[CH3] Nak Soo Taywada: Panjan Kawin/Prang Kannarun

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    I saw it coming, but I'm still sad for him. . .

    Oh btw. I cried today for the first time. Haha. When Ya was crying after Tay's parent's paid her a visit. She was all confused as to whether or not it was the same guy and cried that regardless he's still dead. :(
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    Ahhh ok.. Got myself confuse there i think.. :pancarta:
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    What did Tay's parents said to Ya..?
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    Ahhh thanks phatman.. Tay is so charming over here.. Ya's blushing.. Now i'm falling in love with Punjan.. His sitcom is a must watch too.. He can play any character :icon12::love:
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    Episode 23 Mini PhatSubs

    Aunt Gumlai: Nai Ying.

    Ya: What is it?

    Aunt Gumlai: There's a friend of Khun Witoon who's here to see you.

    Ya: Hello.

    Pitak: Hello, my name is Pitak and this is Ratree, my wife.

    Ya: I'm Hataya.

    Pitak: When Witoon passed away we were abroad, that's why we couldn't come share the grief.

    Ratree: Witoon is a good friend and an old friend. We were very close just like you and our son.

    Pitak: Our son has been here for a couple months now, have you met him?

    Ya: Not yet.

    Ratree: Even though Witoon is not here, but we are still willing like always.

    Pitak: When you were young, Taywarit and you were very close. If you see him you'll remember.

    Ratree: Our son Tay when he was young loved bringing you fireflies.

    Ya: Tay, fireflies?

    Ratree: The reason why aunt and uncle are here today is to talk about your marriage. What do you think?

    Ya: Well, I already have a lover. I'm afraid. . .

    Pitak: Lets do this then. Wait until we meet Tay and we'll talk about this again.

    Ya: Yes, I hope I will meet your son too.

    Ya: Or is Tay and Taywarit the same person?

    Aunt Gumlai: The last time I saw Pitak and his whole family was when you were still young. I'm not sure either.

    Ya: What about the marriage?

    Aunt Gumlai: Witoon really promised Pitak, but I saw that it has been a long time and I thought they'd forget it.

    Ya: But even if Tay and Taywarit are the same person, it's no use. Because Tay is dead already. Aunt please let me go prepare myself, I'm going out.
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    Thanks Phatman.. I think you should sub the whole drama.. I need to do a marathon on this drama again.. But there's no sub:crybaby2::crybaby2:
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    Thanks dear for translation. I'll translate the FIN scene (the prior one) when Ya first saw Thae at the hospital...i've been outside since morning. I'll do it tonight.
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    I wish I was good enough. Otherwise I'd be subbing directly on Ch3 already! Haha.
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    Guys it ended:crybaby2::sad6:i don't want it to end...too addicted.
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    Aww, it ended already?? When will this couple get pair up again?? Okay, time for me to start watch this lakorn now!!!
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    I think you're good enough.. What choice do we have since no subbers would want to take in this lakorn..
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    Me too.. I think they should give P'Pong some closure at the end.. Only Inspector Choodate, Wan, Inspector Choodate's colleague, Wan's friend, Tay & Ya had good endings.. But we don't know what's the update for P'Pong..
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    Now everyone would focus on BPS fan meeting.. ;);)
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    I need help on translation for the last episode.. Pleaseeee:angel10::angel10:
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    Episode 24 Full PhatSubs!

    I decided to do this finale because. . . because. Haha. Now I wish I started at the beginning. Sorry guys.

    Part 1/3

    Narong: Sign all your belongings to me. As for Nong Ya, we'll rule Namchiew Island together.

    Ya: I'd rather die than be stuck with an evil man like you for the rest of my life.

    Narong: It's alright if you don't sign right now. We'll ____ tonight then. Sign.

    Uncle: I'm not signing.

    Narong: If you don't sign. Your daughter, your niece and you will die.

    Wan: Don't sign father.

    Narong: Quiet! Shh.

    Wan: I'm willing to die, than be your slave for the rest of my life!

    Narong: Will you sign or not?!

    Uncle: I won't sign.

    Narong: So will you sign or not?


    Evil Dude: I thought we wouldn't see each other anymore.

    Tay: You were wrong. Aren't you glad?

    Evil Dude: You're still the same.


    Narong: So?

    Uncle: No.

    Narong: Sign or not? Huh?


    Evil Dude: Where did you learn this?

    Tay: When I went to hell.


    Narong: Sign or not?!

    Uncle: Not going to sign.


    Evil Dude: All came huh? Good do you can all die!


    Narong: I've never stopped loving you.


    Ya: Bear with it.

    Choodate: Big Boss show yourself!

    Big Boss: I'm not Big Boss, you guys are misunderstanding.


    Wan: Are you ok father?

    Choodate: This way.

    Uncle: It's ok, I can go myself.

    Choodate: Ok.

    Uncle: I'm going. Thank you for helping.

    Choodate: Yes.

    Wan: Are you okay?

    Choodate: Yes. When I see your face I feel much better.

    Wan: So, when did you wake up?


    Tay: Lieutenant wake up. This country needs a good cop like you. It's time for you to wake up and protect everyone in this country. Don't let the evil hurt our people. Wake up. Wake up and fight evil. Are you ok?


    Evil Dude: If you wanna die, I'll let you die.

    Ya: Stop! Tay!!!!!!

    Part 1 Thoughts/Comments:
    -I can't believe I thought Thep was going to turn good.
    -AWWW Narong didn't want to shoot Ya!!!!!!! My heart!!!!! Maybe he does love Ya, he's just evil! Do I feel sad for him. Yes. Would I still want him to live? No. He's evil!!! But awww.
    -Sallawat is alive! So Thep wasn't so bad after all. HEHE.
    -Uh Oh here comes Big Boss. He's been sitting on the couch this whole time?? Hilarious.
    -Oh it's that dude and he's blind? WTH? HAHA. Is this a joke? He's not Big Boss? I bet Big Boss is the Evil Dude.
    -Tay!!! He got shot!!!

    To be continued. . .
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    . . . Continued.

    Episode 24 Full PhatSubs!

    Part 2/3

    Ya: Tay! Tay!


    Ya: Tay. Where are you. Everything has ended. Aren't you waiting for my answer? I'm going to marry you can you hear me?! Where are you?

    Choodate: Hataya. Suthep is now in the hospital and he's safe. As for Pajeen, he died so I must take you in as a witness. Tay uh. . .

    Pong: Where's Tay?


    Thep: Ya.

    Ya: Thep. Are you hurt anywhere?

    Thep: I'm ok. This time I really want to turn a leaf and I won't deal with drugs anymore. I was given a chance by Taywada. That day Narongrit came to me and ordered me to capture you and Wan. He said if I didn't he'd kill everyone. I didn't want to do it. I wanted to help you guys, but. . .

    Tay: Nai Noi.

    Thep: Tay. You're not dead yet?

    Tay: Do you love Nai Ying?

    Thep: Why would you ask. She's my beloved sister, I love her the most!

    Tay: They have a plan to capture Nai Ying and hurt her. I want your help.

    Thep: Tay said he wanted Narongrit to believe he died and he and Choodate said to be careful. It was the only chance that I can atone for my mistakes and do it for father. I have to thank Tay.

    Ya: Tay came to visit me too.

    Tay: I want you to help me. Trust me.

    Ya: We'll trick him together.

    Thep: Ya. I didn't know you knew. Ya I'm sorry.


    Pong: P'Kosom. I've brought you hear to live with your mom. I hope you rest well in your new home with the roses that you wished for. If you meet Tay tell him not to worry. I will complete his mission for him. Taywada like you has to live in the sky right friend Tay?

    -That's it. If killing the bad buy was so easy like that why didn't they just do that at the beginning? Haha. I thought he was a magician himself. Well darn.
    -So who's Big Boss?
    -Tay disappears again.
    -I was wondering where Pong was at during this whole climax??? Weird that he wasn't a part of it.
    -I couldn't quite understand what Thep was saying. . . so I made up something. HAHA.
    -Thank you lord for making Ae a good guy, finally. Miss him all soft and buttery. Hehe.
    -Poor Pong. My heart is aching for him.

    To be continued. . .
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    Continued. . .
    Episode 24 Full PhatSubs!!
    Part 3/3

    Choodate: I ask to take you in for attempt murder.
    Bad Cop: What evidence do you have?
    Choodate: The bullet that you used to shoot me and my partner.
    Bad Cop: That's it?
    Pong: This too. This is a lot of evidence.
    Choodate: Don't let your pride be ruined if I escort you.
    Bad Cop: Choodate. It's all you. You won't end well. Once I get out, prepare to quit.
    Phol: I told you guys I'm innocent. Let me go! No! I'm not crazy! Let me go! Die. You must die!! Everyone must die!!
    Bad Cop: Crazy man. Wait til I get out!
    Random Cop: That man is your jailmate.
    Ya: Hurry back Tay. Everyone is-. I'll wait here for you.
    Uncle: From now on there will be no illegal dealings. Sallawat must help expel all this from Namchiew Island.
    Choodate: It is my duty.
    Pong: I will help too.
    Wan: You?
    Pong: Wan, I was pretty impressive abroad. Tay also helped me.
    Ya: Aren't you an angel? How can you die?? Last time you came back. Therefore until I see your body, no matter what I'll wait. I believe you are still alive. I'll be waiting.
    Thep: She works morning til night everyday. She won't stop.
    Uncle: She doesn't leave the house? Today Wan will meet with her.
    Aunt Gumlai: I told Nai Ying that you two are here to see her.
    Wan: Aunt Gumlai, what's going on?
    Aunt Gumlai: Since that day Nai Ying works only. I haven't seen her smile at all.
    Wan: Well, me and Sallawat came to give Ya our wedding invitation.
    Aunt Gumlai: Then go ahead before she goes out.
    Choodate: I thought you said there's no work today?
    Aunt Gumlai: Work or no work. She goes out to the pier every day.
    Ya: Nong Wan and Sallawat are about to get married already. If you're still here today we'd-. Today I came here to bid goodbye. I won't come back here anymore. I know that you're always by my side. You'll take care of me from the sky. I'll be brave. No matter what you're always in my heart. I promise.
    Tay: I miss you the most. There was not one day I didn't miss you. Do you know how hard I tried to come back and see you? I was taken to the hospital and was unconcious for a few months. When I woke up I couldn't walk and the doctor said I wouldn't be able to walk for the rest of my life. But I couldn't give up. I tried many things and went through surgeries until I was able to come back. I came back to hear your answer. To hear your answer myself. The answer to what I asked you.
    Ya: Ok.
    Tay: That's it?
    Ya: In the past everyone thought I was strong, but no matter how strong I'm still weak when you're not around. I want you to know how important you are to me. Thank you. Thank you for coming back to me. I'll marry you.

    -You know this show needed an extension. The ending was rushed!
    -I'm glad some bad guys get jail time. Everyone usually dies. Haha.
    -So 1 month later? Or 1 week??
    -I find it random that Tay's parents showed up for 5 seconds and disappeared. . . . they don't know even know their son has died. Twice.
    -I have no idea what Pong was talking about abroad. Hahaha. I'm sure it was something impressive.
    -6 months???? 6 weeks??
    -11 months?? Sheesh???? Almost a whole year??? Or 11 weeks?? Hahahah. Can't read???
    -Just show up already Tay!! Show's almost ending!
    -That dress looks very nice on Prang. Really brings out her boobies. Hehe.
    -Grr. I wish this lakorn was longer! Although I think it needs more detail!
    -Hmmm. So like the cops didn't check the hospitals around for any random patient? And the hospital didn't bother to contact his people? Haha.
    -Come on Mr. PJ you can do better! Hahaha. That kiss!
    -I can't read Thai so help me out.
    -OMGGGGGGGGG Tay and that slicked back hair! Should've done that when he was working with the baddies!!!!!!
    -HAHAHA. That reaction to the baby was hilarious.
    -HAWT DAYUM. Okay this last scene deserves some major PANCAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -I'm sad that it ended. It was soooo rushed. EVERTYHING happened in ONE episode. The pace and the build up was soo good. They could've easily extended this another episode. Just saying. Like more about Tay??? How about her father being the owner of some illegal drug dealing??
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    SAME!! I think that partner didn't really need a closure because . . . he isn't that important. Haha. Not compared to Pong at least. Pong had his own storyline going on. The people who deserved that kind of closure our pra'nangs got are Pong, Wan's dad and Thep.
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    Episode 24 PhatCaps!

    How akward it must've been for these two bffs.

    Kiss her good!

    Aw what a cute back hug! Tighter Prang!

    I'm in love with his reaction.


    Finally. HAWTNESS OVERLOAD! Now this is the Tay I would've loved to see in action!!!!! If only.

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