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Posted by Nameless Monk; Translated by Li Nhi

Huang Xiao Ming: Slowly Getting the Taste of “ROCH�

The Hero is Happy

In JY’s novel, even though YG is all alone and endures all of life’s hardships, the love of XLN and the care of GJ-HR, nonetheless, have made him very happy. HXM is also feeling that same kind of happiness. HXM Fan Clubs and his friends come and visit him very often. His mother even came in person to take great care of him. He is always surrounded by the love of his friends and family.

The series just started filming for 2 months, but a HXM fan club called “Jiao Zhu� had came and visited the film set three times already. Each visit, they brought various gifts and presents from various places across the country. They even organized a party to celebrate his birthday, and provided him with his very own escort. When Christmas came, fans from different places around Mainland China united at Xiang Yang, wishing him a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The entire crew of ROCH claims that his fans are very sweet. Even the assistant director and light-effects specialist competed with each other for the title of “Vice Jiao Zhu,� just so they can join in with HXM’s experience with being loved and admired by dozens of these fans.

As of now, we do not know if HXM can successfully portray the new Condor Hero or not. Time will tell. Nonetheless, we cannot deny the fact these true incidents including many more have made us even more anxious to see him in the new “Return of the Condor Heroes.�

Here's my last translated article on one of the characters.

Pho Dieu & Gong Sun Lu E : ZJZ let loose his dog, scaring Pho Dieu

According to PD, GSL is a young lady worthy of loving. She is sweet, gentle, kind, pure, and bold to say who she loves and hates. She loves YG in spite how there’s only room for XLN in his heart, and yet she is still willing to die under the blade of her father’s sword to save him.

In the beginning, PD had her eyes on the role of Guo Fu. ZJZ had also planned on giving her this role, but director Vu Man insisted that she is more suitable to play Gong Sun Lue (the daughter of Gong Sun Zhi). PD suggested that she’d audition for the role first. After she had done so for the role of Gong Sun Lue, ZJZ was forever more pleased and convinced that this role belongs to her. However, PD still did not give up on Guo Fu. She made a request to try it out, and then decide once and for all. The scene: Guo Fu chops off Yang Guo’s arm with duration for 3 minutes. PD’s performance was strongly satisfying. The entire crew held their breath as they wait for PD’s sword to strike HXM’s arm. Suddenly, bad luck struck at the most important moment when ZJZ’s dog barked ferociously, shocking and scaring poor PD. Unfortunately, her performance was influenced. She had accepted her defeat, and handed the role over to another actress by the name Chen Sa Sa.

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more pictures

Tsang Zhi Ping

Ye Lu Qi, will start on an article about him in the future

Ye Lu Qi and Guo Fu

Huo Du

Gou Jing, will start on an article about him in the future

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Huang Yao Shi

Guo Xiang and Golden Wheel Monk

Gong Sun Zi

Ying Gu. same actress from LOCH 02

Huang Yan Ping.

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sarNie Adult
See this is why I don't like China productions, the weird ugly costumes. I'm all for creativity and such but at least stick to something that resembles the time period and chinese. Except for XLN's dress (thank god they stuck with plain white dresses) all the costumes look out of place.


sarNie Granny
can't wait till the series release! This is one of my favorite series of all time --- it doesn't matter wat version it is are who the lead in it ... all i know is dat the love story it self is heartbreaking yet romantic *sigh .. ROCH rock !


sarNie Adult
Have you guys seen some of the mv's that fans made from released clips and previews? They're pretty good and I have a couple if anyone wants it I'll upload them.


sarNie Hatchling
i can't believe i found Return of the Condor Heros 95 in good store had it all along...Louis and Carmen are awsome...i love watching this series.


Here's a scrapbook of LYF in ROCH.

credit to asianfanatics......

crystal looks very beautiful in these pic, but the one in red, she looks a mother, maybe...but still beautiful. :D