James Ma and Patricia Good (MELLOW MAGAZINE Vol. 2 No. 9 January-February 2015)


sarNie Adult
the mag finally out..i believe there will be high chance for kimja mag anytime soon.
wow lucky pat always got paired with popular guys..

Iris Love

sarNie Egg
Omg. Pat is so pretty. Gosh Pat remind me so much of Yaya. Haha. I still need to check James Ma videos out but haven't found the time yet. I will soon. Haha


sarNie Juvenile
Yes! Another dream couple. I really do hope they film a lakorn together. They're soooooo cute. Seems like they would work well together on screen and off screen. They'll for sure be one power couple. Hehe...  :whahuh:


sarNie Juvenile
Sweet_JJ said:
I seriously think if they pair up, they might be a koojin. A lot of people like them together. Although I don't want James to have a koojin I wouldn't mind if he was with Pat. They both look good together and have chemistry! Their height, baby faces, and age difference is perfect! 
Seriously, they're so cute!

Their recent event


If they were to be a koojin, I will for sure be part of their fanclub. I totally agree about the baby face part. Their smiles together... are just so adorable! GO JAMESPAT!  :clap2:


sarNie Adult
I think they might get a chance to play in a drama together. I hope so... They look good together :)
If they pair up together in a drama, I'm sure they will be an outstanding new Koo Jin^^


Love has nothing to do with bodies.
Awww, they both look super cute. Hope we will see them together on screen.