Weir Sukolluwat,Ken Phoupoom,Barry Nadech,James Ma,Mario Maurer (DONT MAGAZINE Vol.4 no.44 November


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Put a bunch of guys together and it can go wrong. Put a bunch of girls together and they will look HOT.. Now put the guys together shirtless and then it goes real wrong.. LOL that's all I thought about seeing this ^_^


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i was so disappointed while posting this shoot, something went so wrong my poor KenP and James Ma 


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oh wow, as a fans of all of the guys and don't want to be rude or anything, Nadech, Ken and Mario a bad post. It make them (if they happen to have on a wig) they would look like a woman. Seriously, Mario and Ken will look like Korean star while Nadech...umm idk lol! The cover is just a no for the 3 while JMA and Weir look good. The inside pics are actually better...Thanks for sharing na!


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janajelly1 said:
Mario needs to stop doing that thing with his face where he sticks his nose up and gives a strange look lol, like seriously I do not need to see the inside of his nose.XD
Lol !!!