[CH3] Kom Faek (Metta Mahaniyom) : Mark Prin / Kimmy Kimberley

Discussion in '2018' started by Step, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    There was news of MK reunion from last year and MK FC have posted this. Finally MK have a lakorn for Metta. Its an action drama
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  2. Knitty

    Knitty sarNie Adult

    @Step, you are fast..hahaha
  3. fun

    fun YGfamily

    A remake of Poh and Noon's lakorn? If so, I didnt like it but it was such a huge hit.
  4. Sweet_09

    Sweet_09 ♥♥Ann&Kim♥♥

    Should I as a Fan of Kim be happy that she'll get to work with a new production and a new genre :confused::confused:?? Yeah I should but there a but ;);).
    I'll be looking forward for more update:thumbup::thumbup:!
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  5. enzek

    enzek sarNie Adult


    i'm happy kim will act in different kind of genre, an action! but actually i want a different actor as p'ek. i will watch any lakorn with Kim as n'ek though:cheer:

    is nok chatchai the producer for this lakorn? i had watch nuer mek 1 & 2 and also mafia tee ruk.

    i like nuer mek but dislike mafia tee ruk. i hope they will make kim character here kickass just like women in nuer mek:)

    just wonder if this a remake?
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  6. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    Could not wait :p
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  7. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    I'm happy for Kim as its a new genre and new production for her. I will more happy if it was other P'ek cos kim has chemistry with all actors. But its ok as MK are not reuniting back to back. Kim accepts only one lakorn in a year. She has Buang hong now so I think this will start in 2017 cos Mark is also not free.
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  8. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    a new ride with mk although i don't like action genre but will see what will happen :)
  9. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    I'm actually really happy that it's MK in an action lakorn. Kim has always said that she wanted to be in an action lakorn since Seur. This won't be a first time for Mark so he'll be experienced too. Also, personally, I think Mark is really good-looking in action. I also want Kim to be kick ass in a lakorn too, where she actually fights and shoot. I haven't seen the original if this is a remake, so hopefully I will like this one. :)
  10. doojhyo

    doojhyo sarNie Juvenile

    i watch all kim lakorn except the one when she acts with mark..it is just me or i think that kim doesnt have on screen chemistry with mark..or maybe mark acting are not good enough...i try to watch kim lakorn pckk and ton ruk rim rua but i cant get the feeling..wish kim next project after buang hong would be with another praek like mario maurer or nadech...
  11. mayag

    mayag sarNie Adult

    Not a fan of Mark's acting but I hope he has improved.

    I wonder who'll play Cee and Cheer's characters. Loved their parts together in the old one!
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  12. doojhyo

    doojhyo sarNie Juvenile

    is this the casting already confirmed???
  13. Pooh4ever

    Pooh4ever sarNie Adult

    Is this only a rumor? i hope it's not true. As much as I like MK, I don't want to see them together again. I think seeing their posts on IG is already enough for me, I don't think I need to see them all cheesy and lovey dovey on screen too. I'm actually really happy that the last two years or so Kimmy has given the chance to act with other actors and I want this to continued. I have soooo many other actors I want to see Kim act with, there's Mario, Ken P., Lek, etc so I hope this is not true.

    And I'm not big on action genre so I'm not even sure if I'll be watching this if MK reunite in this.
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  14. enzek

    enzek sarNie Adult

    So it not only me who want Kim acts with other actor in this lakorn

    I watch all Kim lakorn since she is my favourite actress & from all her lakorn with Mark, I only like PCKK.

    I want Kim act with other actor coz she only accept one lakorn a year. If she accept more lakorn it OK if she acts again with Mark.

    But on the bright side, at least it is a different genre this time. Hope her character this time is not only a tough & kickass woman but also sensible. Take a break from too emotional, spoiled & hot headed character. More character like in Thara Himalaya & PCKK.
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  15. enzek

    enzek sarNie Adult

    So i just noticed that nok chatchai is also the producer for lakorn khun chai ronnapee with James ma & Mint Chalida! No wonder there are many action scenes there phew.

    Still from all nok chatchai lakorn that I watch, women character in nuer mek 1 & 2 are the best for me.
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  16. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    so if mk was confirmed in here we won't have many people spazzing *sigh* but it's okey i have my lovely ladies i will count on them :cheer::cheer: , although i really really really hope they won't b confirmed cause i don't like action genre i just don't like it is not my genre and i didn't want mk to reunite in this kind of genre but because it's mk i will try to endure it
  17. enzek

    enzek sarNie Adult

    If Kim is confirmed here I'm gonna watch it no matter what.
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  18. Jacy

    Jacy sarNie Hatchling

    If true MK is paired then its a good news for both Kim and Mark fans and imagine Kim in action... I think Mark once had action lakorn with Nok Chatchai too... Maybe we can still enjoy them... But for me it must have subtitle....
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  19. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    don't worry about subtitle 100% kimmy fans will sub it all of her lakorn has been subbed , i'm soo thankful to them :cheer::cheer::clap:
  20. enzek

    enzek sarNie Adult

    I just check. Yes he produce lakorn with mark & bella , phope ruk. Haven't watch it yet.

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