Broken Liaisons

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    UPDATE :dance3: :dance3: :dance3:

    Side Characters

    Margie> Nadech's younger sister
    Boy> Mint's older brother
    Mark> Nadech's girlfriend Nadech's bestfriend
    Mint> Nadech's first love

    Yes, there are side characters in this story but the fic won't be focusing on them as the story revolves around Khuntoria and Yadech. yay!

    A/N: This chapter is somewhat RATED and suggestive. Go figure why! *teehee*

    Chapter 4: Home Sweet Home

    - Nadech’s POV -
    We were on our way to the outskirts of the city for a two-day trip to Anakarpat. God. It was longer than I’ve ever imagined. I felt quite guilty that it took me nearly a decade to set foot on our province again. I checked the rear-view mirror. The mansion got smaller and smaller as we drove farther. We were indeed leaving her homestead. It was all real.

    Looking at the mirror, I saw Yaya. The frown on her face worsened the minute she saw a billboard featuring Nickhun. It was a soda ad. “Erm. Uhm.” I scoffed, trying hard to distract her from her sulking.

    “What’s wrong?”

    I looked over my shoulder to find Yaya mustering her courage to speak to me. Her old feisty self was lost to the battle, her battle. I shook the thought of mentioning anything ‘bout their breakup in my mind, fearing that it would add insult to injury. “None. Nothing, miss.”

    She winced. Her fidgeting hands grabbed the hem of her coat tighter to her body. I saw tears permeated at the corner of her eyes as she looked away and studied the view outside the car’s window again. “I’m scared.” Her words fleeted almost to a whisper. “Nadech, I’m scared.” Her shoulders trembled in synchrony with her body. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

    “Sssshhh. Don’t say that.” I hesitated but aimed to ease her pain or any ounce of it. “You’re in this battle alone. You must remember that you can only trust yourself and become stronger.” I didn’t know what got me to let such sugar-coated words flow right out of my mouth.

    She shook her head and simpered just a little bit. “I guess I should. Thank you, Nadech.” A soft yawn curved on her face as she drifted to sleep. I watched her breathe steadily, knowing how difficult it was to be in her shoes.

    ‘You’ll succeed, Yaya. You can move on. People forget and move on.’ My thoughts lingered at my pained but not so distant past. I knew that Yaya was up for a challenge and that she’d make it. I did, so would she.
    “We’re here.” My words garbled into thin air as we neared my family’s humble abode. Yaya and I, then, got out of the car and marched toward the doorstep.

    “Nit Noi?” A quaky voice shrilled as the door opened before us. “Nit Noi! Nit Noi!” The voice grew far more excited at the realization that it was indeed me right there at our doorstep. “Ma! Auntie! Nit Noi is here.”

    What transpired soon afterwards was a fiasco involving the female members of the family and me.

    “Nit Noi?” My mom barged out of the door and gave me her signature choke-inducing hug. “Nit Noi! You’re here! Where’s your father?” The joy on her face didn’t waver.

    “He’s at work.” I pressed my lips tighter as her hug crushed every ligament in my body. “Mom. Can’t. Breathe. Please.” I gasped for air.

    She denied my plea and instead hugged me even tighter. “You, Nit Noi can’t stop your mom! You’ve grown up! I miss you.” The minute she noticed Yaya, she tentatively let go of me. “Who is this pretty lady, Nit Noi?” She asked all too knowingly as she fixed my coat.

    “Nit Noi?” My auntie trailed off next to my mom. “Is she your girlfriend? She’s beautiful.”

    I looked at Yaya. Indeed, she was gorgeous. “No. No. No. No.” My head swung from left to right at the mere denial of it. How would Yaya react to this circus? She would be offended. ‘You must make yourself clear. She’s your boss’s daughter, Nadech.’ “Mom, she’s the daughter of our boss.”

    “Oh.” The shriek my mom voiced was hilarious as she suddenly turned polite and self-conscious with the recognition of our guest.

    From my periphery, I saw Yaya stifled a laugh. Her facial expression softened. Thank God she did. If not, this entire embarrassment would be the death of me. Next thing I knew, she was giggling at the scene she witnessed and was shaking my family’s hands one by one.

    “Hi, I’m Yaya.” She bowed slightly and gave a heartfelt smile along with her introduction. “Thank you for letting us stay here for the meantime in such a short notice.”

    “No, thank you, miss.” My mom, auntie, and sister showed their appreciation in chorus. “It’s our pleasure to have you here,” mom seconded.

    I turned to Yaya and mouthed ‘thank you’ as I placed my arms on mom’s shoulders. “Let me get your luggage, miss.” I went near her and saw her smile widened.

    “Why certainly yes, Nit Noi,” she whispered to my ear as I busily fetch her bag. Her warm breath brushed the lobe of my ear. Small electric currents ran under my skin, making my heart pound and my knees tremble. I straightened my back and faced her.

    She raised her brows and mustered a smirk. “Nadech, I haven’t realized that someone as confident, able, charming, and strong as you would be called Nit Noi down here.” She coaxed with a teasing pout. “Doesn’t suit you at all, but I like it.”

    It only took those little innocent actions from Yaya for me to turn beet red on my face and steel hard somewhere else. ‘Nadech, should you already regret your stupid decision?’ The thought invoked opposite reactions from both of my heads: the hard one replied an irrevocable no; the logical one said ‘hell yes.’
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    Great update, Kwen!! :thanks: :thumbsup: I can see that Nadech is not immune to Yaya's beauty and charm!! I hope you are able to update again! BTW, is Mark really Nadech's girlfriend or is this a typo? :coverlaf:
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    hahaha Katelyn, I was going to say the same thing about Mark. Kwen --- here is what you have up now naka: Mark> Nadech's girlfriend

    Thanks for the update. I LOL when you had him thinking with "2" heads! :rofl:

    Update soon na.... can't wait to see Yadech relationship develops into some thing much much more.....
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    hahaha nice ff :) cant wait for the rest..
    yeah i was choking on water when i read that... ^^
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    LOL. haha. Thanks Katelyn for noticing! I've since edited it. How I wish I'm good at slash and yaio. I can only pair Nadech with Yaya.

    Mark is Nadech's bestfriend :)

    Thanks for reading, yah :)
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    love it cant wait 4 more love yadech :dance1: :dance1: :dance1: :dance1:
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    Thanks :) I'll be posting an update today. please check it out
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    Thanks for dropping by. More Yadech moments now that they'll be living under the same roof.
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    @lakornkiki, thanks for reading. please keep voicing your opinion.
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    Kwen, what is the meaning of Nit Noi? It sounds really cute.

    This is such a nice chapter and I have a big smile on my face while reading this.

    Can't wait to read more and thank you na ka!


    Hello Katelyn and Kiki, nice to see you here and I will see you two at other Yadech's threads too! We are such Yadech faithful fans!!!
  11. Katelyn

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    Yeah, we are loyal fans because they are just too narak and irresistible kwoo kwan!!
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    I think this means "just a little" or "a little bit."

    I'm not sure. I just like the sound of it and the fact that it somehow means SMALL as Nadech in this fic WAS a very SMALL kid. He often lost in a lot of games with his bestfriend, Mark of course. More details will be revealed in the fic.

    Please stick around. This is going to be a regular habit of mine.

    I'll do my best to make the scenes simple, short, direct, and sweet. :)

    THANKS! @Vimalee
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    I like the sound of it. I'm just new to the Thai Ent. craze. I sure love Ken/Anne and of course Yadech.

    My goal is to give an interesting fiction that is worth-reading. You, guys, inspire me. I'll do my best!
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    I love Ken/Anne too!! I'm so appreciative of your effort and time for writing this FF for our enjoyment!! :kiss:
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    A/N: Yey! I need your opinions. Any guesses as to what will happen next? Sentiments? Questions? I need to hear you guys and have morreeee reviews so that I can further the story.

    Chapter 5: The Kumigiya’s Inquisition

    - Yaya’s POV -
    I twisted my lips to a perfect pout and eyed him eagerly. “Nadech, I haven’t realized that someone as confident, able, charming, and strong as you would be called Nit Noi down here.” I scoffed with the mere thought of his having such an insanely weird pet name. “Doesn’t suit you at all, but I like it.”

    “Watch it, Yaya.” The look on his face was priceless: mouth twitching, eyes gaping, nostrils moving. He looked surprised, worried, and alerted all at the same time. Again, I noticed that there was more to Nadech than being the quintessential guarded person that he was. “I mean it.” Still his words passed off as a muffled banter.

    I gulped. ‘Did I push any button that I shouldn’t have? Did he have some traumatic experience with the name that I just called him?’ My body tensed up at the thought that I must have downgraded our trust level from positive one to negative one thousand. “Na-Nadech.” My mouth was dry, arid as the ground outside their house.

    “Yaya, don’t push it.” There it went again. He called me Yaya for the second time. Never in a million instances did Nadech call me by my name. It was always “miss.” I knew I was in trouble when he insisted us to be equal. ‘What have I done?’
    Dinner passed by in less than an hour with Margie and their mom inquiring on my reason for staying at their home, lifestyle, friends, and dislikes. Yes, it was awkward. For more than 45 minutes, I answered each of their questions, while I glanced at Nadech, who sat opposite to me.

    “So, you mean to say, you have no friends?”

    Margie’s question broke Nadech’s stiffness as he raised his head to pass a quick curious look at me, only to be caught red-handed. Our eyes locked the minute his head turned towards my direction. I hated to admit it but his eyes drawn mine effortlessly. ‘This is just plain wrong, Yaya. Stop gawking at him!’ I quickly averted my gaze from his and positioned myself next to Margie.

    “No.” I tried keeping it simple but she just wasn’t satisfied with that answer. She was one nosy kid, alright.

    Her mouth gaped. “No! But why?” Her eyes showed sympathy. I honestly didn’t like it. Had I not been speaking with Nadech’s sister, I would have given the little one a death wish. ‘How insensitive could this girl be?’

    “No. I really haven’t socialized much to be honest.” My head panned towards Nadech’s direction. I was startled to see his gaze was still fixated on my face. He was carefully watching me. This thought shamefully excited me. “The closest thing I have to friendship is Nadech.” He coughed. ‘Oh no! Did I say something wrong again?’

    “Really? That’s sad. Brother doesn’t make friends either.” Margie scratched and tilted her head. “Boyfriends? How about boys?” Her tone got giddier.

    I dropped my spoon and fork carefully on my plate. I wanted to throw a menacing stare at her to shut her up, but I didn’t. It wasn’t my place to do so. I knew better than how I used to be. I knew that for me to live again, the old Yaya must die. I tried weaving the most appropriate response for Nadech’s sister.

    “Margie, please stop it. It’s impolite to ask personal questions.” Nadech’s mom castigated Margie.

    ‘Whew! God bless, you, Nadech’s mom.’ Good thing someone was sensitive enough to read the cues Margie failed to recognize. “It’s okay.” I collected myself to cease the uprising drama in the dinner table.

    She and Margie bowed slightly and apologized accordingly. “Sorry, Yaya. Margie has this tendency to be a nosy-body all for her own good. Please forgive her.”

    I let out a smile to ease her worries. “No. Don’t mention it, Mrs. Kumigiya. I understand how children her age respond. I was once like her.” I smiled at Margie to avoid scaring her off. “Besides, I may not be a saint nor even kind as a matter of fact, but I don’t lie. So to answer her question, yes. I did have a boyfriend. He left me. He’s the reason why I’m here.”

    The clattering sound of the utensils stopped at this mention. I tried seeking for Nadech’s eyes but he was no longer watching me. Instead, he was tentatively butchering the meat on his plate. A soft pang throbbed in my heart. God, I didn’t know why.

    “Yaya, don’t worry. You’re beautiful, smart, and fun to be with. I’m sure you’ll find someone else.” Nadech’s mom consoled me.

    “Thank you, Mrs.
    Kumigiya.” I warned my tear ducts from responding to her motherly support. Ever since mom died, nobody cared for me in such a gentle manner. My father was always busy. I couldn’t blame him. He’s making a living for me.

    Margie patted my shoulder and stood next to me for her crazy and unwarranted conclusion. “You’ll sure find someone here,” so she mumbled in between giggles. “You’ll be surprised how haughty and endearing the guys in our province are.”

    I chuckled at this pun, creating a reverberating exchange of cackles from each of the Kumigiya’s except for one.

    “Stop it!” Nadech palmed the dinner table. “Margie, you’ve gone so far. She’s the daughter of my boss. She’s not here to find a mate. She’s here to think.” His growl silenced the room and frightened me. How his temperament changed from consoling this morning to terrifying just now was clueless.

    “Nadech, let it slide. Margie was just joking.”

    “Joking? Really?” He bit his lips in frustration. “Or are you really here for that purpose? Just tell it to me damn straight! If that’s the case, I won’t be helping you. You’re free to come back home!” He stood up and raced through the stairs. A deafening sound of a slamming door followed.

    All the pairs of eyes in the dinner table turned to me in confusion and surprise. ‘Was there something I was missing? How would I ever understand, you, Nadech?’
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    Ok, feedback since you ask na ka....

    I wish the story moves a little faster. I want more interaction between main characters. I am here for Yadech so I want to read more just on them and have their feelings develop into lust and love.

    They are in a province...... Great setting for things to happen. Yaya is away from home, learning new things..... and feeling new feelings. Nadech too...she is forbidden fruit but she is in his home and his town...

    Maybe they should take a trip to a waterfall or something and have the car broke's at night so they have to spend the night together!! Hahaha.

    Ok... That's all I got for you now. Lol
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    Thanks @lakornkiki :)

    This is very helpful. Don't worry things will look up for our Yadech. We'll get to see them all mushy and lustful, yes :)

    But Yaya must grow first along with her yearning for Nadech. It has to be the yearning to help ignite their relationshippppppp <3

    Love you lakornkiki :) mwuah mwuah
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    @vimalee --- hi! Hi! hi! Glad to see you here too na. hehe we really are "hardcore" yadechers! : )

    Mwuah back at you Kwen! hehe keep up the good work na... I really like your writing ka.
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    @lakornkiki, i'm glad you read this.

    i really don't have any confidence posting this story. but knowing you're reading it somehow gives me strength.

    i'm glad you're there. i soooo love yaya and nadech. they love good together.
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    haha i haven't been on in a while.. im still not really sure how to use it...
    sorry ima noob! ^^
    i really like the story! :) its a different feel to other yadech fics..
    i'm not really good at writing so my comments aren't really usefull sorry!!

    nit-noy.. means a little bit. but then.. calling someone nit noy all the time would be too long and a bit queer in a thai .. possibly..
    so maybe either nit? or just noy would sound more like a thai pet name ja.. or 'jao- noy' would be common in northern thailand.. or outskirts
    sorry if i sound a bit straight forward... :shrug: please update soon :)

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