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Hi people so i am new here yes!!!! I just learned of asainfuse like 2 weeks ago from my cousin Fantastic_27, she is the best person you wish to know your whole life, where like sisters ahahahahaha. Please Bare with my writing na, This is my first Fanfic so bare with my spelling errors and many more, thx you.


Our 1 Year Marriage
แต่งงาน 1 ปีของเรา

~Thank you once again Fantastic_27, you are the best cousin ever, I love you~


Mark Prin Suparat​

Mint Chalida Wijitwongotong​

Nadech Barry Kugimiya​

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund​

Supporting Characters:​

Kimberly Anne Voltemas​

Mint Natwara (Her name will be Minta)​

Alex Rendell​

Min Peechaya​

Pim Pimmada​

Pong Nawat​

Mario Maurer​

Gubgib Sumontip​

(Many Character's may be added)​


(Was it right to marry him)​
Mark: Will you marry me​
Mint: Ka…..​
Man: Will you take this wife to be yours​
Mark: Yes​
Man: And Mint do you take-​
Mint: Yes (she blurted out)​
Mark: what are you scared off​
Mint: Your not covered​
Mark; Your gonna have to get use to it​
Mark: Let's make this night ours​
Mint; Ours​
Mark: Chai.​
(Until his pass comes to huant him again)​
Mark: what are you really trying to do​
Kimberly: Ruin your life​
Mint: You had an affair?​
Mark: Mint i didn't-​
Mint: You lied to me​

(Searching the room and found mails and child support )​

Mint: What is this​
Mark: Mint-​
Mint: You have a child Mark​
Mark: Mint this is my child Gino​
Mint: (she smiled and bended down to him) Hi i'm Mint​
Gino: Your not my mom​
Mint: (She smiled) Though i'm not, we can still work things out na​
Both Gino and Mint were in the kitchen, he was sitting on the watching Mint making cupcake, he grabbed the whip cream can and sprayed a little whipe cream on her​

and laughed, Mint looked up at him)​

Mint: You think this is funny (Gino shook his head yes) Your not the only one who's gonna have fun​

(she grabbed the other can as both of them sprayed each other, Mark came in)​

Mark; What are you guys doing​

(Both gino and Mint looked at each other and started to spray Mark)​

Mark: Stop stop. ok ka​

(he grabbed a can and joined in to)​
Gino: Mae mai mi rak gun (aka: My mom doesn't love me at all)?​
Mint: Though your mom don't love you, i still love you na.​
Gino: what do you mean​
Mint: Let me be your new mom that will love you forever na, Mae sak yan (aka: Mom promise)​
Mark: Though theres good or bad thing in our marriage promise me will make it together na​
Mint: I promise ka​
Gino: I love you mom​
Mint: (she smiled) Mae rak tur na​
Kimberly: Gino you love her more then your real mom (Kimberly walking in)​
Gino: Mae​
Kimberly: How dare you do this to my son making him love you​
Gino: Mom don't do anything to her na​
(Kimberly grabbed her son and started spanking him as Mint grabbed Gino away)​
Mint: Why are you abusing your own kid hah?​
(Kimberly slapped her)​
Gino: MAE (Gino cried out)​
(Mint then slapped Kimberly back)​
Kimberly: Your coming with me Gino​
Mint: Don't take him away​
Gino: Mae ka​
Mark; Kimberly don't do that na​
Kimberly: she's the reason my son died Mark​
Mark: no it's not Kimberly​
(Pointing the out to Mint as Mark blocked her and Kimberly shot Mark)​
Kimberly: MARK!!!!!!!!​
Mint; Please…… after Gino's funeral, I'm gonna file for divorce.​
Mark:I won't let you divorce me Mint​
Mint; I lived enough with pain, losing the best child I've ever met​
Mark: What about me mint?​
mint: Though wear not together, I promise i'll never forget what we had and how powerful our love was? I Love You Mark​
Mark: Mint please…….​
Mint: Goodbye?​

Chapter 1:​

Mark had bend down to me pulling out a ring "Mint will you marry me" he said to me, I didn't know what to say, my eye's were getting watery, my blood temperature was​

getting high, my pams were getting sweaty, the smell of Pho coming out of the restaurant down the street, he asked me again "What will you say" everyone gathered​

around, making cute sounds, I loved him we dated since the 11th grade till now we finished college, I smiled at him and said a simple word "YES" he smiled as he​

slipped the ring on my finger and hugged me tight in his arm he whispered to me "Chan Rak Tur" it made me smile more and more, knowing he truly loves me knowing that​

this day had come, as i said to him to "I Love You To", he slightly moved to kiss my lips. As i was embarrasses letting all those people see. I called him crazy. He just laughed​

telling me, "I'm just happy you said yes." That day I went home, my sister asked me why was I so happy and i told her "Mark asked to marry me" she was smiling, happy​

for me hugging me, "Let me see you ring" Pim asked me, I showed her my ring, "Wow, so pretty, it must cost him lots to get this ring" she hugged me more, as my mother​

came in asking what's the matter why were we so loud, "Mae, P'Mark asked to marry Mint ka" my mother was in shocked "really YES!!!! now i will have a grandchild soon"​

I was shy, why would my mother say that "Mae" i said to her, but she said ti was true right, I mean i'm only 23 getting married to an 24 years old, my sister Pim is already 26, when​

will she get married. "Mae ka, I'm 23 already, and getting married before Pim ka mae" My sister hits me "It's not funny" "Yes i know but you and your boyfriend Caption as been​

dating for 12 years" i told her but she just said the same as always "because where not ready yet" but i didn't care cause i was gonna become a married women, a women​

going to get married to a prince. "You should go get some sleep will plan everything tomorrow na honey" my mother said to me, me and my sister Pim walked up the big stairs​

to our rooms. "Goodnight Gonn become married women Mint" I smiled "Goodnight to you to my dear sister Pim" i blew her a kissy bubble as​

she laughed into her room and so did I.​

(The wedding day)​

Me, going to become a married man for the first time in life, before my mother passed away, she told me, not to be like my father with many heart to women's​

from the day my father married his second wife, he never looked at me like a son, didn't dare to love me nor look at me once, all he cared for was his new wife and his second child​

Mario, Mario and me were pretty close, though we didn't have the same mother's, he still loved me and i loved him, though i was mad to have my father marry his mother,​

I am glad to have someone like him to be my brother. He walked in the room "Are you ready big brother" i looked at the mirror I didn't dare to speak but forced​

myself "I'm ready little bro" they both laughed "Now it will be just Me,Mom and dad home now, and your gonna be out the house, living on your own with your wife"​

They both hugged, "Thank you Mario" Mario and Mark then did there hand shake and headed out the door.​

"Mint are you ready" My best friend asked me "I'm ready Yaya" she smiled at me with tears "why are you crying huh?" she then wipe her tears away "Because now your all​

grown up and getting married, i remember when we were kids always dreaming to married a prince one day" Mint laughed and held my hands "I hope one day your prince will​

come around to na" "Thank you so much na Mint, I love you" they both hugged as Pim came into the room "(Cough-Cough) It's time" Mint took a last glimpse of herself on​

the mirror, and finally said "Yes."​

There she was in front of him, looking into both eye's like they first met again​


Mint carrying her stuff to her locker, she didn't have hands to open her locker, she tripped over on her heels as she fell right on Mark, she got up "Kor Tor Ka" Mark getting up​

"It's alright" as he help picking up her books handing it to her and there there heads looked up into both eye's.​

~End of flashback~​

Man: Mark do you take Mint to be your lovely wife forever​

Mark: I do (he smiled at her)​

Man: And Mint do you take Mark as your-​

Mint: I do (she blurted out)​

Man: Then I now pronounce you to kiss the bride.​

Mark stared at her, everyone wanting to see them kiss. Yaya holding onto Nadech a complete stranger to him shaking him because she couldn't wait to see them kiss.​

"Hey what are you doing huh?" Nadech asked her she looked at him letting go. "Have manner's huh?" "Ni Khun" "Shhhhh….." he laughed her.​

Mark slowly moved his head towards her and kissed her lips, as everyone clapped and scream and by scream i meant Yaya. Mint then moved away smiling at him.​

"Everyone please be quiet we still have to watch there love on the projecter na" Min said everyone said yes. Mark and Mint watched from the stage as the slide show was 4-5 minutes​

long, after it was done they handed the mic over to Mark to make a speech.​

"Well i want to thank everyone for coming to my wedding, I just wanna say that i'm glad god has sent someone down to earth waiting for me, and here i am with my sol mate forever​

and I am glad to have someone like Mint by my side forever. And I love her, i been waiting 24 years for a wonderful women to appear, and here she is by my side, (he looked at Mint)​

I love you Mint (He kissed her forehead as everyone made cute noises)" as he handed the mic over to Mint, Mint was in tears as Mark wipe them away, she laughed a little.​

"Well i also want to say thank you everyone for coming, I would really like to thank my mom for raising me and my sister for always being there for me and my best friend Yaya.​

I am really glad to have Mark as my husband, in my dreams I've never thought to find someone as perfect as him, I must be a lucky girl to have the perfect man on earth by my side​

forever, (she begin to cried, as she faced Mark) And i just want to be the best house wife to him as possible (mark wipped her her tears)" "why are you crying huh?​

"because I love you" everyone laughed. "Ok everyone now it's time to through the bouquet, who's ready" Min screamed out. Everyone gathered to the middle as Mint through it and​

it landed into Kimberly's arm, Mark looked at her "Kim" Kim gave him a mad looked at she through the flower onto the ground and walked out the room.​

"Who is she Mark" Mark didn't say anything "Mark, answer me" "It's no one, i don't know her at all" everyone was curious of who she is but didn't care as much as the wedding.​

As the disco ball was turning "May I have this dance" Mark puts his hand out "It's my pleasure" she puts her hand onto his hand as they both dance, spinning her around, going​

from left to right. Yaya on the other hand was bored touching her phone, going on Facebook messaging her friend Gubgib of how she's doing on her trip to Korea. Nadech saw her​

and went behind her next to her ears "Bored" Yaya was startled as she turned her face as his lips touched half her lips. she moved away slowly. "You pervert" she kicks him down.​

"Owwww, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to huh?" yaya was wiping away his germs off her lips.​

Yaya: what do you want aye P'​

Nadech: I saw you bored so i came to ask you to dance​

Yaya: (she smiled) Me… Oh am i that pretty huh?​

Nadech: Pretty, yes pretty as hell (get it? as in pretty "like" HELL)​

Yaya: Aye you wanna die (she went up to him and started hitting him) You AssHole​

Nadech: Hey i came here to be nice and asked you to dance because you (he walked up to her ears) looked depress cause you don't have a prince like your friend Mint (he laughed)​

Yaya: Your crazy…. I'm not depress. and I will surely find a prince one day.​

Nadech: Owwwwww…. Prince… (he laughed more and more) Ni let me tell you, I doubt that you will ever get one due to your anger…​

Yaya: Owwwwww…..​

Nadech: It's alright Miss… (He straightened up his tie) I'm still here (he laughed)​

Yaya: In your dreams, though your the last guy on earth my prince will never be you, you stinky booty ass. (she grabbed her phone and walked away)​

Nadech: Stinky. (he sniffed his pits) I smell fine.​


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Chapter 2:​

As my head was on his shoulder dancing on the dance floor. "Feels great to be married" he said to me….I smiled "I was really nervous, but i guest not? in every girls dream, they've​

always knew the always knew they will wear a dress" she smiled. Mark slowly puts his hand to my cheeks as he scanned my face. His hand then was done to my chin, he lifted up​

now we were face to face, he then kissed me. I was screaming on the inside thinking of the time we first kiss.​


When i first arrived into our new home, i was in shocked, it was big and beautiful. Mark whispered to me "You like it" and i nodded yes. He then lifted me up in his 2 arms carrying​

me into the new home, he puts me down on the floor as i was standing in the beginning of a new life. "Let's go change na" i smiled as we both headed towards the bathroom.​

Mark getting in the shower shampooing his hear as for mint was looking through her new closet for a goodnight gown, she then chose the white gown that was to her knees.​

As she was walking towards the bathroom Mark got out as Mint and him came face-to-face,​

"Awww….." she screamed, as she turned around. Mark looked at himself, he was still naked as he smiled "Ni, where married now, your gonna have to get use to it?"​

Mint: We only been married for 12 hours…. (Mark laughed)​

Mark: You can look now, I've already covered it (Mint slowly turned her head to peek)​

She then walked over to the sink washing her face, as for Mark was in his boxer's they both looked to the mirror, Mark puts his hand on both her shoulders. And smiled​

"Let's make this night ours, let's not think about anything but our future……..And us" Mint had a tear sliding down her cheek, Mark wiped it away, he slowly turned her around to​

face him, she looked up to him "Ours" she worried of what he might meant by that.​

Mark then kissed her lips, french kissing her as they kissed Mark lifting her up he legs around his body as Mark carried the bed, kissing her neck. Mint's hand on his back.​

He the lifed up her dress and took off her under, he then sticked it in, Mint was trying her best not to moan as Mark was going faster and faster by every second. She moaned​

louder and louder, Mark then took off her entire dress and unclipped her bra, Mark kissing her everywhere, kissing her so she won't moan, It hurted so much, but it felt so good to​

her that she didn't want this night to end at all, "faster Mark" Mark was sure "Are you sure, i don't wanna hurt you" Mark was smiling to her as he kept going. After​

there first time having sex her then slept besides her, wrapping her right in his arms, Mint smiling at him, he kissed her forehead, "Sleeping on your chest is the warmess ever"​

Mark laughed, "Because I work out to have such a body" Mint smiled, seconds later she fell right asleep. "Sleeping already" he then kissed her one more time, making sure​

this wasn't a dream, after turning off the lamp the clock stuck Midnight, Now they been married for a day, making them begin there new life.​

Tomorrow there journey will begin…………..​


Mark woke up by himself in the bed…….. looking at the clock it was 9:30, he got up fast putting on his pants as he rushed out the door.​

"Thank you na ka" Mint said to the mailman…… she went checked every mail​

Mint: Mark,Mark,Mark (And when she got to the last one) Child support center (She tear the mail opened a little when Mark came to snatch it out of her hand) Owww Mark.​

Mark: what are you doing?​

Mint: Openeing the mail (she smiled)​

Mark: No need na​

Mint: Why?​

Mark: Because i will be doing that every morning na, so you won't be tired going out every morning to the mail box​

Mint: Dai ka…… Come eat?​

Mark: Let me go shower first. (Mint shook her head yes, Mark grabbed all the mail and went up to the washroom)​

Mint: It's just mail, why so important?​

Mark was in the wash room opening the letter Mint teared opened, as he opened the letter to read it.​

(In his mind reading)​
"Child support for your child Gino Suparat is coast to $346.94, due to the date that you were suppose to pay 3 months ago"​

After reading it Mark was our mad as he throughout the letter down to the floor mad. "OOOOOWWWWWW" he then notice the other letter he looked at the from person​


He grabbed it and open it​

Dear Mark,​

I am happy you married the person you love, Why would you fall for a women like me who is always partying night and day…. I want to send Gino to you, for you and your new WIFE to take care….​
He is still in his school camp in New York City, he is returning home within the next month… get ready.​

Your ex-wife,​
Kimberly *MUAH*​

Mark got even madder as he ripped it up and through every letter into the box under the lamp desk. He picked up his phone and called Kimberly​

Kimberly: Hello​

Mark: What are you really gonna do?​

Kimberly: (she let out a little giggle) To ruin your life.​

Mark: Why kimberly huh? We made a deal you keep Gino and i just pay the child support?​

Kimberly: I want you to feel the pain i felt when you left me… Now when Mint finds out that you have had already raped a girl in korea and gotten her pregnant, she will leave you​

and you will know the pain of being left Mark…​

Mark: I didn't rape you… I was drunk…​

Kimberly hung up on him as he screamed her name but she did just hung up on him. When he was done taking a shower and getting dress, he went straight down stairs to Mint.​

Mint: Your ready now Honey?​

Mark: Yeah!!!​

Mint: Come eat?​

Mark walked over to the table sitting across from Mint, Mint cut a piece of meatloaf and scooped up some peas putting it on his plate and putting 3 bacon slices on his plate.​

He smiled, he the did the same to her, he poked the moat loaf and feed it to her "Good" Mint shook yes. As they were eating Mint notice he wasn't smiling nor making​

any emotions on his face. Mint blurted out​

"What's wrong honey, are you sick or something" Mark told her he was ok….. he gotten up from his chair and grabbed his jacket and briefcase and kissed her cheeks and left to work.​

Mint stared at his plate off food and hers, 1st day didn't go as she thought it would be.​


[wiki]That got me speechless!!!! Im curious of what Mark did now......
Anyway great job!!! You're doing a great job [/wiki]

Omg i sam loving it May update more man....


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Chapter 3:​

Mint grabbing the plates, dumping the food into the trash "What a waste" she then startled to do dishes looking out the window "Blay…Blay… Poor me, our 1st day already going to​

work." After a while her head had a sharp pain inside as she main out the pain. Walking to her room secreting looking into her purse pulling out a plastic bag with 1 pill​

she took it and drunk water. She thought of what the doctor said​


P'Mor: You must take one daily​

Mint: taam mai P'Mor​

P'Mor: Because if you don't the affection will cover your spine to your brian​

Mint: Is it that big?​

P'Mor: Well if you take these pills daily on time it won't be but if you don't it will get worst, it will either put you in a coma or death.​

Mint: Ka​

~End of flashback~​

Mint sigh, she was tired from taking these pills everyday, especially knowing that she is keeping it away from Mark, she knows Mark will be in pain knowing his wife​

might live or die from this infection. Her phone rung she looked at the caller I.D "P'James" (James Ma) she pick it up "Hello ka"​

James: Hello sweet thing​

Mint: (she laughed) How are you​

James: Good you,​

Mint: Fine. When are you coming back from american huh?​

James: Uh…..(He knew when he was coming he wanted it a surprise, as he looked at the ring he was holding, when he arrives he will propose to her) Maybe in the next 3 months.​

Mint: Bah? so long?​

James: Ka, uh i got to go back to work love you​

Mint: Bye good luck na​

James: You to.​

After hanging up Mark called her. "P'MARK" she answered it​

Mint: Hello​

Mark: Hey get ready umma take you out for lunch na​

Mint: Ka Teerak​

She went into the shower…. Picking out her outfits she chosed​

Mark then came in the house looking through the fridge for a drink, instead he grabbed a red bull still stressed from kim and his past. He took a sip and took another.​

He then tried to take his 5th sip until Mint took it away "Hey, your gonna get drunk" Mark smiled he pilled her down to sit next to him "Don't worry na" He kissed her cheek​

Mint let's out a laugh. Mint laid her head on his chest as Mark's arm was around her his chin on her head "Yesturday was the best time of my life" Mark said to her.​

"You smell so good let me guess Cherry Blossom" "Right" Mint replied to him. Mark then held Mint's hand to the car opening it for her. They went to go eat at this fancy​

restaurant. "What is this Honey" Mark smiled at her "A new place where we will eat na?"​

Mint: Taam mai? we always ate at the noodle place on the streets right​

Mark: Not this time na. Let's go in​

Mint walked in with him, when she first stepped in, she could smell the sweet delight smell of fried chicken and Pho and egg rolls and many more.​

Mint: smell so good, Chan chob​

Mark: Good, lets go to our table na​

"$72.85 please miss" Yaya looked into her purse she didn't have $72.85 she only had a $50 "Kor tor na ka, is there a price lower then that ka​

"There is we will only lower it to $70 ka"​

Yaya: 70, then i won't buy it then next time na ka​

Nadech: I'll pay for it (Giving the clerk $100)​

Yaya: (she looked at the man) Ni khun, what are you doing here huh? I don't need your help​

Nadech: You seem desperate for that sneakers​

Yaya: But i didn't need your help​

Nadech: Fine it was just my treat.. Uh miss-​

"No-No-No i wanna it, thank you ka" she blurted out, Nadech smiled. Yaya then grabbed the bag and lifted out the store.​

"I saved you there if i didn't you would've been embarrasses chai mai?" Yaya stopped at stared at him "No- I" nadech stopped her "Just say the truth Khun Yaya"​

Yaya frowned at him "Dai ka…. Let you win" Nadech then did a big hooray but at the end Yaya said to him "Being sarcastic, dummy" she then laughed her way out the mall.​

"You liar, chan chob" Nadech followed her to her car "Let me get that" he opened the door for her "Please" Yaya looked at him wierd​

Yaya: Ni khun why are you so nice huh?​

Nadech: Oh ( he leaned on her door) My mom always said to be a gentle men to every lady ka.​

Yaya: Then why were you being mean to me on Mint's wedding huh?​

NAdech: (He smiled) I was teasing? for realz you are pretty like you say you are. And I do hope one day you find your prince like your friend Mint.​

Yaya then gave him a nice smiled at him, Nadech then smiled back to her. "I got to go now na" she said in a slow paste. Nadech got off her door and closed it for her and waving​

bye to her.​

Mark was sitting across from his wife again still thinking of Kimberly​

~flashback 6 years ago~​

Mark waking up with a hard headache looking who was next to him, there was a girl who was naked in bed with him​

"Who are you" Kimberly getting up "Alai P'"​

Mark: How are you in bed with me huh?​

Kimberly: Owwww because we were having-​

Mark: Don't say the..​

Kimberly: CHAI.​

Mark: Mai jing, i didn't lose my virginity​

Kimberly: (Kimberly laughing) Virginity, your so handsome and cute (scanning his face) and you now just lost your virginity​

(3 weeks later)​


Kimberly: If it wasn't then why would i travel from korea to thailand to tell you i am pregnant with your child huh Mark.​

Mark: Where's proof huh?​

Kimberly handing him a paper, he looked at it "I can't read korean" "It said, i am pregnant for 2 weeks Mark"​

Mark was shocked sweat was coming he needed to punch someone. "Now do you believe me Mark, now you better take responsibility"​

Mark: I won't​

Kimberly: MARK!!!!​

Mark: We can make a deal​

Kimberly: what deal?​

Mark: You keep the baby and i'll pay for the child support.​

Kimberly: That i won't agree, child support only comes every 3 month, I would have to pay for food,school, and lunch for the kid,​

Mark: Then i'll give you 1 million dollars each 5 months then​

Kimberly: (She smiled of joy) Dai. Keep your words na.​

Dear Mark,​

I am happy you married the person you love, Why would you fall for a women like me who is always partying night and day…. I want to send Gino to you, for you and your new WIFE to take care….​
He is still in his school camp in New York City, he is returning home within the next month… get ready.​

Your ex-wife,​
Kimberly *MUAH*​

Mark got even madder as he ripped it up and through every letter into the box under the lamp desk. He picked up his phone and called Kimberly​

Kimberly: Hello​

Mark: What are you really gonna do?​

Kimberly: (she let out a little giggle) To ruin your life.​

Mark: Why kimberly huh? We made a deal you keep Gino and i just pay the child support?​

Kimberly: I want you to feel the pain i felt when you left me… Now when Mint finds out that you have had already raped a girl in korea and gotten her pregnant, she will leave you​

and you will know the pain of being left Mark…​

Mark: I didn't rape you… I was drunk…​

~End of flashback~​

"Mark ka, Mark" no matter how much she called her didn't hear her "Mark" mark snapped out of it "Alai ka"​

Mint: Are you ok?​

Mark: I'm fine na​

Mint: I called you many times, are you sure?​

Mark: *Sighs* (Putting his hand on her cheek) don't worry of me na, I am fine.​

Mint: (Putting her hand on top of his) Why shouldn't I,​

Mark: Because i am a grown man, your like my little fairy i would have to take care for the rest of my life​

Mint smiled when she heard his words "My little fairy"​

Mint: Chan ruk khun na​

Mark: Me to na​

He kissed his finger and slowly puts it on Mint's lips.​


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Chapter 4:​

After Mark removed his fingers from her lips Yaya came running to Mint scaring her and Mark "You scared me" Mint told her "And me" Mark also told her.​

Yaya made a shy smiled and laughed "Kor for ka" she smiled as she remembered. "Oh Mint i got good news for you na" "What is it huh?" She looked at Mark.​

"Mark may i take her just for a bit" Mark looked at her as he also wanted to know. She then ran to hang on Mark's arm tugging it and hugging it asking for Mark's​

permission "Please-Please-Please. Na Na P'Mark, the most handsomeness and cutest Guy on earth na" Mark smiled at Mint as Mint smiled back at him​

"Ok ka just for a bit na" Yaya got up "Yes Sir Caption" She then dragged Mint out of her seat "Owww Yaya, Yaya" Mark laughed at Yaya's childish acting. and started​

to eat again.​


Mint: What is it huh?​

Yaya: Pim is pregnent ka​

Mint: Hah?​

Her and Yaya started to laugh and hug each other. "How long has my sister been pregnant huh? And how come she told you but not me" "She tried calling you but you wouldn't​

answer you phone" Mint was surprise she didn't hear anyone calling her "My phone must be dead"​

As Mark was still eating a women came up covering his eye's. He smiled putting the spoon and fork down putting his hand over the women's hand "Mint, Your back already huh?"​

"Oh we only been separated for 6 years, and you don't recognized me huh" Mark notice the voice of this women, he then got up turning and saw KIMBERLY.​

"Kim" Kim walked back up to him "Chai? (scanning his face) Your still sexy like how i imagine chai mai?" Mark slapped her hand away "Don't touch me"​

Kimberly: Why huh? We are husband and wife right?​

Mark: Mai? I have never been your husband and never will​

Kimberly: Don't forget what happened in Korea na?​

Mark was pure mad, he wish he could get it out of his mind, but can't. "I can't my son has a mother like you" Kimberly slapped him across the face.​

"Though i might be a bad mother at least i am a mother to a child unlike it's father who has never been in his life for 6 years now"​

Mark held her "Ni khun? Watch your mouth"​

Yaya and Mint were walking back to the table and saw Mark holding a women, "what is mark doing?" Yaya said. Yaya then dragged Mint inside.​

Yaya: ~Cough-Cough~ Kor tor na ka, but the man you are hidding on has a wife already.​

Mark turned around letting go of Kim. "Mint" Mark looked at Mint, Mint gave him the evil eye's. Mint was pure angry and sad inside she tried to hold back her tears.​

Kimberly smiled at both Yaya and Mint "Sorry, My name is Kimberly, I may excuse myself now na" she kissed Mark's cheek "Owww" Mark said out loud.​

He glanced at Mint as Mint had a tear rolling down her cheek and ran out of the restaurant "Mint" Yaya turned around running after Mint.​

"Mint doiw con" he lefted 200bht on the table and ran after her.​

Kimberly was laughing her ass off "Wow, just one simple kiss on a cheek and already made you cry running away"​

Yaya was running after Mint as she grabbed her arm "Mint doiw Kon" Mint stopped the moment Yaya held her arm. She turned around hugging Yaya crying on her shoulder.​

"Mint" As Mint saw Mark she then turned around not facing him. "Yaya, please take me home" she then took off running, "Mint-" Yaya stopped him.​

"P'Mark doiw na ka. Please let me handle her na. I promise to bring her back to you at the end of the night" She and Mark then looked at each other's as Yaya walked off​

following Mint.​

Mark was so mad as he punched the wall. "OWWWWW" he screamed.​

(Aka: 12:34 am)​

Mint: Yaya why did you bring me back here huh?​

Yaya: *Sigh* Mint this is only the first day of marriage, you been married yesterday, do you really think its time to let go now.​

Mint: I wanna go to my mom's​

Yaya: Just go home na, by tomorrow everything will refresh na​

Mint looked at Yaya "Promise" she told Yaya, Yaya smiled putting up her pinky "Promise" Mint then pinky sweard with Yaya, as she wipped her tears and left the car into the​

house. When she walked in she saw Mark sitting on the couch, as he ran up to her "Mint" Mint ignored him and walked over to the kitchen to grab a drink of water.​

Mark came up to her hugging her from behind scanning her body. "Ploy" Mark didn't. She then turned around "Having sex with me won't delete what happened this afternoon"​

"Mint chan" Mint then walked away until Mark stopped her "MINT." Mint turned to stare at him.​

Mark: Please don;t make this such a big deal na​

Mint: A big deal, Mark she kissed you right in front of me. And thats not a big deal Mark​

Mark: Mint i know what she did was wrong but let it slide na?​

Mint: Mark. We only been married for a day and we are already having problems.​

Mark: It's because of you Mint, your making everything such a deal?​

Mint: Because i am scared Mark​



Mark then stopped his temper. "Losing me"​

Mint: Your still young and cute and handsome everyone had a crush on you everyone wants you Mark? When i see girls liking you i see losing you.​

Mark walked up to her holding her hand but Mint moved it away. She sniffed and wipe her tears away and said to him​

"I've never thought that marriage could be this hard"​

Mark's throughout became in pain he can barely breath has he had a tear in his eye, his eyes turning red. "So your telling me that marrying me was wrong"​

"No" Mint said to him. She walked to the stairs while Mark followed her but as soon as Mint stepped on the first step she passed out as she fell right into Mark's arm​

"Mint, Mint are you ok, Mint" he carried her to the room, as he laid her down onto the bed, he then went into the bathroom across the room grabbing a bowl of hot water​

wiping her arm and her face and her neck, after that he went to the closet taking out her gown, he walked over to Mint and looked at her, "Poom Kor Tor"​

He then took of her short and shirt and all her jewelry and putting on her gown. After that he watched her sleep, it made him smiled, forgetting about what happened,​

he slowly fixed her hair away from her face and putting it behind her ear and kissed her lips. He got himself into his shirt and his pajama pants and cuddle in bed with her again​

wrapping her warm into his arm.​

~Next morning~​


Mint shut off the alarm clock, when she look at it, it was already 9:35am, she sat up and went downstairs and saw Mark making briefest.​

"Your awake now sleeping head"​

"Ka" Mark puts the pan down "Are you hungry" Mint shook her head yes, "Good? then you should go shower up and come down to eat na"​

Mint then just stood there and Mark looked back at her "Go" Mint shook her head many times "ka" she then went up the stairs as she went to the desk and her phone was​

ringing. She looked at it it said​

(9:40am: Take pills)​

Mint then opened her desk searching throughout the papers and came to the empty bag. "No more, missing one day is not bad right, i'll go get them next week" she​

then tossed the bag away in the trash as she turned to the bathroom she then had a hard headache as she was becoming blind she blinked many times and she fell right onto​

the ground her heart then had a pain, as she was putting her hand over her heart trying to ease the pain she screamed out her moan as she fainted tot he ground, she​

was coughing blood out, Mark came up fast seeing Mint on the ground when he went to go pick her up he saw blood, "Mint what happened to you Mint" he carried her to the car,​

driving fast to the hospital, putting her on the gurney , he eyes were wide opened just looking up Mark holding her hand yelling at her to stay with him as Mark was tearing up,​

as she was pushed into to E.R room "sorry to relatives allowed." Mark stood by the door as he was punching the walls again his hand became bloody the nurse came to stop him​

as they wrapped up his wound.​

Chapter 5 spoiler:
(In this chapter Yaya and Nadech will be appearing through out the whole chapter ka)
Mint heart was slowing down "Doctor the patient's heart is at 26"
"It;s not good go get me the HVP" They set the machine at 50 and bumping her but her heart didn't work making it to 70, her heart still didn't work turned it up to 80
her heart was still not in condition, as they finally turned it up to 100 her heart came back her eyes widen open, she took a deep breath.
Yaya: Kwam jing P'Nadech
Nadech: Kwam jing arai huh?
Yaya: Owww, what you said to me earlier that you would like to be my body guard
Nadech: Oh…. Chai i did say that
"I promise to be your big brother na" Yaya was sniffing as she hugged Nadech "Thank you na Nadech, you've always been there for me"
"I will alway be here for you na"
Yaya cried as hard on his chest letting out her pain, "Though your dad is not here anymore, you still have me, your big brother na"
Yaya cried even more and more.