[Ch7] Sai Lohit (DaraVdo) : Porshe Saran/Now Tisanart

Discussion in '2018' started by Kwan25, Sep 25, 2013.

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  2. preetam

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    Good ! At least this p'ek here looks appealing. Still ch7 has been shading her and hopefully she pulls a Baifern. The elders have got their favourites babies and it is clear she is not part of the lot.
    I don't want to have too much hope for the type of role she will play but hopefully it is a fierce one with that short hair she has been sporting now. Short hair makes her look fierce
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  3. spanky

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    Yes...a nice looking pk.... hopefully her other lakorns air soon

    Her and sammy gets crappy pk...sammy's worse... girl has 1 lakorn wth
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  4. S.J.M

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    Im waiting for her other lakorn nang rai i love the stroyline that one looks more interesting.
    Sammy is missing she has been shooting for a long time but still no news about her new lakorn.
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    I follow her IG.... you see her filming.... she's does events...she did an M.V.....but no news of any other lakorns....other new actress are getting lakorn w/ hit "pk". Her lakorns does well in ratings as well...I thought she'll get more roles/better script after her lakorn w/porche....the rating was in the high teens and twenties...
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  6. preetam

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    Some Ch7 elders sure are not happy with her being promoted as N'ek
  7. byebye

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    I was going to say whatever happened to sammie? Oh, is she still filming the lakorn with thanwa. Girl seemed like MIA for a while.

    Now is so pretty...just her roles are always meh to me.
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  8. spanky

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    Ek...bummer...she's been there soo long and she a good actress.


    Her lakorn Nrai...looks good....

    Yes, sammy still filming. ..but sadly only 1 lakorn...while all these newbies getting it left and right...urg...but I see her doing events...cat walk? M.v
  9. preetam

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    Sammy sure deserves her promotion to N'ek stati but I can't help but feel some in the channel are still lowkeye shading her
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  10. spanky

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    They diff. Are shading her...she had hit lakorns and then no lakorns.

    The lakorn w/porche was up in the teens and twenties in ratings...bodyguards sao did really well to. Her other lakorns has decent rating as well. They keep giving her crappy pk.
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  14. preetam

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    I don't know it's so try hard american : the mannerisms, the hands gesture lol Sammy is pretty tho. Now it is sure and pretty clear rap music genre can't do without women objectification, no matter the place. Lol
    Which one is Prang BF ?
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  15. SuzieJ

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    the one sitting in the chair that sammy is dancing on
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  16. SuzieJ

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    this one is airing in the next slot on the weekends
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  17. Cupid Candy

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    Porshe is singing the ost. Sounds like they changed a lot of the lyrics and kept some of the old beat. Don't know if I like it as much as the old version though.

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  18. spanky

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    It's not bad..modernize... but the original words was more intense? Meaningful?

    I feel they dramatize it more...yes they were passionate and dramatic but it wasn't dragged on

    I saw a pix of now holding on to pk leg to stop him ??

    I rem. Nk to be very understanding of pk...the duties and such....

    I enjoy the bonding of pra'nang and I like now....so i'll watch
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  19. pinklotus

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    I like Now. I miss her onscreen.
  20. standby

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    Not a fan of Porsche, will likely check this out for Now.

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