[Ch7] Sai Lohit (DaraVdo) : Porshe Saran/Now Tisanart

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    I hope some subs this
  2. TubbyTinker

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    I'm gonna guess and say early 20s. Bc when she grew up, she had turn 15
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  3. TubbyTinker

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  4. HNA0

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    Just finished episode 3. I’ve never watch the original one but this one sure make me hate Off’s character so much. Also, his mother and p’ek’s mother as well. I understand that spoiling is not bad, but there’s a limit to it. What kind of mother let her son do such a despicable thing? As for p’ek’s mother, I don’t even want to mention it. It gets me so mad at the fact that she still doesn’t change her opinion about Off (not sure what his name is in the lakorn) even the maid and p’ek told the mother what kind of man Off is and she still want her daughter to have such a man as her husband. Is she blinded by the materials that was given to her or she is just pure dumb? As for p’ek’s sister, she’s probably blinded by love.
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  5. spanky

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    I think pk was 16 ? That is adult in those times..
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  7. enchanted

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    Thank you. I was finally able to watch through your sub! The Ayutthaya period is so beautiful! This lakorn setting is purely breathtaking!

    Can’t believe Off plays such a despicable character... yuck!
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  8. fairytales

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    I love the modern touch to the lakorn.
  9. gloria83

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    It’s really good so far!! The pranangs chemistry is good and the pace is really interesting.
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  10. spanky

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    The storyline has a good pra'nang interaction

    I like porche but he just come off more playful and goofy

    Num Krai character is better. He command respect ...smooth
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    wow, I only tuned in to listen to the ost but then got hooked, this lakorn is good! did not watch num and Kob's version so can't compare, but I like this version. most boran lakorns are boring like nang tard and stuff but not this one. I like everyone in here even the servants and the little Daoreung, everyone is entertaining. Surprised that Porche sounds like a professional singer. he's really cute in here and playful always sneaking kisses! Nao looks fresh like a newbie and plays her character well. I'm an official Porche Nao couple! Is this their first lakorn together? I haven't been watching lakorns for several years now.

    I think Aof overacts with his evil facial expressions, but he's always a chicken running away from Porche I find that funny. the songs are wonderful too. good job ch. 7 on this one!
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  12. gloria83

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    I believe this is there first lakorn together. This version is really good I agreed. The old version was really good too but just slower pace. I’m definitely a Porshe and Now shipper!
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    I like this lakorn, I’m skipping through drama/war stuff and watching the pra’nang scenes lol.
  14. preetam

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    Agree about Num.
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    I loved Num's character as Khun Trai because he was very gentleman like. Yet, in this version I feel like Porshe's funny and aggressive personality gives Sai Lohit a fun and modern feel to it. I love how touchy he is and that he can't resist having to "kiss" and hug Now all the time. :icon12::love:
  16. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Num krai is touchy too but porche is more touchy

    When I see porche...I just lol his face is soo goofy
  17. est.jpn

    est.jpn sarNie Hatchling

    I love how Porshe looks at Now.
    Then when she returned the kiss sniff. TOO CUTE!
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  18. est.jpn

    est.jpn sarNie Hatchling

    I have been wondering what this meant for soooooooo long.
    But I never was able to find out and why? Can someone explain it to me.
    I've always found it so genuine and sweet when it happens.

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  19. THaiMovieLover

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    I always thought that when a guy sniff or kiss the women's fabric, it's a way for him to get a scent of her body without actually getting into contact with her. And of course, it could mean he wants her :naughty2:

    Watching this gives me Num and Kob fever so bad, I had to go back to watch all their sweet scenes.
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  20. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    He was sent (order to war- bad guy plan) away on their wedding day. He was absorbing her scent and ask for her "sabai" (top) to take with him. He is missing his wedding night.

    Love krai and Dao love! They modernize it and made them much bolder. Nk don't kiss pk until almost the end of the lakorn. I still rem. Krai expressing so.

    Lots of love and intimate scenes...swoon
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