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  1. Maricon

    [CH3] Kror Rak (Cholumpi Production): James Ma/Pie Rinrada

    Source: Daradaily
  2. S

    [CH3] DuangTa Thi Saam (Citizen Kane) : James Ma / Mew Nittha

    James Ma confirmed it himself! What a great new pairing. It’s a romcom which James ka has never been in before! I’m so excited :cheer:
  3. Princesa

    Always until the End (Klin Kasalong Fanfic the unofficial Klin Kasalong Part 2)

    Chapter 1 Rassaya weaved through the crowd, never letting go of her purse though it dangled under her arm. Wisps of hair hit her face. “Come on just a bit longer,” she heard Kristina say. Fire filled her throat and she stumbled. “Can we just rest a bit, it’s not like the guy is going to rush...
  4. T

    Leh Rak Salub Hua Jai [CH.2]

    FanFiction Leh Rak Salub Hua Jai (Love Tricks, Swapped Hearts) Cast [NOT FINAL, WILL ADD AS STORY PROGRESSES] Taew Nattaporn as Princess Kaewkwan Mark Prin as Chananon James Jirayu as Danai Yaya Urassaya as Rarin Nadech Kugimiya as Prince YodFah James Ma as Prince Nakrop Pear Pitchapa as Chaya...
  5. tinglypanda

    Passionate Vengeance - Chapter 19

    Hi everyone!! My name is Lily :) I'm a new member to this forum, after a few years of being a silent reader, I finally decided to join! So my first story is of course "Passionate Vengeance". I still do not know who to cast as the main characters. I will post a prologue soon and if you can give...
  6. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    [CH3]Song Sanaeha (Makers Group) : Kim Kimberley/ James Ma

    Remake, last version was Aum Patcharapa as the twins and Vee as pra'ek Confirmed: Author's FB https://www.facebook.com/aritaa.kanyamass
  7. cookiies

    ❤️[CH3] King Kasalong (No problem): Yaya Urassaya/ James Ma

    cr pic: @pornpanr cr translation : @nyinterfc The hottest actor right now must be James Ma because besides lakorns Akhum, Saitharn huajai, Chat Soeur Phann Mungkorn, Duong Jai Nai Fai Nao, recently, Mam Thitima has selected him to be Pra'Ek in another lakorn. While in this lakorn, he will work...
  8. Maricon

    James Ma, Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri (Sudsapda Vol.35 No.819 March 2017)

    Credits as tagged
  9. Maricon

    James Ma, Margie Rasri (Traveller's Companion Vol.38 No. 445 January 2017)

    Credits as tagged
  10. krisayaporn

    [CH3] Duang jai Nai Fai Nhao (Good Feeling) : James Ma / Jeena Yeena / YoGhurt Nattasha

    Khun King confirmed about his new drama that James Mar will take a Pra'ek role, is "Duang Jai Nai Fai Nhao" About n'ek role, he expect that be newbie actress, but he didn't confirm yet. The script writer is same writer of Padiwarada Other thing, he reveal about a little bit character. Pra'ek...
  11. D~D

    SUDSAPDA 2016 Cuddly Men

  12. S

    James Ma (Kullastree Vol.46 No.1092 July 2016)

    cr magdee
  13. krisayaporn

    ❤ [CH3] Chart Suer Pun Mungkorn (TV Scene): James Ma/Diana Flipo

    ชาติเสือพันธุ์มังกร   Khun Pin reserve James Mar's queue to next her project as Chart Suer Pun Mungkorn   Synopsis   Lim Bun Hou or Songward is fired from lieutenant school because he is Chinese man and alien even if he will graduate soon, but he don't give up with his destiny. He will never...
  14. S

    James Ma (Krua Khun Toi vol 3 no 26 September 2016)

    cr magdee
  15. S

    KimJa/JK in Magazines

    For all the Magazines of JK F3 TV3 Fan Club Magazine - May 2016 OK! Magazine - 01-10-2016
  16. S

    KimJa/JK at Events

    JK are getting many events. So I thought we should have a thread for that. Events will be added to this post True Move H at Surin Province of Thailand June 2013 Siam Center Idea Avenue: Trends of AW 2013/2016 Ch3 46 Love Mission CBRE Elite Living 2016 @Siam Paragon 2016.05.29 Pepsi with...
  17. S

    KimJa/JK TVC

    This thread is for products of KimJa as presenters Pepsi Thailand Ele Cream Mask
  18. Pooh4ever

    ♡ 'JK' KimJa's Directory Thread ♡

    ♡ Welcome to KimJa's Directory Thread ♡ A directory of all activities and updates of the pra'nang, James Ma and Kimberley Voltemas. Want to know more about our lovely pra'nang, click on the image of their individual profile and it will guide you to their full profile. ♂ Piang Chai Kon...
  19. S

    KimJa (Kimmy ❤ James Ma) - OTP

    ♡ Welcome to KimJa's Official Thread ♡ This thread is the official asianfuse shipping thread dedicated to the pra'nang, James Ma and Kimberley Woltemas PCKNMCPW ended and Kim and James chemistry was discussed in all social media in Thailand. I used to be crazy for KimBarry but now KimJa is best...
  20. S

    James Ma (SUDSAPDA Vol.34 No.800 1 JUNE 2016)

    cr JMaFC
  21. K

    The Lost Stars

    Teaser 1/Preview "We can't, this isn't right? we can't like each other." -Yaya "Liking someone isn't a crime." -Mario ----------------------------- "You're here alone? again? what kind of boyfriend leaves there girlfriend here all day?" -James Ma "Should I be your boyfriend for today?" -James Ma...
  22. S

    Ch3 46th Anniversary, 46 Love Mission

      TEAMS   Team Members pics     cr somrakn
  23. S

    James Ma (SECRET Vol.8 No.182 January 2016)

  24. Sweet_JJ

    ❤[CH3] Sai Tarn Hua Jai (Makers Group) : James Ma/Mint Chalida / Alex Rendel /Prim Prima / Carissa S

    James Ma and Mint Chalida will be reuniting in this remake "Sai Tarn Hua Jai"
  25. S

    James Ma (Traveller's Companion November 2015)

    FINALLLLYYYYYYY :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  This was done when Ka Badin was still on air :phew: cr as tagged
  26. S

    Various Stars (PPBT vol. 41 no. 1917 October 2015)

  27. S

    Micro Love (Fehnu Infinity)

    James Ma's manager posted on IG that he will have a movie Its called Micro Love, a romantic, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy. The actress is Korean singer and actress Eun Jung. Fans are excited for it. It will start filming at the end of this year. In 2016 it will be released :D translation by mameaw
  28. M

    James Ma (AROUND vol. 6 no. 66 September 2015)

    Cr: Magazinedee
  29. "peace"

    your favorite combination (kimberley & ?)

    so i wanted to know witch one of this will be the favorite in AF kim's fans ,  based on my observation these four was the favorite ones here in AF (markim, kimbarry, ananberley, kimja) 
  30. S

    Various Stars (OHO vol. 8 no. 178 August 2015)

  31. Bieluvr

    [Ch3] Akom (TV Scene) James Mar/ Margie Rasri

    https://instagram.com/p/465RvGNY-U/   TV Scene new project for next year is "Akom", a novel? Rumor to be James Ma pairing with Margie.   Storyline: ผลชันสูตรศพมาเฟียรายใหญ่ที่ขัดแย้งกับลักษณะอาการก่อนตายอย่างน่าพิศวงดึงให้ เอื้อกานต์ คุณหมอสาวผู้มีสัมผัสพิเศษ และ ทีเกื้อนายตำรวจหนุ่ม...
  32. OHOaddict

    Intertwined Love

    My first FANFIC and its already out of hands. The actors/actresses I use were originally chosen by me before i even had a story. This is for entertainment only. Not to criticize an actor/actress. You are more than welcome to make suggestion to the story i write and correct me wherever i may be...
  33. S

    AMAT-THE ANATOMY Exhibition with 100 stars (ADULTS ONLY)

    AMAT-THE ANATOMY exhibition which exhibits 100 stars. "Fashion Trendy + Healthy Body" is the concept. It's from photographer Amatyai, Styled by stylist Babmi. From June 24 - August 16 2015             Many actresses are topless  :shock2:  :shock2: (Janie, Gubgib, Pancake, Jui, Metinee...
  34. S

    James Ma (Kwanruen vol. 47 no. 1046 June 2015)

  35. Sweet_JJ

    [Profile] James Ma & News

    Name: James Ma (เจมส์ มาร์) Nickname: JMA, Tee, James Ethnicity: Thai/Hong Kong
  36. Sweet_JJ

    The Heart's Desire

  37. M

    Have James Ma changed, in your opinion?

    I just want to ask James Ma's fans who followed for so long. For whom who followed James Ma since the beginning, I wonder from the first time you've been following him, is or are there any changes you see him?   Personality Manners Characteristics   In three of these categories, in which one did...
  38. Sweet_JJ

    James Ma Random: Discussions, Random Pics, Etc...

  39. F

    Mr. Mr (The Other Side)

    *hey, it's been awhile since I've wrote a new fanfic. I've been to busy with school and kpop I feel bad for leaving Thai-pop but I came back this time. The last Thai drama I've watched was Cubic but I hope to come back this time officially. Hopefully. I'll still be updating Silver Lining and...
  40. Sweet_JJ

    Short Film to Celebrate the King's 87th Birthday.

  41. snsdapple

    List of Thai's Celebrity Date of Birth

    You can wish your favorite actors/actress birthday here...! :party:   List of Thai's Celebrity Date of Birth   January 22.01.1992 - Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri Woltemas   February 06.02.1989 - Taew Nattaporn Temeeruk (แต้ว ณฐพร เตมีรักษ์)   March 18.03.1993 - Yaya Urassaya Sperbund (ญาญ่า อุรัสยา...
  42. Sweet_JJ

    James Ma (The Aseaner Vol.1 No.2 November 2014)

    cr: Team James Ma at Pantip  
  43. B

    Nadech Kugimiya, Weir Sukollawat, Mario Maurer, Ken Phupoon, James Ma (Sudsapda Vol.32 No.759 Septe

                  cr: nadechworld & nyclub
  44. Sweet_JJ

    Give Me 5: Concert Rate A

  45. snsdapple

    Preem Ranida - James Ma, James Jirayu, Nadech Kugimiya, Mario Muarer...?

      Name : Preem Ranida Techasit (พรีม รณิดา เตชสิทธิ์) D.O.B : 10 November 1996 Nationality : Thai & Italian (Ethnically, she's half Chinese & half Italian) Height : 170cm Weight : 49kg Talent : Ballet Siblings : One younger brother Favorite Actress/Idols : Anne Thongprasom, Urassaya Sperbund &...
  46. Sweet_JJ

    Hate... Or Love?

  47. Alice

    James Ma (HI! Vol.12 no.5 January 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  48. Alice

    Barry Nadech&James Ma (DICHAN Vol.25 no.885 January 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  49. cool :)

    Which fantasy couple do you wanna see?

    A New Year, a new pairing? lmfao just kidding . I'm just bored like always. But Happy New Year AFers. I love you all 555 X)photo-shopped by cool:) ....yes yes... everything was photo-shopped 555    
  50. Alice

    James Ma (I GET ENGLISH Vol.7 no.62 October 2013)

    credit as tagged
  51. K

    [Ch3] Ruang Ruk Chabub (Waan) Khom (Lakorn Thai)

    It's a novel  Title: เรื่องรักฉบับ(หวาน)ขม  Translate: My Sweet (Bitter) Love Summary: สำหรับ นลิน …ความรักของเธออยู่บนพื้นฐานของความเป็นจริง แต่กับ ธีรัช… ความรักของเขาคือความสวยงาม เมื่อเขาและเธอรักกัน จึงเป็นความรักที่บางครั้งก็ขมปร่า… บางคราก็หวานล้ำ แล้ววันหนึ่ง…ทุกอย่างก็ถึงทางแยก ...
  52. Y

    Mint Chalida & James Ma (KAZZ No 85 July 13)

    Credits To MINT IG Inside Pics To COme
  53. Y

    Mint Chalida,James Ma,James Jirayu (HAMBURGER no.181 July)

    Credits To Magazine Dee & Hamburger IG Back Cover Front Cover  
  54. Falada

    Messy Circle of Love Part 1&2 *COMPLETE*

    Sorry about the cover. I have to squish them together.   There's going to be 2 parts in this FF. Part 1 is where all the problems begin, and Part 2 is where there's a lot of problem, and the problems ending, too.                                                                             ...
  55. Alice

    [Ch3] Ka Badin (Tv Scene)

    http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/17872-unknown/ thanks to Mai @spicyforum    title waiting for announcement
  56. Y

    Mint Chalida & James Ma (LEMONADE Vol 3 No 56 July 13)

    Sorry i havent Found the other Inside Pics... Yet >_< Credits To Magazine Dee And FB
  57. Alice

    James Ma (PAPPAYONBANTERNG Vol.39 no.1857 June 2013)

    credit to postjung picpost
  58. Alice

    James Ma&Mint Chalida (HONEYMOON+TRAVEL Vol.1 no.133 June 2013)

    credit to magazinedee
  59. Alice

    James Jirayu&James Ma (KWANRUEN Vol.44 no.999 July 2013)

    credit to magazinedee
  60. C

    4+1 superstars versus The 5 Lions!!!

    Which team is more HOT POPULAR CUTE HANDSOME
  61. A

    Mai Davika & James Ma (PUANDERNTANG vol. 34 no. 401 May 2013)

    Credits: Traveller's Companion Magazine's Facebook  
  62. Alice

    James Jirayu&James Ma (PAPPAYONBANTERNG Vol.39 no.1853 May 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  63. Cupid Candy

    Pope, Great, Bomb, James M, James J (KULLASATREE vol. 42 no. 1014 April 2013)

    CREDIT to magazinedee  
  64. R

    Song Kram Nang Fah (Chapter 1 preview)

    Song Kram Nang Fah (Battle Of The Angel's) Thx's fantastic for the wonderful Poster. I know I PM u like 2-3 time's was i bugging you,Sorry, I wanted a poster so i can write the ff. Hope i wasn't making u mad.   Character's Mark Prin -He's a BIG TIME PLAYER, he flirts with every flight...
  65. S

    Mark Prin, Ken P, James Ma (DICHAN VOL No.863 FEBRUARY 2013)

    36th Anniversary Issue   Interesting cover for now! Inside pictures coming soon!     Mark is Handsome! Beautiful!   Ken P   James M   Cr. Dichan FB
  66. Cupid Candy

    Suparburoot Jutathep Cast (CHEEWITRAK vol. 31 no. 1578 January 2013)

    credit to magazinedee    
  67. M

    Taeng Yan Neung Pi kaung Rao (Our 1 year Marriage) Ch.10 Updated 12.9.12

    Hi people so i am new here yes!!!! I just learned of asainfuse like 2 weeks ago from my cousin Fantastic_27, she is the best person you wish to know your whole life, where like sisters ahahahahaha. Please Bare with my writing na, This is my first Fanfic so bare with my spelling errors and many...
  68. blissfulxoxo

    [Ch3] Suparburoot Jutathep Series

    CH3 upcoming series for 2012! WOOT ^__^ So glad they're continuing this trend! 555 Although, I thought 4 Hua Jai should've been the first and last series since I thought it was only something exclusive but I guess not. Lol. Oh well, I prefer these kind of lakorns with series. I can't wait. I...