[CH3] Kom Faek (Metta Mahaniyom) : Mark Prin / Kimmy Kimberley

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  1. phatman

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    I agree with your second paragraph. He should move to the big screen. His ideas are not cut out for the small screen.
  2. NongS

    NongS sarNie Hatchling

    Got Jirayu won an Asian Television Award for Best Supporting Actor ! I am glad he was recognised because he was a riveting villain. He won over Louis Scott from BPS, which I mean Got was splendid but you have to give props to Louis for working the wig :p


    P'Nok Sinjai is so beautiful and that necklace is exquisite! She won but as a supporting actress for another show.
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  3. SuzieJ

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    Omg congrats to Got!!! He seriously deserves that award for his role. He totally killed it as San! Congrats to him :icon12:
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  4. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    Got deserved it for his role as San. He outshined Mark in this lakorn. I really believe that portraying the bad guy in this allowed Got to be more creative with his attack and made it mor3 devilish :lol: Congrats again to him. :clap:
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  5. NongS

    NongS sarNie Hatchling

    Yes I have to concede that Got was the strongest presence of the lakorn. But personally my favourite performances were the girls, Kao, Pear and Kim. And of course I still think Mark did an excellent job, I
    found his acting really touching and sincere. In my admittedly biased opinion, I think the script didn't really do the protagonist justice.I spent most of the lakorn with an achy heart!
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  6. est.jpn

    est.jpn sarNie Hatchling

    Congrats to him. I hope he gets more awards in the future. He always does his best and plays very amazing roles. He never disappoints too.
    Crazy thing is that he gets better roles as a side character then most main leads who have dumb story lines. Louis does need more appreciating
    especially for how long he's been acting in the industry. He's an amazing actor too.
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  7. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    I agree. The spotlight was on San in the story. It's not just you who spent most of watching the lakorn with an achy heart but also me :lol: Even in the last episode, San was still the highlight. Mark improved tho and yes, the girls were great too in this. Kim have less screen time but whenever she was on screen, she never disappoints.
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