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    I do not think Inspector Choodate will get killed off, if anything I believe that Kosom will be because they gave her character more depth. They actually went into her backstory and explained why she is the way she is. When writers do that to side-characters .. they are more likely to be killed off. I actually like her character .. I want her to have a happy ending but I think her happy ending will be in death .. sorry P'Pong, :crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2:

    I am really looking forward to today's episode recap! I just saw a clip in passing on IG and it sounds like Ya and Thae are saying their goodbyes once again. Prepare the tissues y'all!!
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    Same. I can already feel it!
    Y'all today's episode was intensely good. I'm talking about Narong and Ya. Haha. Tuk have such crazy sizzling chemistry with Prang, even more than Mr. PJ. Hahaha. I am going to PhatCap later tonight!
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    Episode 21 PhatCaps Part I

    Tay: Have you thought it through agreeing to marry Narong?

    Ya: For my brother's life I'm willing to.

    Tay: How can you be sure he's going to keep his words?

    Ya: I must risk it. It means I'll be closer to P'Rong and I'll be able to investigate their plans.

    Tay: There's no other way?

    Ya: This is the only way to help P'Thep and to get rid of those bad guys once and for all.

    Tay: Your life is far too precious to lose.

    Ya: Tay you are not from here. You may not be willing to sacrifice your life for this place, but I am from here can't I do something for my home?

    Tay: But. . .

    Ya: Trust me. Trust the person you call the tiger's cub of this place please. This will also prove that I'm worthy of my title.
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  4. Chario mintmario

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    I think we all feel the same way regarding Kosom and how her character might end...I also admire the actress. She made us feel so sympathetic toward her character.
    Lol...to me all I see is great acting and chemistry among all the cast. Those side characters are really strong and interesting.

    I still think Punjan and Prang have sizzling chemistry eventhough they have such subtle romantic scenes. If they have more intense love scenes, I swear we are gonna get crazy. :nut:
    Slap Kiss for their next lakorn pls:cheer:
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  5. phatman

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    Oh they all have great acting no doubt. I just get butterflies everytime Narong is feeling up on Ya, haha. Imagine if PJ plays a rough character like that. Rawr.
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  6. Chario mintmario

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    And Ya was like i'm gonna shower myself with alcohol after this. Haha...

    P.S. I think this one deserves a mention. I really love the relationship between Ya and her brother. Though the siblings are very different from each other, they still have something similar. Like Kosom pointed out that both of them have the exact same way of thinking about love. These two actually love each other a lot too.
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  7. Su Lin

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    I can also see it.. I don't think Pong is faking his love.. He helps Tay and at the same time trying to take Kosom's heart away..
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  8. Su Lin

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    U just gave me something to imagine about:naughty2::pancarta:
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  9. Su Lin

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    Whose IG..? I wanna see too.. Why is it farewell are more than happiness..?
  10. Su Lin

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    Couldn't agree more to this.. Pls make it happen..
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  11. Chario mintmario

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    He just try to get close to her in order to spy about Narong. But love is real...it's justified that Kosom get mad or disappointed at Pong.
    Why do I feel like every ep end with a cliff hanger?:facepalm: it made us difficult to wait for next ep.:pancarta:
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  12. Su Lin

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    Right.. I have different hypothesis everytime an episode ends.. One of the main reasons why is because i don't understand..

    Is there anyone who pick up episode 2 till now episode to sub..?
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  13. Chario mintmario

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    Not yet. I don't know if the subber will continue or not if anyone interested to sub.

    Anyway I don't know if I should reveal this or not...I just read the spoiler of upcoming episodes. Maybe u all like the surprise better.:rolleyes:
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  14. Su Lin

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    Yes please.. I love surprises.. Hit me with it..
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  15. Chario mintmario

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    I don't need to spoil u guys anymore. In today ep, Kosom died. :sad6:there are so many things to be revealed within the last 2 episodes. Choodate will be in serious condition and Wan will look after him. Thae will be back tmr ep...don't be worried:p while there are more crying scenes of Ya, there will be sweet scenes too
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  16. xodxo

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    I don’t even know who that is anymore lol aha :( but oh well~~ I think when this ends I’ll make my way to it. :D
  17. Su Lin

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    Mehhh.. I check my messages late.. By the spoilers u gave, i'm even more nervous for today's episode.. Why did Tay jump off from the building and explode..? What did the bad guys said..?
  18. Su Lin

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    Where's Phatman..? I'm desperate for PhatCaps.. :cheer::cheer:
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  19. phatman

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    Haha. Oh lord. Tuk has to be my favorite actor in here. . . him and his character is very interesting. Thai rai's aren't usually like him. If I were to give out PhataWards my award for Best Villian would go to Got AND Tuk.

    Woah! The ending today was gooood! I got goosebumps everywhere! Hahah.
    Seriously though. Who is Tay?!?! Is he really a Taywada?!? Tell us scriptwriters. We're almost ending!
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  20. phatman

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    Coming soon! Hehe. Working on some hot NarongYaCaps!
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