[Ch3] Angkor (Arlong Junior)


sarNie Egg
LOME is his play name, never Rome. Thai say LOME. IDK why it a R. Anyway buddha gave him a new surname Atshar to bring better luck. The surgery is, wtheck ! is he thinking lol. Some can't just let nature do the work. They mess up so bad they go from ugly to worst.
I see...! Could’ve kept his old name and nose.


sarNie Hatchling
Who was the guy in the first version with the blondish hair?? I remember watching it way back when I was a kid but I don't remember the actor's name


yes he was in all three version. Golf Kanja Padeewijit (กัญจน์ ภักดีวิจิตร)
Wow. He hasn’t changed much. Still looks the same.


Well-received by viewing audiences. Just curious if anyone here watch it? Does it have a ghost or creepy vibe to it?
Well I’m waiting for sub but I checked clips & receptions of Twitter & instagram so far Thailand love it.
Anyway here is full summary.

Angkor is the beautiful daughter of a high rank officer of Cambodia. Before she was born, her father had slain a tiger. The spirit of the tiger lives on inside of Angkor and possesses her when she looses herself to her anger. An inner struggle in Cambodia forces Angkor and her friend/body guard, Koytee, to flee to Thailand.
Along the way, they got separated. By chance, Angkor gets mixed up and becomes an important witness to the murder of Pukong Kan's comrades by Mount Lit. Angkor eventually arrives at the refugee camp in Thailand alone awaiting for Koytee. There Angkor meets Pukong Kan, who was secretly sent to investigate the case of several missing and deadly war weapons that may be linked to a few of the officer's corruption.
(Source: AsianFuse Wiki)