Mark and Yaya in Paris, France (12 PLUS Event)


My man Mark is pretty tall considering Yaya's a "giant" girl. lol NOT literally y'al know what I mean but she is tall. lol
I want to see them reunite in a modern lakorn. :) :dance1:

In Paris



Of course Mark's fans can never let him leave without a farewell goodbye and visit. lol keke :p :p

Mommy, Daughter and Son. lol :p


According to this picture, they have arrived back to Thailand. Mark then turned around to say "goodbye" to Yaya before leaving the airport.  Yaya asked, "how are you going home? With whom?"
Mark replied, "Taxi." awww the fans went in tears. lol :)  Then Mark wai Yaya's mom and said Goodbye. That's Yaya's mom hugging Mark goodbye in the white shirt.  I assume Yaya's mom, Mark and Marks manager probably got to know each other better after a couple trips overseas now. :p They are a little more comfy now. lol
Their make up artist, Mark's manager and Yaya's mommy. :p

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Lol. Mark has been posting a lot of cute photos from Paris on his Instagram lately. Y'all should definitely check it out. Mane, if I were in Paris, I'd totally stalk them. Lmfao.


sarNie Adult
Wow, a superstar like Mark takes a taxi from the airport.  I would expect a private van to come pick him up or something.  lol.


sarNie Juvenile
Love Yaya in her skinny jeans , it shows off her nice figure. Mark is cute too . They are both so cute together and Mae Plae seemed to have a soft spot for Mark.