[M&M] My Sisters Boyfriend.


sarNie Egg
My Sisters Boyfriend


Mint Chalida as Nam/Fah
Mark Prin
Nadech Kugimiya
Yaya Urassaya
Mario Maurer
Kimberley Voltemas

What happens when you found out you had a twin??? A twin who was living the life. She was well-known she had money everything while the other twin was poor and a country girl trying to raise money into saving her father.
Nam was the poor country girl and Fah was the rich Hi-So twin she never knew until now. Fah treats Nam with full respect since they came from the same jean. Nam was glad to see her older sister. She also met her younger sister Esther. Esther hated her so much even if she was the other twin. Nam loved living there, but she missed her life as a poor country girl. One day she met Mark, Esther's boyfriend. Mark seemed to have more in common stuff with Nam. She made him laugh non-stop and they both loved the country side. Mark knew he was falling for Nam, but Nam doesn't know that until one day he kissed her lips???? Nam didn't want to still her younger sisters boyfriend so she did anything to stay away from Mark?


sarNie Egg
Episode 1

"Dad, no matter what I'll always be here with you." Nam told her father holding his hand tightly.
"Honey, I'm ok. You need to stop ditching school."
"But I'm really worried for you. I'm at school for 6 hours, and your working day and night."
"Honey don't worried. I need to make enough money to send you to school."
"Dad don't I just want to work here and watch you."
"I want you to have a good life. Unlike me who can't even raise a single dime."
"Paw ja Mai thong hua." She hugs her father tightly.
"Fah come help me." Her mother called.
"Coming mom."
"Here can you please help me donate these to the orphans."
"Ka Mae. Esther you tee nai?"
"Where else?? She's with her boyfriend?"
"Mom are you sure that Mark likes Esther."
"Don't say that. Why wouldn't he? I want Mark to be my son-in-law."
"Thank you aunt."
"It's ok?" She leaves the market.

Fah was walking around the market looking for some grain. Nan's rice stone store caught her attention. She wants a rice charm for Mario.

"How much is it for a rice charm ka?"
"Only 5 baht ka." Nam looks up seeing this women in front of her. She looks just like her.
"Owwww why do you look like me?"
"Why do you look like me?"
"Nam here is the--- OWWWW. Why are their two of you."
"Who are you?"
"I'm Fah, what about you?"
"I'm Nam."
"Dad did you know that I saw this girl who looks just like me."
"Alai na?"
"Church alai na??? Oh Poo-Ying Chue Fah."

(19 years ago)
"Fah and Nam are my two little girls na."
"Honey don't bother the girls. Stop it Chatchai." She laughs
(The parents are NokChatChai and Nok Sinjai)
"I will never let you marry my daughter." Sinjai's dad said.
"But we have 2 daughters together."
"I don't care. I will never love your daughters."
"Dad why would you say that?"
"I'm leaving."
"Chatchai please don't leave me."
"Your dad dislike me so much."
"But its my dad. Please???"
"Chan bai na. Chat chai ruk Sinjai."
"Chat chai. Please don't go. Please don't leave me and Fah. Bring back my baby Nam. Chat chai."
-End of flashback-

"Yes honey?"
"What is wrong with you today."
"Nothing. I'm going to sleep." He got up and went to the bedroom to sleep.
"Yes honey."
"Today something strange just happened?"
"What?" She puts the newspaper down.
"Today I saw a women at the market?"
"How is it weird?"
"...........she looks exactly like me."
"What? *gets up from the chair* what's her name honey?"
"Nam ka Mae."
"NAM!!!!!" She faints.
"Mom!! Mom!! Esther come help me bring mom to the hospital."
Fah: How's my mom, is she ok. *Fah was so worried about her mom because her mom has never fainted before*
Doc: She's fine, she was just shocked about something that made her stress level climb. She'll be alright.
Fah: Khob Jai Ka Mor.

Fah was glad to hear that her mom was ok. Her mom was. Healthy women.
Fah watched her mother sleep for awhile and finally saw that her mom was waking up.

Fah: Mom are you ok?
M: Chan Mai Bpen rai ka Lu.
Fah: Let me help you up. *helps her mom up* Why did you startled?
M: Honey let me ask you? Where did you see this girl?
Fah: Taamai Mae?
M: Bok Mae yut nee?
Fah: Pattalung Market.
M: Pattalung. *She whispered*
Fah: Why do you care so much Mom?
M: We have to go to Pattalung?
Fah: Mom but-
M: Mai mee thaw wah, chan bai c Fah yut née.
Fah: ka Mae.
Nam: Paw, I will be going to the market now na.
D: Ok, but be careful na.
Fah: Over here mom.
M: Ka
(They both walk to the booth, but she wasn't there)
Fah: Aunt did you happen to see Nam.
Aunt: OWWWW Nam went back he to take care of her dad.
M: Ban yut tee nai?
Aunt: You take the back road and make a left. They live in a little house by the late.
Fah: thanks Ja

Nam: Dad please don't go to work today na.
D: I need money?
Nam: Taamai?
D: So you can go to college?
Nam: Mai ka Paw.
D: But I want you to succeed in life.
Nam: I can do it myself but first I need to take care of you.

Fah: This house mom
M: Why do they live so poor?
Fah: Taamai Mae. You know these people.
M: You will know soon.

N: Paw let me go grab your pills.
D: No honey. Just let me die.
N: Mai ka paw. Mai mee wun chan thook paw bai?
D: Nam.
Nam: Mai Mee wun paw.

Nam then sees a figure by the door. The women she saw from yesterday. Chat chai turns around seeing the women he loved and still love 19 years ago.

D: Sinjai
N: I'm sorry but who are you and why are you guys here in our home.
M: Nam. Lu
N: Lu, chan Mai chai Khun Lu. Chan Mae thy Lao.
F: Wait, I'm confused.
D: Fah.
F: Mom how does he know my name. Lets go home.
M: No.
D: Sinjai chan-
M: You just take my baby and leave?
D: Sinjai chan-
M: I now come back to take Nam.
N: I won't go with you. I don't know who you are. Who is she dad?
D: This is your real mom honey?
N: No, I only have one mom and she's Lun.
D: Lun is your step mother. I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
N: You lied to me.
D: I'm sorry honey.
Nam was outside by the deck just tearing up as she watch her years fall into the late where she grew up for 19 years. She just couldn't believe that that was her mom when the mom she knew was Lun, but it was just a lie.

F: Nam (Walks over to Nam and sits down with her) Poom roo Laow Tur Gep.
N: Chai yah cee, Poom Gep mak, Gep mak kaan nai.
F: But at least you know you have a sister.
N: Your not mad about this?
F: Actually I am mad. Mad that the dad I known isn't my dad.
N: Why did you come back here?
F: Well-
N: Please take yourself and your mom back home with you to your hi-so life in Bangkok.
F: How do you know we live in Bangkok, and you can't prove that I'm hi-so.
N: That neck wear your wearing is 100,000bht. | She gets up and walks away from Fah |
F: How did she know.