Passionate Vengeance - Chapter 19

Because I am half way through the story! How many of you lovely people are enjoying it??

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Hi everyone!! My name is Lily :)

I'm a new member to this forum, after a few years of being a silent reader, I finally decided to join!
So my first story is of course "Passionate Vengeance".
I still do not know who to cast as the main characters. I will post a prologue soon and if you can give me some suggestions of who to cast would be amazing!!!


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Story Line

Main characters are:
San and Lalin
Kawin and Prima

For years the Pongsakorn and Wongwilai family worked together building their business, the biggest shopping mall, there were many obstacles but they both worked hard and made the business become one of the most successful business in Thailand. They both become the top 10 richest man, their families were coming together very well. Pongsakorn had two sons, San and Natthadet. San’s is the eldest child, San’s father taught San from a young age, though San was busy with learning all about the business, his mother still taught him to be well manner and a gentleman. Wongwilai had one son and two daughters, Kawin, Lalin and Lumpao, Kawin was the eldest and grew up with San, learning side by side with him, they both went to school and did everything together. As San and Kawin got to High school they both met Prima and instantly fell in love with her beauty. Prima was not from a rich family but just an average girl, she was clever and sweet. Just as San and Kawin were about to finish their finally year, San’s father became self-fish and stole the business, cutting all allowance that Kawin’s father had and spend rumour’s that Kawin’s father stole money from the business. Kawin’s father had a heart attack and became sick, before his last breath, he made Kawin promise to take revenge and claim everything back. Kawin out of anger, took down the gate of Pongsakorn’s house and got into a fist fight with San. From that day on, the Pongsakorn and Wongwilai became enemies. Kaew, Kawin’s mother sent Kawin oversea to America to further his study and so there were no more trouble between the Pongsakorn and Wongwilai.
A few years later, things had calm down, Prima and San had gotten closer than before, they did everything together, went everywhere together, going to and back from University they were together. They were known as the sweetest couple on campus.


sarNie Rebel
Storyline sounds great so far and I really like it. Is there another part to the storyline that you are going to post? For suggestions, this is just based on pairings that I would really like to see are James Ma & Prang or Nadech & Mew. What kind of qualities do you look for in each of the characters?


Good start. I like the characters so far. It is getting intense. Fast moving pace! What happens now? And if it is base of celebs I would like this to be JMA and Taew as the leads. And Toey (actor) and Mew as second couple! ;)


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Thank you to both Tweedaly and PincessKarina!
After your suggestions I did manage to pick both main couples!! I will give a spoiler that this story will involve kidnapping as revenge! Hehe
The main couple is James Ma and Jeena Salarm and the second pair is Toey Pongsakorn and Mint Chalida. I think I am overly excited for their upcoming lakorn as to why I picked them!


sarNie Egg
I will be updating the first chapter very soon! So stay tune!
James Ma as San Pongsakorn
Jeena Salarm as Lalin Wongwilai
Toey Pongsakorn as Kawin Wongwilai
Mint Chalida as Prima Saisee

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sarNie Egg
final poster.jpg
James Ma - San Pongsakorn
Jeena Salarm - Lalin Wongwilai
Toey Pongsakorn - Kawin Wongwilai
Mint Chalida - Prima Saisee
Pon Phupantachsee - Natthadet Pongsakorn
Lena Schuett - Lumpao Wongwilai


sarNie Egg
Chapter One

Hand in hand, they walked down the stairs, many cheers and many congratulations being heard. Prima Saisee and San Pongsakorn happily walked out the door of Bangkok University celebrating their graduation with many other students following behind them. The left side were parents cheering and taking photos of their kids walking down the stairs in their graduation clothes, on the other side were younger students clapping. At the end of the line were Prima and San’s family.

“Congratulations my son and soon to be daughter in law” Kaew said giving San and Prima bouquets.

“Thank you, mum’s” Prima said hugging and kissing both Kaew and her mother, Noon.

“Mum, we don’t know if they are actually going to get married” Natthadet said walking towards them grinning.

“Natt, how can you say?!” Kaew said pinching his ear, Natt started whinging in pain.

“Well your brother hasn’t asked” Prima said going up to San bugging him.

San smiled putting his arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead, giving everyone and wink. Soon everyone started taking photos, Prima and San went off to congratulate and take photos with their friends before leaving to go home.

At the Pongsakorn house, they were preparing meals and decorating the living room to celebrating San’s and Prima’s graduation and preparing another big surprise for Prima. Kaew was in the kitchen with the maids, Naphat and Fah.

“Naphat, Fah, make sure all the meals tonight is on perfection! We have to make sure Prima says yes” Kaew said mixing the salad.

“Mrs Kaew, no doubt she will say yes” Fah said putting the food on the plate and giving it to another maid.

“That’s true, they have been together many years and miss Prima is the sweetest lady and Mr San deserves someone like Miss Prima” Naphat said.

Kaew turn to both of them giving them thumps up and telling them they said the right thing and continue cooking. Outside was San, with Natt and Wai his father. Natt was standing in the food table, eating food and drinking punch. Natt grabbed drinks and walked over to his brother and father.

“San are you ready for tonight” Natt asked giving San a glass of punch and handing his father a glass of wine.

“Of course, I’ve been waiting for this day to come” San said looking at the small box and smiling at his father.

“I’m proud of you son, having patience on waiting until you both finish studying to propose” Wai said patting his sons shoulder.

San smiled and put the box back in his pocket. Soon Kaew come out and stood with them waiting for Prima and her family to arrive. Soon they arrived and they all went to go sit down at the dining table. The families were talking about San taking over the business and Prima continuing Pop’s business of design and wanting to join the two companies together. After dinner, Natt went to the piano and started playing. Wai grabbed Kaew’s hand and started slow dancing with her, next came Pop and Noon. San grabbed Prima’s hands and pulled her out. It was their song, the song this dance to on their first date and every anniversary, San looked at her in the eyes, she smiled back, he just knows it, she is the one and only person he needs. Her eyes shine brighter than anything, her smiled make him fall hard, he spun her around in circles and as she turns back, San was on one knee, one hand holding hers and one with a diamond ring in his hand.

“San…” Prima said covering her mouth.

“Prima Saisee, since the first day I meet you, I feel crazy in love with you, you made me smile, laugh and you, Prima were my motivation to complete my studies and become a better person, whether it’s too soon or not, I want you to be the person that walks into the future with me, side by side and be my wife. Will you, Prima Saisee, marry me” San asked smiling brightly.

“Yes, yes” Prima answer grinning.

Everyone started cheering and clapping. San put the ring on and picked Prima up spinning her, he placed her down kissing her forehead. He couldn’t be any happier, even though they wouldn’t be marrying any time soon as they both want to settle down with the companies but at least there is the ring on that left hand telling everyone she is taken and that she is his and his only…

3 Years Later
Making his way out of the gate, pulling his luggage with one hand while the other hand holding the strap of his backpack on his back. People turning to look at him, especially girls, smiling and looking at him up and down.

“Mr. Kawin!” Buri yelled walking towards him.

Kawin turned around smiling. Buri and Don got to Kawin and bow down.

“Welcome back sir” they both said.

“Thank you, it feels great to be back home” Kawin said handing his luggage and bag to Don and Buri.

Don and Buri started walking and Kawin followed behind. He’s back and it’s time for him to claim back what should’ve been half of his. He spent years studying overseas just to take the company and have it all under his control.

“Dr! Dr! There’s an emergency surgery, a car accident with a young girl and she has a few glasses impale in her bodies with a broken leg!” one of the nurse said running into his office.

Mor put down his paper work and quickly got up running towards the surgery room. Mor started taking out the glasses that was impale in the young girl’s body and started on her broken leg. 3 hours later, he walked out of the room facing the parents of the girl. They rushing towards him asking countless of questions. He put his hands up and took his mask off.

“Your daughter is safe now, she has a broken leg but her condition is not critical, she will need to stay in the hospital for a few weeks just for safety. She will be moved into room 431.” Mor said smiling.

The family thanked Mor and ran to the room where their daughter was. He smiled and turn to the side.

“Isn’t my doctor the best doctor out there” Lalin said walking up to Mor, taking off her mask and gloves handing them to another nurse.

Mor looked at Lalin grinning “It’s because I have the best nurse working at my side” Lalin smile agreeing then point at her stomach hinting out it’s lunch time and that she is hungry. Mor sigh and put his arm around her neck. “Well, let’s go wash up and go out to lunch then, my treat?” Mor said lifting up his eyebrow.

“Definitely and always” Lalin said poking his tongue out. They both walked to their room getting changed and leaving to go have lunch out of the hospital.

Kawin stepped out of the car facing his company that he had send money over and built it while overseas with the help of his man’s, sister and mother. Lining up were his staff’s that his man interview for him. He walked up the stairs smiling at his staffs as they bow down. He walked into the meeting room while everyone else follows, they all sat down and he began talking.

“Though you may all know me by now but I will still introduce myself, I am Kawin Wongwilai, you CEO, I may not have been here in person doing this business of building the resorts but I have seen that you all have done an amazing job and now that I am back, I will help further this company and get us further than we are now” he said smiling at everyone. They all started clapping and welcoming him. He stood up and bow to all of them as they all bow back.

Don and Buri parked at the front door of Kawin’s house, Buri came around opening his door for him as he got out, maids line up smiling at him, happy to see that Kawin has finally return home. Sai, Kawin’s mother stood at the top of the stair smiling wide at her son, she walking down the stairs in happiness seeing he son after 7 years of him studying overseas and giving him a big hug, soon Lalin and Lumpao came running around the corner.

“Kawin!” Lalin and Lumpao screamed running down the stairs and jumping on him.

He hugged them both tightly, Lalin and Lumpao grabbed their mother arm pulling her into the hug as well. Years of being apart but now there are all back together face to face.

B Everyone sat at the dinning room eating their meals, Lumpao and Lalin sat next to each other while Sai was at the top and Kawin sat on the other side. Sai put down her glass of water and turn towards Kawin.

“I am so glad to have you back sweetie, not having you around for the past 7 years was lonely” Sai said touching Kawin’s hand.

“I miss you mother but I don’t know about you being lonely with these you with you everyday” Kawin said nodding his head towards Lalin and Lumpao. They both smiled widely and continue eating. “So, what have my two beautiful sisters been up to? What are you both studying?” Kawin asked taking a bite out of meal.

“I graduated on Bachelor of Nursing. Currently working in full time at the hospital near by” Lalin said putting her utensils done and wiping her lips.

“As for me, I’m on my second last year of studying Bachelor of Acting, I am learning instrument outside of university mainly piano” Lumpao said looking proud. “Oh, but the worst part is Natthadet is doing the same course as well and we are in the same class” Lumpao said frowning.

“Natthadet?” Kawin questioned.

“Natthadet Pongsakorn, San’s younger brother, oh, I also heard some of the students saying that San is getting married in 3 days with…. Who was it… Prima!” Lumpao said thinking.

Lalin looked at Lumpao shaking her head to try and stop Lumpao from talking any further but Lumpao kept going on about San proposing to Prima 3 years ago and been building resorts together. Lalin could see that her brother wasn’t happy with the information that was being said yet at the same time, he looked interested and was thinking vey hard. Sai coughed a few times and told the maids to pack up dinner and told her young ones to go shower and head to bed. Kawin walked out of the bathroom, making his way towards the balcony. He leaned on the balcony and sigh heavily, he looked up at the stars thinking back at when he and San first meet Prima.

13 Years Ago
San and Kawin were lining up next to each other with other students standing beside them. It was their first day of high school and it was introduction day, where all the first-year students gather to paly games and get to know each other. In a second, they were asked to group up and play games. Kawin was clapping and dancing, he spun around and crashed into someone.

“I am so sorry, are you okay” Kawin asked lending a hand.

“I’m okay, thank you” Prima said dusting her skirt and looked up at Kawin.

Kawin was stun by her beauty, she was very cute with her two braids. Kawin couldn’t say anything and just starred at her. “Um… Ah… My name is Kawin” Kawin finally had the courage to say offering his hand.

“Prima, Prima Saisee” Prima said taking his hand smiling brightly at him.

“And I’m San Pongsakorn” San said coming from behind Kawin, he was also stun my Prima’s beauty and took her hand and shook it.

From that day on, all three of them became good friends, they all were placed in the same classes and did everything together, they had dinner at each other houses and their friendships were getting stronger and stronger. San and Kawin were falling hard for Prima as years went on but whether Prima liked San or Kawin, she didn’t say anything.

Kawin sat down and started thinking. What should he do… San was now his enemy, Prima is an acquaintance, they both are now marrying in 3 days. Even though years has gone by, Kawin knows he is still in love with Prima and he knows for sure San loved Prima… That was it… Kawin got up and fold his arms, his taking everything back and he, as revenge will make Prima his and take everything from San.


sarNie Egg
Chapter Two

It was a busy start of the day, everyone was running around making sure everything was in place, Kaew and Noon were walking around checking off their list, Kaew went to go inform the staffs to move the chairs and tables while Noon excused herself to go check the meals in the kitchen. It was the day every woman even men had dreamt about. Prima was getting her make up done by make-up artists that Kaew has hired, she took a peep out the window of her hotel room, she could see her mother in law and father’s running around talking to the staffs, it was a beautiful site with flowers everywhere and the priest standing there talking to her father, she looked at the aisle where is will soon be walking to her one and only lover, San. Her smile widens at the site, it was beautiful. She turned to her friends and watched them taking photos of themselves and of Prima.

“Miss Prima, can you please stand up so I can check your dress one more time” the stylist said, lending Prima her hand, Prima grabbed it and stood up.

“Prima, today is it, are you excited?!” one of Prima’s friend asked checking out her dress.

“Very, I am very nervous as well” Prima said pushing her hair behind her ears turning around to face her friends smiling.

There was a knock on the door and Noon came in with Kaew following behind. They both went to Prima giving her a hug each.

“My daughter is so beautiful” Noon said touching her face.

“I am so happy for you my sweet darling” Kaew said checking Prima’s make-up.

“Thank you, mum’s,” Prima said looking in the mirror.

“Lily, can and your girls do the finishing touch to my daughter and the bride maids, may you please go get ready at the front” Kaew said giving Prima a kiss on the cheeks. “And you my beautiful daughter in law, once Lily finish, you just wait in here until your father comes to grab you” Kaew said exiting the door.

Noon walk towards her daughter and grabbed her hand “I am so proud of you my daughter, it’s time for you to start your own family now” Noon said with tears in her eyes.

“Though I will be starting my own family but I will always be your daughter, I love you mother” Prima said hugging Noon.

Noon walked out the door where Kaew was waiting for her. Soon the stylist and Lily left the room leaving Prima all alone, Prima stood up looking in the mirror smiling, after years of waiting and being together, it was time for Prima to marriage the man of her dreams.

On the other side, San walked out of his room and made his way out of the hotel, he walked up to his father and father in law giving them a big smile.

“My son, looking proud as ever” Wai said patting his shoulder as Pop pat San’s other shoulder.

San walked around with Wai and Pop looking at the placed in awe, his excitement was increasing as the minute went by, in less than an hour Prima would be walking down the aisle and finally be his wife, San excused himself to go talk to his friends and take some photos while waiting for his bride. Noon told Pop to go get Prima as it was time.

Prima was sitting down waiting for her father to come grab her, she was calming herself down. She walked to the window and looked at the beach, it was beautiful and calming. She heard the door open and closed, turning around expecting her father but instead was faced with a stranger, dressed in a black suit and navy-blue tie with slick back hair and sunglasses on.

“Who are you?” Prima questioned looking at him up and down.

“Don’t you remember me Prima? It’s your long-time friend…. Kawin” Kawin said taking off his sunglasses walking towards Prima smiling.

“Kawin, what are you doing here and does San know you are here?” Prima asked backing away from him as he continues to step forward. Prima was getting scared as her back hit the wall and Kawin was now in front of her smiling. “What do you want?!” Prima asked shaking.

“To take away what San loves and make it mine, in other words revenge…” Kawin said and cover Prima’s face with a cloth as she struggles and hits him. Soon she fainted, Kawin caught her and carried her over his shoulder, Kawin’s men came in the room and lead the way. They made their way out of the hotel and into the car, he placed her in and got in. They drove off and Kawin smirk looking at Prima. If Kawin cannot take revenge on Wai, his revenge will be on San, taking Prima from him and make her his forever while watching San suffer.

Back at the wedding, Pop walked into Prima’s room and couldn’t find her, he called out her name but there was no response, he looked around the room but she was nowhere in sight. Pop put his hand on his head and ran out of the room. Outside everyone was lined up waiting for Prima, Pop came running and everyone looked up at him.

“Prima is missing” Pop said breathing heavily.

With just that, everyone got up in shock, Kaew and Noon turned to each other and ran into the hotel. Wai and Pop ran back into the hotel to get help, while Prima’s friend started messaging her, San go his phone out and called Prima but her phone was off…

Kawin’s men open the door, Kawin got out and carried Prima bride style into his resort, his men open the door to one of the rooms and left. Kawin placed Prima on the bed and backed away from the bed, he took his tie and shirt off walking back to Prima leaning in to smell her hair.

“Now you’re mine” Kawin said smirking and got top of her kissing her neck…

San got out of the still on his phone trying to get contact with Prima, his parents and Prima’s parents ran up to him with hope in their eyes while San shook his head and put his phone down.

“I can’t get into contact with her and I drove all around, she is nowhere in sight” San said putting his hand on his head and sighing. “Where is she…” San said sitting down…

“We called the police, but they cannot do anything as we have to wait 24hrs” Wai said holding onto his wife.

“We went to go check the security camera but there was nothing” Pop sighing.

“I am so sorry this happen, I am so sorry” Noon said crying.

Kaew walked towards Noon and hugged her, “It’s not anyone’s fault, we shouldn’t have left her alone, the one who is at fault is someone who took Prima, we all know Prima will never run away either” Kaew said holding onto Noon’s hand as Noon nod back.

Prima’s friends came up to Noon and hug her, “we all contact all of ours and Prima’s friends to keep and eye out and contact us with any information they find” Yam said looking at everyone.

Everyone nodded in response and stood there in silent, San walked off and got into his car again driving off as everyone watch in sadness as they cannot do anything but to keep trying to contact Prima.

Prima was slowing getting her conscious back, her eyes slowing open as she sat up looking around the room, this wasn’t her hotel room where was she, she here the door open and turn towards it. Kawin came out of the bathroom in a robe and smiled.

“Finally awaken my wife” Kawin said standing at the foot of the bed.

“What are you talking about, I’m not your wife” Prima said and got up not realizing that she was naked.

Kawin looked and her and swallowed, he looked at her up and down smirking. Prima looked confused and felt cold breeze brushing against her flesh skin… Her flesh skin… Prima looked down and screamed… She got back under the cover and covered herself.

“What did you do to me?!” Prima asked holding onto the cover tightly.

“Simple, I made you my wife, who knew you were a fresh virgin” Kawin said smirking sitting down on the bed.

“You what…” Prima went quiet and tears started leaving her innocent eyes, “How could you” Prima yelled throwing the pillow at him crying.

“Because I am taking you from San, I will make him suffer like my father but instead of business I will take you, it will hurt his entire family seeing you as my wife instead of his, my family suffered from Wai’s action” Kawin said looking at Prima dead in the eyes. “You will marry me in the next few days, you will be my wife, for now I have the marriage certificate for you to sign I have sign my part” Kawin said pulling the paper work out of the draw.

“I’m not signing anything!” Prima yelled moving away from Kawin.

“Yes, you will, you are mine now, my wife” Kawin said pulling Prima closer. Prima pushed Kawin away crying, “Oh wait… I realized that you were asleep during my love making, should I do it now while you’re awake so we can enjoy it together my beautiful wife” Kawin said grabbing her and started kissing her neck, Prima tried pushing Kawin away but he didn’t budge. “Sign the paper! If you don’t, after I finish with you I will get my man to kidnap San and beat him and kill him” Kawin said pulling the cover down.

“Okay, okay… I will sign the paper, just don’t hurt him please” Prima surrender while crying.

Kawin gave her the papers and watch her slowing signing the papers, he watched the tear drops falling onto the paper as Prima slowing sign each of them, he grinned and grabbed them off her checking her signature and smiled. He got up and gave her a robe. “Put this one for now, I ripped up your wedding dress, it… didn’t suit you anyways” Kawin said, getting his phone out and started texting.

Prima grabbed the robe and quickly put it on her, she looked over on the floor, laying there was wedding dress, Kawin walked out of the room and locked the door from the outside, Prima got up and walked towards her dress slowing got on her knees, she picked it up and cried harder, she picked up the pieces of her dress and hugged it, it was the broken pieces of her heart, she betrayed her lover, she can never be San’s anymore, she betrayed him.

Everyone was at San’s house, sitting down waiting for San to return home from his search for Prima, they heard the car pull into the drive way and ran out hoping for San to return with Prima but San out of the car shaking his head and apologies to his parents and Prima’s parents. Just ask they were about to go inside and wait for news, a car pulled up with 4 other cars following behind. They all turn back and walked down the stairs. They saw a young man around mid-20’s getting out with other older men’s.

“Who is that?” Wai question walking closer as everyone else follows behind. “May I help you son?” he asked.

Kawin took off his sunnies and smiled. “Nice to see you looking health Mr. Wai” he said smiling looking at everyone else “I am looking for San” he said walking closer.

“Who are you?” San asked walking forward.

“Don’t you remember you long time friend, someone you used to call brother… It’s me… Kawin Wongwilai” Kawin said smiling at him.

“Kawin… What are you doing here?” San asked getting closer but his mother and Wai pulled him back.

Kawin turn around and signal his men to open the door, they opened the door as everyone walked Prima getting out.

“Prima!” San said running towards Prima but got stopped by Kawin’s men. “What are you doing, let me go” San yelled trying to push them away. “Prima, come to be” San said.

But Prima stood there crying and covering her mouth. Kawin grabbed the marriage certificate out and gave it to San. San read it and looked at Kawin as he made his way to Prima as kissed her cheeks. San throw the papers at Kawin.

“Liar, Prima loves me, this is a lie!” San yelled.

“San, San, San, she may love you but… she is mine legally and physically” Kawin smirked.

Everyone's eyes widen and looked at all three, Prima stood her crying as Kawin walked towards San and pull him towards him. “She is my wife now, San Pongsakorn.” Kawin said smiling…


sarNie Egg
Chapter Three

Kawin was on the ground as San was on top of him throwing a few punches at him before Kawin grabbed onto San’s shirt and throw some punches back, Kawin got up and wipe his shirt and blood on his lips. Kawin’s men held San down as Kawin walked towards Wai and smiled. San’s men came rushing out and point their guns at Kawin’s men, they let go of San, he got up and went to go stand next to his father.

“I won’t take your beloved business but I will take your son’s everything” Kawin said laughing. He walked to Prima and held onto her hand, “I only came to let you know that Prima is safe and… Happy, oh mother in law and father in law, Prima will be moving into my house from today on, my people will go grab her things tomorrow” Kawin said and bow. “We will take our leave now”.

“Prima…” San called out with tears in his eyes “Tell me this isn’t true…” San said stepping forward.

“I am sorry San” Prima said crying as Kawin pushing her into the car and followed her in closing the door.

The cars drove away as San ran after her, calling her name, he got to the car and hit the window with his palm calling her name constantly while tears fell out of his eyes. Prima put her hand on the window crying while saying his name back. Kawin smirked and turn to his driver telling to speed up. With the unexpected speed, San fell, Kaew ran to her son and hugged him while crying… Wai stood there looking at the car getting further away and his son on the ground, tears fell down his face, it was his fault, this was all on him… Noon and Pop looked at each other in disbelief and shock along with Natt, there was nothing they can say or do right now but to hope for San to settle down and get Prima back…

They had reached Wongwilai’s house, Kawin got out of the car and pulled Prima with him, they walked up the stairs and into the living room where Sai, Lalin and Lumpao was sitting, they all looked up and was shocked by the sight of Prima in their house… Sai sat there with wide eyes, Lalin and Lumpao got up.

“Kawin, what is this? Why is Prima here, isn’t she supposed to be with San… married” Lumpao asked.

“She is married but to me” Kawin said holding onto her hand.

Sai stood up in shock “Kawin what do you mean?”.

“She is my wife now, Lalin go get some of your clothes for Prima to wear tonight and tomorrow” Kawin said pulling Prima up the stairs to his room.

“Mother, what is going on?” Lumpao asking pushing her glasses back.

Sai shook her head and sat back down, “Lalin go do as your brother said please”.

Lalin nodded and ran up the stairs. Kawin opened the door and let Prima in. “This is our room, make yourself at home and do as you wish but… Don’t leave the house, I have my men on guard everyday” Kawin said taking off his tie and walked towards Prima.

“Here are the clothes, it should fit you Prima” Lalin said walking in the room and putting the clothes on the bed.

Kawin thanked Lalin and walked out of the room. Prima looked up at Lalin and looked down at the clothes. “I’ll stay here and wait for you, you don’t know where things are yet” Lalin said and went into the bathroom. “Here is the towel, take the time you need” Lalin said and went to do sit on the couch in the room smiling at Prima.

Prima nodded and walked into the shower. She stood in the shower and let the water run down her shaking body, she cried and cried, why was this happening to her, it wasn’t fair, today was supposed to be the day she spent with San, they would get married and finally be together as a family, Mrs and Mr but it was ruin, from a revenge that happened over 5 years ago. Prima walked out of the shower and saw Lalin putting some things on the dressing table.

“Look, I don’t know what is going on or what my brother has in his mine or whether you will be staying here for a while or… forever but if ever need anything, I am here” Lalin said while looking at Prima holding onto her hand, Lalin then lead the way to the dining room and told Prima to sit down and wait there with her and Lumpao. Lumpao put her book down and watched Lalin go sit next to her and smiled. The maids served the food and pour some water in their glasses.

“Where is Kawin and mother?” Lalin asked drinking her apple juice.

“They went to go talk privately in the garden” Lumpao said thanking the maid.

A few minutes later Kawin and Sai came inside and sat down. They all started eating, Lalin and Lumpao talked about their day with Lumpao whinging about having too much textbook to read over. Everyone else just listen to them both talk. Once they finish their meals, Lumpao excused herself to go study for her exam while Lalin went to go read through some documents Mor as asked her to help him with, Kawin and Prima went to their room. Sai walked in her room and closed the door behind her and she sat down on the bed, picking up the photo of her husband.

“He is taking revenge my love, but not on the man that betrayed you… On San” Sai said with tears in her eyes and thought of what her and Kawin talked about.


“Kawin what are you thinking?!” Sai asked sitting down on the bench looking at her son.

“I’m taking revenge for father, I cannot take the business from them as of yet so I’m take something Wai loves, I take what San loves, it hurts both of them deeply, because once Wai see how hurt his son is he will be as hurt because it is his fault” Kawin said looking back at Sai.

“You’re involving Prima, she is innocent from this Kawin, this isn’t fair taking away her happiness, I would not say anything but it would better of if you had forgotten this” Sai said tearing up.

“I… I didn’t do anything to her, I only want to see them hurt and weak and if further, I want to take the business and make it ours, I promise you as a man, I did not and will not do anything to her, I remember every word you have taught me” Kawin said bending down to his mother and held her hand. “I can never forget what they did to us but I promise that I will take everything back”.

“I don’t want the business back, I’m happy you are back and safe, promise me this is a far as you go, I am tired, I’m aging every day, I do not want you and the girls to grow up having the problems your father and I had, promise me Kawin?” Sai said kissing her son’s hand while Kawin took a while and finally nod in response.


Kawin and Prima walked in the room, Kawin grabbed the pillow and spare blanket in the cupboard and put in on the couch. Prima stood there and watch his action, Kawin walked to Prima and sat her down on the bed.

“Kawin what are you doing?”

“I won’t do anything to you, just go sleep on the bed, you must be tired from today” Kawin said without looking at her grabbing some fields and started reading them on the couch. Prima laid down and closed her eyes, Kawin was right, today was exhausting. Without her realizing she fell asleep in a second. Kawin looked up and sigh, he is doing the right thing…

Back at the Pongsakorn’s house, San was sitting outside staring at the stars, he failed to protect her, he failed to make her his and only, everything was about to settle down and be perfect but it was ruined by Kawin, he has Prima now, what can he do, Prima refused to come back to him yet he knows she still loves him deep inside. Kaew walked towards her son and sat down next to him with tears in her eyes, it hurts her so much to see her son like this, San looked at his mother and hugged her crying, there were no words but silence cries. Wai stood from afar, this was his fault, his son happiness was now ruin because of his ambition to take over the business…

The next day, Kawin left for work before breakfast, Sai was out, leaving Lumpao, Lalin and Prima having breakfast together, it was an awkward silence as everyone just ate their food and took small looks at each other.

“Ahem… So, my name is Lumpao, I’m currently in university and the youngest child” Lumpao smiled at Prima.

“Lalin, I’m a graduated nurse working at the hospital nearby” Lalin introduced herself “Don’t stress and make yourself feel at home”.

“Thank you” Prima said smiling at both of them.

“I’m off to uni now, have a good stay sister” Lumpao said bowing and walking out the door.

Lalin got up and walked to Prima, “Come on, I will show you around the place so you know where things are” Lalin said.

Prima followed Lalin around from one room to another, they spent the day walking around the garden and cutting some flowers before Prima’s things arrived, after that Lalin helped Prima unpack her things, Prima was quiet throughout the whole day but Lalin didn’t blame her and just continue on talking and talking, before they know it, Sai and Lumpao was home. Sai had Prima sit in the living room with her and the girls to talk and watch TV. Kawin arrived home and went straight to the study room. They had dinner and casually talked about their day. Prima walked into the room and notice that Kawin was not in the room, she went straight to bed leaving the light on. The next morning Prima woke up and realized Kawin was gone. Prima walked out of the room and ran into Lalin going down stairs, Lalin was in her nurse uniform as she has work today. Sai and Lumpao was already eating their breakfast when Lalin and Prima reached the table. Lumpao left with Lalin and Sai took Prima to the garden to sit down and have a talk.

“What is it that you need to talk to me about Mrs Wongwilai” Prima asked fiddling with her fingers under the table.

“… Prima”

Prima turn to the voice and saw her mother walking towards them. “mum” Prima got up and hugged her mother tightly.

Sai got up and asked both of them to have a seat, “I called your mother last night and had a talk with her… To talk to you, I will now excuse myself and go do some documents” Sai said and left.

“What did she talk to you about?” Prima asked her mother’s hand.

“You need to do your role as a wife my daughter… I know this marriage was forced and many things had happened but you are Kawin’s wife, I don’t know how to feel about all of this but all I know is, Sai had reassured me that Kawin is a good man and has his reasons.” Noon said.

“I don’t love him, I’m not supposed to be with him mum, San is who I should be with” Prima said crying.

Noon eyes started watering, “I know, I know… but you are married to Kawin now, you cannot think of another man but your husband, whether this will last forever or not but I want you to do what I have taught you as a wife”

Noon pulled her daughter into embraced calming her daughter down. Sai stood at the door looking at the two…


sarNie Egg
Chapter Four

Noon left after having lunch with Prima and Sai, they talked about the family and about Prima moving to work under Kawin’s business. Sai held onto Prima’s hand.

“It’s time to do your duty my dear”.

“Yes Mrs Wongwilai” Prima responded.

“Mum” Sai said.

“Yes mum” Prima said.

They both made their way into the kitchen and started preparing dinner, Sai talked to Prima while cutting the vegetables about the rules and how everything worked around the house. Prima relaxed more talking to Sai. Sai asked Prima to get to know Lalin and Lumpao more as she can feel that they will definitely get along.

“Hi mother and Prima” Lumpao said walking into the kitchen, “Oh my gosh, this smells amazing” Lumpao said grabbing the fried chicken and biting into it.

“Lumpao!” Sai yelled hitting her arm. “Have you washed your hands and go shower before eating, you smell” Sai held onto her nose.

“I had the sports carnival today mother!! Lumpao said hugging her mum and went to Prima “May I?” she asked going in for a hug without waiting for a reply.

“Lumpao!” Sai pulled Lumpao away from Prima laughing.

Lumpao left to go shower as did Prima and Sai, Prima came down after her shower and saw Kawin getting out of his car, they both stopped walking looking at each other, Prima continue walking down and approached Kawin. Kawin swallowed, he has been avoiding any kind of contact with her but now here she is walking towards him, his heart beat got louder, she smiled at him and grabbed his coat off his arm.

“Dinner is ready” Prima said giving the maid Kawin’s coat and briefcase. “Let’s go” Prima said and looked down at Kawin’s hand, it was a little hesitate but she grabbed onto his hand and smiled.

Just as they were about to walk inside, they heard a car driving in the driveway at high speed, the car stopped in front of them and San got out slamming the door. San froze at the sight.

“Kawin, let her go!” San yelled pulling Kawin into a punch.

“San” Prima yelled. “What are you doing here?”

“Getting you back” San said holding onto Prima’s hand.

“Not a chance” Kawin said throwing a punch back at San and pulling him to the ground.

San blocked the punches and kicked Kawin off him, they both got up and launched at each other again. Prima didn’t know what to do and started calling for Sai and the guards. Soon Sai came running out with the guards rushing towards San pulling him away from Kawin.

“San, what are you doing here” Sai asked looking at both of them.

“I am getting Prima back, aunty please, I just want her back” San said being blocked from the guards.

“Guards, back down and leave, we can handle this” Sai said walking towards Kawin.

“It’s time to move on San, Prima is with my son now”

“She was forced! What man does that!” San said.

“But now she is willing, as of what you saw just then” Kawin said approaching Prima and pulled Prima into a kiss…

Everyone’s eyes widen, Lalin got out of her car, dropping her keys gasping. San fist his hands and pulled Kawin into a punched but got blocked my Lalin. Lalin pushed San away and point her fingers at him.

“Don’t touch my brother San” Lalin said.

“Move” San said stepping closer to Lalin.

“You move…”

San pushed Lalin out of the way and pulled onto Kawin’s shirt. Sai had enough and got between them pulling Prima with her.

“Enough boys, let Prima choose, if she wants to go with San she will leave and we won’t stop her but if she chooses to stay then you will leave and move on” Sai said and moved out of the way.

Everyone turned to look at Prima. Prima looked up at both of them, now is her chance to go back to San, it’s time for her to go back to her lover, the one she is supposed to be with. But she looked over at Sai and Kawin, what they talked about today and with her mother. Prima started tearing up, she could hear her heart beat louder and louder. Prima walked towards San and grabbed both of his hands.

“Sweetie, I love you so, so, so much. You know that, you were my everything and I never thought to ever leave you… But… I am now married, I promised myself to only marry once in my life and stay with that person forever” Prima said letting go of his hand.

“She made her decision San, now leave” Sai said.

“Prima, you’re throwing away our love just like that?... He forced you, didn’t he?! Tell me he did” San said “I know you love me” San said holding onto Prima’s hand.

“San, please go” Prima said as tears fell down her eyes “Don’t make this any harder than it is” Prima turn around and walked into the house while Sai, Lumpao and Lalin followed in behind.

“This isn’t the end Kawin, I will get you back” San said getting in his car and driving off.

Kawin smiled and followed everyone inside, Sai was sitting in the dinning room with Lumpao and Lalin. Kawin looked at them with question, Sai told him that Prima excused herself to go rest. Kawin nodded and excused himself as well. He walked into the room and saw Prima laying in bed facing away from him. He sat down on the bed and touch her back.

“I’m sorry…” Kawin said sighing.

“It’s fine… I have chosen my path” Prima said sniffing.

Kawin nodded and got up walking into the bathroom to wash up. Kawin walked out and laid down on the couch turning the light to dime and looked at Prima. If she has chosen to stay with him willingly then he will do the best with her, he will do his part of a husband.

San stormed in the house passing his parents and brother, Kaew called his name but he continues on into the exercising room and started punching the boxing bag continuously and screamed.

“San!” Kaew yelled running towards him. “What’s wrong my son?” she asked pulling him away from the bag and held his face to face her. “San…” Kaew said and pulled him into a hug as he cried in her arms.

The next day everyone ate breakfast and got up to leave for work, Prima was starting her first day at Kawin’s business, Sai left with them while Lalin and Lumpao left together for work and school. Lumpao was in music class, each student was practicing their instruments. Natt was in the same class as Lumpao, he was playing his guitar and singing a song, he was singing about betrayal and taking things that aren’t theirs while looking at Lumpao here and there.

Lumpao got up slamming her hands on the desk “Natt, are you looking for trouble!”

Natt put his guitar down “Just stating the truth, why… You can’t admit it, what your brother has done”

“At least my brother didn’t kill your brother…” Lumpao said pushing her glasses back

“Your father did it to himself so he deserved it” Natt said stepping forward.

The students in the room including the teacher was looking back and forth as Natt and Lumpao was getting closer to each other, finally a centimetre away from each other, everyone step away since it was not the first nor second time Natt and Lumpao had fought each other. Next minute a punch landed on Natt’s face and a kick on the stomach sending him across the room.

“Then your brother deserves to get Prima taken from him!” Lumpao said going at Natt again.

Natt covered his face waiting for a hit on the face but nothing came, he looked up and saw the teacher standing between them both, he sighs falling back, the teacher tap her foot on the ground looking at both of them as she put Lumpao’s hand back down and pointed at them both.

“Detention after school!” she said while instructing everyone to go back to playing their instruments.

At the Pongsakorn, Kaew was in the garden with the maids gardening, Kaew was standing on the ladder cutting the leaves on the tree’s, she wiped her face with the cloth and stepped down the ladder, suddenly her eye sight was getting blurry, everything started spinning next thing she knew was it all sight went black and she felt a hard hit on the head. The maids came running calling Kaew’s name and getting the guards to take her to the hospital. Kaew arrived at the hospital and rushed into a room. Kaew woke up seeing Lalin checking the sheets and smiling at her. Lalin shifted the bed handing Kaew a glass of water and medicine.

“What happened to me?” Kaew asked after taking a sip of the water and giving it back to Lalin.

“You blacked out and hit your head, from what Mor has checked, you have been over stressed and depressed lately which causes your body to not have enough rest, we will have you to stay at the hospital just for tonight to make sure you are okay” Lalin said while checking Kaew’s head.

“Thank you my dear” Kaew said.

“Mother!” Natt said running in the room and to Kaew.

San and Wai follow in closed in the door. Lalin turn to them only to pause staring at San while he stared back, he soon realized that it was Lalin and rush to her pushing her against the wall.

“What are you doing here?” he said holding onto her collar.

“What else I work here!” she said back pushing him away.

“What did you do to my mother” San said walking towards her again but to only be pushed away again.

“San, stop it right now, this is the hospital for goodness sake” Kaew said.

“Mother, she is Kawin’s sister, Lalin… The daughter of the theft” San said clutching his fist turning back to Lalin only to relieve a slap on the face.

“The theft, your father is the one who is in the wrong, accusing my father of stealing money when he was the ambitious one to take the company” Lalin said gripping on the board tightly.

“Why you…”

San didn’t finish his sentence as Kaew jumped in telling him to stop and step away from Lalin ‘San, Lalin is here doing her job, whether she is the daughter or not, I did not raise you to treat a woman like this, so stop right now!” Kaew said getting up only to have Wai put her back on the bed.

“Rest my Kaew” Wai said holding her hand and turning to Lalin “Lalin, it is best to leave now, thank you for taking care of my wife”

Lalin nodded and started heading out the door bumping into San on purpose. Everyone turned to San as he continued clutching his hand sitting down. Things here about to settle down, San was back to work but only to run into one of the Wongwilai’s and think about Prima again, Natt sat down next to his brother holding onto his shoulder while Wai gave Kaew a kiss on the forehead…

At the Wongwilai’s house, everyone was at the dinning room eating their meals, Prima and Kawin were still a little awkward with each other but tried talking to each other, Kawin turn to his sisters asking about their day only to have no response from them, he raised a brow and cough getting their attention.

“Is there something wrong girls, I’ve noticed you both have been a little quiet when you came in” he asked drinking his water.

“I just got into a fight at university” Lumpao said eating her fries.

Lalin avoided eye contact with Kawin and stir her food.

“Lalin… Stop playing around with your food and tell me what is wrong” Sai asked.

“I was looking after a patient today and… It was Kaew, San’s mother” Lalin said playing with her fingers.

Kawin dropped his utensils looking at Lalin “What happened?”

Lalin swallowed and told them what happened nervously knowing well that her brother would not like it, Kawin was holding in from going to San and beating him up from treating his sister like that, Prima held onto Kawin’s hand calming him down. Kawin turned to Prima holding her hand back, once Lalin finished, Kawin looked at Prima and look back at Lalin.

“I will be picking you up from now on and if he continues the behaviour, I will kill him” Kawin said getting up and left to his room.

Lalin nodded and looked at Lumpao “You fought with Natt again didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yep” Lumpao said folding her arms.

Sai shock her head and told the girls to go shower and head to bed.

The next day, San was at the hospital checking his mother out of the hospital paying for the medicine at the front with Natt. Lalin had finished her shift and walked out with Mor talking about the day and saw her brother sitting down at the seat near the door, she ran to him and hugged him, Kawin shook hands with Mor and started talking.

“Oh gosh, look girls, it’s Kawin, Lalin’s brother! How adorable!!” one of the nurse cried while the others agreed.

San and Natt turn to where the nurses were looking. Natt held onto San shaking his head. “Don’t, not here, but by the looks of it, he must of knew what you did” Natt whispered still gripping onto San.

“I heard that a few months ago, one of the patient here, harassed Lalin and once Kawin knew, he came and beat that guy up putting him in coma for months” the nurse said. “If anything was to happen to Lalin, Kawin would never forgive himself, that was what I heard” the nurse finished off and walked off.

San held onto the medicine bag and took in the information. He looked over at Kawin again and saw that Kawin was looking at him, he saw that Kawin was about to walk over but was stopped by Lalin, Lalin glared at San and pulled her brother away walking out of the hospital. Natt and San started walking off as well and got into the van where Kaew was waiting for them. San sat in the van looking out the window, he figured a way to get revenge. Once they got home San excused himself to go rest, San pulled out his phone dialling a number and waited for them to answer.

“Phet, prepare the house and the spare house, I will be heading over tomorrow with an important guest” San said smirking.


sarNie Egg
Chapter Five

Lalin finished her shift at work, she said goodbyes to her co-worker, Lalin walked to the parking feeling a presence behind her, she slowed down her steps and slowly turn around but there was no one, she sigh and turn around continue on, she felt it again hearing faster footstep, she took her car keys and open her car door to only have it slam close, she turn around but was stopped when a cloth was put over her nose, she struggled hitting the person over and over soon fainting into their arms.

San grabbed her things and hand one of his men her keys. He carried her to his car and put her in the boot while his men took her car following him, San had his phone on and told his men to park Lalin’s car at a park and go home. San got to his destination and carry Lalin out into his boat placing her on the seat and driving off. A few minutes later Lalin started waking up and tried getting up but couldn’t, she soon realized that her hands and legs were tied together, she started panicking and struggled falling off the seat with a bang. San heard the noise and turn to her smirking.

“You’re finally up” San said looking away.

Lalin frown with the familiar voice “San! What are you doing?! Let me go” Lalin said panicking more realizing who it was.

San ignored her question and speed up the boat sending Lalin rolling back. Lalin scream with the sudden speed turning to San and told him to stop the boat but he kept going. An hour later San saw the island and slow down the boat, he saw the man standing at the dock waving at him, San parked the boat and got up. Lalin watch his movements as he came closer and pick her up putting her over his shoulder and stepping out of the boat onto the dock smiling at the men.

“Mr. San, welcome back” Phet said bowing and taking the keys off San.

“Have you prepared the bungalow house?” he asked walking away.

Phet followed “Yes, Mim cleaned it yesterday and everything you asked for is there”

“Good, head back to my house and I will meet you there” San said.

“House, what house, San what are you doing! Let me go” Lalin screamed hitting San’s back.

They got to the bungalow San kicked open the door and threw Lalin on the bed. He wiped his forehead and stepped away leaving the room and closing the door behind him, he chains the door locking it taking the key with him heading to his own house. Lalin looked around the room, it was small, just the bed with a small table next to it to the right was the bathroom and that was it. Lalin sat up and tried finding something to help untie her hands and legs.

San walked through the forest and got to his house where Phet and Mim were waiting, he walked up the stairs and saw them stand there waiting for him.

“You both are to watch Lalin when I am not here, do not tell my family I have someone here if they ask and do not at all let her out, do not answer or tell her where we are or talk to her about anything here or better at all” San said going up stairs.

Mim and Phet looked at each other “What about Prima” Mim asked.

“Do not ask anything, please” San said and went inside the house. He walked in looking at pictures of him and Prima in his room. He sat down and picked the frame up touching Prima’s face. “It’s my turn…”

Kawin and Prima sat down at the dinning table with Sai and Lumpao. “where is Lalin?” Kawin asked.

“She is probably going a night shift as well today” Lumpao said “Let’s eat, I am starving” Lumpao said and started eating her food.

“One of you girls will wait for Lalin to come home and inform me when she does” Kawin said and ate his food.

San walked through the forest and unlock the lock opening the door, a pillow came flying into his face, Lalin kick San pushing him to the side and ran out the door but did not get far as he held her back and threw her inside putting the plate of food on the table and locking the door from the inside blocking the door.

“Why am I here” Lalin asked.

“Your brother took the love of my life so I am now taking his” San replied.

“You’re crazy, I have nothing to do with this” Lalin said.

“Well now you are…” San said grabbed her chin smirking at her. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you, I will make your brother suffer than beg for you back” with that San walked out the door locking it.

Lalin looked at the door and threw the pillow at it, she sat back down in shock, this was not happening to her…

The next day Kawin woke up from Prima shaking him while calling his name, he stretches and held her hand to stop her. “What is it Prima?” he asked sitting up.

“Lalin hasn’t return home” Prima said with worry in her voice.

Kawin eyes grew wide, quickly getting out of bed and out the door down stairs where he saw his mother and sister talking to the maids. He ran up to them with worried.

“Lalin did not return home last night, I have stayed up all night but there was no sight of her, I have also rung her but her phone was switched off” the maid said with her head down.

Kawin took out his phone and called Mor with hope that more would know where Lalin was, but with sadness Mor said they separated yesterday afternoon and her car was not at the hospital. Kawin turn to the guards and signal them to call Meka and get them here as soon as possible. Sai went back inside sitting down the maids as they try to assure Lalin was fine, while Lumpao and Prima left for work and school, Kawin was upstairs in his study room waiting for his man. 20 minutes later, his man knocked walking in with Meka and his crew.

“Meka, my sister is missing” Kawin said standing up.

“Since when and where was she” Meka said sitting down on the couch with his men pulling out his computer while his men took down notes.

“Yesterday, she had work yesterday but never return…”

Meka took off his glasses. “You know we can not report anything until 24hrs, she might be with her friends Kaw-” Meka didn’t finish his sentence as Kawin interrupted.

“Meka, you should know my sister, Lalin never goes off without tell us, and she doesn’t tell us or anyone in the house she would message you, even Mor has no clue and Mor is her best friend and is with her everyday… You know I would not call you if I don’t know for sure”

Meka nodded and turn to his men “Search for Lalin’s car, check the hospital security camera, call me when you get all the information, also Kawin… Does Lalin have an enemy or someone she has bad bloods with” Meka asked.

“No, not at all…” Kawin with confidence.

“Any recent issues going on in general then”

Kawin sat there thinking for a while, with a click he quickly looked up “San…”

“Do some research, find information” Meka said as his men got up and left. “As for you Kawin, explain everything that happened with San” Meka said typing in his computer searching for San’s profile…

San opened the door to the bungalow not long having something hard hit his head, Lalin throw the lamp away and running out the door. She sprints into the forest running with all her strength, she looked about to see if San was behind her, she turned back tripping over a log, Lalin scream as she made contact with the ground. Lalin quickly got up only to be faced to face with San.

“San!” Lalin screamed…

San threw Lalin back on the bed and point at Lalin. “Fix this” San said pointing at his head with blood dripping down.

“No, you deserve it, jerk” Lalin said stand up on the bed.

“Lalin! Now” San yelled walking forward.

Lalin shock her head. San nodded and grabbed onto Lalin’s leg pulling her down making her fall onto the bed, Lalin screamed as San pulled her closer to him. “You… are a pain, because of you I’m late for my meeting now” San let go and walked away.

“Then let me go so you wouldn’t have to worry about me” Lalin said.

“No” with that San locked the door and hurry to work, he quickly patched up his head while once he got to the island and in the car. “How did you go with Lalin’s car?” he asked looking at Sak.

“Well sir, we left her car on the side way around an abandon house around here, no one saw and no camera’s” Sak said while driving and smiling at San.

“Sir, what are you planning to do with Lalin” Pon asked handing San some files of the meeting.

“Nothing much, nothing for you to worry about” San said signing the papers.

Back at Kawin’s house, Meka’s men have informed Meka that the camera in the parking lot was not working yesterday but Lalin car was not there anymore, they were on their way tracking the GPS that Kawin had installed in Lalin’s car. Kawin was walking around the room while Meka put down the phone and look at Kawin.

“I think, for safety… have someone drop Lumpao off and pick her up from now on, even waiting at her university, we don’t know who it is and what they are after, for now all we can do is keep looking for clues” Meka suggested.

“I will organise it once everyone has return home, thank you Meka” Kawin said sitting down.

There was knock on the door, Prima came in with a tray of coffee and Thai desserts, she placed them down in from of Meka and Kawin.

“Coffee and Khao Tom Mud (Banana leaf sticky rice), thought you might want something to eat” Prima said.

Kawin and Meka thanked her as she left the room, Kawin looked at the door and back at Meka, “If it is really San, I will kill him…”

Prima carried a tray outside to the garden where Sai was sitting under the tree with the maids, Prima placed the tray down and sat down next to her mother holding onto her hand. “I am sure Lalin is fine and that we will find her soon mother, don’t stress too much” Prima said pouring some tea in a cup for Sai.

“I am just so worried, this has never happened before, Lalin is a wonderful person, how can someone hurt her” Sai said crying.

Prima held onto Sai’s hand again, rubbing it.

On the island, Mim and Phet were in the kitchen, cooking food for themselves and Lalin.

“What do you think the problem is between the girl and San” Mim asked stirring the pot of soup.

“I am not sure, he wouldn’t let me and I am his most trusted friend” Phet said washing the dishes “All I can sense is that, it is big and very serious, otherwise he wouldn’t have bought her all the way here, it must involve why Prima and San did not get married” Phet finished off and scoop some rice in the bowl.

“That’s what I thought as well, anyways I am going to take these to the girl, put the food in the bowl and I will be back shortly” Mim said take the containers with food walking out the kitchen.

She got to Lalin’s bungalow and placed the containers on the small table next to the door and unlock the door, Lalin hear the sound and quickly got up looking around.

“Hide, hide, hide” she repeatedly said and ran into the bathroom only to run back out and hide under the bed.

Mim opened the door grabbing the containers and walked in the bungalow, she was about to talk but stopped once she saw no one in the room. “oh no” she said putting the food on the table and ran into the bathroom.

Lalin quickly got out from under the bed and closed the door of the bathroom and pushing the chair against in to stop Mim from getting out. She quickly ran out the door making sure to close the door and lock it and looked both left and right, she ran to the right side. This time she thought, no one will catch her, she will find a way out of this island…


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Lol ofcourse San kidnaps Lalin to his own private island...and she'll try escape. Excited to find out what will happen next!!! I hope you update really soon...thank you!!!:thumbup:


sarNie Egg
Chapter Six

Lalin was lost in the forest, this was not okay, she felt like she was running around in circles and getting nowhere, Lalin lean against the tree breathing heavily.

“Which way… I have been running for ages…” Lalin said to herself, she fans herself and looked around, deciding to run right again.

Phet made his way to the bungalow after waiting for his wife to return but she took longer than she should’ve so he decided to go get her. Phet got the door and saw the lock on the door. “the door is locked so Lalin should still be in there than where is my wife?” Phet question himself. Phet was about to walk away when he heard a faint call for help, he turns back and put his ear against the door and listen again. “Mim!” he yelled and quickly pulled out the keys and unlock the door rushing in calling her name, he moved the chair and open the door to see his wife. “Mim, what are you doing in here?!” Phet asked.

“I came in and couldn’t find Lalin and came to look in the bathroom but got locked in here” Mim said quickly… “…Where is she?” Mim asked.

Phet and Mim looked at each other and around, Phet whipped out his phone and dialled San’s number.

“What is it Phet?” San asked.

“Lalin escaped and locked Mim in the bungalow” Phet said with worried.

“I’m on the boat, I won’t be long… go check the house and around” San said hanging up and increasing the speed of his boat.

Mim and Phet went separate ways looking for Lalin. San reached the island in no time and ran to the bungalow, reaching the bungalow he looked around and look on the ground, seeing small foot prints running to the right, he sprints that way as fast as he could…

Lalin sat down underneath a tree breathing heavily. “I have gotten nowhere, what is going on” Lalin said fanning herself looking around, she was getting nowhere, it felt like she was just running around in circles all day. She sighs and pat her forehead. It was already getting dark and Lalin had not eaten and was getting tired, she looked around and saw all tree with bushes around it, she got up and sat there so that it would cover her, she closed her eyes and breathe slowly.

“Just a few minutes and I will get up again” Lalin told herself, only to fall into a deep sleep.

San stopped running taking a deep breath, he looked around and was about to run off but stopped once he heard snoring. He turned walking towards the bushes and saw Lalin deep in her sleep. He smiled and picked her up.

“I found you” San said and walked off carrying Lalin.

He reached the bungalow and saw Phet and Mim waiting there, they opened the door letting San in as he threw Lalin on the bed waking her up.

“Mim, Phet you can go back and prepare my dinner, don’t make anything for this trouble maker” San said and closed the door.

“San, how did you find me” Lalin asked moving back.

“Easy, heard you snoring” San said smirking.

Lalin covered her mouth and point at San “nonsense, I don’t snore” she said defending herself.

“I can’t believe you tried escaping again, I still haven’t dealt with you from this morning and now I had to waste more of my energy on finding you” San said frustrated.

“That is your problem” Lalin said folding her arms.

“I haven’t done anything bad to you so I don’t see why you should try to escape” San said.

“Nothing bad, you kidnap me to this island, holding me captive, how is that nothing bad, I want to go home” Lalin yelled.

“Not a chance, I heard your brother is stressing quite a lot and so if your entire family, how funny, just like what my family went through when you horrible people stole Prima from us” San said.

“But she made a decision without force once my mother gave her the chance, so really it is not our fault she didn’t want to stay with you” Lalin argued back.

“She was forced!” San yelled back.

“No, she just didn’t love you as much as you fault” Lalin said.

“You!” San said in anger point at Lalin.

Lalin raised an eyebrow and step forward “I, what?... I am right?” Lalin asked smirking.

San looked at her clutching his fist, Lalin saw his fist and stepped forward, “Going to punch me, is that it?” she asked “go on, punch me, I dare you, punch me and my brother wil—” she didn’t her sentence as she felt something warm and soft on her lips, soon realizing San was kissing her.

Lalin panicked pushing San away but he didn’t budge, he continue kissing her pulling her closer to him soon ending it with a peck. He saw her face and smirked and fold his arms.

“Look who is talking now, nothing to say? Not that brave anymore?” San asked touching her lip.

“You!” Lalin yelled and threw a punch at him. “How could you”.

“Because I can and I will do what I want with you, I have been nice enough with you Lalin” San said and stepped forward.

Lalin pushed him back and ran into the bathroom locking it, San looked at the door and turn around walking out the door not forgetting to lock the door. Lalin heard the door close and walked out the bathroom, her heart was still beating faster as moments when by, she sat on the bed and grabbed the pillow punching it with all her might…

Prima bought the food out into the dinning room and sat down with Lumpao waiting for Kawin and Sai. They both looking at each other with worries. Lumpao looked upstairs and turn to Prima.

“I don’t think Kawin will be joining us tonight… I checked on him before and he was still talking to Meka” Lumpao said scooping some stir fry vegetables onto her plate.

“That’s fine, I will take some food to him soon” Prima replied.

“Miss, mam said she will not be eating dinner tonight and not to wait for her” one of the maids said standing next to the other maid.

Prima thanked the maid and started eating, Lumpao went on talking about university and now boring her assignments were, though Lumpao was talkative, Prima could see that Lumpao was worried and sad that her older sister was not here. Prima held onto Lumpao’s hand.

Lumpao looked at Prima and smiled “I know you are worried, you don’t need to hold it all in, though I am glad you are trying to be happy.”

Lumpao started tearing up but still smiled “all my life, after my father died and Kawin moving oversea, mother was busy with the business trying to support us, I only had Lalin, I’ve been with her every day, I don’t understand how someone can take her away like this” Lumpao cried.

“I am sure Lalin is fine, she is a great person, do not stress” Prima replied. Prima wiped the rest of Lumpao’s tears and nudge her to quickly eat so she could go shower and rest.

Prima was in the kitchen scooping some food into a bowl for Kawin and Sai. She put the bowls on the plate and told the maid to take it to Kawin and Sai. Prima went upstairs to her room and sat down on the bed, she held her hand thinking of what she heard this morning.


Prima carried the tray of coffee and dessert upstairs for Kawin and Meka, she got to the door and went to knock but stopped hearing San’s name, she put her hand back down and stood there listening. In the room Kawin was explaining the whole situation that had happened between San, Prima and himself, Prima’s eyes started tearing up, she covered her mouth and sat down on the chair next to the door crying softly to herself.

End of flashback

Prima grabbed out the small box in the draw and opened it, she took out the photo of her and San, she touches his face placing the photo back down.

“San, I hope you have nothing to do with this, please, just let it all end with Kawin and I” Prima said wiping her tears…

Kawin quietly walked into the room seeing Prima asleep, he grabbed his sleepwear and went to shower, he walked out of the bathroom and hope in the bed next to Prima facing her back sighing. Prima turn to face Kawin smiling, she slowly grabbed his hand and face him again.

“I may not know how to help you at this time, but I am here to listen and do my best” Prima said.

Kawin smiled back and her mouthing thank you before closing his eyes and drifting into dreamland.

Morning came, the sun shine into their room, Prima slowly opened her eyes rubbing them, she moved the blanket off her and saw a hand on her waist, she slowly turn around and saw Kawin deep in his sleep next to her, she move his hand off her getting out bed to the bathroom. Walking back out the door, she placed her sleepwear in the basket then walked over to the bed and tidied the blanket, turning around only to have a hand stop her, Kawin pull Prima to sit down on the bed as he lay his head on her lap.

“Kawin…” Prima said blushing moving her hair behind her ear.

“Don’t leave yet, I need you… Keep me company please” Kawin said closing his eyes again.

Prima nodded, she wanted to put her hand down but wasn’t sure where, so she rest her hand on his head and started playing around with his hair. Resting her head against the head board looking down at Kawin, Kawin grabbed hold of her hand bringing it to his lips and kissing it.

“Kawin, I have to go make breakfast and you should to go wash up too” Prima said removing her hand blushing.

Kawin got up and went into the bathroom while Prima made her way down stairs, walking into the kitchen, she saw the maids writing down a list while the other checking the cupboards.

“Good morning ladies” Prima said smiling at the maids.

“Good morning miss Prima” the maids reply.

“What are you doing?” Prima asked while taking about the bacon from the freezer.

“Writing the list for grocery shopping miss” one of the maid’s answer.

“Oh, then do you mind grabbing me some things please” Prima asked.

“Not at all” as the maid started writing down Prima’s list.

Kawin made his way into the kitchen looking at his watch, he stopped at the sight of Prima cooking the eggs on the stove. He stood next to her smiling.

“Where are the maids?” he asked washing his hands.

“They went shopping” Prima replied flipping the eggs.

“Ooooh… well you can cook the eggs and sausage while I cook the bacons” Kawin said turning on the stove for the bacon.

Prima nodded and continue cooking. They stood there in silence cooking, both take little glance at each other once in a while and smiling, both wanted to say something but at the same time was too nervous to do so, so they both ending up just standing there in silence. Kawin got a deep breath in and slowly move one of his hand placing it on Prima’s waist, Prima froze in place and turning to Kawin, he smiled at her and continue on. She looked down biting her lips…

Kawin and Prima carried the trays out to the dinning room and saw Lumpao and Sai siting down waiting for them. Placing their places in front of them and siting down next to each other.

“Woah, my brother cooking…” Lumpao teased “with Prima as well” she giggled.

“The maids went out shopping so I helped out” Kawin replied eating.

“I see~~” Lumpao said.

“Mother, please eat” Prima said smiling at Sai.

“Prima, I just can’t bring myself to, I’m worried and stressing out” Sai said looking at her kids.

“Kawin got up just to cook food for you, please eat” Prima said holding Sai’s hands.

Sai nodded and started eating, Kawin held Prima’s hand thanking her. “From now on, you won’t be driving to university Lumpao, Buri will be dropping you off and picking you up for safety, Meka will be filling be up with information and if they find any clues to where Lalin is” Kawin finished off…

San was in his study room, he informed his workers that he was not going into work today. Phet was next to him reading through some papers. Phet looked at San then back down only to look back up, he put down the papers and cough, getting attention from San. San looked up from the book and raised his eyebrows.

“Are you going to tell me about Lalin now?” Phet asked.


Phet frown rolling his chair in front of San’s desk grabbing the book off San. San looked at Phet pointing his finger.


“What if she ran’s off and finds the boat and escape the island, what will you do and if she reports this to the police” Phet asked.

“Never, she won’t be able to escape, not until I’m happy to let her go” San replied.

“You can never be sure but I want you to think through this carefully, is this the right thing to do?” Phet finished off and roll his chair back to his desk continuing on with the paper work.

San looked at Phet and turned looking outside, viewing the forest and beach. “Never, will she escape, if her brother is hard to hurt than she is the toy to play around with to tease him, this is the right thing to do, they stole the love of my life so I will take the love of his life.” San thought…