Nope.. they not going to change that part.... they already filmed that part. the rape, well it's not really rape.. since the main girl thinks it's the pra aik that is doing that to her. yeah.. that was one of the first parts that they filmed... the main guy used to be hott, but they made him so ugly! the costume and the hair is really messed up! but i see that the actions and kung fu sequences are great... :loool:

Wai Wai Noodles

Egg Drop Soup ( ~ _ * )
Andy and Louis Koo looked really cute as the star guy, but the 3rd one hmmm, still trying to peek at his face because his freakin hair is always in the way. Wish I can see a better pic of him where he's actually uhhh clean i guess oh yeah and tamed hair hehe


sarNie Adult
I think that LYF only matches the role of Ling-Er in Chinese Paladin... otherwise I don't like her in other movies... I bought a Hmong dubbed version of "Heaven Dragon Sword" or whatever and like some of you said- she didin't really seem like she was into it...


sarNie Hatchling
To be honest...I don't like her a bit...she only have one expression on her do you know when she sad, when she's happy...the only version i like is wiht Louis and Carmen, Louis walk into my life when return of condors heros 95 came out...i never like the other version...


sarNie Hatchling
wintr said:
To be honest...I don't like her a bit...she only have one expression on her do you know when she sad, when she's happy...the only version i like is wiht Louis and Carmen, Louis walk into my life when return of condors heros 95 came out...i never like the other version...

yea...i agree...this girl is pretty but she only have one face expression....louis and carmen's version is the its makes me want to watch it again....louis is so hot in there......


sarNie Granny
i thought the charcter LXN suppose to be like aloof and show no expression and she doesn't show any feeling since she not expose to those but alll dat change later on and ONLY when she with Yan Go :p


I love andy and Louis Koo version. I have the copy of Louis version and I watch over and over again..I love it. Original always the best, but I'm looking forward to see this new ROCH. I love the secenary they have in the new one and looking forward to see Yang Guo and XLN their love relationship. by looking at the picture and MV their relationship are shown more and develope more than the previous verisons. Hope they have alot of romatic scene.


sarNie Hatchling
i agree with u scenery is beautiful...maybe when it comes out ill watch it n see how it goes...i love watching series for the scenery..


ROCH actress......

Idy Chan (ROCH 1983)

Carmen Lee (ROCH 1995)

Fann Wong (ROCH 1998)

Liu Yi Fei (ROCH 2005)

credit to asianfanatic


i don't know if anyone of you have read this..but just sharing it in here...all credit goes to asiafanatic

Posted by Bach Mai – Ngoc Dinh (VietNamNet); Translated by Li Nhi

“ROCH�: Better, More Mythical!

(VietNamNet) After the success of “Tian Long Ba Bau,� the series “Return of the Condor Heroes� is especially attracting the public’s interest. Director Vu Man can finally take a deep breath and relax after completing the 42-episode adaptation.

The entire series, including the hardest and the final scenes to be filmed, are finally finished. What is left are the music and the graphics (with the help of computer technology).

Unlike ZJZ, who would always compliment his actors, Vu Man has a more realistic evaluation on the two stars’ performance: YG-HXM and XLN-LYF. He rarely even compliments them, and the closest most possible complimentary remark he could make is “Not bad!� “In this ‘ROCH,’ there aren’t many superstars. In fact, candidates for the auditioning roles were quite limited. And so I can only evaluate the two most important actors which are HXM and LYF. As the executive director, I can say that they have completed their mission.�

VM had actually watched the previous adaptations of ROCH before. Louis Koo was also “not bad,� but HXM presented a bit more “evil-spirited� characteristic in his performance. “Honestly, in all of the other ROCH versions, YG appeared to be a righteous person, but this character should have a bit of strangeness or wickedness in him. I see that HXM has grasped it pretty well in that area.�

As for XLN-LYF, VM’s attitude was very ambiguous or unclear. “I can only say that in this series, she has improved immensely compared to any other series she had done in the past. There were quite a few scenes where she truly did give an excellent performance in. I was not impressed much with the first couple of scenes that she did. But from the middle and thereon after, she finally caught on.�

VM had even admitted that while filming, the crew had many severe arguments regarding the actress that played XLN. “I just regret not asking her to redo some of the scenes in the beginning of the series. But she’s still just an 18 year-old girl, after all. Yet she was able to give a performance like that, so not bad at all.�

From XAJH to TLBB, three big adaptations, one similar plot. The most difficult task that made ROCH crew ponder (even in their sleep) was how to create a new atmosphere for the audience to see and be curious about.

VM had straightforwardly admitted that their hardest problem was how to incorporate computer technology into making the “dances� a more finished product. “I invited the top 10 notable companies in China to come up with a possible suggestion, but none of their campaign plans had satisfied our demands.�

VM had arrived as the “savior� in all three JY adaptations before this one. “Compared to all the other series I’ve directed, I prefer a longer series with an atmosphere that can stretch out the plot even further. But I realized that there are many areas in ROCH that cannot accomplish this.�

On account of the backgrounds and lightings, we have chosen fresh lively colors. We take designing and preparing the film set into careful consideration. I feel that scenes with the Ancient Tomb and Jue Qing Valley will outscore previous versions and become the new masterpiece in settings. There were many scenes that resembled a play on stage, enriched with colors, poetry and art.�

Posted by Nameless Monk; Translated by Li Nhi

Mang Guang Mei & Li Mo Chou

When asked about MGM & her role as Li Mo Chou in ZJZ’s ROCH, MGM was full of excitement. “Back then, a friend of mine made a bet that if someone would actually choose me to be in their ancient or wuxia series, then he’d let me use his head as a soccer ball.�

To MGM, taking on a difficult role such as LMC-- who is one of the main villainous characters in the story-- is a new challenge. A few days earlier, while MQM was acting out a fighting scene, she was injured with her weapon attached to the side of her costume. All of a sudden, she felt these warm wet droplets fall slowly down the sides of her cheeks. The interviewer asked: “Blood?� MGM laughed and answered: “Tears!!!�

MGM made a generalization that all of the previous roles that she’d done were antagonists or villains. “Perhaps it is because of my sharp structured face that makes me look vicious enough to pass for evil characters.� Focusing on Li Mo Chou, MGM hopes that after she has completed her part for the series, people will want to kill her because that proves that she has succeeded.

In all of ZJZ’s adaptations, there is always this one minor character that just shines. For example, Mai Sieu Phong in LOCH, or Hu Truc in TLBB. Next, ZJZ believes that MGM’s LMC is the one.

“Li Mou Chou is stubborn and arrogant. When her love was forsaken, she became cold-hearted and ruthless. She hated every single man in the world. In my mind, Li Mou Chou is a very special character with many interesting personalities. The actress that will be playing Li Mou Chou must be very very pretty, her body must be very tall. I was not able to find a person compatible for this character until I went driving one day out in the streets and oversaw this ad with MGM in it. Suddenly, my inspiration sparked rapidly. I felt that she was perfect. At that time, I didn’t know who she was until I saw her on a television network program. And then, I quickly tried to contact her.�

Still, MGM’s performance during filming was not satisfying enough for ZJZ. “When MGM was acting out her character, she was still missing a bit of cruelty. I wish that she could be a little more merciless like how the character should be.�



Posted by Nameless Monk; Translated by Li Nhi

Huang Xiao Ming: Slowly Getting the Taste of “ROCH�

The Hero’s Life is Tough

It is possible to say that YG, under JY’s pen, encounters thousands of misfortune, torture, and misery. In the end, he is still this one-armed hero. Working in ROCH was tough for HXM. He leaves early in the morning, comes back late at night, and so he takes every chance he can get for a little shut-eye—which is rare. Each day, the filming process takes up three recording equipments, the constant running back and forth of places to shoot (for filming), mixing day and night with acting, and really no place to rest. These “toughies� awarded “Hero-YG’� HXM the title “God of War,� etc.

The crew laughed and said “HXM has put in a lot of effort to finish his ‘major [exit] requirements’ but there is still a dozen of other ‘additional homework assignments’ waiting for him. The ‘homework’ had been assigned to him since ROCH started filming: there would always be this large number of ecstatic fans gathered around the set waiting for him everyday, asking for his autograph and to have pictures taken with him. No matter where he is, whether it’s the film set or right in front of the doorstep to his hotel room, HXM is always happy to sign autographs and have pictures taken. Whenever the staff would try to contain the large crowd, HXM would usually say ‘that’s ok, that’s ok, I’ll sign all of it; they’ve waited long enough already.’ Whenever he’d arrive back to the hotel, he would have to sign all of these case files brought by his assistant before washing off his makeup. HXM would joke about it sometime saying ‘Right now, I’m being a teacher who fixes and grades his students’ work, everyday.' " be continued

credit to asianfanatic


some other stars

Gong Sun Lu E

Guo Fu

Guo Xiang

Lu Wu Shuang

Cheng Ying

Cheng Ying & Lu Wu Shuang


News from chaule.

Shen Diao is recording the theme songs. Zhang Ji Zhong invested a huge amount of money into it. The songs will be: 江湖笑 - Jiang Hu Xiao - Giang Ho Tieu (main theme), 雙飛 - Shuang Fei - Song Phi (Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu's song), 重逢 - Chong Fung - Trung Phung, and 恨蒼天 - Hen Chang Tian - Han ... Thien (Yang Guo's song).

Huang Xiao Ming will sing the song Shuang Fei together with Ding Dang (a new singer).

Zhang Ji Zhong, Zhou Hua Jian - Chau Hoa Kien, Hu Jun - Ho Quan, and Huang Xiao Ming will sing the main theme song, Jiang Hu Xiao, together.

On Oct. 20th, there's news coverage of the recording process of Huang Xiao Ming's part of the song Jiang Hu Xiao. At the end of the coverage, also include the primary stage of the first part of the song.

Jiao Zhu and the composer on the recording days

Since I haven't finished the article, I'll post pictures instead to make up for loss time. Perhaps you've seen some of these already, but better than nothing. Sources are from,,,

These are with Jin Yong

credit to asiafanatic


In the novel, it should be xln look younger than yg. maybe this is the reason of them choosing lyf i guess.

xln and the young yg but we can clearly see the string that tied them. maybe when it is air, we will not see the string.

The children of gao jing and wong yung

credit to asianfanatic