Watched bits and parts of "Kleun Cheewit" and I have to admit that Yaya and Mark are way hotter than Yaya and Nadech/ Kim and Mark put together! I've thought of this FF title for a while but could never find a good cast for it but I think I just did after hours of brainstorming. Goal is to wrap up this story in 12 chapters. Enjoy!

Game Marn

(The Devil's Game)


Taew Nattaporn as Kwankaew (Kwan)

Preem Ranida as Nalinee (Nee)

Mark Prin as Attiruj (Ruj)

Nadech Kugimiya as Ittsara (Itt)

Donut Manasanan as PraewFah (Fah)

Tye Nattapol as Teeradon (Don)

Noey Chotika as Rasee (Sri)

Aun Withaya as Peerapol (Paul)

Nong Roodbus as Liam Tawan

Nok Jarinya Anfone as Nuanuan


After their mother's death, Attiruj (Mark) goes to live with his older sister, PraewFah (Donut) in New York, while their father stays behind in Thailand to take care of their family's real estate business. Attiruj grows up to be a handsome and smart young man, a great role model for his six-year old nephew, Liam (Roodbus), who, like Attiruj himself, never really got to know his father. All Attiruj knew was that a man named Teeradon (Tye) broke his sister's heart and then left and he never saw the guy again. Attiruj and Praewfah return to Thailand upon their father's death and is left with the family's real estate business and several properties around the country. There, Liam develops social problems amongst other problems so Praewfah hires Kwankaew (Taew), a private teacher to educate him at home. Attiruj secretly falls for Kwankaew, who, unbeknownst to him, is also the fiance of Ittsara (Nadech), a handsome young doctor. Kwankaew and Ittsara are actually good friends and only engaged to save Kwankaew's freedom since she was forced by her mother to marry a wealthy older man for money. Ittsara, however, also secretly harbors feelings for Kwankaew. Attiruj soon learns that Ittsara is the younger brother of the man that broke his older sister's heart several years ago. Knowing this, Attiruj devises evil plans to cause chaos and heartbreak on top of heartbreak all to revenge what Ittsara's older brother did to his older sister years ago.

Teaser Dialogue

"You caused two women's heart to break! You are not a man!" - Ittsara to Attiruj

"If anyone messes with my little brother they are declaring a war with me." - Teeradon to Ittsara

"You made me love you, you made my best friend love you, but everyone hates you." - Nalinee to Attiruj

"You can't just shut me out like I'm a stranger now that he's back in your life; I raised Liam!" - Peerapol to Praewfah

"There's not a drop of compassion in your body, only revenge, and you go as far as sleeping with me to break two women's hearts...I am actually afraid that you will break mine too because unlike you, I have feelings...I may have fallen for you." - Rasee to Attiruj

"My first and only love was unsuccessful...I don't want you to have to go through the same thing as I did." - Teeradon to Ittsara

"I really underestimated you...I never thought you would drag hundreds of thousands of people in this revenge plan of yours. You caused them to lose their jobs. Have you ever thought of how that would affect their families? No, you didn't. You only thought of yourself and satisfying your thirst for revenge. I would ask what your heart is made of but clearly you don't have one." - Kwankaew to Attiruj

"Your little brother did this to my little brother, my company, and my people. I won't let go of this easily." Teeradon to Praewfah

"Revenge only brings upon sadness and pain. Forgiveness brings upon new beginnings and happiness." - Praewfah to Attiruj

"A person like you...even if you die and go to hell, hell wouldn't even welcome you." - Kwankaew to Attiruj

"If I knew of the devil you became today, I would choose not to know you from the beginning." -Nalinee to Attiruj

"I'm going to make you suffer like your brother made my sister suffer." - Attiruj to Ittsara

"Don't even think for one minute that you can call yourself his father. You may have raised him but he was not born from your love." - Teeradon to Peerapol

"You did all of this just for revenge and you've wasted all of this time for people to hate you." - Ittsara to Attiruj​
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