1. ImQueen

    Unknown Title (Mario & Chalida)

    Prologue She remember standing here in the same place several years ago staring into the endless blues of the ocean wondering when her life will be her own. A tear drip down her face and she did not bother to wipe it off like the many times at night when she used to cry herself to sleep. She...
  2. "peace"

    [CH3] Thong Eak Mor Ya Tah Chaloang (Sonix Boom) Mario Maurer / Kim Kimberley

    i tried to search if there is already a thread for this but i didn't find one and finally the confirmation come today from daradaily i absolutely looking forward to this new freh pair and omg...
  3. L

    Fai Luang (The bed scene) R- rated

      Mario Maurer as Naparoot (Rot) Mint Chalida Wijitvongtong as Yotien (Tien)   After the said goodbye to the manager   Naparoot: (Walking up to the workers) Wait is Yotien not going with everyone? Worker: She’s taking the bus home Rot: Well, How did you all get here? Worker: We drove here. Rot...
  4. S

    AMAT-THE ANATOMY Exhibition with 100 stars (ADULTS ONLY)

    AMAT-THE ANATOMY exhibition which exhibits 100 stars. "Fashion Trendy + Healthy Body" is the concept. It's from photographer Amatyai, Styled by stylist Babmi. From June 24 - August 16 2015             Many actresses are topless  :shock2:  :shock2: (Janie, Gubgib, Pancake, Jui, Metinee...
  5. L

    The Marriage Proposal :Ch 13 update:

      Staring Prin Suparat (Mark) Chalida Wijitwongtong (Mint) Witchada (Mint's Girlfriend)   Mark & Mint's Friends: Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) Marks Bestfriend Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) Mints Bestfriend Pakorn Chatborirak (Boy) Rasri Balenciaga (Margie) Nutthawuth Maurer (Mario) Pimchanok...
  6. jjinxx

    Romantic Alliance

    Taew as Kritsanan Kaewburisai - Royal family of the South; niece to the king Mario as Atsawin Kongsangchai - Crown Prince of the North Kim as Ratana - Sister to Nan Ken P as Thee - Cousin to Nan James J. as Ada - Crown Prince of the South (feel free put a face the characters according to...
  7. Net101

    Belong With You

    Belong With You   Cast:    The Sirijanya Family Nirut Sirijanya: father, owner of the Four Seasons hotel chain Mrs. Sirijanya: the girls' mother Aff Sirijanya: older daugher Taew Sirijanya: younger daugher   Others Aum Atichart Chumnanont: Beauty Mario Maurer: Beast Nadech: actor + other...
  8. aikoden

    [FF] The Riverbed

    I know, here I am once again.. with a new FF, which I couldn't help but have a new storyline for.  This time it'll starr Nadech, Mario, Mai, and Yaya.  I'm pretty sure you readers will know where I got my idea from.. hehe.  I really couldn't help it.. when you're obsess with something.. you are...
  9. C

    4+1 superstars versus The 5 Lions!!!

    Which team is more HOT POPULAR CUTE HANDSOME
  10. T

    *COMPLETED* Fah Likit Ruk (Heaven Destined Love)- END [6/25/14]

    I know I have two other FFs that I haven't completed but I have to write this one while I'm in the mood. This one is gonna be a time-travel FF. Hope you guys enjoy this one! My first MTEAM FF!
  11. T

    Blue Blood (Leurd See Fah) - CH.7 [1MAY2013]

    I must be watching too many lakorns lately because I suddenly came up with so many plots. Here I go posting this one because I like it the most at the moment. Lmao.   LEURD SEE FAH (BLUE BLOOD)   *NOTE- blue blood signifies royalty*     GENRE: Drama, Romance     CAST   Kimberly Voltemas as...
  12. S

    CH.2, PT.1: Heaven Sent (Sawan Sung Maa)

    *Inspired by Chin's MVs "Natee Kong Hua Jai" & "Mee Arai Hai Tum Eek Mai"* Sawan Sung Maa (Heaven Sent) Genre Action, Drama, Romance Cast Mew Laknara Chin Chinawut Mint Chalida Mario Maurer Aerin Yuktadatta New Chaiyapol Trin Saetachock A Passin Nong Ryuji Summary After being...
  13. PhoneO_5

    [3 shots] Succubus (Completed)

    Introducing: Mario & Chompoo Warning: Rated R About: After reading my "Reader's Digest" magazine, I finally had inspiration to write a one shot. I've always wanted to write one, but wasn't sure how to go about it. My mind tends to wander off quite a bit. I didn't know if I should write a cute...