Mark Prin & Preem Ranida (PUANDERNTANG vol. 35 no. 407 November 2013)


sarNie Hatchling
Mark and Preem need a lakorn together...I mean Preem need a lakorn with a pra'ek around her age!!!
cr: magazinedee [of course]

i know they were rumor to have a lakorn together but it turn out to be Patricia, sad i was hoping to be them!


sarNie Juvenile
God! they do look good! Such a youthful and wondrous couple! They definitely fit for a romantic/slap/kiss genre lol :)
I agree that Preem needs a youthful and handsome pra'ek for once! and Mark is a great choice for that. lol 
I want to see them do modern though. not ancient or old fashion period genre yet.
Hope she's line up to work with Mark next.  Mark currently only has Buang Athitaan! he has just finished with Ab Rak online and Pope Rak!!! yay!