your favorite combination (kimberley & ?)

favorite combination (kimberley & ?)

  • markim

    Votes: 5 21.7%
  • kimbarry

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • ananberley

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • kimja

    Votes: 11 47.8%

  • Total voters


sarNie Tombstone
so i wanted to know witch one of this will be the favorite in AF kim's fans ,  based on my observation these four was the favorite ones here in AF (markim, kimbarry, ananberley, kimja) 


sarNie Tombstone
Sweet_JJ said:
TBH I like Kim with Ananda but for p'eks more closer to her age I like her a lot of James. With KimBarry I liked them as well but  I didn't think it was explosive chemistry but maybe it's because RP didn't let them show enough of their chemistry. ^_^
so between ananberley and kimja you choose kimja right ?  


sarNie Tombstone
me i can't choose between markim and ananberley before ananberley i always said that markim is my favorite on_screen couple for ever but when ananberley happen they really was competitive with markim in my heart :ghehe: they are just sooooo AMMAZING together so i voted both btw if you want to have more than a choice you can i add that option 


sarNie Tombstone
Sweet_JJ said:
Lol Kim has chemistry with most of her leads so it's hard to choose one person to like Kim with.   :D
that's true it's really hard :p  so let's just choose the most favorite from the favorites haha 


Mrs James Ma
This is difficult for me to choose. I thought MK and KimBarry. But Ananberley, people are crazy for them. Now KimJa, just with the BTS fans are supporting them. Idk who to choose. But I've already voted my favorite and they are leading yayyyy  :dance1:
Tbh, apart from MK, I loved Kim with Nadech. Idk how many times I have watched RP but Ananberly beat KimBarry in my list already. Who's left now??  :pervie:  :pervie:  My KimJa  :woot: I know I cant judge them now. But looking at the BTS i cant help but say that KimJa will become popular.


Mrs James Ma
If I have to rate them in order, it will be like sweet_jj's. My favorite are in the same order  :secret:


I'm not going to vote but to be honest here are the name/rating of Kim and her co-stars!
1. Aum and Kim = hot pair 
2. Smart and Kim = okay pair
3. Mark and Kim = cute pair
4. Nadech and Kim = amazing pair
5. Ananda and Kim = phenomenal pair
6. Boy and Kim = sweet pair
7. James Ma and Kim = ??? don't know yet since there nothing for me to judge
8. James Ji and Kim = ??? don't know yet since there nothing for me to judge
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sarNie Adult
I want to see Kimbarry as the lead one more lakorn. Hopefully my dream come true :angel10: