4+1 superstars versus The 5 Lions!!!


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The 4+1 superstars win for me. I like 4 of the superstars but only 1 of the lions which is Grate (and liking chinnakorn, chat and joi more than the lions, im strange hehe). The adisun brothers alone takes the cake over the 5 lions, even after watching 4.5parts of the SJ series i still cannot find the brotherly bond i was looking for when starting the series, maybe the adisun brothers have left such a strong impression on me that is hard to replace. nevertheless, i do wish them all the successes that the 4+1 superstars achieved!!


Def. 4+1! hahaha The only person that didn't stand out to me was Boy Pakorn in 4+1. All the other four were really HOT! Mark, Mario, Nadech, Ken = yum! lmao!! :p
5 Lions/Tigers...eh...just Jirayu and James Ma that stand out but they are still not comparable to 4+1's level yet. Great and Pope were already from an older generation..didn't really count much.  Bomb is funny..lol...he's just funny.
4+1 Hands Down win! The generation that brought me back to Thai reality.. 55555 All because of Mark. Hands down pure handsomeness! lmao :p


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As for me, it would have to be 4+1 Superstars. All of them has done other lakorns/movies before getting to where they are now. They've been in the industry for quite sometimes where as the 5 Lions, not so much minus Pope and Great. I think they're all handsome but 4+1 stands out to me the most. I really miss seeing them all together also. 555 And I agree with bubbles8. The 4+1 boys, the Adisun brothers plus Ken and Mario has left a really great impression on me and it is really hard to replace that. I guess I've gotten so used to them that it's hard to accept changes. Nonetheless, I think all of them are doing excellent individually but my vote goes towards the 4+1 Superstar boys. lol :)


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I am so sorry but 4+1 Superstars!!! They have Mario, Nadech, Mark, and Ken (Not really a big fan of Boy & Ken but I like Boy too)!!!! 5 Lions only have James Jirayu, James Ma, P'Pope Thanawaht, and Bomb Thanin that I like (Not really a big fan of Great but I also like him too). I go for 4+1 Superstars because of Mario & Nadech!!! They so sexayy. lol


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Like all the previous comments, I agree. 4+1 Superstars all the way!!!!!! I also love the 5 gentlemen but sorry, they can't beat the 4+1 Superstars. :D
:heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart: Mark, Nadech, Boy, Mario, and Ken PP.
I love them all and even though I thought Pattapee Leh Ruk was a flop and haven't seen all of the Juthathep installments, I still like all of them, regardless. My top three reasons are:
1) They are new and fresh-faced so the producers and casting crew can be "CREATIVE" with the pairings. Instead of recycling the same "koos", fans and viewers are able to experience and judge the different future pairings. Instead of focusing on YADECH or MTEAM, we can all get a "taste" and "feel" of this new generation of Thai actors and actresses.
2) ALL, I repeat, ALL of them are good-looking and pra'ek and nang'ek material. Channel 5 and 7 shall take notes because CH3 are introducing and promoting actors and actresses that are actually GOOD-LOOKING. Cough, cough! They've all got their own charms and personalities and I find that their best qualities. In the entertainment world, looks should come first because acting can always be coached to improvement. Being able to act but having unattractive looks is a no-no to me. However, having good looks and being bad at acting is okay because again, acting can always be improved. ;)
3) Surprisingly, ALL of them can act. There shall be no comparisons because they are all pretty much on the same level, acting-wise. 4+1 boys came first. So what? All of them are amateur actors that are just beginning their superstar streak in the industry and they all got a long way to go. Sure, some of them could use some improvement but since their popularity has risen following their first works, it just proves that they are capable of being pra'ek/ nang'ek.


PLR will never be a flop in my eyes. lol. srsly, it's really the only series of the 4+1 that I've completed watching besides Thara Himalai! Aum and Kim were smooching in there big time. lol 555
I think people just have very different tastes and opinions. weird I know.


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hmmm...this is a very subjective question. 

if i had to consider the following criteria - hot, cute, popular and handsome, my subjective answer would be 4+1 all the way!!!  :rockon:


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I wont be greedy anymore, il swap the other 9 guys for js my goofy boy nadech kek

im so opposite to you thatsouthernasian, i can swoon so easily over unattractive person who can play their characters well and adorably, but can never drag myself to watch a person who cant act no matter how matter how goodlooking and stunning they look, but then again my friends always call me weird lol


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For me I think that both groups are hot and cute!!!! They are all handsome and COOL!!! Love all of them can't choose.
4+1: Mark, Nadech, Mario, Ken, Boy my FAVORITE !!!! And Adisuan BROs
5 lions: James Ji, Bomb, James Ma, Pope, great damn handsome my Fav
They should be in a group called 5+5 lions!!!!!!


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4+1 boys... They are Way hotter and all can act.

5 lions are ok but some need more acting experience and they don't appeal much.


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Definitely 4+1 SUPERSTAR! Nadech, Mark, Mario, Boy and Ken are super handsome, hot and cute! They are all my Fav!


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I loved all of them. They all can act. All of them are handsome and unique in their own way.
Of course they're all different. This is how I see it and why I love all of them. The 4+1 Superstars are goofy and adorable. They've all starred in lakorns that are taken in the present time. Whilst the Juthatep brothers were reserved and charming. And their stories were taken placed during the 1950's-60's, in which from what I see, was a time that if you were a blood of nobility, you couldn't really goof around. All great men, I wouldn't be able to choose between them.


How about we just create a group called "The Handsome Charming Ten"? Lol. I seriously love all of them separately and individually. They all have their own styles and personality that gets to me.


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Bieluvr said:
How about we just create a group called "The Handsome Charming Ten"? Lol. I seriously love all of them separately and individually. They all have their own styles and personality that gets to me.
lol yeah that's right. I notice Mint and Taew are in both groups.