CH.2, PT.1: Heaven Sent (Sawan Sung Maa)


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*Inspired by Chin's MVs "Natee Kong Hua Jai" & "Mee Arai Hai Tum Eek Mai"*

Sawan Sung Maa
(Heaven Sent)

Action, Drama, Romance

Mew Laknara
Chin Chinawut
Mint Chalida
Mario Maurer
Aerin Yuktadatta
New Chaiyapol
Trin Saetachock
A Passin
Nong Ryuji

After being framed leading to being fired from his job as a police officer, Chin moves to his vacation home in Phuket where he meets a young Japanese woman along the way. She is injured, cross dressed, and out of her mind. Pitying her, Chin rescues her from the empty road and lets her live with him. They gradually fall in love but there are far too many obstacles that prevent their hearts from becoming one. He soon discovers that she is the daughter of an infamous mafia boss, one of the most wanted figures in Thailand. She escapes from her arranged marriage, gets shot by her supposed fiance, and meets Chin. They are destined to be together but in order to live a happily after, they must surpass the many barriers to their love.


sarNie Adult
Chapter One

“…Happy Birthday to you! ”
“Make a wish and blow out your candles!”
Five year old Nong Ji blew out his birthday candles and turned to his father, Officer Chinawut. The smiling daddy scooped up his five year old boy and pecked him on the cheeks.
“Nong Ji, what did you wish for?” asked Mint, Nong Ji’s aunt and Officer Chinawut’s younger sister.
“I can’t tell you otherwise my wish won’t come true,” said Nong Ji.
“Oho, such a smart kid you are,” said Mint.
“Khun Noo Ji ka, would you like to open your presents now?” asked Pa Jaew, Nong Ji’s nanny, who also was Officer Chinawut and Mint’s nanny.
Chin and Mint’s parents had passed away since they were young and ever since, they had been cared for by Pa Jaew. When Nong Ji was born, Pa Jaew and Mint looked after him since daddy Chin wasn’t always home. Being a police officer meant less family time and more work time. It is always tiring but Chin loves his job.
“Open this one first,” said Officer Chinawut. “This one is from Daddy.”
Chin watched before him as little Ji tore open the big box wrapped nicely with a blue ribbon.
“Wow!” gasped Nong Ji.
He held up his new toys high in the air for Aunt Mint and Pa Jaew to see. A small toy handgun, machine gun, handcuffs, bullet proof vest, and binoculars added to his new collection of playthings.
“So is that what you wished for?” asked Aunt Mint.
“That’s only the half of it,” replied Nong Ji. “I can’t tell you the other half of the wish otherwise…
“It won’t come true!” retorted Aunt Mint and Pa Jaew.
“What else did you wish for?”
All heads turned to the gate and watched as a handsome police officer approached them. In his hands was apparently a birthday present for Nong Ji.
“Na Oh!”
Yep. It was Uncle Mario, Chin’s best friend. Nong Ji ran directly to him and jumped into his arms.
“Hey little buddy, happy birthday,” said Uncle Mario. “I’ve got something for you.”
He put the kid down and handed him his gift.
“Nong Ji, you must open mine first,” said Aunt Mint. “I gave you my present first.”
“Mai dai,” said Uncle Mario, shaking his head. “Open mine first.”
Nong Ji announced that he wanted to open Uncle Mario’s gift first. Within seconds, Nong Ji held up a police officer uniform before everyone.
“Now, I can be a police officer like Khun Paw and Na Oh!” exclaimed Nong Ji gladly.
Everyone broke with laughter.
“Nong Ji, now you can open mine,” said Mint, holding it out to him.
“Krub,” said Nong Ji.
Aunt Mint’s gift were…spyglasses! Not only that, they also lit up in the dark, which added to Nong Ji’s excitement.
“This is so cool!” exclaimed Nong Ji in amazement.
He quickly put them on and chased after Pa Jaew. For the next few minutes, Chin, Mint, and Mario watched in smiles as Nong Ji went after Pa Jaew. Finally, Pa Jaew was tired and breathless.
“How…how could you just…just stand there like that?” panted Pa Jaew. “I’m old now and I can’t handle these kind of activities any…any longer.”
Chin, Mint, and Mario laughed.
“I think you’re doing a great job,” said Mario.
“Plus, I don’t think you’re…hey!
Nong Ji had just snuck up behind his daddy and held up the small handgun at his waist. Chin ran and Nong Ji was at his heels. Then, Mario joined the father and son pair and added to the action.
Mint poured a glass of fruit punch for Pa Jaew and the two watched on as the guys played catch-the-bandit in the yard. Suddenly, a few police officers burst in through the gates and headed straight for Chin.
“Officer Chin, we are here to arrest you,” said one of the officers.
“For what reason?” asked Chin.
“This shall be discussed at the police station,” answered another police officer.
“I’m not letting you take him anywhere without a valid reason,” said Mario. “He’s a police officer too. What could he possibly at fault for?”
“We’ve received some news that Officer Chin is in cahoots with Jao Paw Saetachock,” replied an officer. “Further questioning shall be…
“That is absolutely false news!” exclaimed Mario.
“Chai,” said Mint, storming towards the group of men. “My pee chai hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s a police officer. His job is catch criminals and put them behind bars. How could you say he’s one of them?”
“I’m sorry Miss but this isn’t easy to say…
“I’m not letting you take my brother anywhere!” exclaimed Mint.
“I’m not letting you take my daddy anywhere either,” said Nong Ji, trying to push one of the officers back.
“Officer Chinawut, please don’t make this difficult for us,” said one of the policemen. “If you’re innocent, nothing will happen to you. You will be released after questioning.”
“Are you crazy?” asked Mint. “He’s not even at fault!”
“Uh Mint krub,” began Mario. “Let us…
“Move away,” said Mint, pushing him back. “What kind of friend are you anyway? How can you let this happen to your best friend?”
“Mint, calm down,” said Chin. “Everything will be alright. I’ll go with them and answer their questions to the best of my ability.”
“Khun Paw, don’t leave me.”
Chin looked down and saw his son tugging onto the hem of his shirt.
“I’m not letting you go with them,” said Nong Ji. “It’s my birthday.”
“Nong Ji, krub, go play with your toys na krub,” said Mario. “Uncle Mario promises to bring back your Daddy safely.”
“Mai aow, mai aow,” said Nong Ji, shaking his head.
He began to cry.
“Pa Jaew krub,” said Chin. “Come and get Khun Noo Ji and take him inside. I’ll be back shortly.”
“P’Chin!” exclaimed Mint.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be back,” said Chin. “I promise.”
“Chern krub, Officer Chinawut,” said one of the policemen.
They made way for Chin and Mario and escorted Chin into the back of a police car while Mario was directed to go in separate vehicle.

The questioning didn’t go as expected. Basically, Chin was unable to answer the questions due to constant interruption and continuous accusations made against him. Finally, Lieutenant Passin fired Officer Chinawut.
“You can’t do this!” exclaimed Chin.
“You’re lucky enough we’re not putting you behind bars,” said Lieutenant Passin. “You will be temporarily fired until further notice. Once we get more details and evidence regarding this case, you will be off the team.”
Chin shook his head and slammed his police officer badge and gun onto the desk. He walked out in silence, where Mario was waiting outside at the door.
“Well, what did they say?” asked Mario, impatiently.
“I’m off the team,” said Chin.
“WHAT?! No way! That’s impossible!”
“Well it’s already been settled.”
Mario took a deep breath and exhaled.
“Someone is setting you up man,” he said. “I want to talk speak directly to Lieutenant Passin.”
He tried to barge in but Chin stopped him.
“There’s no use,” said Chin. “It won’t make anything better. I couldn’t even answer the damn questions while ago.”
“They can’t fire you!” exclaimed Mario. “Someone is definitely trying to get rid of you.”
“Well they’re successful at it,” said Chin, helplessly.
“You can’t just walk away like that without fighting back!” said Mario loudly.
“Well I can’t do anything about it!” shouted Chin. “You can’t do anything about it! It has already been settled. I’m off the team!”
Chin kicked the wall beside him angrily and went down the stairs. Mario followed him and grabbed his arm.
“I’m not going to let that person off that easily,” said Mario. “I promise you I will find the person behind all this and put him behind bars with my own hands.”
“Khob ja na peuan,” said Chin, patting Mario’s shoulder. “You needn’t risk that for me. I don’t want to see you get fired too.”
Mario sighed and looked on the ground.
“Well anyway, I need a favor from you,” said Chin. “I think I wanna go away for a while, perhaps to my vacation home in Phuket. Will you please take care of Mint and Ji for me?”
“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” asked Mario. “I mean you just got fired and the person that is behind all this must be very satisfied. What if…
“…I get killed?”
Chin knew what Mario was getting at but he doubt that would be the case.
“Don’t worry, everything will be fine,” he told Mario. “Just keep a close lookout on everyone on the police team and think before you act.”
“I know,” said Mario. “I promise I will take care of your little sister and son.”
“Thanks,” said Chin. “Oh, one more thing, don’t tell them that I got fired. Don’t tell them what happened.”
“I gotcha,” said Mario. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this. Your sister and son is like my sister and son too.”
“Thanks a lot man,” said Chin.
“Well when are you planning on leaving?” asked Mario.
“Right now,” replied Chin. “I’m going to the condo to pack my things first.”
“I’m sorry I can’t do anything to help you,” said Mario.
“Don’t even say that,” said Chin. “Just you agreeing to take care of my family, that’s more than enough.”
“We’re like brothers anyway,” said Mario. “Your family is my family. Your problems are my problems.”


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Chapter Two, PART I

“What?! Where’s my brother?!”
“Aie Chin…
“Why didn’t he come back with you?!”
“Where’s my Daddy?”
“He just had to…
“I’m going to go talk to that Lieutenant Passin.”
“Whoa, wait!”
“I want my Daddy!”
“Listen to me!”
Finally. Mario was able to get Mint and Nong Ji’s attention. He needed to get his words together and explain to them clearly what had happened earlier. Where to start?
“Well,” said Mint. “I’m listening.”
“Uhm…Aie Chin mun…mun…he had to leave the city for work,” said Mario finally.
Mint and Nong Ji just stared at Mario and then Mint shook her head.
“Mai jing,” said Mint. “P’Chin would never leave out of town without telling us. He has never done that before.”
“This time it is urgent,” said Mario. “Didn’t you see those cops’ reaction earlier? Everything was a misunderstanding earlier.”
“So everything was a misunderstanding and my brother was sent out of town for work?” asked Mint, puzzled.
Mario knew she was uncertain of him. He couldn’t just tell her that her brother had just gotten fired and had leave the city.
“Yeah,” replied Mario. “Don’t worry, he’ll be back soon.”
Nong Ji began to cry.
“I want my Daddy,” he wailed.
“Oho, Nong Ji krub,” began Mario. “Don’t cry na krub. Big boys don’t cry. Come on, let’s go play police chase with your new toys.”
Mario took Nong Ji’s hand and steered him towards the living room where his toys lied on the table. Mint stood there with a dazed look on her face.
“P’Chin left the city for work?” she asked herself.

Chin drove and drove and drove until his car was running on E. He was completely out of gas. Not that he didn’t want to stop and fill his tank earlier but it was just that he had forgot. He didn’t even realize that his tank was empty. Ever since he had left the city hours ago, the only thing on his mind was the mysterious accusations against him. Out of all the cops in the police department, why would that person want to get rid of him?
After filling his tank, Chin continued the journey to his vacation home in Phuket. He hadn’t been there for two years now. The last time he was there was when he took his then three year old son, Nong Ji on a vacation, which was also his last vacation. He hadn’t had a single break ever since. This time was no different. He’s not going there for relaxation but he will put his mind to work to solve the current hard, cold mafia case…one that he had just been kicked off.
Breathing heavily as she pounded the tall grasses, the young woman in men’s disguise picked up her speed as sweat dripped down her natural, flawless face. The wound on her back right upper shoulder was throbbing with pain. Even though it hurt to slash the tall grasses with her bare hands and tiring to walk any faster, she had to bear with it.
She had been running through those tall grasses in the middle of nowhere for what seemed like forever now. She hadn’t a clue of her current location only that she was swallowed in a field of tall grasses. Finally! She approaches a car on the side of the road. There isn’t anyone inside it. This was her chance. She opens the left door to the back seat of the car and jumps in quickly and carefully. She lets out a sigh of relief and massaged her injured shoulder. It hurts to make herself comfortable so she just closed her eyes and dozed off.
After a short break, Chin got back inside of his car and continued his journey again. He drove forward a few feet until he realized that there was a stranger in his back seat. Where did this guy come from? And since when did he get inside of his car? It doesn’t matter now because he wasn’t a heartless person and besides, the stranger seems so pitiful that he couldn’t just leave him there stranded on the side of the road. Seeing that the stranger was fast asleep, Chin got back into his car and continued down the road.



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love you
i wonder what wind gives you so much time to write your fanfic
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love you
i wonder what wind gives you so much time to write your fanfic
i never have any time
bloody homework
Actually I barely have spare time these days. I just squeeze in what I can. I hate keeping my readers waiting lol. Don't want them to run away. Haha!