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  1. bit

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    :risas3: Reynu really testing Yoi’s patient to the max.

    But their bickering is really funny to watch.
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  2. Koy123

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  3. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    I’m glad there’s humor in this drama.
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  4. Koy123

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  5. Ntsuab-Ci

    Ntsuab-Ci Extremely in love with Phet Thakrit <3

    Aww... Bella is receiving a lot of support from other celebrities and producers!
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  6. DaoRisa

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  7. its_ann

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    Just finished Ep.1 and it’s surprisingly good! Bella’s acting here is pretty good. So far, Reynu doesn’t seem like a bad person, she’s just using a bit of black magic to keep the husband around. Ok. That sounded bad. :facepalm::risas3:
  8. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    Now I know why I was very lukewarm with the teasers, Mai sucks lol She's not really convincing as the evil MIL. I just see Mai trying to act but really just overracting from her body language to her voice... it doesn't come off natural at all. In comparison to Sud Kaen Saan Ruk, khun Rudklao, she was E Yam, she brought that character to life and her portrayl was really enjoyable despite being just a nasty character. But I've read some Thai feedback and people say that Mai is actually portraying the character exactly like the novel so there's that lol But Mai irritated me the whole time I just felt like she was at 100 while everyone was around 10 hahahaa. JJ's acting is really off in here too he didn't really have chemistry with the family members and the first scene of him with bella and mai... he was just an extra, his timing and Mai's timing was so off in that scene it didn't really make for a good run in with these characters, but Bella made this scene at the end of it while she was walking away. I didn't like how Act Art started off the first episode. It was very rushed and really simple how they laid the plot but it still wasn't that sufficient with character background and when they choose to reveal it. I felt really lost for a long time and I hate how they edit here. They do too many close ups of Mai screaming it doesn't even feel like she's interacting with anyone. If I were to sell this lakorn, I would say to probably anticipate the interaction between Bella and Pear. I thought Mai would be a scene stealer but she's not... and her and Bella aren't that good I just feel like Bella is acting her ass off and Mai is just there but not really adding much to the scenes. Bella's better with Fresh than Mai. Pear looks like she's about to steal some scenes her character is just as raeng as Bella's probably. I would credit Act Art for elevating the acting of the newbies. Phet usually sucks for me too but he's nailing the role and Champ is much better than he was since Ra Rerng Fai. Yiiwha and Champ have some chemistry too but she get's with JJ later lol Too bad no Pie and August yet. I'm pretty underwhelmed lol I thought Act Art would execute this better than Makers did because they're just a better production overall but it's not as intense as Sud Kaen that could be a good thing lol
  9. Mikii

    Mikii sarNie Egg

    They don't waste time at all, the lakorn starts of with Reynu coming home to be the daughter in law.
    I don't like Bella voice tone in here. Usually she changed her tone but in here she uses her real life everyday tone.
    Phet and Bella look good together but I can't help my Jiranee feel when Ah Sa (James Ji) smiles to Reynu.
    Out of all the sons, I feel bad for the second son the most. I think he is the most pitiful in here.

    Bella name is credited first in the opening. I thought it would be Mai name to appear first because she's the big name out of the casts. Rarely in lakorns, they put the actresses names first in the opening credit. I think it's honor for Bella.

    If you are not a fan of the casts or the family lakorns, this lakorn is not for you. There's nothing much beside the mother keeps insulting the daughter in law. And I think it will be like that for the whole lakorn.
    For now I will keep watching for the casts. So far everyone did a good job.
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  10. leemoua27

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    He also in Bang rajan to
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  11. jeanie1

    jeanie1 sarNie Adult

    Yep lol. People are creative.

    Reynu/Chai's relationship is cute. Wish we could see more of them as a couple. The book didn't come off as cutesy but I liked it anyway. But they cut out a lot of the moments at the brothel with Reynu/Chai. Not sure if they'll add it in flashbacks or if its just cut.

    I agree that the cast doesn't quite gel together just yet. Hoping that this was the first scenes they filmed and it'll get better as they go along. There's really not much plot at all so the lakorn pretty much live and die by the cast interactions. I want to see more of Fresh and the prostitute gang too. Fresh's character, Jae Tim, was a real scene stealer in the book.
  12. bit

    bit sarNie Hatchling

    If Reynu and Yoi character were miscast, the whole drama will die with it. Lucky Act Art got Mai and Bella.

    I like Reynu interaction with that biggest gossip roadstall auntie. The first episode she is just shameless. Most people in Chum Saeng don’t know what to make of her...LOL.
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  13. kjc1994

    kjc1994 sarNie Adult

    Love Bella so I’ll be staying tuned to this. Bella’s character has no shame in the first episode lol. Bella is probably one of the most versatile actresses from Ch3 and that’s why she’s one of my favorites. Can’t wait to see how this lakorn will turn out to be. First episode was not bad at all.
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  14. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Officially starting!

    -Yay! Bella is first shown in the credits! Finally a lady first. Haha.
    -The credits are kinda weak though.
    -Bella and Phet looks sooo good together!
    -Does everyone know about Reynu being a prostitute already? Why is she being treated so badly when they don't even know her?
    -Anyone thinks Mai is overreacting? Haha. Either that or that's just Yoi being Yoi. Right from the getgo she gave Reynu attitude.
    -I find it odd how Chai didn't tell Reynu to pay respects the proper way as the incoming daughter in law. Like he just said went "Aight, got my woman pregnant, she's staying with me. Period." Not very well-mannered.
    -Yay! Chai isn't a mama's boy!
    -There goes the black magic! Haha. Poor Reynu. She just wants love!
    -Bella looks absolutely stunning with nude makeup.
    -I'm totally loving Bella's acting I here. Totally popeZAAP! Haha.
    -Seems like Yoi has had a bad reputation. Haha. Guess that explains her bad and quick temper.
    -Awe Reynu don't cry!
    -Pear looks like Taew. Like a longer Taew. Haha.
    -There are a lot of flashbacks. But somehow I don't really mind it.
    -Poor Tong. Does he like Juntha too? He gave her the look. Unless he's just sad in general that he has to marry Pilai?
    -Yoi is sooo dramatic and is such a wreck. I do not want her as my wife or mom at all. Why is her husband still with her. Urgh. She needs to chill the eff out.
    -Can't believe Yoi pulled her son out of monkhood to get married. It'll be her karma later.
    -Guess Juntha and Tong like each other?? They're giving each other the solemn eyes.
    -Don't push Reynu's buttons!!
    -Aww poor Tong. Right now I sympathize him the most! He hasn't said a word of disagreement at all! I don't know why, but like Champ looks extremely attractive in this role. Hehe. Mmm. He's just so manly. Much more manly.
    -Bella and Phet have great chemistry to my surprise. I love it!
    -Are they not doing a wedding though?
    -I don't really like Mai's portrayal of Yoi or like how they made Yoi so explosively angry. It's unnecessary.
    -Seems like Yoi has bad history with a few others. Haha. They be cursing her!
    -Go Reynu! You have my support!
    -Makes me wanna eat those desserts.

    I like Ep1! I actually do! I'm not sure if it's fast paced or slow paced. Haha. It's like very well paced, but at the same time I feel like some things are missing. Regardless, I still like it. I like the slow introduction of characters and I'm looking forward to how things are unfolding. So we don't get anything tomorrow huh?. Dang it.
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  15. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    2C2B3752-46AE-4A79-BE23-44C4455B0C01.jpeg Good for a debut episode! These days Ch3 lakorns can barely get ratings of 3s halfway through a lakorn so this is pretty good!
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  16. jeanie1

    jeanie1 sarNie Adult

    Cause she's from Thaklee (spelling?). This part is based on history. The city of Thaklee was known for prostitution back during the 50s-60s (the Vietnam War period) cause the military base was there. And US soldiers would come "visit" so prostituting business was booming.

    So they assumed it cause she said she was from there and the way she dressed+makeup=dead giveaway.
  17. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Ahhh. Makes a lot of sense.
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  18. Ntsuab-Ci

    Ntsuab-Ci Extremely in love with Phet Thakrit <3

    Wait what? Did I skip episode one to episode two? Lol. I don't like the way the episode was edited. The transitions to the next scenes are not smooth. There does seem to be a lot missing but maybe we'll get flashbacks later on.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the episode overall! How nice of the editors to give me Phet in the first scene, hehe. He makes my heart flutter. I'm surprised by how much Phet I saw! I thought as soon as he brings Reynu home, he was gonna leave and never be seen again so I didnt have any expectation. But I'm so glad. Like seriously, I did not have any expectation for P'Chai and Reynu but gosh they were so cute! When they had to part... :/ Come back to Reynu soon!

    I'm also very interested in Champ's storyline. Is it bad I like him with Junta? They look good together... Come on Ahsa, make your move so I wont fall into that trap! But it sucks that Tong is gonna be stuck with a mean wife when he's so calm and chill... Su su.

    Bella is very pretty in here! Really liking her look.
  19. Hornet0304

    Hornet0304 sarNie Hatchling

    Only one episode this week?
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  20. DaoRisa

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