Mia Karmalor Jaa /my darling (fake) wife


sarNie Egg
Hello everyone, this is my first time ever making a Thai fanfic of my favorite actors and actresses. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it.

Genre: comedy romance
Starring: Mark Kimberly
Mai davika, Nadech,
Mint C, James j.


Kimberly, a college journalist/ student entered contest where the winner wins 50,000. She have to think of something amazing and what people would like or want to hear about. Until she spotted many magazines of MARK PRIN. Mark, a handsome millionaire model which every girls dream of marrying. Though no one knows how he truely is because he likes to be private. People only knows him by rumors. One day she tries to make an appointment to interview him but he doesn't do interview. Kimberly doesn't quit easily as she will try every possible ways to get to him. Then Mark saw something in her that he decided he would give her interview, IF she marry him so his mom can stop force marriage him to a girl he's not interested. He also will give her $100,000 for being a fake wife for 4 months. It was a win win chance so she took the offer and signed the contract without hesitation. But who said marrying a millionaire would be easy?


sarNie Egg
Characters role

Mark- a mysterious millionaire model.

Kimberly - a college journalist student.

Mai- a hot spoiled model/actress supposed to be Mark 's

Nadech- an American graduate of professional photographer and bestfriend with Kimberly and childhood friend with Mai

James j.- Mark little brother, a player, troublemaker.

mint c. - a tomboyish girl who can kick ass. Kimberly half sister.


sarNie Egg
oh my dear, why you don't continue this fanfic..i lovin it..just from the character developmen :cry:  :cry:  :cry: t