Broken Liaisons

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    Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters and they don't represent real-life events. Copyright reserved for this story.
    Title: Broken Liaisons


    Yaya and Nickhun have braved each and every hurdle of their relationship for almost seven years now. It was not until Pathtrapat Horvejkul announced Nickhun’s ascendancy to the mafia throne that they had to reevaluate where their relationship is headed.

    She didn’t have much of a choice. He didn’t give her any. On his 28th birthday, he left her with a long goodnight kiss and a promise of forever. In the midst of her waiting, the love of her life went off to another land and into another woman’s arms.

    As her world crumbles down, one man has stood beside her. But is Nadech’s obedience to his job enough to ease her mending heart? Is she only using him as planned or has she already fallen for his brooding charm?


    Yaya Sperbund: Yaya has lived a sheltered life, where everything she wants, she gets. She and Nickhun started going out since highschool but developed a passionate relationship a few years later. Her life revolved around him. Only Nickhun mattered to her. Everything went on a whiplash the day he said farewell. Drinking her way to sanity, Yaya took matters into her own hands.

    While restoring from her madness, she will find comfort in her brooding and secretive private security agent, Nadech. A runaway daughter in a rundown province, she’ll be. Living with Nadech will prove to be easy as breathing for her that she may never want to come back home anymore.

    Nadech Kumigiya: The Kumigiya’s are the official family security personnel of the Sperbund’s, one of the biggest jewelry manufacturers and suppliers in Asia. Due to the early retirement of his father, he has been tasked to supply the necessary aid in protecting the youngest in the Sperbund’s line, Urssaya Sperbund. Putting others before him has always been Nadech’s thing; hence, babysitting the spoiled princess isn’t challenging.

    There’s one strain to the situation, though: he will have to remind himself about their agreement. He has never taken credit for something he didn’t do nor has he ever claimed what’s not his. Yaya is clearly not his but he is up for the taking.

    Nickhun Horvejkul : Nickhun, Pathtrapat Horvejkul’s only legitimate son and the sole heir to the clan’s throne, was more than reluctant to accept his fate. Being the quintessential nice guy that he really is, he will decline the position and hide somewhere far from his father and his deadly minions; leaving his girlfriend, Yaya, with a promise of returning.

    In the heart of Mainland China, he will meet a feisty lovely girl whom locals call Victoria and fall head over heels for her. Everything will be all too perfect until he discovers her true identity. Contempt will sprawl throughout his system. Love will suddenly be replaced by vengeance. And what better way to take revenge on two people who orchestrated his life than to marry the paid clan recruit, right?

    Victorial Song: Red Lily to Pathtrapat and Victoria to many. Living a double life has never been difficult for her. But when she was handed with the mission to care for the strayed son of her boss, she rejected it outright, thinking it’s pretty outrageous to tend to the needs of a grown man. Instead, Pathtrapat coerced her into becoming Nickhun’s spy.

    Protecting Nickhun will have to be the easiest mission she has have until she and the clan’s heir have an alcoholic frenzy. The morning after, she will be bearing Horvejkul in her legal name and wearing a 1.5 million dollar diamond ring on her right finger.

    Use Somebody by Kings of Leon >>
    Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap >>
    The One that Got Away by Katy Perry >>

    A/N: Cleary this is my first attempt to write a fictional story with Thailand artists as I am just new to this Thailand entertainment and Lakorn craze. :) I've worked hard in coming up with a good plot and I hope you enjoy this story! Please send me your love.

    I highly suggest that you look up the official songs while reading the chapters. Thanks! I'll be waiting for your opinion, guys. *hugs and kisses*
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    Woah!!!! I am loving the summary !!! I am so glad you are using Yadech, cause I love them so much !!!.... And the plot seems so dramatic and mysterious....cannot wait for your futures updates !!!! ;)
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    I'm glad someone read this. Please follow this story. I'll be updating the first chapter today :) thanks
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    Chapter 1: Heartbeat

    - Yaya’s POV -
    The lights blinded me the minute my eyes fluttered. Warm and comforting were the smell of cinnamon and coffee. Hmm. Cinnamon and coffee, my favorite breakfast. I pressed my eyes shut and breathed deeply. I’m still alive--what a shame.

    With ample force, I opened my eyes again and panned my head to the left and saw a familiar figure resting on the couch, crouching and breathing steadily. 'You again.' Disappointment swashed allover me. I cleared my throat and saw dainty flowers and chocolates at my bed’s right side. What day is it? I carefully checked the digital clock on the table calendar a few inches next to the flowers.

    “Crap!” I hurriedly jumped out of my bed, still feeling the pangs on my right thigh and ribcage. “Shit!”

    “What’s the matter, miss?” A deep croon whispered throughout the room. “Are you okay? Should I get the nurse?” Look at the man on my couch to find him staring at me, I did. My body tensed. He looked different and not a tinge of indifference surmised on his face. Only softness and tenderness gnawed at me.

    “Miss, are you okay?” His voice was comforting and not cold. I’ve never pictured Nadech to be this gentle. He was always rough, silent, and calculative. Never did I see him talk in such a melodic tone.

    I gulped and sucked my breath in to speak before losing myself in my train of thoughts. “Y-y-yes,” I stammered. “Have you stayed here all night?” I hurriedly grabbed my robe with my cheeks burning in the realization that I was only wearing my loose-fitting Starbucks shirt, nothing else underneath.

    He averted his gaze from mine and picked up his coat. “Yes. I’ll get Soriya for your breakfast. Do you have any request? Bread? Rice?” I heard him clear his throat and saw him busy himself with putting on his coat.

    Right there and then, I noticed how his hair stood crazily in every direction atop his head. It was a refreshing sight. In most days, he’d wear his hair clean and tucked in all the right places. Side-swept during Mondays and Fridays and brushed-up in other days. But right at that moment he was sexy as hell.

    “Miss? Are you alright?” Great! He caught me ogling at him. Again, I gazed at the flowers to avoid his inquisitive stare.

    I heard the clacking sound of his shoes to the floor and snapped back to reality. He was a few meters closer to me, then. A strange surge of electric currents crept throughout my body with this recognition. I shook my head and closed my eyes to get rid of his image and the craziness my mind was inducing to my damaged system. ‘Yaya, this just can’t be. You’re gawking at your bodyguard for crying out loud!’ “I’m fine.” A soft lip flew from my dry mouth. “I want cinnamon and coffee. That’s all.”

    I raised my head and eyed him, listening to the rabid beating of my heart. ‘Why are you so nervous, Yaya! Focus! He’s just asking you.’ Castigate myself further, I did. “I smelled cinnamon and coffee a while ago. That’s my favorite breakfast.” My eyes tried their best to keep still but his mirage was causing me to do otherwise.

    “That’s good, then. I’ll go and send the food in a few minutes and ring the doctor.”

    In less than a minute he was at the door. Looking at his frame moved farther away from me scared me. Knowing that he’d leave saddened me. ‘This is exactly the reason why you shouldn’t be clinging on others. You never listen, Urssaya.’ Logic told me to ignore everything. I was more than ready to do so, the problem was that I just couldn’t keep my traitorous heart still.

    It thudded over and over again, making the dead silent room an amplified booming box--and inside, I just curled up in a ball hoping that tomorrow would never come.


    A/N: Please let me know your thoughts about this story. I hope you guys will read it.
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    Thank you do much for this first chapter !!! Yaya seems to look at Nadech through different eyes...
    Can't wait for future updates !
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    zazoured, thank you for responding ASAP.

    Please follow this fic. ^^, more chapters to come :)
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    Hi Kwendgreat!! I'm loving your FF so far! I like the idea that Nadech is Yaya's bodyguard!! :thumbsup: I'm a big fan of Yadech plus the plot is very intriguing so I will definitely stick around!! Thank you so much for writing and sharing with us!!
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    thanks, katlyn :) please continue your support. my second chapter will be updated in a few hours.
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    Thanks so much, Kwendgreat!

    Another great fan fiction for me to follow and I am a big fan of Yadech. I'm already hooked to your ff and will be here to support you.

    Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read more!
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    Hi Vimalee!! You're here too!! Well, it's great to see you're reading this FF too!! I can't wait for more update!!
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    I am a big Yadecher too. Love your FF so far. Update soon naka.
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    Awwww!!! I'm glad you're reading this story. :)
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    As promised, here's my update :) Yay! Chapters 2 and 3 are up! Read, review, and love it :)

    A/N: Anakarpat is a fictional province. Any similarity in real-life is coincidental.


    Chapter 2: Second Life

    - Yaya’s POV -
    “You shouldn’t have saved me.” I cut the awkward dead air between Nadech and I as I carefully soaked a piece of bread in my cup of coffee. “You’re accountable for this damage, Kumigiya. I’m holding you responsible for it.” I bit my lower lip to hide my frustration and hesitation.

    He looked at me and loosened his tie. A quick nod and tight lip welcomed my remark. He shifted from his seat as he grabbed a magazine from the center table. My eyes rolled in disbelief. “Don’t pretend to be reading, Nadech. I know you’re not. Didn’t you hear me? You have to take liability for everything.”

    “Wait. What liability?” He put down the magazine and crossed his arms. “No offense meant, miss, but I was in fact reading. What's your point exactly? What am I responsible for?” True enough, he seemed pretty engrossed with whichever story he skimmed and scanned.

    "Me!" I huffed and stifled a laugh, making his brows furrow. “So you’re reading Seventeen. A teen magazine. Are you aware of that?” He stared at the magazine again with the amusing puzzled look on his face. Rare were the cases when I caught glimpses of the vulnerable Nadech. When we’re together, he usually looked determined and ready for the kill.

    “I was just browsing through it and happened to find one article that’s, uhm, surprising.” He cleared his throat before drinking a glass of water. “Magazine or not, some things are just interesting.”

    “I see.” A smile was softly painted on my face with his categorically “non-Nadech” response. Despite the tragedy my life headed to, this pathetic brooding bodyguard of mine was able to make me smile at that time. The thudding of my heart became louder at this recognition. I swallowed the lump on my throat. “Uhm. Going back to business, Kumigiya.” I coughed and shifted towards his direction to be in perfect parallel with him. “Since you’ve brought me back to this miserable life that I now have, I’m ordering you to erase me.

    He tilted his head and returned back to his old brooding self. “Erase? What do you mean erase?”

    “Make me disappear. Erase me from this cruel world.”

    “What? Are you asking me to kill you?” He stood up, panicky as he could be, and ran his hands on his mane--on his perfect dark hair. “I respect your decisions, miss. I know the situation. But, please, spare me from your manic depressive ideas.” He walked to and fro my couch as he elaborated the cons of suicide and killing the daughter of his big boss. “Christ! I can’t kill you nor help you in doing that. You’ll have to stop this madness. Your father is worried as hell about you!”

    Seeing him all too concerned with my issues fascinated me. His passion in convincing me to stay away from toxins, sharp objects, and high places warmed a special part in my heart. ‘Somebody other than your father cares. Somebody still cares.’ The voice inside my head consoled me. Nadech consoled me.

    “No. Nadech, I won’t let father and you be dragged into this mess,” I started as I pushed my mug farther from me. “I’m not planning to be ‘dead’ dead. I just want the media to stop giving news ‘bout me and Nickhun. I just want to avoid watching, reading, and hearing anything that has something to do with him, with us as a couple. Ex-couple.”

    My eyes braved the dry air between us and looked intently into his orbs. Plead my way for his acceptance of my proposal was what I did, all with sincerity and vulnerability. “Take me with you, Nadech. Take me home.”


    Chapter 3: The Truce

    - Nadech’s POV -
    “Take me with you, Nadech. Take me home.” My eyes popped open after hearing her quivering plea. There she was. Her eyes spoke to my soul, making me anything but guilt-free. “I want to forget everything, him, the lies, the pain. I just wish to wake up from this bad dream. Is that so much to ask for?”

    Her eyes wallowed in tears as her bellows punched me right in the gut. Seeing her this vulnerable was overwhelming. Yaya, the only heir to their jewelry business, has been known for her catty, self-absorbed, and reckless image. But the Yaya I saw at that moment was different. She was pained, fragile, weak.

    “Kumigiya!” She stood up and scooped my hands into her own. “You’re the closest thing I have to friendship and trusting someone other than my dad. I just can’t live like this anymore.”

    I was doomed. Never in a million dreams did I imagine Yaya, the quintessential spoiled princess, would beg. It made me guilty as hell. “Fine. I’d help you escape for the meantime and, erhrm, forget your trouble but only on three conditions.” I slurred, analyzing each of my words. 'Are you sure about this, Nadech?'

    “Anything! Anything, Nadech,” she beamed.

    I coughed before laying out my supposed fool-proof plan. “One,” I started as I watchfully studied her face. “You will never cause problems to me and my family. This, of course, means us not being on the bad side of your father.”

    She nodded politely. “Understood.” She lifted her legs and crossed them over on the couch, looking all engrossed with our truce.

    “Two,” I motioned my left middle and index fingers up to demonstrate the numeral. “You will accept the kind of changes in your lifestyle. We’re not rich like your family. And we can’t afford to...”

    “Stop. What do you think of me?” Her palms were just a few inches away from my face. “Just hold it, Nadech. I’m not going to live off dad’s money. I’ll be starting anew. I’ll be working like any ordinary citizen of this country. Why? Do you think I can’t do that?”

    “You working?” My brows furrowed in amusement. Yaya and work didn't seem to be of any similar denominator. How could a spoiled brat live independently in an unknown province? “Not at all. I know you're determined. And I'm holding you for that.” A contended smug lined on my face. She was really in it for real. “You shall never ask for help.”

    The glow in her eyes flickered as she darted a heavy look at me. “Don’t worry. You won’t be spending a single penny on me either.” She threw an even fiercer glance. “Now, what’s the third condition?”

    I gazed at her deeper. “You will never dare to seduce me.” Her face flustered. “My hometown is really small. Residents of Anakarpat are just a hand-few. I don't want any scandal.”

    At the mention of my last condition, I heard her reverberating chuckle. “Are you kidding me? Or are you insulting me? Nadech, never will I lay my eyes or hands on you. That’s just impossible!”

    My ears burned with her utter agreement. 'Impossible? What's so impossible in liking me?' My fists balled at my side before sealing our agreement. “It's settled then,” I gritted my teeth as I mumbled each word under my breath. How did a shallow stuck-up girl like her make me feel this insulted? What was wrong in me? Why am I even bothering?

    I knew her arrogance bothered me but never to this extent. Why was she so sure that she would never fall for me? I’m Nadech Kumigiya for crying out loud! Women worship me.
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    Thank you so much Kwen for the great update!! :thumbsup: I can't wait for them to fall for each other!! I love when Nadech was thinking this "Why was she so sure that she would never fall for me? I’m Nadech Kumigiya for crying out loud! Women worship me." :coverlaf:

    I'm glad to see you're here too!
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    Thanks @Katelyn :)

    Yes, there are really good scenes coming up. And also, we're yet to discover what happened to Nickhun in Mainland China. Why did he leave Yaya? Does he love her?

    So many more things to come :)
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    I know Nadech is a lil' bit conceited and so is Yaya. ^^, Yes, I love them too kaithlyn.
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    Hey, you are really talented! Now I am hooked and can't wait for more...... Please update soon.
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    @lakornkiki, thanks for the complement.

    i wish to see more of that :) i hope to receive others' view on the story.

    please stick around. i have so many exciting updates in store. i'll be posting one today ^^
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    I'm so glad you'll be updating again, Kwen! BTW, welcome to Asianfuse!!! I've noticed you're a newbie. I'm a bit of a newbie myself!! I've been a long time lakorn fan but I never had the inclination to join a forum before!! Game Rai Game Ruk's/Yadech's fever hit me pretty hard and here I am spazzing over them. I don't think there is a cure for this addiction!!
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    Katelyn, yes I'm just to this addiction. I'm doing the chapter updates now. eeeeeee... haha. i'm so excited for Yadech :)

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