[CH3] Thong Eak Mor Ya Tah Chaloang (Sonix Boom) Mario Maurer / Kim Kimberley

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    2E093F1B-3913-4736-BD64-81983D5301E0.jpeg Can’t wait to binge watch this now! Been waiting since ep 2
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  3. Tresor_moi

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    Didn’t Expect the ratings to drop like this. Hopefully, Ep 13 goes back up!
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  5. phatman

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    Haha. I love how writers are making our ancient nang'eks more mischievous and daring. First off we got Karakade, second we got Maeng Mao and now we have Chaba. I haven't been disappointed with our female leads in the recent ancient lakorns at all. . . .well the ones I've seen.
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  7. "peace"

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    i'm not surprised at all the rating drop that korean scene was absolutely useless and that using kla and pong to make them jealous was also useless yesterday was a filler ep to just show the jealousy of married couple until the epidemic come but i'm still impressed they still reached 10 on bkk i knew it from last week they won't be able to beat last week rating cause last week ep was like an end ep with the wedding and all anyway they are still on the 6 witch rant them among the hit still the producer can still be happy for it :)
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  8. NongS

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    Yeah I like the saap roles. I even liked Bella as Kadesurang. Ironic that the modern roles are more rieb roy. There is more joy in this depiction of old Thai society.

    I am kind of annoyed by the 7th episode which is where I am because most of the time Thong Aek was boiling medicine for the princeling (a very handsome one) and it doesn't do a hero a lot of favours to be bowing to someone else throughout the episode.. My favourite part would be Chaba's interaction with her brother after her engagement.
    I can understand why Punjan is not yet p'ek though he has the look and the talent. He is too hasty and direct he needs to work on maintaining a bit of an aura and keeping some things subliminal and understated.
    This weekend I plan to binge the rest. Here I was still sad about Chaba's reluctant engagement and they're already married !
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  9. "peace"

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    everyone be ready for some tears tonight

    my eyes will be swollen tonight i don't cry often in drama but scenes like this makes me emotional

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  10. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    in short it's a serious emotional ep
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  11. "peace"

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    my stress level is 1000000
  12. P Nguyen

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    So is she actually sick because of the epidemic or sick because of pregnancy symptoms? If she’s sick because of the epidemic, there’s no way she can survive. :confused12:
  13. Barbie Princess Jasmine

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    Mae Pong is really pregnant. :eek::eek: How about Mae Chaba? Seem like she got sick :crybaby2::crybaby2:
  14. Barbie Princess Jasmine

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    Can someone translate her caption please?

  15. Meoconie

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    If Chaba is pregnant, Thong Ek should be the one who knows this. And no way she's sick, isn't she.
  16. Barbie Princess Jasmine

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    I'm crying when ThongEk talks with Mae Chaba. :crybaby2::yawn:
  17. P Nguyen

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    But he can be so worried that he misdiagnosed her?
  18. <3MY

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    My heart hurts for Chaba and TA! Poor TA’s stress level is off the roof. So we know Pong is pregnant. Is Chaba sick or pregnant? Maybe Chaba just have extremes pregnancy symptoms? Sorry guys I’m in denial :crybaby2:
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  19. P Nguyen

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    OIIIIIIIII IT LOOKS LIKE WE’RE EXPECTING!!!! Chongko got preggo first & next is CHABA!!!!
  20. P Nguyen

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    & my stress levels went up like fr.
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