[CH3] Nak Soo Taywada: Panjan Kawin/Prang Kannarun

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    After the smooch, Ya is shocked and said this is too much...Tay said something like the kiss is his gift that he deserves because he risks his life to secretly meet her in the jail. :p I really love this scene.
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    How many times Ya cried today (ep 19)? :crybaby2::sad6:Their hug today at her house is just so heart breaking...even better than their hug by the beach. @phatman I hope u capture that scene. It's too good..:worship2:
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    Episode 18 Mini PhatCaps Part II

    I didn't think I'd like the girl playing Wan, but I have come to admire her. Albeit she looks a bit plastic, but her voice, acting and expressions are to be reckoned with. So here's a dedication to her and her love interest.

    Premise of the scene: Wan begs Lieutenant Choodate to help Ya out of prison as Ya is her only other family member besides her dad.

    She begins tearing up asking for Lieutenant's help.

    They embrace eachother and lieutenant tells her he'll do what he can to help.

    She continues sobbing.

    They continue embracing eachother.
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    Thank you so much for all of the recent episode recaps! I really appreciate them!! :icon12:

    Also, thank you for translating Punjan's song .. I did not realize the song was such a direct translation of their relationship. I hope their ending will be better than what the song is foretelling!

    So many sweet scenes between the two of them now since they have both fully acknowledge their care and love for each other. I wish I had a boyfriend to make sweet coffee for me and do all of my office work for me .. what a dream, Lol I thought it was so cute when Ya put the salt in his drink and then when he drank it and spat it back out she just waved goodbye, hahaha! Love, love, love her!!

    Can someone recap what Thae was saying to Ya on the rooftop? To me, it sounded like he was saying his goodbye .. like telling her not to be too sad if anything happens to her. Then her not wanting him to do anything that would put his life in danger but knowing that she cannot stop him .. please don't make her cry again. (I swear she has cried in like every episode! Anyone else? Lol)
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    Is that in Ep19? I haven't seen it yet, but when I do I'll definitely help! Hehe.
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  6. Chario mintmario

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    yeah in ep 19...I can help u translate that scene. That's the same scene I asked u for the caps. It is just so beautiful..
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  7. phatman

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    In the mean time enjoy these PhatCaps!

    Episode 18 Mini PhatCaps Part III

    Premise of the scene: Ya is finally released! Her innocence has been proven. As she leaves she senses someone's presences and asks to stay back for a bit.

    She turns towards that "someone" hiding behind the big walls.

    The flowers are floating in the wind and she knows immediately it's none other than Tay's work.

    Tay stands from afar secretly watching Ya shouting for him to come out.

    She continues calling out for him as he stares away reluctant to show his face.

    Just as it seems Tay won't show up, Tay appears and embraces Ya from the back!

    He assures her that although he's not always by her side he'll always take care of her.

    She listens quietly to his soft words.

    He tells her his heart is always with hers.

    He continues to embrace her.

    And she nods in acceptance.

    After which he disappears into thin air leaving her to ponder.

    To be continued. . .
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    Watching it right now!
  9. phatman

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    Help me out @Chario mintmario ! Haha.

    Alright here goes nothing!

    Tay: *Just my rough translation, since I can't translate this dialogue word for word. He is comparing Ya to the type of flower "dok pi." The flower represents strength and the color white represents goodness.*

    Ya: If it weren't for you, I would've still been in a state of sadness and would still be seeking revenge for my father's death.

    Tay: You're a strong woman. Even if I'm not here, you would still be able to live.

    Ya: No. Where are you going? You can't go anywhere!

    Tay: We have our own duties. You have goodness to achieve. As for me I have to do bad things. We are like parallel lines. No matter how much we want to be together, it'll never end well. I'm sorry.

    Pictures will come later after I finish my Ep18 PhatCaps!
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  10. Chario mintmario

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    Great translation, Phat. I tried google translation for that word. Thae said "We are like parallel lines."
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  11. phatman

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    Ahh. Thanks! Corrected!
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  12. phatman

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    Episode 18 Mini Mini PhatCaps Part IV

    Not necessarily a PhatCap just some caps. Haha. PranJanCaps.
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  13. Chario mintmario

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    Thanks a lot for these beautiful caps. Lol...I heard that Prang did her own make up for the entire shooting of this lakorn. :thumbup: I don't know but I think she really looks the best here.
  14. Koy123

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    I forgot her name, but she’s a good actress. Saw her in a few evening lakorns in supporting roles, and she was impressive with her acting.
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    Can anyone give me the titles to all the OST of this lakorn..? Thanks so much❤️

    ~New member here~
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    Did this end? I saw a Prang fc said it’s ending soon?? Anyhow~~ thanks phatcaps

    I lost track of this lakorn lmao!! Still hearts my PunPrang lol :p❤️
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  17. phatman

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    Hi new friend Welcome to this tiny place. Haha.

    The title to the opening theme is "Mai Chai Taywada" or "Not an Angel," the title to the ending theme is "Yah Waang Sung" or "Don't Expect High."
    You may refer to this for the links to the songs.
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  18. phatman

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    I was wondering where you left to. Haha.
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  19. Chario mintmario

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    Her name is Siri...I also think her acting is great. I have come to love the other two couples besides PunPrang.

    Welcome, dear. Hope u post here more often. We are very few in this thread. Like @phatman said, this family is so small... Lmao...
    Ending soon, dear. This one is doing better rating wise than all the 3 primetime lakorn on ch3 airing at the moment. Seriously I don't know what happened to ch3 these days.
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    Ok last set for Ep18!

    Episode 18 Mini PhatCaps Part V!

    Premise of the scene: Wan took her time to learn how to better cook for lieutenant Choodate and she successfully makes him soup! She then proceeds to thank him and tell him she has something to tell him.

    Wan: I have something to tell you.

    Officers: Confess, confess, confess!!

    Lieutenant: Ignore them. Carry on.

    Wan: I want to thank you for always being kind to me and. . .

    Getting ready to celebrate.

    Wan: Being a good friend!


    In shock.


    I thought this scene was cute. Couldn't help but add it!
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