❤️ [CH3] Kong Karm (Act Art) : Bella Ranee / James Jirayu / Phet Thakrit / Mai Charoenpura


sarNie Egg
Bella's fans made Reynu sign

I thought Jiranee extinguished long time ago but they are still there.
During the Ch3 event, Bella had 3 kinds of fans club coming to support her,Bella fans club(Thais and Chineses), PB(popeBella), and Jiranee.

Back to lakorn, I want to see more of Phet and Bella, but his character left home already
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sarNie Hatchling
Can someone explain to me about the Thai word prostitute used in this lakorn, is it very coarse? since in some interview it was bleep out yet in the actual lakorn it wasn’t. I’m confused.