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Another fanfic I'm will be updating. Please stay tune :)


Nadech Kugimiya as Sakkaya Chatchai Phongwalaiporn
Mark Prin as Chattapon Yai Thanasak
Yaya Urassaya as Romanee Rasika Suriyom
Mint Chalida as Kaewsai Kwan Prowaja

Body Guards - Dew 20, Ice 22, Golf 22
Maid - Yui 18, Nui 20, Fern 19

Yai's family - Dao 47and Vit 55 Thanasak
Nee's family - Pat 44 and Chai 48 Suriyom
Sak's family - Aom(sister 7), Sai 46 and Pit 51 Pongwalaiporn
Kaew's family - Peung(sister 7), Bee 43 and Kong 52 Prowaja
(Make Up Characters)

Genre: Romance/Drama/Action/Tragedy


sarNie Adult
Hi everyone, another Yadech and Mteam fanfic. Sorry I put the cast in wrong order. I was in a rush. Anyways, please leave comments and enjoy the fanfic. Apprication Nida (Neda), you can call me Nida :)

Sakkaya is a young man who has just became a bodyguard for the Suriyom family. Has a little sister name Aom, son of Sai and Pit Pongwalaiporn. His father is a doctor and his mother is a nurse. They wanted him to follow the family line but he has follow his dream and became a bodyguard. 25 years old. He will become Romanee's personal bodyguard and will fall in love with her.

Romanee a beautiful young lady and the only child of Pat and Chai Suriyom. Her father owns a large and famous business and is one of the richest man in the world and is a mafia. Her mother stays home and sew. 19 years old. Her only friend is Kaewsai which is her personal maid, Nui, Yui and Fern the maids. Her father doesn't let her out of the house unless she is with some of his body guards. She spends most of her time sewing and in the backyard. She is Yai's fiancé but has feelings for Sak.

Chattapon or Yai is a mafia man. Only son of Dao and Vit Thanasak, 24 years old. His father is a mafia/business man and has now retired and has hand it to Yai. His mother stays home and make sweets. He spend his time in the training room and in his room reading. He is Romanee's fiancé. He is deeply in love with Romanee.

Kaewsai is a young lady who works for the Suriyom as a maid/bodyguard. Has a little sister name Peung, daughter of Bee and Kong Prowaja. Her parents own a little but famous restaurant. 19 years old. Her only friend is Romanee, Nui, Yui and Fern. She spend her time cleaning, cooking and in the training room. She will deeply fall in love with Yai.

Nui - talkative, funny, childish, hates Ice
Yui - playgirl, nice, talks about guys a lot
Fern - tomboyish, funny, doesn't like being tease by Golf

Ice - mean, cold,
Dew - playboy, funny, flirts with Yui a lot
Golf - funny, likes to tease Fern


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Hi nida i like this ff alot i cant wait to read further. sounds like mismatched pairing and some working out is needed. I cant wait to read sak as nees bodyguard and them thrown together, bodyguard protecting mistress, look forward to read further vm nida thank you. with appreciation key