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  1. Sonakshi

    [CH3]Jon Kwa Ja Dai Ruk Gun / Love at first night(Rak Lakorn) : Mark Prin / Yaya Urassaya

    Mark Yaya meet again! Rough Translation of daradaily article - Scream out! Of course, meet again of "Mak-Yaya" Make an impression in the drama "Klew Life" after the first couple for "Mak Prin" and "Yaya Urassaya". Recently, the station picked up a rerun in the drama after the...
  2. Sonakshi

    ❤️[CH3] Tai Ngao Tawan / Eclipse of the heart (Maker J) : Mark Prin / Bow Maylada

    Bow revealed that she received 2 dramas in the online entertainment family program on August 25, 2021. Confirmed for sure, one story, playing a couple, Mark Prin, P'Nok Jariya's camp producing it. The title has not yet been identified. Interview -
  3. Sonakshi

    Haunted Tales

    It's movie with 3 short ghost stories. Mark,Prang and Pae play the leads for each of the short stories. Mark's story title is "Bai Lan". Will be released on February 4, 2021. More details to be updated soon..
  4. nalyli

    [CH3] Game Lah Torrachon (Metta Mahaniyom) : Mark Prin / Taew Natapohn / Top Jaron / Toon Pimpawee

    Taew confirm to be in a new action lakorn with Mark Prin
  5. allicho

    [CH3] Thrab Fah Mee Tawan (Sonix Boom): Mark Prin/ Kao Supassra

    Title: Thrab Fah Mee Tawan/ ตราบฟ้ามีตะวัน Leads: Mark Prin and Kao Supassra Production: Sonix Boom The titled is rumored but this is the title fans said that Kong Piya owns and said will make. The cast and director went to Ch3 building.
  6. "peace"

    mark's magazine photos

    will open this thread with this cool photos from the clip of bazaar men thailand magazine
  7. L

    Lip Magazine: Kimberley Anne Voltemas / Mark Prin Suparat

    The March Issue of 2018. Kimberley Anne Voltemas & Mark Prin Suparat.
  8. T

    Leh Rak Salub Hua Jai [CH.2]

    FanFiction Leh Rak Salub Hua Jai (Love Tricks, Swapped Hearts) Cast [NOT FINAL, WILL ADD AS STORY PROGRESSES] Taew Nattaporn as Princess Kaewkwan Mark Prin as Chananon James Jirayu as Danai Yaya Urassaya as Rarin Nadech Kugimiya as Prince YodFah James Ma as Prince Nakrop Pear Pitchapa as Chaya...
  9. "peace"

    mk (markkim) gifs

    @MKfan132 inspired me to create this thread :D will post gifs from their lakorns here whenever i made one so it will stay in one thread pckk i forgot how hot they are i miss them with reverse
  10. S

    Who Should Mark Prin Pair Up With Next?

    Cr. Asianfuse wiki The reason i made this thread is cause i saw this picture of Mai Davika and Mark. If these two paired up it would be so hot! I can see them in a more mature lakorn with sexy vibes to it. The pairing is possible since Davika is freelance now but after her lakorn with mario, ch3...
  11. Maricon

    ❤️[CH3] Oak Giab Hak Ab Rak Khun Samee (Thong Entertainment): Mew Nittha/ Mark Prin

    Source: After Likit Ruk is done filming, Anne Thongprasom plans to produce another drama, with Mew Nittha as the n'ek.
  12. T

    Game Marn (The Devil's Game)

    Watched bits and parts of "Kleun Cheewit" and I have to admit that Yaya and Mark are way hotter than Yaya and Nadech/ Kim and Mark put together! I've thought of this FF title for a while but could never find a good cast for it but I think I just did after hours of brainstorming. Goal is to wrap...
  13. luther

    ThitJee Ever After

    This is a series of short stories that depicts Satit and Jee's life after the lakorn finishes. It's not a continuous narrative, but describes what their life might be like at various time points in their journey as a couple, a family and eventually as parents. The chapters generally need to be...
  14. D~D

    SUDSAPDA 2016 Cuddly Men

  15. Maricon

    Mark Prin Suparat (Kullastree Vol. 46 No. 1096 September 2016)

    Credits to Kullastree magazine More photos/scans will be added as soon as it is available
  16. S

    [CH3] Kom Faek (Metta Mahaniyom) : Mark Prin / Kimmy Kimberley

    There was news of MK reunion from last year and MK FC have posted this. Finally MK have a lakorn for Metta. Its an action drama
  17. S

    Mark Prin (Traveller's Companion Vol.37 No.437 May 2016)

    cr MK fc
  18. S

    Ch3 46th Anniversary, 46 Love Mission

      TEAMS   Team Members pics     cr somrakn
  19. S

    Love Songs Love Stories

    Idk if its a mini series or MV. GMM is doing a special project with some couples. MK, Sean Jindachot, Namtarn is also part of it. Namtarn's will air from 3rd March   Closeup is collaborated with this series for MK  ...
  20. S

    CH3 Runway 2016 (BigVic3)

    Ch3 has an event today. Ch3 bigvic3 runway 2016   cr ch3
  21. S

    Mark Prin Suparat (AROUND Magazine issue 69 December 2015)

    cr around
  22. kimsaj

    Ploy Chermarn & Mark Prin (IMAGE vol. 28 no. 1 January 2015)

      Inside Pics:           Cto: Magazinedee   ----   THEY NEED A PROJECT TOGETHER!!! They look so H-O-T!
  23. "peace"

    your favorite combination (kimberley & ?)

    so i wanted to know witch one of this will be the favorite in AF kim's fans ,  based on my observation these four was the favorite ones here in AF (markim, kimbarry, ananberley, kimja) 
  24. S

    Mark-Kim World

    WELCOME TO MK WORLD  :woot:  :woot:  :woot:  :woot:    "So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard! We're gonna have to work at this everyday, but i want to do that because i want you. I want all of you. Forever. You and me...everyday." - The Notebook       cr to MK fc
  25. S

    Mark Prin Suparat

    WELCOME TO MARK's THREAD   Mark (Prin Suparat) was born in Chiang Mai, but grew up in Lampang. He received 1st place medal from Judo competition when he was in 12th grade, and is in the Judo team for Rungsit University. He received a scholarship for athletes to study at Rungsit University. His...
  26. ImmaSingaholic


    “BAD BLOOD” - 'YADECH' FAN FICTION by ImmaSingaholic       Posters made by myself :) Hope you guys like it!     Characters : Barry Nadech Kugimiya as Derek / Tawan Patsucherak Yaya Urassaya Sperbund as Nutcharin Patsaporn (Rin) Kimberly Ann Voltemas as Patcharee Patsaporn (Pat) James Jirayu...
  27. Anonymous<3

    Mark Prin & Kimmy Kimberley (Dichan Magazine March 2015)

    cr: dichanmagazine   Not the best cover, but I like their pose. ^_^ Mark looks like Mike here.
  28. Sweet_09

    Mark Prin & Kim Kimberley (KOOSANGKOOSOM vol. 36 no. 884 January 2015)

  29. Sweet_09

    Mark Prin & Kim Kimberley (KOOSANGKOOSOM vol. 34 no. 808 August 2013)

  30. Sweet_09

    Mark Prin & Kim Kimberley (PAPPAYONBANTERNG vol. 39 no. 1863 September 2013)

    cr:   I realize is was never share in the magazine section lol so here i am...sharing this here after almost 3 years lol!
  31. Sweet_09

    Mark Prin & Kim Kimberley (KOOSANGKOOSOM vol. 33 no. 758 August 2012)

    Cr.   During the PCKK 2012 days.......thought i just share some old magazine with you fans :) :) :)
  32. Alice

    Mark Prin (WOW MAGAZINE Vol.3 no.22 March 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  33. Alice

    Mark Prin (KRUAKHUNTOI Vol.1 no.7 February 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  34. Anonymous<3

    Mark Prin & Kimmy Kimberley (Lemonade February-March 2015)

    cr: lemonademag
  35. Alice

    Mark Prin&Bella Ranee (PUANDERNTANG Vol.35 no.422 February 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  36. T

    Lor Maak Maak Concert

    In case anyone wants to catch a glimpse of the Lor Maak Maak Concert. :D   And for fun, let's have a voting poll. :D    
  37. Alice

    IMAGE (Vol.28 no.1 January 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  38. Alice

    Mark Prin (PAPPAYONBANTERNG Vol.41 no.1896 December 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  39. Alice

    Mark Prin&Kim Kimberley (HONEYMOON+TRAVEL Vol.13 no.151 December 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  40. krisayaporn

    Spicy's nickname for celebrity in 2014

    Mark Prin - Mr. Mark drag hoary hair After he admit to darn Mint Chalida mother in line on a press. It become to epic and breaking See Huajai gangs. From this event, Mark was criticized from his aggressive which different to his facial face.     Kimmy Kimberly - Acting cute HD and (straw)berry...
  41. S

    [Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya

    @ ถัดจากเรื่อง บ่วงอธิฏฐาน ที่ "หมาก"ปริญ เป็นพระเอก และ "ญาญ่า" อุรัสยา จบจากเรื่อง หนึ่งในทรวง ทั้งคู่จะโคจรมาเจอะกันอีกครั้งกับละครของ "ดา" หทัยรัตน์ เร็วๆนี้ News from komchadluek . i dont know the name of Khun Da Hathairuth's company.
  42. F

    Mr. Mr (The Other Side)

    *hey, it's been awhile since I've wrote a new fanfic. I've been to busy with school and kpop I feel bad for leaving Thai-pop but I came back this time. The last Thai drama I've watched was Cubic but I hope to come back this time officially. Hopefully. I'll still be updating Silver Lining and...
  43. krisayaporn

    Mark Prin (IN vol. 10 no. 234 December 2014)

    Cr. Magazinedee    
  44. Alice

    Mark Prin&Bella Ranee (KAZZ Vol.8 no.100 November 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  45. krisayaporn

    Mark Prin & Bella Ranee (Pappayon Bunterng vol. 41 no. 1893 November 2014)

    Cr. Magazinedee  
  46. M

    List of MVs Mark (Prin Suparat) & Pope (Tanawat Wattanaputi) featured in

    Hey all, this is my first topic.   Mark has featured in Only you (1&2) by Noona and Mai Mai Gor Ruk Pope has featured in Don't be sorry - Lipta and Ruang Jing Ruang Soot Tai - Dome Jaruwat Is there other MVs which I need to know
  47. Always09

    Mark Prin & Preem Ranida (PUANDERNTANG vol. 35 no. 407 November 2013)

    Mark and Preem need a lakorn together...I mean Preem need a lakorn with a pra'ek around her age!!!   cr: magazinedee [of course]   i know they were rumor to have a lakorn together but it turn out to be Patricia, sad i was hoping to be them!          
  48. Alice

    Mark Prin (MEN'S HEALTH Vol.98 no.9 November 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  49. nklue1

    4 Hua Jai

    4 Hua Jai Mark Prin as Mark Pongpipat Boy Pakorn as Boy Pongpipat Kimberly Ann as Kim Ratchaya Mint Chalida as Mint Ratchaya Genre: romance, drama
  50. Alice

    Mark Prin&Kim Kimberley(OOPS! Vol.10 no.237 September 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  51. krisayaporn

    Mark Prin & Kimmy Kimberly (IMAGE no. 8 August 2014)

    Cr. Magazinedee          
  52. Sweet_JJ

    Mark Prin Bashes Mint Chalida and Her Mother...

    I have nothing to say to this... But it looks like there's no reuniting for these two anytime soon...
  53. S

    Mark Prin & Pat Patricia (HAMBURGER vol. 12 no. 190 April 2014)

    Just behind the scene works for now. Official cover will be out in April!!! ^_^   Seriously, they look HOT! I feel the steamy chemistry. LOL. :woot2:       Credit to Pat's IG, Mark's manager, FCs, etc. :)
  54. krisayaporn

    Mark Prin & Bella Ranee (HAIR vol. 8 no. 118 March 2014 )

    Cr :: Magazinedee      
  55. nklue1


    Another fanfic I'm will be updating. Please stay tune :) BodyGuard Starring: Nadech Kugimiya as Sakkaya Chatchai Phongwalaiporn Mark Prin as Chattapon Yai Thanasak Yaya Urassaya as Romanee Rasika Suriyom Mint Chalida as Kaewsai Kwan Prowaja Body Guards - Dew 20, Ice 22, Golf 22 Maid -...
  56. Q

    Lords of Wicked Story #1: Tempted By Her Kiss [Ken T. & Aom S.]

    Lords of Wicked: Ken Theeradeth, Barry Nadech, Mark Prin, Ken P., Aum A., and Boy Pakorn   Lords of Wicked Story #1: Tempted By Her Kiss   Story #1: Ken & Aom                                   When you wish upon a star…                  Got what she, Lady AmPawn Thanasukolwit, wants but not...
  57. Q

    Lords of Wicked Story #1: Tempted By Her [Ken T. & Aom S.]

    Lords of Wicked: Ken Theeradeth, Barry Nadech, Mark Prin, Ken P., Aum A., and Boy Pakorn   Lords of Wicked Story #1: Tempted By Her   Story #1: Ken & Aom                                   When you wish upon a star…                  Got what she, Lady AmPawn Thanasukolwit, wants but not what...
  58. krisayaporn

    Mark Prin & Bella Ranee (HONEYMOON+TRAVEL vol.12 no.141 February 2014)

    Cr :: BaanMark @pantip                                    
  59. cool :)

    Which fantasy couple do you wanna see?

    A New Year, a new pairing? lmfao just kidding . I'm just bored like always. But Happy New Year AFers. I love you all 555 X)photo-shopped by cool:) ....yes yes... everything was photo-shopped 555    
  60. krisayaporn

    Mark Prin & Kimmy Kimberly (Kullasatree vol.43 no.1031 December 2013)

    Cr :: Postjung              
  61. P

    "The Inheritors" [Ch 1.1 UPDATED]

    My two main active Fanfictions will be "Roomies" and "The Inheritors." As for the rest of my other Fanfictions, I'm not sure when I will be updating those so there won't be any chances of new updates. This will be MY version of the Korean Drama "The Inheritors" known as "Heirs" that is currently...
  62. krisayaporn

    Mark Prin & Kimmy Kimberly (WE vol. 9 no. 115 November 2013)

  63. krisayaporn

    Mark Prin & Kimmy Kimberly (KAZZ vol.6 no.88 November 2013)

    Source :: I2oom @POSTJUNG                    
  64. Sweet_09

    Various Stars (OOPS! vol. 9 no. 217 November 2013)

    Cr: CR: MK family FB page
  65. N

    [Ch3] Abb Ruk Online (Thong Entertainment)

    P'Anne next project.  Abb Ruk On-line (Hidden love on-line) แอบรักออนไลน์ .    P'Anne already sent the proposed cast to ch3, waiting for approval.  It's rumored that Anne will be in this one too.    Source:   --- Adding Storyline --- Awatsaya, A beautiful boss...
  66. K

    I love you, you love her

    Mint chalida as poly Mark prin as Tawan Kim as kim Nadech as Na When you fall in love with your best friend and he don't know about it, he is in love with your step sister who hate you. When he tel you every thing about how he feels about her, your heart hurt as if some one burn it. Ch.1 Poly...
  67. F

    Ruk Lambak (Love Is Difficult) Spoiler UPDATED.

    Love Is Difficult   Mark Prin Boy Pakorn   Nadech Kugimiya   James Jirayu The Girls:   Mint Chalida   Margie Rasri Yaya Urassaya Bella Ranee   <4 different love stories filled with love, sex, pregnancy, up&downs, and twists&turns>   Can these girls handle them?
  68. Alice

    [Ch3] Buang Athithan (WaveMedia) : Mark Prin / Patricia Tanchanok

    this is a period lakorn  thanks to shampoo@spicyforum  project lakorn for 2014
  69. aikoden

    [FF] Tung Tung Tee Roo (Although I Know)

    Oh my dear goodness, I've been away from the FF for a while.. but I found my old Mteam FF over at Mteam forum lol.  Never completed it but.. I think I'm going to finish writing it now since I recalled my storyline.  hopefully *crossesfingers*  It's like 2 years old...   I based the title off of...
  70. P

    "Roomies (Puen Ruam Hong) เพื่อนร่วมห้อง" CH.4.2 UPDATED

        Mark Prin   As a painter and photographer, the beauty of Nature captures Mark's heart in every possible way. He's an artist who shares his artistry talents with the world. Since he grew up in an orphanage without knowing who his parents/family were and where he was from, Mark has a tendency...
  71. A

    My Angel

  72. M

    {UPDATED Preview Chapter 2: The Dark Prince's City} The Four Prince: Elemental Series

    The Prince's City   Prince Nadech is just a cold heartless b*st*rd who uses his money and charm for his own desire and pleasure. Yaya is just a city-girl who was recently hired to become Nadech's personal and work-related assistant. She hesitates when she hears rumors that Nadech has...
  73. F

    I miss you so much M&M

    aaawwwhhhh Ipsmilez how many times do you surprise me with your M&M skills. I just miss M&M and thought of your wonderful comeback video. KT mak mak M&M
  74. S

    Mark and Yaya in Paris, France (12 PLUS Event)

    My man Mark is pretty tall considering Yaya's a "giant" girl. lol NOT literally y'al know what I mean but she is tall. lol I want to see them reunite in a modern lakorn. :) :dance1:     In Paris       Of course Mark's fans can never let him leave without a farewell goodbye and visit...
  75. S

    [Ch3] Phope Rak (Medta Lae Mahaniyom)

    cr. prinfanclub and lakorntv3   เมตตาและมหานิยมเตรียมเปิดกล้องละครเรื่องใหม่ ‪#‎ภพรัก‬ เป็นเรื่องที่พล๊อตขึ้นมาใหม่ ได้ หมากปริญ&เบลล่าราณี มาเป็นพระนาง ฝากติดตามกันด้วยนะจ๊ะ   ภพรัก‬ = Phope Rak  
  76. A

    Boy Pakorn, Margie Rasri, & Mark Prin (PRAEW vol. 34 no. 811 June 2013)

    Credits: Praew, praew magazine's Facebook, Praew.  
  77. C

    My Lovely Fake Husband

    My Lovely Fake Husband summary: Jittapa mom wanted her to marry a men which she don't like so Jittapa asked one of her guy friend to be her fake husband. But what happens if Fake Love turned into Real? As they play along as husband and wives Jit and Prin falls for eachother and wouldn't be able...
  78. A

    Various Stars (OHO vol. 6 no. 126 June 2013)

    Credits: OHO MAGAZINE's Facebook, Magazinedee.  
  79. A

    Various Stars (VOLUME vol. 9 no. 180 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee, VOLUME's Facebook, Vill's IG.  
  80. P

    The Runaway Concubine {M&M} Ep2 Update-->June 25/2013

    The Runaway Cocubine   Thxs to both wonderful girls for making my FF Poster even though I didn't ask @Fantastic_27  &  @Thatsouthernasianchick     Stars: Mark Prin Mint Chalida   Ost: The original MV got deleted so I use took this MV because it has the same song i...
  81. P

    [Ch2 Updated 05.23.13]Tricky Love, My Hi-Tech Maid [M&M]

    *This is my first FF, pls support me na. I'm not that good, but I'll try, and I'm 14 yrs just to let you know. Their is a Lot of MM ff's hehehe.* Tricky Love, My Hi-Tech Maid.   I love this one the most..Thxs Falada Gerne: Comedy/Romactic Mark Prin as Pathavee(Vee) Mint Chalida as...
  82. R

    [M&M] My Sisters Boyfriend.

    My Sisters Boyfriend Genre: Romantic/Comdey/Revenge Mint Chalida as Nam/Fah Mark Prin Nadech Kugimiya Yaya Urassaya Mario Maurer Kimberley Voltemas Esther What happens when you found out you had a twin??? A twin who was living the life. She was well-known she had money everything while...
  83. C

    My Lost Soul

    My Lost Soul Starting: Mark Prin Chalidaluvprin Mint Chalida Yaya Urrasaya James Ma Barry Nadech Min pechaya
  84. T

    *COMPLETED* Fah Likit Ruk (Heaven Destined Love)- END [6/25/14]

    I know I have two other FFs that I haven't completed but I have to write this one while I'm in the mood. This one is gonna be a time-travel FF. Hope you guys enjoy this one! My first MTEAM FF!
  85. Alice

    Mark Prin&Kim Kimberley(HAMBURGER Vol.11 no.177 March 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  86. Y

    Retribution (FFM&M)

    This Trailer is the part when San realize what he is doing is wrong.   Retribution - Punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved Starring : Mark Prin - San Printhip Mint Chalida - Nit Lida Guests : Noona Sopon - Pa Sopon ( Mark's Girlfriend ) Boy P. - Boy P. Lida (...
  87. Alice

    Mark Prin (ZUPZIP Vol.8 no.352 March 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  88. S

    Mark Prin, Barry Nadech, Ken Pumpoom (IMAGE March 2013)

    Cover coming soon           Enjoy these for now!! More to come later.  Couldnt get Ken's single portrait.   Cr. Magazine Dee    
  89. P

    Kaew Tah Pee (Apple Of My Eye) Ѽ [CH 1.3 UPDATED]

    I know I have three other FF that I've neglected for a year or so now  :secret: I promise I'll update Wong Glom Rak, Ruk Chun Peua Tur, and Kammethep Roy Rak soon after I'm done with my Spring :flowers: Semester. SMiLeZ sun yah na  :dance2:   (For "Kaew Tah Pee," I will be incorporating Game Ruk...
  90. Cupid Candy

    Mark Prin (TENN vol. 1 no. 11 March 2013)

    credit to postjung  
  91. R

    Song Kram Nang Fah (Chapter 1 preview)

    Song Kram Nang Fah (Battle Of The Angel's) Thx's fantastic for the wonderful Poster. I know I PM u like 2-3 time's was i bugging you,Sorry, I wanted a poster so i can write the ff. Hope i wasn't making u mad.   Character's Mark Prin -He's a BIG TIME PLAYER, he flirts with every flight...
  92. Y

    Pathapee Love ( Part 2) Complete :)

    Decide to make this one a short story because I am writing this story for my Creative writing class :)       Din and Cha-Aim staring out in the dark sky, looking at the stars in Tararin Resort whiling Din hugging Cha-Aim from be - hide. Din put his chin on top of Cha – Aim right shoulder and...
  93. Cupid Candy

    Various Actors (SUDSAPDA vol. 31 no. 721 February 2013)

    credit to sudsapda                
  94. Y

    Hurt Lovers

    Hurt Lovers By Ying Vang         [/URL]   Mark Prin as Khun Din Mint as Cha-aim      At the end, Im the one losing to this game. I came prepare to retrieve what was mine but I didnt expect this kind of love. I always thought all I need is family love and friendship love but to this point I wont...
  95. cool :)

    I'm Sorry (Fanfic)

    UPDATED : I'm Sorry                                                                         "I'm Sorry"FF wriiten by cool : )                                                                                                      Starring : Mark Prin as Mark/Fai                                     ...
  96. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya, Aum Patcharapa (OHO vol. 5 no. 118 February 2013)

    credit to magazinedee  
  97. S

    Mark Prin, Ken P, James Ma (DICHAN VOL No.863 FEBRUARY 2013)

    36th Anniversary Issue   Interesting cover for now! Inside pictures coming soon!     Mark is Handsome! Beautiful!   Ken P   James M   Cr. Dichan FB
  98. M

    [CH3] Mun (Medta & Mahaniyom)

    Action Drama Starring Mark Prin from P'Nok Chatchai's production again. Nang aek is between Mint Chalida and Yaya Urassaya   Mun =  Gratification
  99. O

    Neua Mek 3 (Medta Lae Mahaniyom)

    Well hearing that Nok will make another sequel of nuer mek 2 so making Nuer Mek 3, Instead of Drama he will make it into a movie, YAY M&M first movie. Same cast.
  100. B

    Her Name is Miracle (Ch3)

    This is my first fanfic of YADECH here and at yadech forums na ka. Please bare with my errors na ka. Cast: Urassaya Sperbund as Pathiran (Pat) (IN ENGLISH IS MIRACLE KA) Barry Kugimiya as Chat Boy Pakorn as Himself Margie Rasri as herself Chalida Vijitwongton as Waew Prin Suparat as Thum...
  101. Alice

    Mark Prin&Mint Chalida(KULLASATREE Vol.16 no.1009 January 2013)

    credit to banmak@pantip
  102. Alice

    [Ch3] Game Ruk Kol Sanaeha (?)

    @ กลัวแฟนคลับ "เอ็มแอนด์เอ็ม" จะน้อยใจ ที่ไปจับคู่กับ "คิม" คิมเบอร์ลี่ ล่าสุด "ดา" หทัยรัตน์ เตรียมจับ "หมาก" ปริญ และ "มิ้นต์" ชาลิดา ลงละคร "เกมรักกลเสน่หา" ซะเลย new lakorn 2013  producing by Khun Da Hatairath LakornThai  pra'nang is Mark and Mint Chalida
  103. F

    Winds Of Desires ~ ( chapter 2 up! )

    Meeting the Characters: Mint Chalida as Mint: Mint is a wealthy women but was left behind by her parents at a very young age. Mint and her older sister Yaya, began living on their own. As they grew older, Mint fell in love with a handsome boy name Mark. Before Mint told her sister about Mark...
  104. Cupid Candy

    Min Pechaya, Aum Patcharapa (OHO vol. 5 no. 116 January 2013)

    credit to magazinedee  
  105. Cupid Candy

    Mark Prin and Mint Chalida (CHEEWITRAK vol. 31 no. 1577 December 2012)

    credit to magazinedee    
  106. Cupid Candy

    Mark Prin (GM STYLE vol. 1 no. 20 December 2012)

    credit to magazinedee and as tagged
  107. Cupid Candy

    Mark Prin (OOPS! vol. 9 no. 195 December 2012)

    credit to magazinedee
  108. Cupid Candy

    Various Actors (SUDSAPDA vol. 30 no. 717 December 2012)

    credit to postjung
  109. M

    ปฐพีเล่ห์รัก::::Pathapee Leh Ruk

    Hello everyone, so this is my second Fanfic... I am still writing Our 1 Year Marriage, so don't worry ka. I heard many people didn't really like the chemistry between Mark and Mint's first drama Pathapee Leh Ruk, so i am going to write my version of it. Idk but i was just watching Thara Himalaya...
  110. M

    Taeng Yan Neung Pi kaung Rao (Our 1 year Marriage) Ch.10 Updated 12.9.12

    Hi people so i am new here yes!!!! I just learned of asainfuse like 2 weeks ago from my cousin Fantastic_27, she is the best person you wish to know your whole life, where like sisters ahahahahaha. Please Bare with my writing na, This is my first Fanfic so bare with my spelling errors and many...
  111. F

    Pathapee Leh Ruk (My ending scene)

    This Fanfic is a ending scene of how i wanted them to end Pathapee Leh Ruk so i decide to write it up HERE!!!!!! This Scene will start off after Ep7. So when i start this Fanfic it will start on Ep8. right after they were hugging in the field. Enjoy na ka. Pathapee Leh Ruk (My ending scene)...
  112. F

    A Women's First love (Sequel)

    A WOMEN'S FIRST LOVE (SEQUEL) STARRING: Mark Prin Suparat Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong
  113. Y

    Puckered Lips

    Your Votes Matter If you can find photos of them puckering their lips please upload it
  114. Y

    CH3 Junior/Newbies Dream Couples

    For Some I Did Not Add Because They Are Going To Have Lakorn Later On
  115. L

    When Love Goes Wrong---CH.2

    A new plot came to mind. New fanfic. I'm writing this right now along with Fad Tarng Pope and Kwaam Rak Kwaam Kaen. I'm dropping Neua Koo and putting Prajan See Roong sequel on hold. Hope you guys like this one. I'm going to try to finish Fad Tarng Pope as soon as possible. FanFiction: When...
  116. Cupid Candy

    Mark Prin (ZUPZIP vol. 8 no. 312 June 2012)

  117. L

    Chocolate Sood Tee Rak (Chocolate Love Recipe)

    This one is inspired by Noona's MVs "Only You" and "Hai Jai Kow Gaw Yung Raw, Hai Jai Auk Gaw Yung Jum". I thought Noona and Mark looked cute together so this idea then came to mind. I had to write it up before I forget so here ya go. UPCOMING and I will post after I finish Fad Tarng Pope and...
  118. Cupid Candy

    Mark Prin (GLOW vol. 1 no. 3 April 2012)

  119. C

    No Strings [Ch 1]

    Hello everyone. I have a fanfic I wanted to share. The fanfics stars some of my favorites. I ship Mark and Toey together and with anyone else. I don't know what the fans who ship them together call them by, but I kinda like JaRin. Hope you enjoy it. ---Cloudie Title: No Strings Genre...
  120. T

    Secret Love‏

    Mint and Mark know each other where since went the were little. They are like to best friends, Mark always talk about the girl he like to Mint. Mint have a secret that she never tell it to Mark. Chapter one Mark: Mint, who do you like?? Mint: Mark why do you what to know?? Mark: well because I...
  121. myheromike

    [Ch3] Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Maker Group)

    Credit by Shampoo @Spicyforum ต้นรักริมรั้ว
  122. Alice

    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    @ เคยทำให้ตัวเอง โด่งดังสุดขีดมาแล้วเมื่ออดีต เมื่อมีโอกาสได้เป็นผู้จัดละครกับเค้า แอน ทองประสม จึงเลือกทำเรื่อง ปัญญาชนก้นครัว ประเดิมเป็นเรื่องแรก news from komchadluek a news saying P'Anne wanted to directed/produce lakorn in the near future and this article said Anne planning on remaking her...
  123. T

    [Ch3] Neua Mek 2 (Medta Lae Mahaniyom)

  124. cecilia

    [Ch3] Tawan Deard (Metha Mahaniyom)

    So excited .. Mark's on screen with Yaya on 'ตะวันเดือด Boiling Sun.' This is an action/romance lakorn directed by Nok Chatchai. It take places after World War II. Can't wait. Credit: KIT
  125. T

    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    thanks to jakjaan and pantown interesting cast. i wonder if there will be 3 n'ek as well? it would suck if theres just 1
  126. J

    [CH.3] Rak Nakara (Act Art) : Mark / Taew / Mew

    เป็นนางเอกวัยใสกุ๊กกิ๊กกับเรื่องน่ารัก แล้วไม่เกิด แต่มาเด่นดังในเรื่อง "ดงผู้ดี" ตอนนี้ "แต้ว-ณฐพร เตมีรักษ์" เลยถูกวางเป็น "นางเอกเจ้าแม่ดราม่า" ไปซะแล้ว เพราะ "หัวใจ 2 ภาค" ที่ประกบ "ปอ-ทฤษฎี" กระแสก็ไม่ธรรมดา แถมค่ายแอค-อาร์ตยังวางตัวให้เล่น "รากนครา" ประชัน "แอฟ-ทักษอร" อีก