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    The Lost Stars

    Teaser 1/Preview "We can't, this isn't right? we can't like each other." -Yaya "Liking someone isn't a crime." -Mario ----------------------------- "You're here alone? again? what kind of boyfriend leaves there girlfriend here all day?" -James Ma "Should I be your boyfriend for today?" -James Ma...
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    Ch3 46th Anniversary, 46 Love Mission

      TEAMS   Team Members pics     cr somrakn
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    James Ma (SECRET Vol.8 No.182 January 2016)

  4. Sweet_JJ

    ❤[CH3] Sai Tarn Hua Jai (Makers Group) : James Ma/Mint Chalida / Alex Rendel /Prim Prima / Carissa S

    James Ma and Mint Chalida will be reuniting in this remake "Sai Tarn Hua Jai"
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    James Ma (Traveller's Companion November 2015)

    FINALLLLYYYYYYY :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  This was done when Ka Badin was still on air :phew: cr as tagged
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    Various Stars (PPBT vol. 41 no. 1917 October 2015)

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    Micro Love (Fehnu Infinity)

    James Ma's manager posted on IG that he will have a movie Its called Micro Love, a romantic, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy. The actress is Korean singer and actress Eun Jung. Fans are excited for it. It will start filming at the end of this year. In 2016 it will be released :D translation by mameaw
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    James Ma (AROUND vol. 6 no. 66 September 2015)

    Cr: Magazinedee
  9. "peace"

    your favorite combination (kimberley & ?)

    so i wanted to know witch one of this will be the favorite in AF kim's fans ,  based on my observation these four was the favorite ones here in AF (markim, kimbarry, ananberley, kimja) 
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    Various Stars (OHO vol. 8 no. 178 August 2015)

  11. Bieluvr

    [Ch3] Akom (TV Scene) James Mar/ Margie Rasri

    https://instagram.com/p/465RvGNY-U/   TV Scene new project for next year is "Akom", a novel? Rumor to be James Ma pairing with Margie.   Storyline: ผลชันสูตรศพมาเฟียรายใหญ่ที่ขัดแย้งกับลักษณะอาการก่อนตายอย่างน่าพิศวงดึงให้ เอื้อกานต์ คุณหมอสาวผู้มีสัมผัสพิเศษ และ ทีเกื้อนายตำรวจหนุ่ม...
  12. OHOaddict

    Intertwined Love

    My first FANFIC and its already out of hands. The actors/actresses I use were originally chosen by me before i even had a story. This is for entertainment only. Not to criticize an actor/actress. You are more than welcome to make suggestion to the story i write and correct me wherever i may be...
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    AMAT-THE ANATOMY Exhibition with 100 stars (ADULTS ONLY)

    AMAT-THE ANATOMY exhibition which exhibits 100 stars. "Fashion Trendy + Healthy Body" is the concept. It's from photographer Amatyai, Styled by stylist Babmi. From June 24 - August 16 2015             Many actresses are topless  :shock2:  :shock2: (Janie, Gubgib, Pancake, Jui, Metinee...
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    James Ma (Kwanruen vol. 47 no. 1046 June 2015)

  15. Sweet_JJ

    [Profile] James Ma & News

    Name: James Ma (เจมส์ มาร์) Nickname: JMA, Tee, James Ethnicity: Thai/Hong Kong