Mint Chalida & James Ma (KAZZ No 85 July 13)


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I am so proud of you, YaMaMiKi! Awesome job on re-uploading the pictures onto an image hosting server before sharing them here on AF (AsianFuse). :thumbsup: Thanks for respecting and following the forum rules. You are awesome and a sweetheart. :grouphug: Keep it up! :)
It's a cute cover, but I'm not fond of James' outfit and Chalida's bangs. But it's still super cute. Therefore, I still like it, because they both look good with each other. :wub:


sarNie OldFart
James so adorable love his suspender! Mint gorgeous as usual but i don't like that roll bangs


sarNie Juvenile
James look cute..they both look like a retro to the 60s lolz...


sarNie Adult
I am still not over JMA and Mint. I love this two the most out of all the Khun Chais. So Finnn!!!! I demand another lakorn of them.