Selling Thai Magazines (Ray: Nadech, Sudsupda: Yaya&her sister)


sarNie Egg
Hi :)
This is my first topic post and it happens to be a selling topic haha
Well, I have 1 surplus copy each of Ray with Nadech on the cover and Sudsupda with Yaya and her sister and I'm thinking of sharing them to foreign fans who'd love to keep them. As I'm kinda big fan of these two, my family usually helps me find the mags in which they got photo shoot, and this time my sisters and I coincidentally bought them so now I got 2 copies each of Ray and Sudsupda. That's why I wanna sell them to someone who may want as well. 
I'll send the mags from Thailand so the shipping fee might need to be charged and the cost might depends on the destination country.
I only took the covers for the sample:


Both Yadech including P'cat look so ravishing and charming in these mags that I can't help drooling over and over. Especially for Ray there's an interview that I think, as a Yadecher we shouldn't miss to have it, though it's only few sentences that Nadech presumably refer to Yaya. I still think it's worth keeping hehe
So (too much babble, srry) if interested, feel free to email me via


sarNie Juvenile
If you plan to sell more magazines in the future, please let me know. I'm interested in buying.  :)