Midnight Lover


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wow. they transform each other to beast -- jade is quite something, it's no wonder Lucus's scare and wants her at the same time LOl

even after all those horrible bites and bleeding -- he still wants her -- and she, in turn, still wanna taste them blood ..
*my head are now filled with not so innocent images*


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CH 13

The sun drifted away and once again the moon return as darkness fall upon the ranch . Razor sharp teeth clench with vengeance appear in the night thru the mist of fog, it's paws thud the ground as it slowly approach the house . It's heavy gray fur was like a massive of cloud that reaches to the end of the wolf tail , the blood-thirsting beast had stalks it's prey for hours and was losing patience. The wolf growled as he felt a presence behind him and was quickly on guard , swirling it's body with bone twisting force and before him stood a woman with long white hair .

“How gallant of you to just stand a side and watch your little trumpet being ravish” White Fox sneer at the beast , humor dancing in her feline eye as she stood like a ghostly figure in her silky white dress .

The wolf make a brute noise and growl , it's paw dig the ground as if he wanted to rip the earth to pieces but White Fox didn't flinch , she smile boldly and almost mocking with her upturn lip . “Did I hit the spot ?How sad. Your plan was to get in Lucus's way and get to the girl first but ….what do we have here ? Your so call ...fiancée , recently announce to the world is fooling around with your worst enemy” she laugh hearty and added more fuel , “Left over were always your best meal”.

The beast shook violently , the glare in the beast eye left no sign of patience and it's jaw of teeth dripping with drool was glistening . White Fox watch with weary eye , perhaps she had push his anger to far but the joy of seeing the beast in rage was the most satisfying tacit she could had every came up with . Any emotion she had for him was gone since the day he rejected and loafed her , though the circumstance was entire her false , her greedy need for passion with varies of men never seen to cease . He was one of her suitor as well as lover but it was her infidelity by the lake many years ago that cause this war between Raven and Lucus . Two male friend tore into bitter enemy . She wasn't ashamed of what she done , she was selfish and unsatisfying . What she can not have she destroy . The beast turn away from the mad woman as if the sight of her is repulsive.

Meanwhile , inside the house where all but a dim light from the lantern to lit the room , they were under the thinness of sheet , she was resting in the crook of his arm as he caress her cheek and brushing her white throat . He expected a wild fit but she does none of that beside gazing up at him with half close lid , she probably tier from all the drama this morning or perhaps she haven't fully recover yet from whatever the cause or sickness she is suffering from . If he wishes , he could bend her to accept his deepest desire by chanting those spell again , the Ancient Script he stole from his mother had it's advantage after all . Abruptly his hand stop and the scene from this morning got him caution , she were no original human, no , she could block her mind and fight him with unexplainable strength. He touch the area where she bit him and shiver at the thought .

“You little minx . I should leave a bit wound on her tender flesh as well” he smile devilish as his head came down and playfully bit her bare shoulder , clawing his teeth down her chest and making short kisses down the village of her breast . He felt her hand kneading his shoulder and soft moan escaping her lip . It was sweet as hell until she clasped her hands on his head and pull him upward to meet her now starling eye .

“Y..You raped me !” she shouted angrily, green eye misted with tear of rage and hurt .

He was taken back a bit little , “If I remember correctly , you enjoy it very much ..well after that first pain was over , most woman goes thru a little bit of discomfort the first time . It's not all ...rape . Half and Half” he flash a victory grin. The kind that can drove any woman to an edge of insanity , she pull back her hand and slap him across the face. Not even a dent in that thick face of his and he retaliate by jerking her hip downward, pinning his arouse at her joint part and the tension grow as they stare furiously into each eye.

“I will kill you!” she spatted at his face.

“Tsk ..tsk ..im so scar” he teased and made smacking kisses with his mouth.

She gape at him, “My fiancee--”

“That bastard is even more worst than me !” his raging voice was sharp as a knife , “You don't even know the man”

“And you do ! I know he love me and we're about to be marriage soon” she struggle beneath him .

He didn't answer her . That bastard had no interest in you, Lucus wanted to say , because the reason why Raven got close to her was because Lucus had his eye on her , that bastard was out to destroy anything that hold Lucus's interest. Raven wanted revenge . For several week Lucus had spy on the couple , fully aware how often Raven make a habit of visiting the Nawahdee . There were occasions where Lucus follow the couple on their date , he would remain hidden in the wood or outside the mansion and there were time he want to gag at Raven's fake-ness .Acting like a gentlemen . Gentlemen my foot , thought Lucus. In those weeks, he was tormented by fear --- fear that Raven will achieve his scheme , therefore , there was not a night he wouldn't call for her in a spell binding obsession but she was strong , mind and body . She was able to block all signal and urges. Then he heard about the engagement and was left with on choice but to kidnap her. There were many other woman he can seek pleasure from to relieve the poison in his body but she was the only one he want to possess , either by willingly or spell.

She draw back her head and head-butt him , snapping him out of thought . He turn his face away to refocus , blinking rapidly for a few moment , there wasn't' much pain but it was enough to draw his attention back to the child-like woman beneath him , “Are you about finish trying to hurt me ?” he asked . She was silent . He was struck with awe. Surely , he should expect another blow from her at any minute and then it drawn on him . She is naked . He is bare chested save the loosely pant he had on but even that couldn't hide the extended bugle against her jointed area. If he reach down and pull on the waist band ….and slip it out . The thought had his blood pumping and head spinning .

“Don't you even dare” she warned him as if reading his mind , she bit down her dry lip as the hungry for blood grow . She felt his hand tracing her pelvis and his finger hook against his waistband . Her pulse quicken and her fangs begin to stretch while his lip touch her throat , he fall to notice the chances as lust and passion consume him . An infuriated roar burst into the room , so powerful Lucus felt it's breath on his backside. He quickly turn around with his palm bracing the bed and saw the wild beast at the door entrance . Jade sat up and cling the sheet against her chest , the massive gargoyle was almost the same beast she saw in the wood but this one had silver fur while the other one black .

“Isn't this lovely , the big bad wolf want to play fetch the girl eh ??” said Lucus

Jade was utterly speechless , he talk to the wolf as if the beast is ..human? Lucus cast a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure Jade had stay put and not took the opportunity to escape . How inconvenience can this possible be ?Battling with beauty and the beast . Cautiously , with his eye on the growling wolf he reach back and grab a hold of her upper-arm and drag her off the bed , she sheik in protest , desperately trying to peel his finger away but he held firmly and she was on her feet beside him with only a sheet to hide what left of her ruin body .

“There some clothes in the washroom . Put it on” he nodded toward the other room and she jerk her arm free as she rush across the hallway . Once he was sure she was out of ear-shot , he crossed his arm at beast and said “Leave us ! Goes find your own sport and leave mine alone” .

The wolf refuse to leave , it's bared teeth , blood staining them red and with a roar , it rammed Lucus into the wall , sending portrait and painting crashing down . His body make a dent in the wall as pain tore all the way down his spine . “ She mine” he hissed and grab the beast by it's tail but the wolf swirl around to snap it jaw , missing his enemy face by an inch . Jade return back into the room in time to see the bawl fight between the two and took the opportunity to escape the back door . Lucus caught sight of her back side and jump on his feet , high tail behind her in full speed and cut in front of her , with his arm spread to block her path .

“It's dangerous outside . Come with me” he was breathlessly , the blow knock the air out of him.

“There a giant wolf in the house and you said it's dangerous outside ?”

He ignored her and grab her hand . He force her to ran with him down the field until they came to shack , he bang on the door and a man answer it.

“Go tell all the man there a wild wolf roaming in our territory” said Lucus . The man nodded and went to gather all the worker.

Jade jerk her hand away from his grip “ I want to goes home . I want to see my family and what about my brother ? Where are they ?”

“They are safely guarded by my man”

She gape at him, “ You held my brother captive?!”

“I have to . If your brother leave they will return with the whole town to burn down my ranch. Therefore , it's best to just finish them”

Tear held her eye , “You don't mean ...” she gasp at the possibly . “ NO!”

He hide his smile, “Unless you agreed to my term. If you satisfy me greatly ...let say ...til after the next full moon , then I might consider letting you and your brother goes”

She blink at him. He said I might. Her mind was at a turmoil and the decision will conceal her fate . How dare he use her brother as a pawn . He just a measly human! She need time to recover and blood meal as well . When she gain enough energy , there will be no stopping her and he can not hurt her then because she is stronger but he also a Tiberian . A religious cult that does witchcraft , Stone had talk about them enough and she had personal tasted the waft of his spell , though she was able to break thru but if he was to try it again ...she shiver at the image of her carnal behavior .

“Why me?” she finally talk after several minute of thinking.

Slowly , he leaned forward with his palm just above her head and against the shack . He was close , she can feel his body heat and the sound of his breath was pounding in her ear . He bend his head and tip her chin . Their eye meet and her knee went weak of their own according , panic rose in her chest as she prepare for his lip to touch her . When it never came she felt herself blushing to the root , even her pale complexion could not hide the deep color .

He tap a forefinger at her burn cheek and said “Because your feature fascinated me , those child-like face , pale , ghostly skin of your . I have never saw such a...a strange beauty”

She frown. Did he just insult and give her a compliment at the same time ? Strange beauty. Yes. She is difference . And he will be her blood meal. The thought itself got her unconsciously licking her lip and just like that , he took it as an invitation . She gasp in his mouth because of the sudden intrusion and his tongue sweep in , wet, he even stroke her teeth with it and she got this tingling feeling inside her stomach . She make a squeak noise when he cup her butt and push her upward.

Then he abruptly release her , “ That's just an appetizer” his husky voice send unexplainable emotion down her spine . If that's his appetizer , wait until he see what she have for her meal .


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muahaha, i could not help but post this here . .
i went surfing for brushes today and came across this picture.
it remind me of LUCAS/JADE's wild love *blush*

Don't tell me i didn't warn you, it's a bit RATED


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OMG OMG OMG...I dont know what to say!! Ah Sarn I love U and UR Fic!!!!


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CH 14

“The food here is terrible!” Lime complained and felt a sudden ache on the wounded area , rubbing the bondage around his head he push the tray across the table . It been three days since they barge into Lucus's ranch and was taken here after stopping by the local hospital to have stitches on his minor injury from the car accidence .

“Shhh!” said Stone , casting a fugitive glance toward the guards outside the barred door . The last time they shouted and cause all kind of commotion , they was force to be tie to a chair for hours – with no bathroom break.

“How long are they planning to keep us in this small room ?” Lime pace the floor , the room was no bigger than the bathroom at their mansion and the mattress on the bunk-bed are worst than the hard floor . There was only one window but that too is barred with bar .

“Father will find us soon . He a powerful vampire and when he does he will make sure Lucus get his ass pound to the ground for hurting our Big sis ”

Lime give a hard agreeable nod , “O' boy , he messes with the wrong family indeed”

“Be quiet in there !” shouted one of the man from behind the barred door . The brother grudgingly lower their voices , only because the last punishment was still fresh in their mind .

At the main house. Jade was given books to read for the past three days that she been held captive by the shirtless monster , a nickname she decided to call him , since he always chest bared most the time and she wasn't sure if he does it to provoke attention on his thick corded muscle or because he doesn't like to wear one . She was force to sleep in the same room as his , prisoner doesn't get the luxury to choose he would say to her and surprisingly he did not make love to her as she expect he would , not that she looking forward it but it was to be expected , if not why not release her ? And another problem , the food on this ranch are ...nasty . Vampire doesn't necessary have to eat a full meal like human to survive but at home she was accustom to eat normally , therefore she want a tasty food but more importantly ...blood meal . Since he didn't touch her , there wasn't a opportunity for her to bit him and without blood she is no more than a child's strength. Once she had ask him for a live fish and he laugh because you can't get fishes in a cattle's ranch . So, he have a job . This rocky , mountain-like land belong to him and the worker here were hire but yet he go around ravishing innocent woman by using spell to lure them here and have his ways . But why ? The only logical explanation is ...because he a mad man who obsess with sex.

The man was intolerable to be around and his terrible humor was the worst , his jokes are sexual imply which end with a satire of her vulnerable circumstances . She might be twenty-seven but she is naive of what lover does behind close door and her experience is not more than what she share with him. She was new at it . Not quite sure how to handle it either because she notice the changes within body and with him being shirtless most of the time her condition got worst . When ever he walk by , she felt this warm flush against her cheek and rushes down to her stomach . Not to mention how fast her heart beat when ever he kiss her , which he does at least ten time a day and every time he would sneak it , catching her off guard . There must be a reason why she is drawn to him physical and it's must be the food that she ate , he probably insert some kind of potion in the meal to brainwash her . He must have a secret pot of stew somewhere , she would tell herself when ever he goes out in the middle of the night and leave her with the men guarding the house.

“Why the food so nasty” she asked , sliding her legs off the bed and move to sit on the edge . He was shirtless, of course.

Lucus had just walk into the room from a long day at the ranch , kicking off his boot and wiping the sweat off his forehead, “well, maybe because it's an all male worker here ”

“There no woman ?”

“There you” he point at her

“What about your previous woman ?”

“I only bring one or two within a certain time period , they only stay for a couple days” he stretch his arm upward , letting his muscle bounce and six pack expose . She suck in an air as her eye roam him and then quickly look away .

“Can you at least wear a shirt once in a while”

“Are you tempted ? Hungry my little minx ?” he chuckle teasingly

For blood more like it. She said nothing and keep her head turn to the side. He came forward to stood in front of her and then reaches for her chin and brought her face upward , bending her head far back . There was no mistaken in those dark passionate eye of his , lust . He slowly release his finger and her chin lower , she was at eye level , staring at his navel, those line of hair was like the Nile River flowing downward and empty into the waistband . She have this crazy idea to grab him there and squeeze him to death , but the thought of touching it brought a rush of heat across her face. She try to start a conversation , “ So..w-what happen to the wolf from the other night ?” she look upward at his face.

“Probably somewhere around the bushes waiting to attack me again ” he shrug and came down to sit beside her on the bed , she nervously move a bit and he follow every inch of her movement until her shoulder was press against the bedpost. He lip touch her cheek as she squeeze her eye shut and cringe her body not to response . His hand rest on her arm , hot from the sun and then he kiss her throat , she flinch and wrap her arm around the bedpost , hugging it for dear life . He laugh.

“Why are you laughing!” she look at him in surprise and annoyed .

“ Do you know how ridiculous you look right now ?” he cock his head side way , then she realize how tightly her grip were on the bedpost .

“T-then move over a bit and stop breathing down my neck ” she lower her head , not meeting his eye and hate herself for being afraid of him , when it should be the other way around . She had wanted him to come closer so she can seize the opportunity to sink her fangs into his throat and suck every ounce of blood from him . She held her smile. Yes. She could almost taste it .

He watch her discomfort in amusement, she had release the bedpost and fold her hands to place it on her lap . He move to laid on his side in the middle of the bed and supporting by an elbow , he pat the empty space , “ Come here” he said . She was obedient and slowly move toward him . She sat with her leg cross as if she was his slave and he the master waiting to be serve.

“Yes, Lucus?” her soft voice held a hint of flirting.

He took caution. It was unlike her to be this obedient . “Aren't you afraid of me ? Only moment ago you were glue to the bedpost.”

“I wasn't prepare then”

“Prepare ? For a battle ?” he had the audacity to grin at her .

She count to ten. “No. You have to give me sometime to get use to this...” she place her hands on his chest and he went stiff as a wooden board . She urge him on his back by pressing him downward .

“So, you want to touch me ?” his eye was naughty

“Yes. Very...much” she blink once , twice and then slide her palms down his flat , hard stomach , feeling the warm flesh . She plan to behave as if she desire him , as if she enjoy this and more so . He was being please , she notice . How egoist can this man possible be ? Does he really think a woman , after being ravished and held captive against her will , would worship his existence ? She force a seductive smile and brace herself above him , pretending to brush the loose hair behind his ear and then her finger lightly touch his neck . She lick her lip in participation, of his blood of course . Her nail curled onto his shoulder , as if she want to punish him but he caught a hold of her hip and brought her body furiously on top of his . She lay quivering , he didn't give her time to think and adjust her legs to straddle him .

She wore a dress gown and the hem of it had bunch around her thighs through the adjustment . She brace herself , balancing and the movement seen to inflame him . His arms wrap around her back and press her to him , bounded her arm on her side with in his embrace , increasing the sense of helplessness in the mercy of this man . His head came off the pillow and capture her lip with his ,making her gasp out a protest but he muffed it away with his wet kiss , which were difference from all other , it's more ruthless , as if he were conquering the very soul of her . Then he loosen his grip and she was able to pull her arm out and was struggling to move off him.

“You have to finish what you started ” he warned , eye dazzle with raw lust as he grab the hem of her dress and pull it over her head , tossing it to the side , his eye darken and the corner of his mouth lifted . She was naked . He didn't bother to supply her with under garment and this was one of the reason why . Immediately his hand was on her breast .

“How dare you!” she shouted , startle by his bold touch and her careful planning was thrown out the window . He pay no heed to her wild protest and sit up with her leg still straddling his hip, his arm around her waist , he bend his mouth to feast on her . She scream. His head jerk up .

“What?” he ask innocently

She was breathing hard . Cheek bright red. They were at eye level .

“I-I can't let you take advantage of me no more” the panting sound was like a enraged bull , flaring from her nostril .

With his arm still locking around her waist and her hip fit perfectly over his thighs , “Why the sudden change ? You were more than willing just a few second ago”

“I change my mind , this is wrong , humiliating and sinful . I hardly know you beside the fact that you're a rapist , kidnapper , a witch..” she was blabbing , voice in a high pitch , sounding like a little girl . Her bottom was also rubbing him down below as she talk and shift herself . He groan inwardly , his eye was a dark shade and everything she said was like a blur .

“Can you just shut up” his voice was rough and commanding . He bend his head . She press her palm against his face as she force his head backward . He have to let go of her waist to grab the hands and pin it behind her back . She lost balance and fall backward with her knee bend up with his body between her . He was pushing upright against her and she felt his hot rock and dangerously huge, brushing it's way along the length of her . She was incapable of thinking at all , left alone react to the savage hunger she read in his face . Those eye of his , dark as a bottomless pit and with an upper body as hard as stone , she was like a bird within his grasp , flapping it's wing helplessness . He begin to chant a sweet melody into her ear , the familiar words that he use to seduce her body and mind. She thrash her head back and fore . No. Not again. She felt his smile against her cheek . Not this time. She was determine . She open her now trembling mouth , like a new born bat , yawning and stretching . Pin point fangs emerge from the upper roll of her teeth and move downward like a sharp folk . She free her hand from behind and reach out to claw his muscular shoulder .

And she bit him unrelentingly and with such force she felt his body shook violently on top of her , she feast on his neck like a starving animal as she moan to the pleasure of it all . Blood spill out from the corner of her mouth and flow down her jaw line as she continue to suck . He was being push onto his back and she straddle on top of him with her fangs still attach to his neck . His eye was close in pain , shock , his body straight and numb. She sat up on his chest and wipe the blood with the back of her hand , a slow satisfy smile run across her face as he watch her with narrow eye . He did not saw the innocent , child-like feature that he was accustom to but a picture of a she-devil , with fangs , blood drip , green flaming eye and wild black hair tangle from their coupling a moment ago . He couldn't utter a word. Not even one. His body felt as if he was stung to the core , though the pain had stop but he was still numb .

She smile down at him. A revengeful smile . The kind that left a dog whimpering and scatter away . She was still naked and sexy as hell, he thought as he watch her with caution eye. She pound her little fist on his chest – he nearly choke up from the impact and then she claw him swiftly . It stung like a hot whip as he flinch at the pain but did not make a sound . She was punishing him , he thought grudgingly . This is what happen to bad guy . They suffer as the good guy mock them . He was right about one thing . She is no original human ..indeed. She must be a vampire. Shit.

“You bastard ! I'm not even through with you!” she hissed , fangs glistening with his blood .


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^right, and she has already taken advantage of his fine blood already Lol ..
it's too late to escape -- he probably will come back to her or she'll hunt him down LOl


sarNie Granny
CH 15

Slap and another slap. Each impact nearly split his skull in half. Damn . The she-devil is as strong as him or more so . There was nothing he can do about it beside laying there stiff as a board. She was cursing at him and pounding his upper body . Those tiny fist of her was like a metal knife ramming his rib . He grunted .

“Why aren't you talking?!” she punch his stomach and he intake a gulp of air .

Out of breath and aching all over he struggle to talk , “You're a v-vampire”

“Afraid?” she lift her brow in triumph.

He snorted. She give him another blow in the rib . He cough.

“You're coming with me!” she said.

He make a sound . She assume he meant to protest against his abduction .

“To meet my father . He a vampire as well and more powerful”

Her father ?A male vampire . Lucus doesn't like the sound of that . No father will let the man who violated his daughter stay alive . The worst is to come , he could be their blood meal or better yet . Kill him. She swung her leg round and move off the bed . He turn side way to watch her dress herself with a pair of his pant , it was too big for her and she grab a rope near by to tie it around her waist and tug the extra layer under the secure rope. She went through the closet . He assume she looking for a shirt. She left the closet and march furiously to another room. When she return she had on his black heavy robe . The length reaches to her knee and the sleeve was too wide . She was a kid in adult clothes.

“You ruin me!” she shouted while searching for something hard to throw at him , luckily there was none within an arm reach . “I'm an engage woman! About to be marry to a wonderful gentleman! I have duty and responsible! ” she was frantic and blabbing

He could only listen . And exactly when do she plan on telling her future husband ? On the wedding night ? Or when she bit him? Lucus pity the man already , even if that man is Raven .

She was on the bed again , looking down at him and said “You will take me home this instance and don't try anything funny or else” she finish the line by rearing back her lip to reveal those sharp fangs of her and then run her tongue across the bottom rim .

“Don't even try to chant those spell on me either ” she warn him with a fist. He could only stare in disbelief , threaten by a child-like woman ? He might as well throw his pride out the window because right now he is at the mercy of this she-devil . Not that he is scar of her -- just a little wary . The poison in his body is far worst then a few slaps and punches from her . The next full moon is within two days , if he were to die before then , so be it . That will mean no more pain . No more restless night and endless pain of unsated lust . Damn that curse ! The Tiberian 's tribe is probably laughing at him by now and his mother as well , if only he had return to the tribe and behave accordingly to what his mother want , perhaps he be cure by now or at least have the phoenix pill to stop the pain temporary.

Jade flip him over on his stomach as if he weight no more than a pillow and any sound he make was muffed. She tie his hand with a rope , as if it will hold him . Once he regain his strength he could easily break it off but that meant he will have to face her . Not sure who will win but the chances he will die in her father's hand is a high possibly , therefore he can not take her home or at least not yet.

“When nightfall we'll leave” she said and tighten the rope that bonded his wrist . “No need to explain why” she added and flip him back. Oh , he understand why . Sunlight will drain her energy. That explain why her skin deteriorated the other day and why her brother was so determine to take her home. How come those brother are human ? How could that possible ?

“And one more thing” she said

He stare at her .

“Your blood taste like water. Luckily I was thirst. Human's blood is no difference than fish's blood I suppose . Mother said it should be delicious once I got a taste of it but I think differently ” she lick the corner of her mouth where she miss a spot. And she was sexy as hell doing it, he moan deep in his throat . Though he is batter , slap , tie up and suck -dry but he was still arouse , more so than ever . What is it about this woman that make his blood boil with such raw passion ? He try to blame it on the poison in his body but he know better . Because she is difference .

“How dare you!” she stump her foot and pointed at him. He stare at her in confuse . She quickly turn around , cupping her cheek as if to hide the color of it and then it hit him . He bit down his lip not to smile at the turn of event . In his stage of unsatisfiable lust , other part of his body was reacting out of it's own mind and rearing up against his thin loose pant . He held back his sadist tongue , what he wanted to said were “Perhaps you should straddle it to keep it from standing up” but it was best he kept quiet for now . This is not the time for his explicit jokes.

Meanwhile , out the district of Lucus's ranch . Raven was losing patience as he pace the ground while White Fox sat calmly on the bench . They were in the middle of a fork in the road . One lead to Lucus's ranch and the other back to town .

“He done it again!” he spatted it out, running his hand thru his hair for the 100th time and then pounding his fist into his hand . “ He got men guarding the gate with silver bullet in those rife! Bastard is not playing fair!”

“When did Lucus ever play fair ?” said White Fox , holding a hand across her mouth and laugh behind it.

“It took me weeks to gain the Nawahdee's trust and they finally agreed to give their daughter to me in a marriage . I was this close to beat him to that woman first!” Raven held a thump and forefinger in a V shape .

“Idiot” she twist her lip in disgust

“Jade is mine!” his tone was a deadly oath .

“Obviously she not . She up there” White Fox pointed toward the direction of the ranch and with a mockery smile , she said “ In her lover arm in the most pleasurable man that ever existed”

Raven tremble with rage , his face an ugly shade of blue as he shot a deadly glare at the woman on the bench . White Fox was suddenly frighten and her heart skip a beat. Never had she saw him in this stage of madness , even when after the discovery of her and Lucus , he had not been this insane . At that moment . She hated Jade more than anything in this world .

“Why the hell are you following me around!” his furious tone was like the clenching fist by his side.

“ I don't trust you working alone .You might end up killing him without my presence. Our duty is to take Lucus back to the tribe – alive” she smile at him and it seen to make him angrier .

“He stubborn as an Ox ! He abandon the tribe for years . I see no reason why he should even return!”

“The phoenix pills he stolen should ran out by now , it won't be long till he give in to us. And we have to retrieve the Ancient manual script back to Madam as well .”

“That's the least of my worries . What I want now is my fiancee”

“What so special about this girl ? The both of you need to stop this nonsense . The only reason you court her is because Lucus had his eye on her first .”

“It's not about the challenge any more , you wrench woman!” he grumpily walk away . White Fox was left with the expression that Raven is serious about this girl . A deeper emotional than just a competition between him and Lucus .

Several hours later when night fall and the worker return home from the day work , in the house , Lucus 's arm was bounded to his side with a huge chain tightly secure around and across his upper body . Layer of layer of chain repeatedly wrap about his chest with no hint of skin to be seen and when Jade had finish the task , she step back to view her work. He look as if half of his body is make of solid stone .

“Sweetie , there also a trunk full of rope in the back house as well .” he was being sarcasm and she ignored him and pick up another chain from the floor and wrap it around his neck , she jerk on the end of the chain , his throat tighten .

“Care to say another remark ?” she half smile at him and grip the end of the chain in a fury fist .

He was silent .

“I don't know how to drive a car ” she said , moving around the room . “ You certain can't in your condition” she turn to look at the bounded man . He nodded.

“ 100 mile is a short distance for me” she said , rubbing her forehead , desperately thinking of a way to bring her and the captive home .

His expression was puzzle . Ah, of course . She a vampire . Speed and strength come with it, he concluded and watch the little vampire pacing in front of him. One hundred mile is a short distance for him too but she wouldn't know that . After a moment of silent .

“I have horses in the stable” he suggested , though he shouldn't . He is being captive and soon to be drag to meet her father --

“I can ride a horse!” she smile happily , lost herself for a moment to the thought of returning home to her family again . Lucus watch with a lazy smug. Damn. What he wouldn't pay just to taste those blood color lips , which is what he is paying right now . He gritted his teeth. The chain braised his skin and the one around his neck was cutting his adam apple , the weight of it was wearily him down , he felt heavy and exhausted to struggle . He didn't even notice Jade had left the house and return moment later .

“Get up!” she shouted . He slowly stood up and was jerk forward by the chain around his neck . He was being drag like a wild dog and when they got outside , he saw one of the horse from the stable was waiting for them . It was his best stallion . Obviously , she know a lot about horses and then he remember one occasion , when he spy on her in the Nawadee's yard and saw her ride a white horse across the field to greet Raven .

“Get on the horse” she shove him .

“You didn't put the saddle on the horse's back . I would need my hand to push myself up” he said over his shoulder. She frown at him and then search around for something he could step on . There was a huge canyon rock lay across across the lawn , it serve as a decoration around the house and there was several wild flower surrounding it . She grab the rein of the horse and walk toward the rock , then she beckon Lucus to follow .

“Stand on that rock and get yourself up” she commanded. He walk pass her and does what she said while she held the horse steady . It took him several moment to adjust himself on the animal bare back and then he look down on her . She look indecisive and was fidgeting .

“What's wrong sweetie? Shouldn't we get going before my men see us ?” he was mocking her.

“Stop calling me that!” she said hotly .

It took him a moment to understand why she held herself back from getting on the horse . She was still deciding which position to be in , behind him or in-front of him. It was a battle he win and she lose either way . He chuckle and her head shot up at the sound . She knew what he was thinking and her cheek grow bright red with irritation . She quickly ground her foot on the rock and steady the horse. Lucus, as if knowing where she going sit , scoop himself back while holding a smile as she leap up and straddle in front of him. Her back bushes the chain behind her and their tights touches each other . She pull the rein and dig her heel at the side of the horse . With a wild yap the animal launch forward into the night , they rode swiftly as the breeze passes their face and the moon above their head. He could feel the waving of her hair against his face and move his head to crook of her neck . As he stare at the creamy throat of her , he was being tormented by lust to taste it against his lip . It must be the poison in his body that causing it , the next full moon is within two more days but usually the poison inside would work it's venom a couple days prior to it and the last time he taken her was four days ago , that should had settle the symptom till the time come but at this very moment , he felt un-sated. He settle his mouth on the column of her white throat , dragging wet kiss up to her ear and back down . Then he move to the other side of her neck and does it justice . The sensation was building up as his kisses became possessive and before he could calm her ear's lope – the horse leap up on it's hind legs and he fall backward off the animal . The side of his body hit the hard ground and knock the air out of him.

“You snake!” she spatted above him with hand on her hip.


She stomp a foot on his chest and jerk the chain . He choke.

“What were you trying to do !”

“Kiss you. Tasting you.”

She jerk the chain again and his throat close . “Shut up! How much far are we from town.”

He move his head around to observe the surrounding , “Take that way.”

She turn toward the direction and frown. “It's up hill ! You playing me as a fool!”

“Sweetie , if you continue down the road way it will take hours to reach town but if we take the hill it would be faster. It's a short cut”

She stare at him for the longest time . Not sure if he was telling the truth .

“In a few more hour the sun will be up-- wouldn't that be dangerous for you ?” he watch her carefully .

“Direct sunlight drain my energy --- but if I'm well feed I can restore my strength and continue to travel for another couple hours ”

“Ah, I see . I'm like a water bottle when you are thirsty”

“Of course” she licked her lip
“But wouldn't it be better to reach town before the sun is up ? The worker at the ranch does raise early to start their daily task and if they happen see their boss being drag around ...”

“Shut up! Lead the way !” she jerk on the chain.

Lucus struggle to get on his feet as the pressure on his throat tighten. They left the stallion on the bottom of the hill as they make their way up the ridge mount . Without his hands it was difficult to walk through the forest . The trees grew close together that the branch intertwined, small twisted tree bursting with huge flower shade the path way, wild thorn cut his legs and thighs . Animal , disturbed by their presence , chattered as they fled before them in panic and the air full with loud squawks of birds . Jade shuddered and shrank closer to Lucus's side , there might be other creature lurking in the wood and her greatest fear is snake . The air was getting thicker the farther they went . At last they came across a small stream . Lucus turn around and smile triumphantly

“See, I told you this way is the short cut”

Jade walk toward the stream and bend down to run her finger through the water . “A stream? Where the town ?” she got up and face him .

“Just follow the stream . It will lead us there” he start down the path and she follow close behind.

The narrow pathway was clear with only the soft glittering light from the stream and the moon above them was like a lamp that shine through surrounding darkness . Everything was a peaceful salutary except the sound of their foot step and rapid breathing . They walk for about an hour until Lucus break the silent , “I could erase this past week memory from your brain with a mix potion –if you wishes to forget about me”

“Another one of your tribe's spell ?” she said from behind him .

“I only use it to the woman that share my pleasure”

“You mean ...your victim”

“Bed-partner is a better term” he corrected.“ I let them drink a potion before I release them. They wouldn't be able to remember what had transpire during their stay at the ranch but they will remember everything else before that .”

“No wonder your head is still in tact. If the town people know about your devilish game , your property could has been torch by now. ”

“Aren't you at least curious why I seek varies woman to sate my lust ?”

“It's unnecessary . There no secret or hidden motive . You are a mad man , who prey on innocent woman for your own selfish and twisted pleasure.

“I'm not the only one to have a secret of my own , sweetie . Your family are vampire that feed on human's blood”

“But we are not vicious! The Nawahdee had been here for century and our kind are not blood thirsted monster that chases after every living thing with a skirt . We only take enough to live . And I'm only half vampire.”

“ Really ? How is that possible ?” he was surprise , though he had never meant a vampire before but surely a dead copse can't sprung off-spring ? Suddenly , he felt cold “ – wait. Are you dead ? Aren't vampire suppose to be dead ?”

“No. I'm very much alive as you”

He sigh heavily in relief , “Thank God . I thought for a minute there , I had sex with a dead copse” he chuckle despise of himself and felt another jerk at the throat from behind , serve as a warning .

“I can feed on you because our kind can only suck from the opposite gender . I was feed fish blood most of my life – until recently” she mumble the last word .

He burst out laughing. The almighty vampire – feed on fish's blood ? Truly , there nothing more surprising then this ? He couldn't help teasing her , “Do tell me , how can you determine a fish gender if your kind only feed on the opposite gender ?” he boom another laughter and the sound anger her .

She step in front of him , “ S-stop it !” her brow fuse together furiously .

His laughter soften but his sneaky mouth keep lifting and dropping . “And another thing..how in the world can a vampire make off-spring ? The dead can't impregnate the living or better yet the living can't impregnate the dead ” he bit his lip not to laugh .

She stomp her foot “I'm not dead! If you must know . My mother is human and a vampire can only mate with human to produce an off-spring . The child is born either as human or a vampire . That's why my brother are human. I'm the only exception and the last of our kind .”

He had a look of awe, “Really? Then is it possible that I already impregnated you?”

The question hit her hard as if a comet had struck her in that very spot . Grandmother had said , for a vampire to produce an off-spring , the lover's blood must be the finest and it occur only when she reaches the stage of ecstasy -- which she surely haven't – she wasn't quite there , even though she was aware how she shudder to the pleasure of his body but she tasted his blood and it was no difference than what she had been feeding on . Therefore , she is positive. That no child was created in their quick union . Impossible.

“Well?” he asked.

“It's impossible” she was unable to meet his eye.

“Uh..huh” he smack is lip doubtfully . “Should we be counting days ? I'm sure your father will kill me and you soon to marry your dashing ..Mr. Raven . And if there a child conceived right now I want to laugh in my grave and pity the man who will be burden with another man child” he had the audacity to grin gracefully . The vicious smile had her blood boiling with rage and at the turn of her heel she swung the chain over her shoulder and yank it furiously . She can hear the choking sound and the fumbling of his feet behind her. And she smile delightfully .

They reach the end of the hill and the town was below the platform , within another hour of walk they would be there and she was so relief. It was around 2am in the morning when they approach the quiet street . It was a small town with three section and the local had various street stalls that was close for the night . There was light coming from a shabby building before them and there was a park vehicle with it's engine running . A large man came out from the passenger side and his driver was closing the door . Jade's eye was misted with tear as she recognize the man , “Father !” she shouted , tear of joy flow down her cheek . The large man turn his head and within a flash he was in-front of her . She embrace him happily and sob against his black vest.

“Daring. I had search for you in every town in this blasted country. We miss you. Your mother had been crying for days. Are you ok?” Aum held his daughter at arm length and search her teary face

“I-I'm..fine now, that I finally see you” she wipe the remaining tear.

The demon look pass his daughter , into the director where the chained man stood wary behind her . With a deadly tune he said “Is he the one.”

She inhale and nodded. Violence erupted in the demon's blood as his eye glow in a blazing green light , breathing smoke from his nasal , vein emerging like track mark across his temple and jaw.

Lucus felt a chill up his spine as the sight of her father , the man was huge and tower over him . Now he know where she inherit the eye green from but this man doesn't hold the softness like his daughter . Lucus couldn't even swallow the lump of fear , never had he know fear can be this terrifying and the death stare her father was giving had no humanity in them.

“I'm ..Lucus” he have to drag the words out of his mouth

A loud roar in a pitch sound cut into Lucus's ear as the demon strode toward him with surprise velocity and he was greeted with a strong fist clenched to the chain around his neck. Then he was lifted four feet in the air and slam hard to the ground .

“How dare you touch my daughter!! I had never kill a man before but this time I will make an exception !” the demon grab the man by the shoulder as if he weight no more than air and throw him across the street , crashing his body into one of the local stall , breaking the wooden barrow and cart . Lucus grunted in pain as he lay helpless bounded with no way of fighting back. He was being lift again and this time his body balance on the demon's palm . He could see Jade down below and then upside down as his body once again toss into a nearby cart , the wood break and the splinter cut his forehead , blood flow down and poodle the ground .

He could see a large boot near his face and inhaled some of the dust that gather around it . He choke and cough .

“Wait--” he cough. “No more . I-I'll take responsible” he pleaded and was reward with another kick in the rib again and again . His body concave.

“Father! No! I don't want this man!” said Jade .

“Ah, sweetie . It wasn't all that bad between us” he was starring up at the father and daughter .

“Oh! You bastard!” she hissed and grab a hold of her father arm , “Father . Don't believe him. He a dangerous man to all the woman out there. I don't need for him to take responsible”

“I'm not an old fashion goat who willing to except your proposer , simply because you willing to play the gentleman part . It's quite to late for that.” said the demon .

Shit. Lucus was in deep trouble . Desperately , he search for a way out of death and blurted out “She might be pregnant !”

The demon held a shock expression and turn to his daughter. Jade was flabbergasted and blush deep in her pale cheek .


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Oh my goodness. this is SUCH AN AMAZING update ..
LUCUS is too flirtatious with all these moves ..
i don't know how jade could stay not fallen for him ..
Lucus, what a smart idea === you think you're that sperminated?

please update soon -- wanna see jr already LOl


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Ooooooooo lucus blood is tasteless just like her mother with her father, I loved part one! Thank u so much, update more pleassseeee!!!


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CH 16

“Grandma ! Grandma!” . Lime and Stone had burst into the main entrance of the Nawahdee's mansion. Their clothes and hair was in need of a wash , face dirty and sweaty . Both brother stood urgently at the bottom of the stair as they wipe the musty sweat from their face .

“My grandsons!” cries Ms. Nawahdee as she hurry down the swirling staircase , dress in her night gown with several servants behind her . The brother wasted no time and told their grandmother everything that happen to them in the pass couple days . Prisana heard about her sons return from one of the servants and came to join them in the main hall. She embrace each of her boys tearfully as they continue to explain why they were missing , it was because they were held capture by Lucus's men . The brothers goes on and explain how they were suspicious of Lucus until they finally drove up to the ranch . And there they saw their sister wrap in a bloody sheet with a naked man beside her .

“My Jade!” Prisana gasped with tremble lip as she listen to her son detail of that day.

“This was the result from the car injury!” Lime pointed to the bandage around his head

“That bastard has his men guarding us but we out smarted them and was able to escape” said Stone.

“Luckily , Raven found us half way and drove us home” said Lime

“Raven ? How did he found the both of you ? Where is he now ?” Ms.Nawahdee asked.

“He said he was searching for Jade as well and happen to drive pass there . He outside right now.” said Stone.

“Did you boy tell Raven about Jade yet ? We shouldn't let him know about your sister ...condition” said Ms.Nawahdee , her voice barely a whisper as she beckon the brother toward her.

“No. We haven't told him that we found her ..well...pretty much ravished” Lime whisper back.

“Oh, dear. I'm worry he will break off the engagement . Poor Jade , her heart will be broken. I don't even want to imagine what that crazy man do to her . He just a human . It shouldn't be possible for him overpower your sister” said Ms. Nawahdee pitifully and lean back against the sofa , resting her arm over her forehead .

“He belong to the Tiberian's tribe. They are sorcery people! And can use witchcraft and spell, Grandma !” Stone explain, “From what I read about these tribe, they are cruel and ruthless”

Everyone was at a moment of silent as they digest the horrible truth of their situation . Jade is ruin by the hand of a man in the Tiberian's tribe , the ruthless religious cult! As a vampire , Jade is still an amateur and was probable not able to battle this sorcery , whom kidnap and held her captive for several days . Only God know what happen on that mountain! Raven , the man whom her parent give her hand to , will probable break off the engagement and the worst to come when everyone in the social circle heard about this scandalous abduction ! Suddenly , heavy foot step and chain rattles was heard coming from the main entrance. Everyone in the room turn toward the sound . Lucus was being shove down the hall way by the demon . He was bruise , cut , bleed and his pant tore from the tights down. He was exhausted and each step was almost impossible to make and he trip to the floor . Strange eye was upon him as he flip on his back and panting. Jade had move to embrace a middle-age woman , he assume it must be her mother because they are almost a like in appearance except for the age difference and skin color – and the eyes . Another older woman beside her mother held a feature of stubbornness , and timeless age – must be her grandmother . And then her brothers. And – Raven with his leer smile . Lucus knew that bastard is laughing inside at his handicap stage in that ruthless eye of his , Lucus felt shameful and pride shot to the ground indeed!

“Thank you for bring the boys home but I can take it from here” said Aum

“Sir, I want to offer my help--” said Raven

Aum shook his head , “Leave it to us”

“Then can I have a few words with Jade?”

“A lot had happen to my daughter. Give her sometime to be alone and leave for now”

Raven wanted to protest but couldn't utter another words because Aum had reach for his arm and escort him out the door . And from there one of the servant urge him in the car while the other one open the gate. Raven was force to leave and he bitterly except it . He wanted to stay because he was curious how the Nawahdee will punish Lucus ! And then , there was Jade that concern him . Even if everything was started as a competition between him and Lucus , deep down he know he was fond of her as well . It doesn't matter if she was spoil by Lucus already , he was willing to marry her otherwise and with that he can still laugh at Lucus's face ! The Nawahdee will probable turn Lucus to the authority but to save the family name they might charge the man on another crime , beside what else can they possible do ? They are a century well know family name in this part of town , a respectable , wealthy member of the hi-so social – despite the rumor circulate about them being ..vampire. Raven laugh at the thought. Utterly impossible! The gate close behind his car .

Meanwhile inside the mansion. The woman was seated on the sofa behind the double door that separated the living room , while the men on the other side and Lucus sat right in the middle of the carpet . He couldn't hear what the women are talking about behind the double door. The demon, her father stood by the window and was gazing off , as if he was trying to make a decision. The man was remarkably young to be a father of a 27 years old woman , if Lucus was to guess , the man can't be more than 40 and then he remember Jade's grandmother , who couldn't be more than 60. And then it hit him. They are ageless . A vampire gift. If that is so , then her father must be in his 60 while the grandmother is over 80. The brothers was circling him with a disgust look on their face.

“Our father will kill you diffidently” said Stone

“Yup, no doubt about that” Lime agreed .

“Boys , leave him alone” came their father voice . The brother retreated . The demon came forward , he was like a missive shadow above Lucus and then the devil eye was upon him.

“Where do you come from and who are your parent?” the demon voice was calmer this time.

“I own a ranch up the mountain , 500 mile from here”

“And your parent?”

Lucus was silent . And then he lie , “I'm an orphan”

“He belong to the Tiberian's tribe !” Stone cries out . Aum held his hand out to silent his son.

“My daughter is a vampire”

Lucus nodded in acknowledge.

“She can easily rip your heart out and tear your flesh”

Lucus didn't like the direction this was going. If they going eat him , might as well do it now while he is tire , “I'm quite aware of that now”

“Do you know how much I want to kill you now ? Go and ask any father out there , how does one coup if his own daughter was ruin like this” he control the urge to bash the young man head against the marble floor.

In the dept of the demon eye he held a life meaningless and it took all the courage Lucus had not to show any expression of fear, though he felt his knee tremble a bit. He had always been strong and adventurousness in his quest of life . Nothing in this world can make him weak and defenseless . But where this demon is concern , he felt overshadow and threaten . Something he found quite disturbing and shameful to admit .

“But I'm fully aware of the situation you force upon my daughter” the demon begin in a smoother voice , “but don't think we will let you off easily . I have to discuss this matter with my family.”

“There nothing to be consider. Just let me marry her” Lucus said frankly . The brother was on their feet in a heart beat and was outrageous .

“Father you can't possibly want this sick man as our brother-in-law?! What about Raven ?!” said Lime.

“Wouldn't sister have something to say about this ? No woman want to marry their rapist !” said Stone

Their father wasn't able to produce an argument. The brother was right. Lucus was at a block road, her family is against him. He have to convince them to let him marry the damn vampire girl or be dead at sun rise by her father and he wasn't about to lose her to Raven either. How ironic can this possible be ? He desperately try to avoid being tie down to a soul-mate in his days at the Tiberian's tribe but only to meet the same fate in the vampire's world . Even the poison in his body couldn't make him return to the tribe and except his mother help , which in return he must complete the transformation by choosing a life-time mate.

Behind the double door . The women was unaware of what was happening on the other side. Jade hug her mother waist and rest her head against the warm chest . Grandma sat across from them and flap her fan rapidly , hair in a wild disarrange as her finger plow through it stress-fully .

“He took you up the mountain and had his way with you. And you couldn't fight him because he he chanted a spell. And what kind of spell is this ?” said the old lady gripping her chest as if the next word will shatter her heart to piece.

“I-I don't know. It make me...feel wonderful when he touch me..and..but..i didn't want it ..but ..i couldn't control myself..” Jade was to embarrass to explain the strange sensation that go through her .

“Oh dear, it's all well now ” said her mother , smoothing length of her daughter's hair and held her closer .

“And you bit him” the grandma said it firmly , grounded her teeth , as if she could cause pain to the man that hurt her grand-daughter. And then the old lady eye widen , “You tasted his blood ! H-how was it ?!”

“It was...tasteless. Like water”

The double door swung open and a body fumble down on the stylish coffee table , startle the woman in a hasty . Jade press the back of her leg against the hard sofa and shrank closer to her mother side , not wanting to touch the man now roll off the table to fall spat on his bottom. Grandma pick up her feet and sat with knee bend , toes press into the cushion.

“We have a problem” the demon announced. The women turn to look at him. “He want to married our daughter for the sake of a child”

The woman gaped and return their gaze to the man on the floor.

“Sweetie. Not all our night was teeth to teeth – eye to eye. We did have fun together” he manage a lopsided smile and even that cause his limp to ache .

“Oh! You are lying! It happen only once !” cries Jade

“You said his blood was tasteless !” said the grandmother
“Ma' , your grand-daughter suck me dry . Every drop of...it..till my head roll down in defeat” his eye twinkle as if his statement suggested elsewhere. Jade flushed and were quickly on her feet as all eye cast upon her . The brother make a silent O with their mouth and their father was in awkward silent . Grandma's was speechless and Prisana gasp behind her hand.

“You are despicable ! Oh, you...you!” said Jade and turn to plead with her father “I-I'm not pregnant . It's impossible! You can't let me marry this ..this ...man! What about Raven? We're engage!”

Lucus snored , “Look at the bright side. I already learn about the family secret , which I'm able to except but Raven doesn't know ...yet. I have already went through the horror of it all with your daughter , therefore I'm quite a good candidate for a husband or a blood meal” he casually shrug as if the problem can easily solve if he had it his way

Jade turn to glare at him. He make it seen as if she the one that ruin him and brought destruction to his peaceful life ! “Never! I will never marry you nor will you ever touch me again!” she was on the verge of breaking down in tear as her eye begin to misted.

“You're a dead young man” said the demon in a harsh tone, then turn to his daughter with great sympathy of a loving father , “Darling, just say the word. I will break his arms and legs ”

“W-wait! Wait a minute!--” Lucus struggle to get up but a strong hand press his shoulder down

“Aum , let's discuss this matter in the morning . Jade and the boys need some rest ” said the grandmother. Everyone agreed and left the room one by one . The demon lift the captive man and swung his body over his shoulder . Lucus's head dangle like a rag doll as he was carry down the hallway and then thrown into a storage shack some moment later. The door was shut and bolted . Nothing but darkness except for a small window in the ceiling and he could see several stars through it as well . Great. He will have to spend the rest of the night with the rats. In the morning her father will break his bone no doubt about that or better yet , amputate it . His days are out number by a child-like ..vampire. So, he make a few mistake and messes with the wrong woman . He struggle to sit up. There not an area in his body that doesn't ache . He need a plan and he won't rest till he come up with one.

The next morning the whole family gather in the storage shack , everyone except – Jade. Lucus haven't slept all night and was in a sit position when they arrive. The chain was still intact and his wound was still visible . This must be it , Lucus thought bitterly . The father came forward and drag him up on his feet. What happen next was unexpected. The demon begin to tore the chain out and one by one the pieces fall to the ground. When the chain was completely remove Lucus could still see the red imprinted where the chain were on his bare chest and arm . Being half naked in front of woman was never a problem for him but this time there were men in the room as well.

“We have come to a decision” the father announced.

Lucus brace himself for an attack.

“You can leave” said the grandmother

Shock register on his face , “Are you serious ?” Lucus couldn't believe his luck.

“We might be vampire but torture is not in our specialty” said the father

“Just don't ever show your face in this town again!” Lime shouted

“Next time you wouldn't be so lucky!” Stone added.

“W-wait. Let me get this straight. I'm free to go ? With no string attach ?” Lucus move his head to the side and lift a curious brow . Everyone in the room nodded their head . Lucus was dumbfounded . Just a few hours ago he was beaten , threaten and was waiting for execution . Now he a free man ? He hesitated , “ W-what about your daughter ? I mean...doesn't she want me dead?”

“Of course she do” the father said it rather frankly and then more serious , “She doesn't want to marry you and she doesn't need you to take any responsible for her. The only decision left is to let you go and the beaten I give you should be enough punishment . I hope , in the future you will stop abducting innocent woman for your own selfish need. Next time you wouldn't be so lucky”

“Then why don't you just turn me to the authority?”

“My grand-daughter reputation is at risk here young man . The Nawahdee is a very well know family in this town , if you must know . Our secret have been well kept for century and we would like it to stay that way, therefore , for exchange we want you to keep quiet” said the older lady .

Another word. He was free to leave the mansion in one piece but why doesn't he feel relief ? Lucus have one more question , “What if I impregnate her ?”

“It's impossible” said the older lady and then she explain “ For a vampire to breed an off-spring it's more complex than human. There are certain stage in the process”

He could had swore the old lady make it sound as if vampire breed tadpole instead of babies. Still, why should he even care ? He is not getting kill any more, therefore , the plan to convince her parent he must stay alive to take care of a future child he had sprung , is no longer necessary .

“She engage to be marry and her fiancee love her very much , regardless what had happen to her . Please , just leave and never to return” said the mother .

Lucus almost forgot about Raven . The snake! Of course Raven will marry the child-like woman because it was all a game to him and the winner take the prize even though the prize is already ...Lucus! And these people doesn't even know the rascal ! “Though I'm not the perfect man out there but believe me , this fiancee of her is no better than me”

“Shut up. Mr. Raven is a good man . I rather my sister is spoil by him than you” said Lime

“It make no difference who is better than who . Just leave my residence before I change my mind” said the father and pointed toward the door . Lucus walk lamely toward the exits while holding his stomach and then he stood by the door frame , scanning the area , wondering if there an army of vampire out there waiting for him – but there was none. Unbelievable . He step into the morning day light and make his way toward the main entrance , he notice the servants would lower their head when he passes them and then whisper among themselves behind his back. He came across an inside garden , there was vine of roses scatter through out the stone wall on the either side and in the middle was a massive fountain . At end of the garden was a clear open space , the stone carve pavement lead the way out to the front of the mansion . He could see the tall black , stylish , castle-like gate and one of the servant run up to open it wide. When the gate close behind his back he turn around just in time to see the servant turn the lock . The clicking sound make eye twitch

In that moment , everything seen to halt and he forgot to breath . There was an uncertainty in his eye and his feet couldn't move . The pain and aches in his body was forgot but a difference kind of pain emerge , the kind that make his heart stop and his mind in a tremor . He had always consider himself a man on top of the world , nothing to fear or anyone to care . He cherish freedom and adventure but never a warmth of a woman because those he could easily steal and possess with the help of his power. He felt unsettle. Not completely full but half empty . Then it occur to him , not being able to possess this rare beauty held an exciting challenge to him. Obstacle that are difficult to achieve had always been a temptation and he found it quite enjoyable to take the risk. Even though , it was that kind of rebellious behavior that lead him to enter the forbidden forest and got himself effected with the century old curse . Despise the warning sign and fresh memory of those bloody fangs , he was intrigue by the sense of danger to seek her again.

It was late in the afternoon when Jade finally came out of her bedchamber and resume life itself. Raven had came over to see her around lunch time but she didn't came down to greet him but instead send servant to tell him of a headaches she is having and for him to come back another time. She didn't have a headaches though , it was a lie . She doesn't have enough courage to face her fiancee just yet , though she heard her mother mention he doesn't care what had happen in the past , instead he is more than willing to set a wedding date. She know he a good man and won over her parent approve . Love had never been a factor for her in this arrange marriage between her and him but she is aware of his fondness of her , perhaps he is in love with her . And she wishes to return the feeling in the future one day when they are together , marriage to her is a duty , she is 27 years old and the last vampire . She must breed an heir.

“Your father release him this morning” said Prisana , holding her daughter's hand in comfort and warmth.

“Please mother. I no longer want to hear anything concerning that man” she felt her chest tight just the thought of that bastard and the four days she was held captive.

When it was near bed-time , Ms. Nawahdee came into her grand-daughter's room to have a lady talk . Beside, someone have to discuss the matter with Jade and surely her father wouldn't be able to since he a man and Prisian isn't a vampire. Therefore, it was up to grandmother to break the ice. The question was straightforward and personal . “You said he bewitched you. And you were willing . Was the sex good”

“Grandmother!! He rape me! No, it wasn't good at all toward the end...but in the beginning ...it was..alright” her cheek was stained red.

“What's important is his blood. A man blood during sex is the finest but even that depend on how much pleasure you can create for him ”

“It was tasteless . Like water . I told you all that already” she couldn't meet the old lady's eye.

“It's probable because you were inexperience in the act of love , therefore you wasn't able to give him such a pleasure that can stir his blood in a delicious syrup. Then , no need to worry my precious . You are not breeding his brat”

She was quick to defend that statement “Grandma , no child of mine would be a brat , regardless of whom the parentage is. He will always be a part of me”

“Very well then. I was concern that his blood might change you. The young vampire tend to be very lusty . Luckily , he haven't spoil you completely . If you had tasted the finest blood in a male's body , then we have a problem ---we must hurry and marry you off my dear. It's not proper for a lady to bed every single male that walk on two legs” said the old woman and stood up , extending her arm to caress her grand-daughter cheek and then left the room.

Jade sat quietly as she comprehend all that was said . If drinking human blood can have such side effect , she rather eat raw fish every now and then but she knew it wouldn't be so . For a vampire , blood make them feel hunger and the will to control it was near impossible . Especially , when their energy is drain from the sunlight , the need to feed on blood to regain those lost energy were unbearable and she had felt it with Lucus. She plop her body on the mattress and close her eye. She must had slept for hours because when she was awaken by a rattle sound against the window panel , it was pitch black outside . An oak tree had grown tall outside near her bed-chamber's wall , the branch extended toward the window , sometime the moonlight held an eerie claw shadow from the branch . It haven't rain nor was it windy outside , there was no explanation for the rattle sound or the disturbing of the branch. In her stage of exhaustion she had slept with her daytime clothes on , feeling uncomfortable and hot she move off the bed and approach the closet . There was no light in the room but direction wasn't a problem since she know where thing are and was able to move easily . She begin to unbutton the front of her dress and let it slip down to her ankle , then removing her undergarment as well. She pull the top drawer out and found the night gown.

The bed lamp was switch on. She was completely frozen with her bare back to it . She grasp the night gown against her naked chest as her eye corner to the side .She quickly turn around and glance around the room-- there was nothing in sight but the small lamp on the table was turn on. She felt a presence in the room and move caution with her bare back against the closet .

“Who goes there!”

Silent. Wasting no time she quickly jerk the gown over her head and pushing her arms into the sleeve. And then she felt a hand grabbing the hem of her gown and ease it down the length of her body . When her head came out of neck collar , a hand pull her long hair from under the gown and some was brought forward to the front . Their eye meet . He was shirtless – of course.

“Hello sweetie.” his flirtatious smile stole a gasp from her .

“Oh! Not you again! Father---”

She screamed and the sound was swallow by his mouth. Both of his hands clam her head as his kiss became obvious . Her small fist pounded his abdomen , back , chest and her knee came up but he was quick to press his whole body between her legs.

He pull his head back to view his work , she was panting he notice and her lip was bruise “Had it only been one day ? It seen like a life time , sweetie”

She twist and struggle . His weight and ability to held her still was remarkably difference from the last time. As if he became stronger over night “Had you forgotten that I'm a vampire--”

He plant a full lip smack on her pale cheek and watch her eye widen , “I have not forgotten . I still have nightmare about it” he feign a pain but his eye held amusement .

“Then why you came back for another nightmare!”

“Not all nightmare are dreadful , sweetie. My was exciting and thrilling. Quite unforgettable ” he grin roguishly

“I shouldn't have told father to let you go! Oh! You are so dead mister !”

“You cant' hurt me sweetheart . Your strength is no match against mine”

“What you do, drink a magical potion from your homemade strew” she snapped , pushing and twisting within his arm .

He chuckle , “I wasn't caution the last time and allow you feed on me but this time I came prepare”

She glare up at him . Waiting to hear what he have to say . How did he manage to overpower her .

He bend low to her ear , “I ate garlic before I came to see you” he laugh softly and then stare down at her with too much mockery in his smile .

She was furious . He know damn well he didn't eat no garlic , he was teasing her and making satire of her vampire form . He wasn't going tell her , it occur to her . He was going to let her assume what-ever it is that make him almost invincible to her strength.

“I'm going scream. My father will come in here and kick your ass!”

“You can scream all you want sweetie , it will make no difference because they wouldn't hear you”

She was completely more pale than she already is , “What you done to them”

“I did not kill them – I just put them to sleep”


He release her and step away , “Then test it out”

She scream for help. And scream ...and scream until she was out of breath. Lucus stood with his hands clam against his ear .

“H-how ..did you..” she was lost

“I told you I came prepare.” he grin viciously and her heart pound intensively

She couldn't take another step because her back was already against the closet door . He approach her like a wolf about to snatch up it's prey , cornering her with his broad – naked chest. He was stripping her with his smoldering gaze and her stomach quiver with unexplained emotion .

“I-I will bit you!” she threaten , even that didn't make him flinch but it make his smile wider . He was the most egotist male ever existed !

“Not if I bit you first...and where should I start biting ...” he let the word trail as his eye move down her body. He reach out and grab her shoulders , lift her whole body up and then he throw her four feet across the room but only to land approximately in the middle of the bed. How he manage to do that had her head spinning in disbelief . He was stronger – too strong! The hem of her gown had gather up her thighs in the swift fall . The belief exposure had him on the bed in two step and beside her in an instance . Her hand came down to adjust the gown and his finger stop her from doing the task .

“Will you let me go ! Don't touch me! This is rape !” she swung her hands but was caught and pin over her head .

“It won't be a rape . Trust me . Just relax and let me do all the work” his lip begin to move rapidly but there was no sound . She watch him shockingly . Not again. No!

“You are not playing fair !”

He stop.

She continue on , “You came into my life . Take what I held precious to me . My father could have kill you for that but he didn't and release you. Our mistake. You are an ungrateful oaf !” she was shouting as tear threaten to spill out of her eye .

He was dishearten and came down to lay on his side with one hand still pinning her hands above her head. She was exhausted and lay still breathing hard. In those statement , he realize how ungrateful he really is . He never consider himself gallant with moral value and principle . But when he took one look into those misty green eye of her . He was defeated . Never had he want to care about one feeling as much as she did to him

“Alright, sweetie . You won. I'll leave you alone” he release her hands . She was quick to roll over and sit up on the bed.

“Then leave !”

He notice she pointed toward the window but not the door way . He wanted to smile at that, “Very well, as you wishes” he move off the bed and stretch himself . The slow stretch . The kind that he hope to seduce a lady with his fine build body. She turn her head away . Damn her.

“And never ever return !” she shouted from behind him as he walk toward the window .

“Shit” he cursed and rear backward , fumbling down on the floor . He clench his stomach and his body tense all over . The poison is working it's way up his vein . Jade move toward the end of the bed and stare down on the man on the floor .

“Why are you lagging ? Leave!”

“I would love too sweetie but---”he groan as the pain kick in. He bend his knee and search for control as his body strain and twitch .

She notice his skin had turn red as a raging bull and the vein along his forearm was clearly visible. He was cupping his groin as well , though he had his back turn to her but she was fully aware of what he was trying to conceal . She begin to panic .

“Sweetie..” he was speaking through his teeth , “I think..i can't leave you alone” he was fumbling with his pant and then kick them off with his feet

She scoop backward until her back hit the bedpost as she watch him stood up , with all his glory of manly hood up as well . He was terribly nude. His wick eye flick with heated passion and it seen to consume him blindly . And his lip was moving in a rapid pace . She was in danger indeed because in that very moment he was too handsome , seductive , sexy and wildly delicious . He was beside her and his huge hands gather her up into his arm. She run her hand up his bare back and felt this incredible heat under her finger . She was suddenly afraid of herself and when he pull her away . His lip was still moving but no words was heard . And before she realize what she was doing . She was helping him lift her own gown over her head and toss it on the floor beside his pant .

“You are too beautiful for you own good , sweetie” his eye darken with raw desire . He press her down on the bed and claim her lip hungrily. They were naked . Skin to skin. Their legs intertwine ...

"I want to taste you" with a voice she hardly recognize is her own .

"Me to, sweetie" he was kissing down her throat , breast , stomach , thighs , fingers and everywhere else that have skin .

"I want to taste your blood" she gasp as his hip move forward , grinding her to him.


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