Mint Chalida & James Ma (LEMONADE Vol 3 No 56 July 13)


They looked amazing. I loved it. Lol. They look like a real couple. James just ask her out, and Mint just love him already!!!!1 You guys are perfect.
the magazine cover, I kinda thought they over edit Chalida's face, but it's ok. They look amazing.


in the third picture, they look like a married couple in a lakorn where she plays the rich girl, and he plays the playboy. 555+ They should do a re-make of 365 wun haeng ruk.


sarNie Juvenile
Is it just me or James really look like JOEN CHENG of It Started w/ a Kiss ..  :scratchhead2:
Anyways... THEY REALLY LOOK GREAT TOGETHER!!!  :woot2:  :woot2:  :woot2:


sarNie Adult
I like this couple more than the Mark-Mint pairing. 
They have better chemistry together and James Ma has better acting skills than Mark.


sarNie Hatchling
@queenyeon: sorry this is a sidenote all...but what is the name of the movie on your gif siggie?? I love that couple from meteor shower chinese version! they look more mature in your siggie ...very interesting! I need something to watch since Khun chai ronnapee ended too lol :)