The Heart's Desire


sarNie Juvenile
SO EXCITED! I really want to read this FF now :dance1:
This is such an amazing group of characters. Looking at James and Mario, I now think they can be really related. The hairstyles in the picture says it all. :ghehe:
The plot also seems very intense. Two sisters are going to love the same guy... yikes! 
Summer seems too far away for me, but I can't wait. I'll be waiting for your work Sweet_JJ. Good luck :)


I can't wait. Loving Mario and Kimberly pairing and James Ma and Yaya pairing. Wishing channel 3 will pair them up soon.


The Dahlia Goddess
Push vs JMa?!! Uhh I I I....definitely JMa! But i cant help but hope Push does have someone too:( someone who has always been there.


sarNie Adult
WHOOOAAAA! I only saw this now! Wow! there is a fanfic area. amazing! (Sorry, not been exploring the site.  :scratchhead2: ) I support this Mario and James Ma being brothers. I think they'd be great brothers. And the beginning was well made, I could imagine James Ma being a biatch, with dark dark shades.
Anyway, I like Push.... though for sure he'll be heartbroken at some point (It's okay Push I'm here for you! ehem...Sorry.) But wait, he's gonna be a glorious bastard? (now that I think about it, I think he can be evil too. He has that suave japanese villain look, I don't know, it's hard to explain.) 
Wait, so James fainted? ... .... wait. no. i shall not preempt this, but I like this. 
..... is there a secret injury? Wait wait wait no. forget I asked. Don't tell me.
Looking forward to chapter 2! More power! 


sarNie Juvenile
I love this so much! Thanks for posting. I thought I would have to wait till the end of May to read the first chapter. :ghehe:
Can I please make a prediction? I am more than 100% sure that James and Diana were a couple in America. He probably came back because of a broken heart (awww).
Another guess would have to be that James loved Yaya before he left for America. That's why she was familiar to him. When he went to America, he may have had a relationship with Diana. Diana may have really loved James, but he may just felt lonely.
I'm just so excited to read more. Please update soon! :D


sarNie Adult
Nadech is there too?! Whoa! 
I love the way Mario seems to love his brother despite everything. Not having siblings myself, I love reading/watching sibling relationships. 
I was surprised that everyone knew each other. I was expecting that they'd be surprised to know that they all know each other towards the climax. But anyway, the revelation now makes things exciting.
Poor Push! I had hoped that he won't be a jerk, but poor guy was put in his place before he could even show off. 
the headache.
Oh god I hope it's not a tumor...... but I'm guessing it might have something to do with the accident! GASP! 
Looking forward to Chapter 3!


sarNie Egg
i can't wait for the next chapter,
totally hooked i want to know more and more 
keep the good work
James and Yaya seems to have a very intriguing past and a very sad one too that changed the both of them 


sarNie Granny
Oo do update ! It turing a bit sad now .


sarNie Adult
Woah thought Yaya was going to go up to him and slap him kind of remind me of the scene in Sawan Biang where Ken made fun of the sister. Seems like it was a pretty sad past heartbreak they had.


sarNie Juvenile
Its been a month... I'm anticipating Chapter 4. Hurry Sweet_JJ!
I'm going crazy not knowing what's going to happen next! Ahhhhhh!   :weee: