, Bye I'm leaving then!" she said kissing Won on the cheek and left.

When the afternoon had come, Meen came opening the door to her house. She was surprise to see the house so clean but later on taking another step into the house she finally saw the house messy. "Just as I thought." Meen giggled for a moment and went to find the guys. But for a moment she went into shock mood and became scared for some reason and dared herself to enter the house even more. Picture frames was shatter, magazines laid everywhere, books thrown and had a pattern of blood on the floor. She stood in shock, terrified to know the outcome, she wanted to escape but couldn't and dared herself to further more into the mysteries house. Afraid of her own mind and what to find, she followed the pattern of blood, it led to the kitchen as she slowly looked over and there it was, Won was laying there trying to breath, surrounded by his own pile of blood, she quickly ran to him, tears running down her cheeks and wouldn't stop. Her voice trembled pleading for his safety as she started weeping and sobbing over him. Ton stood from afar from them with the knife in his hands like a crazy manic killer, he stared at them insanely and started laughing. Won looked at her at her with sorrow and tried raising his hands up to her, wiping away her tears he smiled at her and said "I'm sorry, it didn't end up like you wanted it too."

"Don't talk, just stay still."

"I love you na. Love you forever."

"I love you too forever and always."

"Take good care of your self.....an....and our child." Ton said trying to breath.

"Ton! Ton! Stay with me, stay with me." Meen says crying hugging him tight. Ton had quickly got everything dispose of him and ran away from the house. Until the police came. They tried to remove her from his body but couldn't she cling onto him tightly crying her eyes out. They removed her as she lost consciousness.

Ton had gone home and burned everything away so he won't be suspected, washing himself quickly getting rid of everything that could lead them to Won's murder. When he was done taking a shower and came out wrapping a towel around his waist and took a look at himself in the mirror. Ton laid his hands onto the counter and smiled evilly. He was not himself and isn't the person who he should be because he is now being control by a evil spirit who feeds on anger, that was the only way to control his whole body. Ton true self was in so much pain, he could never hurt a fly, how can he come hurt a person? He couldn't had done such a thing but evil came and took over. Time froze once more and Darkness came, a lady wearing a long red/black dress with red flames surrounding her. She looked over Ton with pity as the evil spirit tried to attack her. She grabbed the evil spirit by the neck,

"You dare went beyond me commands!"

​"But it was satisfying, he deserves it. His anger was so much for me to handle I had to kill Won. Ha! I can still taste his anger not just that but his past also."

"For not obeying you will be thrown into hell and never get to reborn ever again. For killing a human, for going against the rules, you've increased your sins and no matter how many lives or chances you have, you will never be able to repay them." Darkness said with a rage of anger. "Come! Death, Shadow! Come take him away!" Darkness said as they disappeared with the evil spirit. Fate seemed to appear.


"Fate! I had to come into this matter. I had too balance things out. This time the future will be ruined. It had to end this way for Thaleh and Pethe to meet each other in the next life."

"A sacrifice had to be made?" Fate said wondering to herself. "This is no longer our power to control......"

"What do you mean? Fate! Your scaring me and even I don't get scared." Darkness said worried about the impossible.

Fate looked away, her eyes widen and couldn't believe it. "This is no longer our place to stay. Don't you get it? Destiny plan everything out. why Ton was alive because she new there had to be a sacrifice. Won was the sacrifice, she knew this would happen. She's trying to kill me, have me destroyed. She out of all sisters. Will be the betrayer of her own family. This is no longer a game this is war."

"Claim down Fate, you over thinking it."

"Am I?" Fate questioned Darkness. Suddenly her eyes turned white and zoom into the future.
"I hate you, do you understand?!! Never in my life will you receive any love from me." pushing the women away.

"Like I want to receive it? You can be as many women as you want and i wouldn't care one bit. Besides a guy like you wouldn't even know what the word love is even if you where to be born every life time. A person like you is nothing but a dog."

"What did you say? A dog!" griping both her hands as he aggressively held tight to both her hands. "Cholida, you dare compare me to a dog!" angrily shoving his weight onto her.

"Why does it hurt you that much? Because you are one aren't you that's why your not denying it."

"Hey!" pulling up her chin forcefully, he looked at her in the eyes, "Alright, I admit it then I'm a dog but what are you exactly?!!" staring her down. "Your my wife not just that but my slave aren't you?"

"Vic! You've gone to far!"

"Then next time think about your insults before you say something because I won't it go easily the next time. I know your weakness and if you don't want to be laying in bed with me then watch your words."

"You think that will hurt me! I have nothing to lose now, go ahead do it! I'm not afraid." she pushed him away slapping him hard. Vic wiped the side of his lips and grabbed her arms tightly pushing her against the wall.

"I've warned you already!" Vic says kissing her aggressively down her neck.

As Fate cam back breathing hardly.

"What did you see?"

"What is this? They weren't to pose to meet this way."

"What are you talking about!"

​"Everything in ruined, how can become like this. They where to pose to be loving each other. Thaleh! Pethe! You two are going to destroy your fates together."

"Fate! Are you sure your alright?"

"Yes! Darkness! I'm alright! Them two can't end up this way."

"Thaleha and Pethe!"

"Yes! Their love is going to turn to hate, take revenge on one another. In there past lives they couldn't be together but in this life there going to hate each other."

"Fate don't over think it, it might not happen."

"No it will! Everything I see comes true. I am Fate remember the only one in the family who has the most gifted of all sisters and I will not forgive Destiny!."

Well this is the end of Chapter 3. Sorry if this chapter or the whole thing is confusing. Sorry if it's boring also but I like the idea of it! haha hope you guys like it. :woot:
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i love it..but im kinda confuse can u explain to me..lol


FF Writer!! Love it!
i love it..but im kinda confuse can u explain to me..lol
I know it can be confusing sorry!! Well it's like this there two different things happening at once. As in Fate and Destiny are like Angles that decides people lives and how they meet and all in love stuff like that. While time freezes as in the human world. Where Ton is being over taken by a spirit and doesn't realizes what he is doing and accendent stabs Won. Sorry if my explanation doesn't work and get you more confuse. My imagination is confusing sometimes too. Haha well thanks for reading.