[CH3] Thong Eak Mor Ya Tah Chaloang (Sonix Boom) Mario Maurer / Kim Kimberley

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  1. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    this scene touchhhhhh me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    we all need someone that let us set our head on their lap and feel their hand through our head and feel like a little kid feel the touch of care the touch of love there is something sooooo special about putting the head on the lap of people we love :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12: this scene made me emotional
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  2. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    So he got his wedding night?! Haha.
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  3. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    Wow amazing :).
  4. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    yes he did in ep 12 but in a comedy way :lol:
  5. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    i will miss them simple pure young love chaba and thongaek
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  6. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    i'm watching ep 12 with sub and OMG i want to do gif with eng sub the line are sooo hilarious

    *the more your dad bothers us the more i want to makes grandchildren to him so he stop bothering us
    *you are still in the mood?
    *i always want to do it when i'm close to you

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  7. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    me watching the jealousy wife scene with sub

    *what is this
    * super hot hellish chili drip , you should know how i feel when cooking it (he taste) how is it?
    * no word can describe it

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  8. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    Episode 12

    Chaba and Thong Ake is helping a sick man

    Aww now Thong Ake is helping Chaba and Chongko, Okay Chongko and Paik are cute:icon12:.

    Aww both couples are so sweet

    Aww cute kiss. Oh no they got scared, now Chaba and Thong Ake is beating up two guys. Chaba and Thong Ake were together.

    OMG Thong Ake scared Chaba he sleeps with his eyes open she didn't know lol, aww that I love you so cute. They are so sweet together.

    Maggie is in this episode cool :).

    Another sweet scene with Thong Ake and Chaba, aww the ILY's and that heart Aww air kisses:icon12:.

    Chaba and Thong Ake with her family.

    Oh boy this Chaba, Thong Ake and Kla scene tension. Okay in his on way Kla was trying to help. Thong Ake saw Kla hug her, he didn't see her hit him thought. There first fight.

    Aww Thong Ake made her a mirror. More missundering. Glad they talked things out. They are okay now yay the I love you's.

    Aww poor just trying to wash something got the house smoking, Tong says it okay there is another way, aww she gives him a kiss. Aww, ''Your the best, I love you'' he is so sweet. so many ILY's:icon12:.

    Okay that was a sweet Chongko and Paik scene.

    Aww cute, Kla bought Pong a dress.

    Aww Thong Ake is worried that could get sick if there is alot people with the same thing, that hug:icon12:.

    Good family scene Chaba vists family and also warns them about the food. Pong is pregnant?.

    OMG this Chaba, Pong and Thong Ake. Oh the food was to hot for everyone. Aww they are both Jealous that play fighting :lol:

    Oh no there is a outbreak.

    Aww sweet scene, Chaba laying on Thong Ake:icon12:.
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  9. NongS

    NongS sarNie Hatchling

    I can't find eng subs for ep. 9:crybaby2:i have for 10-12. I really want to know what they are saying in the performance before the village. They seem so mischievous.
    Por Perm and Klin's poetry recitation sounds so pleasant to the ear with the internal rhyming.

    There is this one guy who plays Kla's man-servant that I like seeing on screen, he is funny. I wonder who he is or if he will ever make it far.

    Their fight is so hilarious I can't. Chaba is so cute and confused.

    I think Pong and Kla are perfect for each other. They are both so melodramatic.

    Mario and Kim shouldn't be working as well as it is. The mismatch of strong n'ek-weak p'ek is refreshing and they are adorable.
    Drunk Kim :risas3:
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  10. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    @NongS where are you watching ?
  11. NongS

    NongS sarNie Hatchling

    I watched unsubbed for 7,8,9 but 10 onwards Muse Sub has a group on the Telegram app where they have uploaded the episodes
  12. petraSA

    petraSA sarNie Egg

    Same links at telegram loads all the videos. Also kimmy station releases soft subs at their fb page. And subs are being added as cc captions at Ch3 YT. Tho I think just episode 1 is done that cuz apparently it needs ppl have to approve it lol
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  13. petraSA

    petraSA sarNie Egg

    I just came for baby spoilers!! Can’t hardly wait for baby babyswbabyswbabysw
    More baby spoilers please?
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  14. <3MY

    <3MY sarNie Egg

    Episode 13 with subs is released. I’m bawling my eyes out watching it. It was such a heavy episode to watch. Poor Thongek is doubting his ability as a doctor and it’s understandable because he’s doing everything right but sometimes that’s not even enough. The writer did an excellent job at having Thongek be so raw and real because we don’t get to see the mental struggles doctors go through. The scene were Thongek wanted to hug Chaba but he can’t got be bawling like crazy. :crybaby2::sad6:
  15. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    i still didn't watch ep 13 with sub and i'm afraid i cried without sub so imagine with sub i need to prepare myself again
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  16. adif

    adif ~$m!£€~♡

    I watched ep13 3times and everytime i watched chaba scene with TA and chaba with por perm, i cried a lot..
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  17. koadadai

    koadadai sarNie Hatchling

    Translated by google translate.
    (Fragments of 3zaaap, Best is really a expose expert.)
    cr. Hanan哈南

    Part 1:
    2019-03-04 14 : 06

    Best: p'Punjan, he likes to chase me.
    Moderator: This matter has to be said. How did he pursue ?
    Best: He said to be my boyfriend.
    Moderator: Did he say this?
    Best: Then I said that I still can't, wait first. Then p'Punjan begged . He likes to wear the ring he wears on my ring finger every time.
    Moderator: Booked first, proposed.
    Best: Yes, I said no, no. But finally I agreed.

    Part 2:
    2019-03-09 21 : 59

    Punjan: I added Line with her.
    Inpitar: Also added Line?
    Punjan: Sometimes we said good night to each other.
    Then her mother came to ask me "Pun, did the Best disturb you?"
    I said " no, she is very cute."
    I also have a joke with her, she is very cute, very cute child.
    Moderator: And then her father will say " Pun you guy, enough!"

    Punjan: I have to take care of her, because Kim is the kind...
    Moderator: How?
    Kim: I love children.
    Punjan: (Kim said) Take Best away, take Best away.
    Best: Not true.
    Mario: True, True.
    Mario: (Kim) "p'O , n'Best, you go over there"
    (Mario) "Alright, n'Best, what do you want to play with me?"

    Moderator: When you are in the crew, who often plays with you?
    Best: There are two people. p'Mario and p'Punjan.
    Inpitar : Best, have we not taken care of you?
    Kim: (Kim pulls up Best) Go, go to sit there.
    Inpitar : How didn't we both take care of you, say it.
    Kim: I am p'Chaba.
    Best: I better fainted .

    Moderator: Wait, wait, wake up. Didn't you play with p'Kim?
    Best: Most of the time plays selfie with p'O.
    Moderator: you say p'Kim?
    Best: yes.
    Moderator: She plays with p'O.
    Best: yes.
    Moderator: She is not playing with you.
    Best: Also plays with me.
    Moderator: What to play, what does she play with you?
    Best: Teasing.
    Moderator: Teasing is play .
    Kim: Ruined, my image of loving children is over.

    Moderator: How did she tease you?
    Best: When have lunch break, right?
    Moderator: Yes.
    Best: I went to talk to p'Kim. Then p'Kim said "Who?" I said " Is me." then Kim said, "Who asked you?"
    Moderator: So cruel.
    Best: It’s the same today.
    Kim: No, she likes to talk. On that day, she said everything about her school and everything about her friends.
    I asked "Who is it?"
    She said "It's me Best ....., It's me Best......."
    So I said, "Who asked you this?"

    Moderator: Then you didn't play with p'In?
    Best: p'In is a bit quiet, most of the time just play handsome.
    Inpitar : I can't stay here , I can't stay any longer.

    The Translate from the video 2:45 to 6:22 .
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  18. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    I am going to watch episode 13 tomorrow.
  19. <3MY

    <3MY sarNie Egg

    I cried a lot during that scene too! How is Por Perm so strong? Thongek was shedding tears and holding himself back, he finally broke down when he walked out. Everything about Chaba was just heartbreaking, her tasting her mother’s cooking and her just believing that it’s the end for her. :sad6: However, the sign of her wanting to eat more of her mother’s cooking is a sign of her getting better because she actually wants to eat now. Maybe Thongek is too emotionally, physically, and mentally tired to realize it.
  20. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    i think i won't watch ep 13 with sub i really don't want to cry anymore

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